• Man tries to cheat a breathalyzer test. You should never drink any liquids period. Dry throat gang.


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Comments • 80

  • Alucard-däíšø

    I miss idubbbz with filthyfrank

  • Max Fontaine
    Max Fontaine 4 hours ago

    The David Lynch of YT

  • Living Ironically in Europe

    I've never seen someone eat a banana like that, nor have I seen anyone simp this way either

  • Jack Torrance
    Jack Torrance 9 hours ago +1

    Before they were simps: Idubbbz.

  • Javier Marcus
    Javier Marcus 14 hours ago

    u look like a canadian

  • Jaden Hawkins
    Jaden Hawkins 17 hours ago

    Why is idubbz slowly turning into Anthony Fantano

  • batman batman
    batman batman Day ago

    Idups, I will not give up till I get a Nintendo Switch from u.

  • christian schulz


  • koolwhip 64
    koolwhip 64 Day ago


  • Inquistior
    Inquistior Day ago

    Dry throat gang

  • Dominik memes
    Dominik memes Day ago


  • 2D
    2D 2 days ago

    Simperella and the 7 steps to simpin

  • Jordan Temple
    Jordan Temple 2 days ago


  • Big Retard
    Big Retard 2 days ago


  • The child mol;ester
    The child mol;ester 2 days ago

    Wait but how would you ever reach 0 if you you're body produces its own alcohol?

  • RC5X
    RC5X 2 days ago

    Isn’t that just a bong

  • Jason Langevin
    Jason Langevin 3 days ago

    Over a billion views and you got that shitty set up!? Where’s all that TVclip ad revenue ?!?!?

      BAWNSEYE Day ago

      in his girlfriends onlyfans

  • Zach Peterson
    Zach Peterson 3 days ago

    The thing about alcohol consumption though is the fun of drinking it. Sitting down and having the liquid beverage is nice. Doing this is just being an alcoholic, let alone the pro-drunk driving shit.

  • Halil Zelenka
    Halil Zelenka 3 days ago

    You should not inhale alcohol vapours. It goes straight to your brain without being metabolized by the liver

  • bt
    bt 3 days ago

    Ian makes what Ian wants to make, and it still gets views. That's impressive.

  • Goldfish
    Goldfish 3 days ago

    idubbz tv is just the less chaotic version of Eric Andre show

  • Joey Foster
    Joey Foster 3 days ago +4

    The simp sons

  • Soup Lord
    Soup Lord 3 days ago +1

    if you have a breathalyzer in your car, you were drinking and driving. that means you either have a problem or just got too drunk. either way, you should know that drinking and driving is a terrible thing. it isnt supposed to punish you for doing it, it is supposed to teach you NOT to do it, so finding a way around it defeats its purpose entirely.

  • Oh Yeah Yeah Yeahhh
    Oh Yeah Yeah Yeahhh 3 days ago +2


  • Rezt x Soldier
    Rezt x Soldier 3 days ago +2


  • Tell me for what
    Tell me for what 3 days ago

    INCREDIBLE! Man's girlfriend makes an ONLYFANS account!! Becomes Simp!!!

  • z dub
    z dub 4 days ago +2

    Too bad he's a simp now

    • Xennyy101
      Xennyy101 2 days ago +1

      Here's a tech tip
      Shut the fuck up

  • I have no Subscribers

    3:44 I cant help but laugh every time I see his feet beneath the car

  • Supreme Master TV
    Supreme Master TV 4 days ago

    Noooooooooo Hall nooooooooo

  • Epic 서사시
    Epic 서사시 5 days ago +4


  • Lawrence Lentini
    Lawrence Lentini 5 days ago

    I'm surprised no one else has mentioned you have to "smoke" just as much alcohol to get drunk as you would have to drink. Liquid is absorbed just as efficiently in the stomach and it all goes into the bloodstream either way, that's why intoxication is measured in BAC. It's literally what percentage of your blood is alcohol. This guy just convinced himself that he feels drunk when he does that.

  • en1gmat0
    en1gmat0 5 days ago

    "its not really a device its a" goes on to describe a device

  • en1gmat0
    en1gmat0 5 days ago

    "you just did that down in the car" Um... let me tell you something about Hollywood special effects and "camera magic". Unlesss he was continously filming, a week or a month couldve passed since he was "just in the car". He was blowing again in the kitchen to prove that he was still sober as a gofer.

  • en1gmat0
    en1gmat0 5 days ago

    Its also so you don't have a non drunk person blow for you before you leave. (you said it was so you dont blow, drive, and then begin drinking after you got it started but there are other reasons)

  • smokeyfgg
    smokeyfgg 5 days ago

    xD that lil pop at the end 5:53

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 5 days ago


  • Lukael Lach
    Lukael Lach 5 days ago +3


    • Doggy Jimbo
      Doggy Jimbo 3 days ago

      @Mr. Hat Not if people keep referring to him as a simp even though he's a pimp.

    • Mr. Hat
      Mr. Hat 3 days ago +1

      @Doggy Jimbo Ok, so what will the fact that Ian is a simp change now?

    • Doggy Jimbo
      Doggy Jimbo 4 days ago +1

      @Lukael Lach If she's making money off of horny losers, doesn't that make Ian a pimp? The simps are the ones paying for her onlyfans.

    • Lukael Lach
      Lukael Lach 5 days ago +1

      @Tim R he allowed his girl to set up an onlyfans account where she sells her nudes for horny losers.

    • Tim R
      Tim R 5 days ago


  • Phœňïx LRA Official

    pfft... my buddy got his license suspended for a year on a DUI. not condoning drinking and driving, but 5 months of whatever tf that is is waaay better than drug court lol

  • Darian Casas
    Darian Casas 6 days ago +1

    “Just smoke a blunt” - iDubbbz

  • toaster_roaster
    toaster_roaster 6 days ago +2

    Idubbbz isn’t the same anymore

  • dragonball slayer326
    dragonball slayer326 6 days ago +3

    You are now a simp
    Thanks for backstabbing fans of yours myself included also please consider dumping that toxic human trash girlfriend of yours please and thank you

    • binkiegrill
      binkiegrill 3 days ago

      how is this him backstabbing his fans? chances are, you're just a massive fucking incel who hates it when women have more money and success than you.

  • Hunter Alford
    Hunter Alford 6 days ago

    He said ooh rooh and I diiied

  • NotAndyTV
    NotAndyTV 7 days ago +3


  • John Something
    John Something 7 days ago

    That fart sounded like you only eat raw brussel sprouts and flaming hot cheetos

  • Hydra Warrior385
    Hydra Warrior385 7 days ago +4

    You simp. I’m disgusted

  • Sam the meme man
    Sam the meme man 7 days ago +5


  • DasDandyBoy
    DasDandyBoy 7 days ago +6

    You like that banana, you SIMP?

  • At dracon
    At dracon 7 days ago +4

    Idubz is Ricky Berwick if he wasn’t disabled.

  • Liad Shalev
    Liad Shalev 7 days ago +5


  • Jacob Pena
    Jacob Pena 7 days ago

    The intros in these videos all ways get me laughing

  • cweston9440
    cweston9440 7 days ago

    What I don't understand the most is who dresses in a smart shirt an pants to show you how to drink drive? Like he understands it's important to be well presented but doesn't understand that you shouldn't drink an drive or that if you get a DUI it's probably best not to drink and drive again 😂😂

  • James Robinson
    James Robinson 7 days ago +2

    IDubbbz fans are turning on Him. 😩
    I can’t turn on my boy Ian. The content is too genius.

  • TerraPhy
    TerraPhy 8 days ago

    I know how to break it. Hit it with a hammer a million times

  • Fritz Jagr
    Fritz Jagr 8 days ago

    Tana Mongeau would have a lot of trouble with this. Also thought the video title was "INCREDIBLE! Man EATS a BREATHALYZER test!!" and now I'm disappointed.

  • Jaden Pencille
    Jaden Pencille 8 days ago

    My question is he's still getting "Drunk." Like he can't fucking walk in a straight line, but he wants us to drive? He's teaching people methods to still drive under the influence, and its funny as hell

  • Extr4
    Extr4 8 days ago +4


  • Lj Davis
    Lj Davis 8 days ago

    Idubbz lookin swoll af

  • TheEngomusic
    TheEngomusic 8 days ago

    this content is so gud ol'git gud internet shit

  • John Lugnutt
    John Lugnutt 8 days ago +3


  • Adam Adam
    Adam Adam 8 days ago +4

    simp ... u lost so much in my eyes ...

  • mae mae mae
    mae mae mae 8 days ago +1

    i thought you were wearing booty shorts with tights

  • Your Local Bin Chicken
    Your Local Bin Chicken 9 days ago +1

    It takes a lot of skill to eat a banana like that...

  • The Ancient One
    The Ancient One 9 days ago +3

    full simp

  • PaGeez
    PaGeez 9 days ago +3

    Hey it’s the gay guy

  • Hampus Nilsson
    Hampus Nilsson 9 days ago +4


  • some guy anderson
    some guy anderson 9 days ago

    Tuesday from a gorilla good one

  • AbsoluteAcehole
    AbsoluteAcehole 9 days ago

    If you vape alcohol so you can't get a DUI, you shouldn't be driving.

  • Gene Hosley
    Gene Hosley 10 days ago

    Idubbbz is a simp now😢

  • Airforcekid 92
    Airforcekid 92 10 days ago +1

    Just cut the tube

    Google- how to vaccinate your self

  • Vincent the Atheist
    Vincent the Atheist 10 days ago +8

    Incedible! Woman virtually cheats on her boyfriend by whoring herself online!!

  • Choog
    Choog 10 days ago +6

    Ok simp

  • lmg lampz
    lmg lampz 10 days ago +2

    Im scared about how he somehow learned to smoke his alcohol

  • Jeremiah Bordas
    Jeremiah Bordas 10 days ago

    Flex your arm cus that shit is big

  • Jeremiah Bordas
    Jeremiah Bordas 10 days ago

    Never stop TVclip plz

  • Mr. Stimpack
    Mr. Stimpack 11 days ago +4

    Look at my boy, he looked so good

  • Alex Meurer
    Alex Meurer 11 days ago

    People smoke fentanyl patches

  • Methylphenidate
    Methylphenidate 11 days ago +14


  • Blue shift
    Blue shift 11 days ago +1

    The banana is literally modern art

  • Noah Sherwood
    Noah Sherwood 11 days ago

    Music at the beginning?

  • Eqnzo
    Eqnzo 12 days ago

    i used to sniff germ x in school to get drunk i was 13 LUL