Teton Sports Responds about the AmazonBasic 55L Backpack

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
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    Being Agenda free means that I can hold companies accountable for what they say and do...or don't say and in this episode of Companies Respond, I have an interesting story to tell about Teton Sports.
    Can I continue to support them and make their recommendation to others?
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Comments • 636

  • TETON Sports
    TETON Sports 3 months ago +199

    Hi Luke, thank you for sharing your honest feedback and opinions. And thank you for your past support of TETON Sports. Loyal customers have always been a key piece of our business and as always, our goal is to provide affordable gear that helps everyone get outdoors and enjoy life. We are glad to hear that this message has resonated with you in the past. We are however, disappointed and saddened to hear about your recent concerns. We hope you’ll allow us to address each of the points you brought up in your video.

    First, the fact that you were not able to get a hold of our customer service is very strange. As you say, “weird,” and we totally agree with you. We have an average time-to-first response for all customer inquiries of less than 11 hours, according to the system our vigilant customer service people use to make sure they are not missing anybody. 214 queries resolved with a 97% satisfaction rate (we spot survey constantly) just last week alone. Not sure how you and your colleagues are contacting us, and we are missing it, but something must be off. We did roll out a new tetonsports.com web site over the last few weeks (check it out), so perhaps something is not hooked up right. Maybe you could help us troubleshoot it?

    Second, we have not outsourced our customer service to another country or another company, and we have not dumbed down or changed our products. We have also not traded out our 12-year plus Asia manufacturing partners for cheap knockoff factories. We are as committed as we've ever been to our full lifetime warranty. In fact, we recently removed the word "limited" from the warranty language just to be sure everyone felt fully covered. As for the recent negative reviews, we do appreciate you reading through recent reviews of our products and voicing your concerns. As you would expect, we get many new reviews each month, and for as long as we have been tracking it, which is about the last three years, our reviews across our product line have overall, been positive, except for an unfortunate two-month period last summer when we had a personnel challenge that we didn't fix fast enough. We do sincerely apologize for that. It is also worth noting that if a specific product or product feature on a TETON Sports product is receiving negative reviews, we go to great lengths to catalog each negative review and change the product to better serve the customers’ needs. Reviews are a great way to get an honest beat on how a company treats their customer’s and products and as with your video, we appreciate any and all feedback.

    Next, for your reference, Shawn (whom you mention several times in the video), is no longer with TETON Sports and has not been at the company for about a year. However, we’d love to get you in touch with some of our new team members.

    Finally, as for the Amazon's Basics Backpack looking like ours . . . Sigh. Yes it does. We had nothing to do with that. They . . .er . . . how to say it, umm, they borrowed some of our features for their private label products. If you look closely, there are some significant and important differences. For example, the buckles look similar but ours are made by a high-end manufacturer who makes them from a different raw materials mix and who warranties them to us for life. Same with the zippers. Those are just two examples. That's why our bag is tagged "not your basic backpack"-- because it can actually be lifetime warrantied, and it is.

    We appreciate your taking the time to look at our products, and we feel like you have always given a fair and reasonable analysis. We can see how you were annoyed when you tried to ask us questions, and you didn't hear from us. We would have been annoyed too. Let's try the new way of connecting--how about you try chatting live on our site (when the sun comes up, our agents are getting their beauty sleep right now). That seems like the most fool proof way to make sure we connect, since nobody wants to post their cell phone numbers on TVclip. For your reference and for your viewers, our customer service message line is 801-704-7702 and our email is info@tetonsports.com.

    Oh, and about the tent: new colors are coming soon. We're hoping you can enjoy them under your Christmas tree, but let's just all watch and see on the exact timing. And you know, lots of people do like yellow. Just saying ;)

    Thanks again, we look forward to working with you to resolve any lingering concerns. We are hopeful that we can once again make you a TETON believer!

    • Jimmy Schmidt
      Jimmy Schmidt 4 days ago +1

      Is this back pack good for the junkyard?

    • Gruggs
      Gruggs 10 days ago

      About the color, you raved how bright it was in one of your reviews and how much light you were getting. Now you complain about the color? ???

    • Dean Winchester
      Dean Winchester 19 days ago

      @TETON Sports I don't see how his video is misleading. It's truth. You didn't answer until recently. To me it just looks like you are covering your butts for not answering him, until he made this video and called you out publicly. I hate to say it but you're pulling politics. Also, I don't believe you should allow Amazon to take from your patented products and copy you, weither or not it's the same material, it's still your paten for your company and you need to stop Amazon from mimicking your product, and making your product look bad, unless you are allowing them to do so. It looks bad on your company to let them continue with inferior materials for their product. It's like someone writes a song, and another person mimics it. The person who wrote the original song 100% sues the other person because of copy write infringement. Same goes for patens. You should take better care of your company.

    • b5maddog
      b5maddog 21 day ago

      @TheOutdoorGearReview hello Luke. Greetings from Massachusetts. Have you done another follow up on this? It has been very interesting to follow. Always love your channel, reviews, hiking and videos including your wife. Thanks

    • Absolute Veteran
      Absolute Veteran Month ago

      Yup, that's the typical customer "service:" They only care when a huge spotlight is shined on them by a popular person. Otherwise they don't care.

  • Gruggs
    Gruggs 10 days ago

    Is it hard for you to believe that China would not steal other peoples designs? They do it to Cold steel all the time. Is it hard for you to beleive Corporations would not sell there own mothers souls to the devil? Amazon is a huge corporations hell bent on making there investors tons of money. SO yeah Amazon did business with China knowing full well how similar the products look. Take the red pill dude. Time to wake the fuck up.

  • Javad Deylami
    Javad Deylami 12 days ago

    Great honest video! really helpful.

  • Dean Winchester
    Dean Winchester 19 days ago

    Hey Luke! I was thinking of buying a Teton explorer 4000, but after this, I am not wasting my money on this pack or any of their other products. Can you please give me a list of other companies that make great affordable packs? Thank you for your honesty.

  • Justin Traupel
    Justin Traupel 20 days ago

    What are some of these other companies that make good inexpensive packs?

  • m pasco
    m pasco 22 days ago

    Thank you so much for being such a consumer advocate!!

  • goodbi99
    goodbi99 Month ago

    Good detective work Luke. Thanks

  • NoldorinPrince
    NoldorinPrince Month ago

    Shawn is no longer with Teton, and for a couple of months their customer service person went all crickets, they now have a really good person, her name is Brittany and she is on top of things

  • Jonathan Latshaw
    Jonathan Latshaw Month ago

    Hey Luke, Teton told me in an email that you were planning on doing a follow up video to this one. Is that true? And if so, is it coming soon? Thanks!

  • D.A. Risse
    D.A. Risse Month ago

    Knockoffs happen all the time...

  • Mountain Home
    Mountain Home Month ago

    I've had 2 Teton Sports backpacks. The first one was the Outfitter 4600. It was my first pack. It worked well for a few years, but it just never seemed to fit exactly right and it always just felt really heavy.. eventually the stitching broke where the frame rail sits into the waist band and the frame rail was sliding out the bottom, causing the pack to sag to one side. I got a new Teton pack, the Explorer 4000. I wore it twice and swore to never put it back on. The waist band is way too big.. It's like 6 or 8 inches tall.. I could never get it to fit correctly and it ended up being the "straw that broke the camel's back" so to speak as it wasn't carrying the weight properly and aggravated a back condition I didn't know I had and was then out of commission for a year. The tetons are OK for the price if you are a beginner, but I would never suggest them as a long term solution or as a pack to wear for more than a weekend trip. They aren't long lasting quality and IMO they do not carry weight well at all. I have an Osprey now with the anti-gravity system (like everyone else it seems lol). It's night and day difference. Got it for almost half price on REI garage.

  • Joe Thomas
    Joe Thomas 2 months ago

    Well before this I had bought the Teton Explorer 4000. Basically your review of the Teton Sport something or other convinced me to give them a try. I like the Explorer 4000 except for the side pocket on the pack being so close to the webbing where I would store a water bottle. I'd prefer to see those pockets on the waist belt. That being said, my Teton to me (not being a pro, just an average guy) seems to be very TUFF! Nothing has failed me on it, I wouldn't call it Ultralight but it's not heavy (I'm 6' and built like a defensive lineman). My product is good so I can't speak on Customer Service with Teton as I haven't had to call them. I guess I could call or email and say "good job" on the Explorer 4000. The colors are black and OD which I do like. Luke, I'm curious if you've found out anything else or if you are possibly working with Teton using all of your experience to maybe design a light weight and affordable and tough tent/pack...anything? Also curious if you have any updates since this video. Also, it would be great if your viewers could recognize a "Luke approved" logo. Something that companies might be able to stamp on their gear or packaging to let customers/users know that you and your reputation stand behind that product. Anyways, just some curiosities and thoughts. Thanks for the reviews, later!

  • Jim Y
    Jim Y 2 months ago

    Keep in mind Teton said they weren't CURRENTLY in partnership with Amazon. Not they WEREN'T before. They may have very well been in partnership before and designed that pack, but answered your query like a politician and used the term CURRENTLY.

  • Luka Merabishvili
    Luka Merabishvili 2 months ago

    I'm really interested in buying Scout 3400 and your updatet review would be great for me and people like me, is it worth to buying in 2019?

  • Mr. Waynes
    Mr. Waynes 2 months ago +1

    seems like teton & amazon are in kahoots, but want to keep that under wraps. (MAYBE) hi Luke, i'm old...close to 71, but still like to go camping with 2 of my grandkids and a dog or 2, is there a 4 to 6 man tent you would recommend...maybe medium to medium + in quality. thanks.

  • Jeffrey Wilson
    Jeffrey Wilson 2 months ago

    This is a common problem many companies face. Amazon is so large that if companies won't play ball with them then they'll effectively try to shut them down. This is the entire reason behind the Amazon Basics line of products. Take the ideas of what sells at the top and try to replicate it for cheaper. I am curious if Teton Sports is currently trying to compete with this. I'm strapped for cash at the moment and I am looking to do more in the outdoors (particularly multi day kayaking adventures) and will likely be going for some Teton Sports gear because of your prior recommendations for my tent at least. I'm ok with the yellow, btw. Although that OD green would look cool for those who like that route.

  • Terrence Gibbons33
    Terrence Gibbons33 2 months ago

    Teton is Chinese crap

  • Joseph Genalo IV
    Joseph Genalo IV 2 months ago

    One must remember that China does not have laws against "Intellectual Property" like the US and other western countries have. It is possible that Amazon Basics to buy parts from some of Tetons suppliers. I am currently researching the product myself for purchase.

  • ServoT66
    ServoT66 2 months ago

    Maybe Teton will send you one so you could do a side by side comparison vs the amazon knockoff review. Looks like they are listening. And YES on the O.D. Green tent.

  • Mama Bear
    Mama Bear 3 months ago +1

    My husband just said the last time he saw a situation like this Amazon had bought the company out. That may be worth looking into

  • L'appel de la nature
    L'appel de la nature 3 months ago +2

    Amazon's been taken over by knockoff "retailers" to the point it has become an expansive version of Wish that might ship faster
    At least when it comes to outdoor products

    So tough to find actual companies nowadays selling there
    Like literrally most "retailers" on Amazon aren't even companies, they're straight up Wish garbage dropshippers

    Knocking off products without any legal consequence has become so common on Amazon that EVEN AMAZON THEMSELVES are doing it
    This is legit, that's not even a god damn comedy, this is the actual world we live in now

    But yeah, since people nowadays would much rather save a couple bucks to buy shiny literal TRASH instead of good products, well... that's how you end up with the biggest merchant website stealing product design serenely

  • James Ellsworth
    James Ellsworth 3 months ago

    Maybe the company has switched manufacturing to a cheaper location, using lesser quality materials. Or maybe they produced a number of 'seconds' units and sold them unlabeled to Amazon for cheap rather than eat the entire run as a loss.

  • sawdust 69
    sawdust 69 3 months ago +1

    i just read teton's response and it sounds like a well thought out B.S story to me

  • Tony Perone
    Tony Perone 3 months ago

    If this is the type of customer service we can expect why even bother buying their products?
    Its common enough for a company to ignore any customer service issues.
    Maybe its time to vote by spending our dollars elsewhere when we need a new item of gear?

  • Prepared Hykr
    Prepared Hykr 3 months ago

    Luke, looks like TETON Sports got motivated by your video. Definitely shows you have influence. Great job! Love what you are doing. Keep up the good work. :)

    OD GREEN 3 months ago +1

    I have the 3400 sports backpack and I give it a straight up 5 stars, I’ve had it for over a year and it’s a rugged well put together back pack and I’ve had no issues with it and it’s the perfect size in that you don’t carry unless gear that you don’t need like if you have a larger pack and over stuff it. I don’t care where they outsource there work to as long as is well made and they have a good quality control department. Thanks Teton for good dependable outdoor gear.

  • Carlos Ramirez
    Carlos Ramirez 3 months ago

    I bought a Mil spec ALICE pack back in 1972 and it still looks brand new like the first day I bought it

  • Jim Rodgers
    Jim Rodgers 3 months ago

    IMO your experience with Teton Sports doesn't pass the smell test. Luke, I think they make that Amazon Basics pack, and they just won't admit it because they don't want to lose business and lose customers. However, if I'm totally wrong here then I'll certainly admit it once the situation is resolved with your questions. It's a fine line for many companies, keeping in the black while keeping customers happy and expanding your market share. One bonus here for Teton Sports - I've never paid much attention to them until now, and now I'm curious...

  • Rigo
    Rigo 3 months ago

    Maybe got bought out by Amazon....

  • Michael W
    Michael W 3 months ago


  • IamETOH
    IamETOH 3 months ago

    I have some Teton sports rectangular sleeping bags and I think they are better than the Coleman equivalents I’ve owned in the past.. Of course I have some other more expensive bags but those are for condition specific environments.

  • Timanator
    Timanator 3 months ago

    Great follow up review Luke! Thanks!

  • neil hubbard
    neil hubbard 3 months ago

    Hi Luke I like Your channel. Neil

  • Darrel Froman
    Darrel Froman 3 months ago

    The reason why they don't respond is IMO, obvious. PS. Thanks for your great reviews. I was going to buy the Amazon Basics backpack last year and after your review I purchased a surplus Mollie II rucksack with attachments (its basically indestructible) with great satisfaction for $49 bucks, from Midway Surplus.
    As a previous Amazon Seller I can state with certainty that many name brand companies have started out with a company in China that will sell their products with any name you want to put on it, IE. Teton, Ravpower , Ankor, Apple, Amazon and thousands of others. The biggest problem is the language barrier and getting through to them your requirements.
    So it's very likely that that Amazon Basics buys they're backpacks from the exact same manufacturer of Teton yet with some variations, hence the similarities, but I'm sure Amazon pays less (due to their size and power) so several items cross over.

  • Msilverhammer
    Msilverhammer 3 months ago

    I did not mention this particular backpack in my previous comment but since the video was touching on quality budget gear, I wanted to mention another alternative to Teton Sports.

    I've been checking out the (Men"s) Gregory Optic, and (women's) Gregory Octal backpacks.

    They are currently available on Massdrop, now known as Drop.com, for $135.00 for a 48 or 45 liter liter backpack respectively, and they are available up to 55 liters.


    Gregory quality is always pretty high, so I'm adding the Optic to my wish list, and as opposed to Teton Sports, the Optic comes in at just 2.5 pounds, which is about half of what most Teton Sports backpacks weigh empty.

    I'm definitely not a gram weenie, but a few less pounds makes a difference on a longer hike, so who needs dead weight?

    42 to 50 liters is the sweet spot for me in a backpack, but of course I make an exception for the lightweight Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60 liter backpack.

    I hope this helps someone looking for a quality backpack that won't break the bank.

    Like Luke, I have no agenda other than the desire to help, share, and inform.

  • The Tinker
    The Tinker 3 months ago

    I like the comment from Teton Sports. Sound very honest and sincere. In the past i've always thought Teton Sports' product looked cheaply made but based on thier response to this video, i'm considering giving them a try.

  • Poetically Correct
    Poetically Correct 3 months ago

    I'm confused, you go on a rant about Teton Sports because of Amazon clones? Not for nothing, but shouldn't you be attacking Amazon? I call BS, (click bait). You use Amazon links to monetize your videos, so is that why you didn't go after them directly? I'm no defender of Teton, but something is fishy here. I started off with Teton gear and it suited my needs perfectly. I've since moved on to higher quality gear because I was able to upgrade over time. Others that are watching will take what you're saying as gospel and miss out on quality affordable gear because you didn't get an email for Teton regarding an Amazon product? Just a quick business 101 lesson, Teton distribution uses Amazon, hence for them to trash Amazon would create an unnecessary business conflict. Therefore, the company would/should not slander Amazon. It is just bad business. This rant (temper tantrum) is a gross abuse of your popularity. I've watched this channel for quite some time now and must say, this is a huge disappointment.

  • Antonius vd Klis
    Antonius vd Klis 3 months ago

    As a company is growing there is always a "smart" manager who has "better" ideas to make more money. Amazon/Teton, making money with each other, Teton has a kind of deal with them probably. If somebody like Luke is doing a review and saying the truth about a product, it can hurt in a certain way, but for them its screaming in the dessert. Quality is going down (to make more money), a small guy for them is telling the truth, so what?, just don't react on it, it will soon blow over. Its always the same story...

  • squirrel outdoors
    squirrel outdoors 3 months ago

    You caught them in a lie

  • DmakAttack
    DmakAttack 3 months ago

    Teton has their manufacturing done in China.
    Obviously Amazon went to that manufacturer and said We want THIS ONE.
    Not really a problem, it’s not like Teton has a patent on the thing.
    So they make the same pack, and sell it with the Amazon name tag instead of the Teton name tag.
    Why should Teton explain something they have Nothing to do with?
    On the other hand, Your (Luke’s) inference that Teton is doing something wrong or shady is liable as hell and is probably going to get you sued.

  • Drifus
    Drifus 3 months ago

    I am glad Teton Sports has responded to this video, I own a 3400 and a 5500. I love the 3400, I use it for summer camping, I like the waist belt as it fits a bigger person. I wish the 5500, which I use for winter camping had a bigger belt. . Regarding tents, I agree, I finally bought a Marmot Tungsten 2P since it was the only color of green that I liked. Some brands use color as a trademark, I can understand that, but not everyone wants to be a beacon while camping.

  • Jon Stockman
    Jon Stockman 3 months ago

    The adjustment point is the same on a lot of starter gear backpacks, I have a 88L Highlander backpack with the same system and it's done me for 18 years.
    Wouldn't be surprised if Highlander, Teton and Amazon use a Chinese OEM and rebrand using the gear that passes a quality test or in Amazon's case whatever assorted crap they can get.

  • Byrd Huntr
    Byrd Huntr 3 months ago

    I take Lukes reviews seriously, and I consider his tests and opinions when making a purchase. I'm not sure that Teton Sports response is on the level. To me it has the feel of spin and damage control...

  • steve studly
    steve studly 3 months ago

    Luke, I wrote to Teton sport, and soon received a nice letter back from Sarah Knowles. This still does not change the fact it took your Video and many received letters today from your fans for this to happen. It also does not change the fact of the many bad reviews before from others with no response. Iam new to camping and as a fellow NC man. Word of mouth and reputation still means a lot here. I will purchase my future gear from others. Thanks for the great job you do. I as well as many others love your Videos.

  • John Ganshow
    John Ganshow 3 months ago

    I always enjoyed the quality and comfort of my Teton sports backpacks...Have they changed?

  • lilricky2515
    lilricky2515 3 months ago

    You got to remember that Teton Sports use China for their manufacturing, there is nothing that keeps the manufacturers that Teton uses to sell the exact or slightly different products to another company. Teton also has almost no control over quality control with these companies. That's why I buy my gear from North American companies that produce their own gear.

  • Robert Snyder
    Robert Snyder 3 months ago

    Wow, that was a lot of work. Thank you for doing all the leg work for the rest of us. Much appreciated.

  • Rey Scott
    Rey Scott 3 months ago

    That's disappointing. I don't think they understand how influential TOGR and similar TVcliprs are to the outdoor community.

  • R Oliver
    R Oliver 3 months ago

    If I really brag on the company and their products can I get some free stuff?

  • Max Stotto
    Max Stotto 3 months ago

    The Ostrich when its feathers are ruffled can sometimes bury its head in the sand, thereby leaving its arse in the wind to receive the kicking it richly deserves. Then, upon extracting its noggin will squawk an appropriate response in mitigation of past indiscretions. Keep them coming. Regards

  • Rody Outdoors
    Rody Outdoors 3 months ago

    One word; Osprey, well that was few words actually but the point is clear right?

  • Guitar Hiker444
    Guitar Hiker444 3 months ago

    Camelbak too is great for starter or seasoned hikers!! The list goes on lol...

  • Guitar Hiker444
    Guitar Hiker444 3 months ago

    Forgot to mention Z-packs too for the ultralighters out there! Awesome gear but pretty costly. But with anything out there you usually get what you pay for! Hike on!

  • Guitar Hiker444
    Guitar Hiker444 3 months ago

    Thats pretty crazy run around their giving you. I guess im not surprised. Teton is fairly cheap made gear overall but affordable. QC and customer service has gone down with alot of products these days it seems..I would recommend Condor or 5.11 tactical gear or Osprey for some good starter packs. I have had good luck with them in the past anyways. Then upgrade to Granite gear or gregory or something along those lines. Karrimor is one of my personal favorites Sabre 75 or sabre 45. Karrimors thor and Odin packs are nice too considering military style hiking packs. Mystery Ranch packs are among my favorites too and they sell both tactical and backpacking style aswell as hunting packs! Only if you can afford it they are quite expensive but ebay always has deals! Love you vids man! Hike on!!

  • Thumper Thumper
    Thumper Thumper 3 months ago

    I have The Explorer 4000 and haven't had any problems with it . Yes the sleeping bag area is very tight . only issue with it but it's only had approximately 3 months of use . This is my first real day backpack for hikeing kinda heavy but I do like it alot. To me the consumer I want something that doesn't cost me every cent I have and have great quality in it for the money. It Teton sports will keep up with the quality of the product they make and stand by their products I will continue to wanting to purchase their products . If not yes I will take my money and go anywhere else to find something in the hikeing line of products to spend my money on and provide the honest word of mouth gratitude for the products I purchase.


    I own four XXL cots, four Universal sleeping pads, one XXL pad, four XXL tents (Wish I knew about the new colors coming), three deer hunter sleeping bags, three pillows, and an inflatable cushion I have been using (no BS) every day for over a year now. I have never had any issues with any of this TETON gear. I have four elite rain flys coming (Again, wish I knew about the new colors coming). I had half this inventory shipped to Alaska and the other half is here in Hawaii. Best ATV/UTV camping set up on the planet. I just sent a question in about my latest order. Will let you know if I get crickets or not.

  • Manitoba bushcrafting and reviews

    Hey luke i done a review on the teton altos -10f sleeping bag and i paid alot for it they ar ver cheaply made but i still use mine check out my review if you want tvclip.biz/video/R6-8_94_MR0/video.html

  • Mikey201089
    Mikey201089 3 months ago

    Hopefully we see a follow up between Teton Sports and Luke

  • Ricky Lachapelle
    Ricky Lachapelle 3 months ago

    Again and again you pump out another reason for me to love your channel even more !!! Luke thank you so much for your honesty, your feedback and being agenda free !!! Strengh and honour my friend, thanks from Canada. Rick.

  • The Survivalists Hide Preparedness

    My mountain spirit 70l has the exact harness height tag as well. Must be an outsourced product that many companies use.