Robert Irwin and Jimmy Feed Baby Pygmy Goats

  • Published on May 3, 2018
  • Robert Irwin, 14-year-old son of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, brings Jimmy some adorable animals including a herd of baby African pygmy goats named after the cast of Friends and a Kookaburra that makes noises like Cardi B.
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    Robert Irwin and Jimmy Feed Baby Pygmy Goats
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 5 141

  • Mister Fireblade
    Mister Fireblade Day ago +1

    2:54 Goat walks off in the distance

  • Georgie Gonzales
    Georgie Gonzales 4 days ago

    Robert is so pure, we need to protecc

  • Janiqua Jackson
    Janiqua Jackson 5 days ago

    Jimmy dumb..😂😂😂

  • iiiJellee
    iiiJellee 5 days ago

    is his dad dead or something

  • dak ota
    dak ota 6 days ago

    Havier is an ABSOLUTE U N I T

  • aminthemar
    aminthemar 8 days ago +1

    Such a nice family

  • Mckenzie Maaninga
    Mckenzie Maaninga 9 days ago

    cookie said: omg that’s jimmy fallon😱

  • Mckenzie Maaninga
    Mckenzie Maaninga 9 days ago

    no one:
    literally. no. one.:
    jimmy: i love you
    me too jimmy. me too😭

  • CastlesComments
    CastlesComments 9 days ago

    5:53 Wow bet catholics think this is a huge fish!

    (look it up)

  • Calliope0954
    Calliope0954 9 days ago +1

    This young man is carrying on his Dad's work with the same enthusiasm and knowledge along with his Mum & sister Bindi - You are amazing, Robert. Keep up the wonderful works!

  • KingJango
    KingJango 10 days ago

    My heart melted when the alligator came cuteeee

  • Talal Alzahrani
    Talal Alzahrani 10 days ago

    He has so much enthusiasm I love it

  • Cake Cup
    Cake Cup 11 days ago


  • Ingrid Green
    Ingrid Green 11 days ago

    Alligators and crocodile...the epitome of cool! Love them. ♥️

  • Ingrid Green
    Ingrid Green 11 days ago

    Robert, your father would be so proud! We miss him dearly. ♥️ 🇿🇦

  • Tina Martin
    Tina Martin 11 days ago

    Love, love, LOVE...These videos are the best! I’m fascinated by the knowledge Robert has about these animals! His sense of humor is fantastic. I know his dad would have been so proud of him & Bindi❤️

  • mike Lazembie
    mike Lazembie 11 days ago

    Nice kid..great roots.

  • Time is Precious live as good as you can

    Steve would be so proud of his children!!!!

  • Baba Wagen
    Baba Wagen 11 days ago

    jimmy kisses aligator
    Aligator: fallon says im a cutie boi

  • Sheikh Waseemuddin
    Sheikh Waseemuddin 12 days ago

    I love his enthusiasm!😍

  • Gwendolen McCloud
    Gwendolen McCloud 12 days ago

    Steve Irwin would have been sooooooooo proud of his kids!!!! ~

  • Ivy_Horan 0393
    Ivy_Horan 0393 13 days ago

    can we just thank the audience for not scaring the animals and jimmy for not screaming and scaring the animals as well...not just this video but all the other videos

  • Javier Capy
    Javier Capy 14 days ago +2

    Fuk u fallon

    • Javier Capy
      Javier Capy 13 days ago +1

      @james conkling I agree, I don't know why NBC gave him the show.

    • james conkling
      james conkling 13 days ago +1


  • Big Alex 24/7
    Big Alex 24/7 15 days ago +1

    This kid is carrying the damn torch just like his father did...this kid is the most humble, kind, smart, funny person

  • Donivan _Bonilla
    Donivan _Bonilla 15 days ago

    isn’t she amazing
    animal: *poops on the floor

  • Slickpickle
    Slickpickle 16 days ago

    This family is so amazing. We need so many more like them. Screw people, help animals. We do not NEED more humans. We are the worst for this planet. Also, Jimmy is a god damn loser; so scared of these animals..

  • khadija yusuf
    khadija yusuf 16 days ago

    He's looks like princes Harry

  • Angelina Severina
    Angelina Severina 17 days ago

    They needed cardi b up in there

  • Hashim ThaDream
    Hashim ThaDream 17 days ago

    Robert Irwin = Newt Scamader

  • panic fanatic
    panic fanatic 18 days ago +8

    Jimmy: *makes cardi b noises at a bird*
    Bird: *confused*

  • louwt.donny91
    louwt.donny91 19 days ago

    lol Jimmy "Okkrrrrr" I remember when Millie taught him how to do that lol

  • DAS k
    DAS k 19 days ago

    Who is hosting jimmy or irwin?

  • Sami Karchoud
    Sami Karchoud 19 days ago


  • Ciara Andersen
    Ciara Andersen 20 days ago

    The goats little tails were so cute!

  • Gemma Watson
    Gemma Watson 21 day ago

    Capybaras are so funny. They're just huge guinea pigs

  • chintapalli venkatesh
    chintapalli venkatesh 22 days ago

    You can find any animal on this planet earth with this kid I love this kid

  • 柳隼人
    柳隼人 22 days ago

    wow amazing program

  • Mridul Mohan
    Mridul Mohan 24 days ago

    0:11 pigmy goat voice...

  • Kevin Sherrard
    Kevin Sherrard 24 days ago

    Dude you so need to create a playlist with the Irwins appearances

  • xConflict Godzx
    xConflict Godzx 25 days ago

    Seeing Rob kiss that alligator and talking about it so passionately, I just relived all my childhood, growing up watching Steve on TV and being amazed and educated about awesome animals.
    Shut up, I’m not crying you’re crying!
    Steve would be so proud of Rob-o

  • Megster 11
    Megster 11 25 days ago

    Jimmy is so much more relaxed around Robert than he was around Jeff, and you can see how respectful Robert is towards jimmy when he’s scared 😊 I much prefer these animal videos to the other ones

  • 1DRSy
    1DRSy 25 days ago

    Love this kid

  • Zarra Aziza
    Zarra Aziza 26 days ago

    2x watching and still cant help when jimmy does okurrrrr😭😭😂😂

  • kyriakos 43
    kyriakos 43 27 days ago

    4:11 in 0.25x

  • Pura Vida CR
    Pura Vida CR 27 days ago

    Loving family.

  • Weight Overload
    Weight Overload 28 days ago

    I can see Steve up there smiling

  • Prxtec
    Prxtec 29 days ago

    Both children have the energy of their dad, R.I.P deserved the star a long time ago

  • DarkkWulff
    DarkkWulff 29 days ago

    Idk who i like more jimmy fallon or jimmy kimmel whem it comes to animals

  • Chandler Beck
    Chandler Beck 29 days ago

    It’s crazy how much more the Irwins are respected when they come on talk shows compared to other animal experts. The other talk shows only want the animals out for 10 seconds and won’t stfu and let the expert talk.

  • yolo yolo
    yolo yolo Month ago

    The bird is Simon cowell n it's looking at Jimmy "that's a no for me brother"

  • OGSpaceCadet
    OGSpaceCadet Month ago

    I didn't know Rodents of Unusual Size were an actual thing!!! Thanks for the nightmare fuel, Robert. 😂

  • Janice Simms
    Janice Simms Month ago

    So they've replicated his dad.

  • Forsbocken
    Forsbocken Month ago

    Thank you fallon for acctually listening and respecting the animals unlike some other hosts...

  • Master Yoshi
    Master Yoshi Month ago +2

    7:44 I love how Jimmy's whole band was like "Hell nah"

  • Pratham Dhupar
    Pratham Dhupar Month ago

    7: 46 I got meme material

  • Balding Bald Guy
    Balding Bald Guy Month ago +1

    Who ever disliked this video, your mom's a wh...

  • SpaceCookie85
    SpaceCookie85 Month ago

    Robert and Jimmy: *treating animals with respect on tv*
    PETA: tHeY'rE aBuSiNg ThEm

    COOL SPIDER11 Month ago

    I love how Robert names most of his animals sweet names but when you see them they are deadly animals 😂

  • nayra singh
    nayra singh Month ago

    Host is so cute and expressive 😍😍😘💖

  • MoveOn
    MoveOn Month ago

    when Jimmy scooted two of them over with his hands 💀💀