NEFFEX - Myself [Copyright Free]

  • Published on Jan 23, 2019
  • #ItsMyLife is out now... 🤘
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    they say life will bring discomfort
    and I discovered
    we all just suffer
    cuz no one feels that bad
    and it comes from one another
    we hurt each other
    just like a lover
    and dont think twice bout that
    I feel like somethings bad
    but hell im used to that
    I always turn my back
    and I wanna feel something
    but all I feel is pain
    I wanna make a change bad
    you either pick yourself up
    or you let yourself down
    life will always be tough
    so who the fuck are you now
    will you make it alone
    or do you need someone else
    I don’t need anyone
    I’ll do it all by myself
    i got scars
    put up my guard
    I don’t wanna get torn apart
    I start
    to feel my heart
    race faster it’s pumping hard
    and all I want is to be something
    that’s why I just keep on running
    can’t stop what you don’t see coming...
    and you know I’m coming
    how can I trust you
    if you don’t trust me
    I do what I do
    cuz it is just me
    and nothing is new
    no I’m not lucky
    I work my ass off
    so I’ll be something
    you either pick yourself up
    or you let yourself down
    life will always be tough
    so who the fuck are you now
    will you make it alone
    or do you need someone else
    I don’t need anyone
    I’ll do it all by myself
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    MasterBlader22 5 hours ago

    Sometimes i take back the like just to be able to like again ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Neffex ggs

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    Mana Nih Netijen +62😃

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    Rich Boi 3 days ago

    Neffex always has 🔥 beat drops

  • Remby - Ремби FF

    in my opinion this is the best neffex song!

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  • Joshua Pardo
    Joshua Pardo 12 days ago +3

    I feel sorry for the people that doesn't know neffex

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    *M Y S E L F* 🔥

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    Why is this channel so underrated...

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  • rakha ASR
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    Ai love neffex

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    elienai guerrero 18 days ago

    i love this song ;]

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    Efsane bi grup 👍👍

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    Hazreti yasuo??

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    Eray Karakoç 29 days ago

    Okan Serbes abimm be sayende fıstık gibi şarkı keşfettik

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    Strefz 29 days ago

    My fav songs were cold and life. Keep it up! Also careless was really good.

  • oDaiCu Ninja Avocado

    I love song ❤

  • Dewi Indah
    Dewi Indah Month ago +6

    Indonesia like song neffex 🇲🇨

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    한국인도 이런 노래 듣는사람이 있을까...

  • Animations Freak
    Animations Freak Month ago

    This song is raw and real respect to the neffex

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    Fight back
    Never give up
    Melhores music💖

  • Claude Speed
    Claude Speed Month ago

    I love amazing

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    PharohCF Tancredo Month ago

    its my 9999th time hearing it today dude you are a legend

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    Greetings from Indonesia and Malaysia please come for world tour, we want you!

  • Derhana Perangin Angin

    I give this to my grandma......

    Now shes my grandpa!

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  • YOUNG 471
    YOUNG 471 2 months ago

    Your song is motivation me thank you NEFFEX #LOVENEFFEX

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    mükemmel şarkı binlerce kez dinledim

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    Selamat 2 Juta Subscriber
    My From Indonesian

  • StarDust101
    StarDust101 2 months ago +3

    I just broke up with my girlfriend, three days ago before that My friend died in a car accident going 40 in a 20 speed zone, he was T boned by an 18 wheeler. I was so down and just depressed I contemplated suicide for about an hour I got on TVclip to relax and found this song after letting Auto play take control I can safely say this song saved my life, Decided to comment on this now because about a week after I listened to this And Didn't kill myself. me and my girlfriend got back together because she felt guilty and knew the anger I had towards her was out of Grief for my buddy
    mentioned earlier, once again my life is happy with Her in it But i wouldn't be here if I never found this song. Thank you NEFFEX keep helping those who are lost, Never change who you are.

  • Filha de Sope
    Filha de Sope 2 months ago +2

    Foi só eu que vim pelo thiago reis?

    HEROSHIMA HS 2 months ago

    I LOVE NEFFEX!DO YOU LOVE NEFFEX?😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    Whatever You Say
    I Feel these Lyrics..

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  • The Following User
    The Following User 2 months ago +2

    The first time I listened to this song I cried thinking about my horrible life but Neffex has taught me to keep going with life and stay strong.

  • julis wulandari
    julis wulandari 2 months ago

    Yg she up

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    devil king 2 months ago

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    This song is favourite "MYSELF"

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    Смайл Топ)

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    Jackye Márquez 3 months ago

    So cute
    Special song

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    BALANCE Gamers 3 months ago

    I Always listen NEFFEX music when i play a game this music make me like...
    Sorry im indo

  • Typically Unknown
    Typically Unknown 3 months ago

    thx for actually making this song it helps me to remove anyone who is stuck in my head.