2018 Economic Year in Review

  • Published on Dec 19, 2018
  • Thank you all so much for watching my TVclip videos. I love making them and I hope that you enjoy watching them. I wrote you a Christmas poem.
    'Twas the week before Christmas, and in every class
    Each student with finals prayed that they passed
    In micro the graphs were all labeled with care
    Showing ceilings and floors and the effect on welfare.
    In macro the graphs were AS and AD
    And the long term effects on real GDP
    With all these concepts fresh in your head
    Remember that econ is nothing to dread
    So sit back n relax for a moment or two
    For a 2018 economic year in review.
    GDP growth was up, the US economy was strong.
    unemployment was down but for how long?
    Inflation is expected to climb up into the air
    So interest rates rise with a new Fed chair.
    Piece in Korea ended a sixty year mess
    But a trade war with China caused lots of stress.
    Some say that globalization and trade is a sin
    But poverty rates show that trade is win-win.
    Venezuela’s central plan is a total disaster
    But that’s what you get when the governments your master
    It’s another example that the socialist trap
    is just as destructive as Thanos’s snap
    Fornite made billions, despite being free
    Amazon’s got a new home? Now they have three
    Apple became the highest valued firm ever
    Toys R us closed and Bitcoin? No, never.

    GM closed factories to limit to their losses
    But the masses complained saying shame on the bosses
    The same thing happened to the leaders in France
    It’s now dangerous to pursue responsible finance.
    Politicians and pundits fight every day
    They claim black and white. But most things are grey
    "With, Trump! and, Warren! and Shapiro and Krugman!
    And, Acosta! and Sanders! And Brexit and Putin!
    The news claims nothing but sadness and strife
    But take a step back at look at your life.
    Living in 2018 is not nearly that bad
    Just think of all the things you ancestors never had
    Medicine, the internet, TVclip, your phone.
    The free market made those. You didn’t make them alone.
    We might fight over the details but most of us see
    That markets, like people, are better when free
    So to all of you. Whether you’re left or you’re right-
    “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

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  • Dylan M
    Dylan M 11 months ago +15

    Video was awesome! Merry Christmas professor! You made my macro and micro classes so easy to digest. And made me really love them. Cheers to you Mr Clifford

  • Source Code Deleted
    Source Code Deleted 4 months ago

    This is remarkably impressive.

  • Russell Ferris
    Russell Ferris 9 months ago

    Making education fun is a beautiful and noble endeavor. You are a great man :).

  • Feynstein 100
    Feynstein 100 10 months ago

    Hmm just 5K views? I guess everyone's on vacation.

  • Gianfranco Montesinos
    Gianfranco Montesinos 10 months ago

    Please adopt me papa.

  • Luke D'Auria
    Luke D'Auria 10 months ago

    Mark Cuban. That’s who you look like

  • POG
    POG 10 months ago

    Do a Indian ecomomic year review please i am sure its gonna blow up! The new indian government is trash they wont let us the actuall data on wuts goin on in India.

  • sid srivastava
    sid srivastava 10 months ago +2

    Didn't even know how supply and demand curve shifts worked 6 days before my micro final. You managed to teach me an entire semester of micro in less than a week. Got an A on the final and in the class because of you and only because of you. You deserve a nobel peace prize

  • Khadija Fayyaz
    Khadija Fayyaz 10 months ago

    Thank you SO much for everything

  • Mark Asher
    Mark Asher 10 months ago

    I'm new to your channel and have watched several so far. I watched your video about Trump economics and commend you on being unbiased. Although I am not a fan understanding what is positive and negative helps people form their own views. Keep up the great work.

  • Ha Nhi
    Ha Nhi 10 months ago

    can you pls explain the difference between monopoly and oligopoly ? based on the theory , I understand that electricy is " monopoly"( as there is no player in the market ) , and because they don't have " competitor " , so high prices are charged , Then why is the electricity cheap ?
    And there are some articles said that uber is monopoly . is it right ? I thought they are " oligopoly " . because they have some other competitors in the market ( go-jerk , grab ….) . Many Thanks Mr Clifford

  • Mihail Ivanov
    Mihail Ivanov 10 months ago +1

    All the butthurt socialists disliking the video

  • Stepan Stadnitskiy
    Stepan Stadnitskiy 10 months ago

    This was perfect. Thank you

  • Asyirah Sofiah Kamal
    Asyirah Sofiah Kamal 10 months ago

    When are you going to do another macroeconomics music video competition? can it be international this time?

  • A one legged man
    A one legged man 10 months ago +2

    0:59 - 1:02 I aM lITerallY shaKinG!

  • Angelo Olteteanu
    Angelo Olteteanu 10 months ago

    Great video, thank you very much! Very smart rhymes there and condensed presentation of connected major economic events.

  • Carlosk12
    Carlosk12 10 months ago

    I have my final tomorrow ;-; OH GOSH WHAT IS FOREIGN EXCHANGE

  • Monig Media
    Monig Media 10 months ago

    1:55 or rights

  • Valerie Torres
    Valerie Torres 10 months ago

    Great video!!! As always, entertaining and educational ! Thanks for helping me this year and making everything so easy to understand. Happy Holidays !!!

  • James King
    James King 10 months ago +1

    This guy is the only reason I got an A in 2018 🔥🙏

  • Glenn Morris
    Glenn Morris 10 months ago

    I love you Mr. Clifford

  • Jaden
    Jaden 10 months ago

    Instant classic

  • NeuroticOhio
    NeuroticOhio 10 months ago

    God damnit I love Clifford

  • Asad Pervez
    Asad Pervez 11 months ago +1

    I got an A on my Economics because of how fun and engaging your videos are. Keep making more. Even though I have cleared my course, I would love to keep myself updated. Economics has become a sort of a hobby now!

  • Ruşen Kartal
    Ruşen Kartal 11 months ago


  • Michael Pisciarino
    Michael Pisciarino 11 months ago

    Economic Year in Review
    GDP Up, Unemployment Down
    Interest Rates rise with a new Fed Chair.
    Peace in Korea, Trade War with China. Globalization, Trade.
    0:57 Poor Venezuela 🇻🇪 😥
    Fort nite, Amazon, Apple,
    GM closed factories and Toys R Us closed.
    1:29 France 🇫🇷
    Not black and white, it’s grey.
    1:39 Politicians and News
    1:50 2018 Not bad, free markets 👍🏻.
    2:13 Thanks audience.
    Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 and a happy new year 🎆

  • Snow Man
    Snow Man 11 months ago

    Nicest creator on youtube

  • Jamie Vischer
    Jamie Vischer 11 months ago

    my grade was a 70 in the class then I found this hooligan and my final grade was a 88 Jacob Clifford is god

  • Stewart Moore
    Stewart Moore 11 months ago +1

    This was brilliant.

  • Jeff Neuser
    Jeff Neuser 11 months ago +1

    Alright, we need to see Mr Clifford doing an economics rap video now.

  • Unknown I.M
    Unknown I.M 11 months ago

    Cool poem.... Who wrote it?

  • el
    el 11 months ago

    The free market didn't make the internet. It's actually quiet the opposite. The free market is cornering and limiting the internet. Great video nonetheless

    • Haile Selassie
      Haile Selassie 10 months ago

      Remember that whole scare about net neutrality's removal? Remember how everyone cried and claimed it would mean the death of the free internet? Well, it's gone... and nothing's changed. I wonder why. And please don't tell "Oh, it's coming! Just you wait and see!!!" Because it's not, net neutrality was a fraud and its removal won't bring about the end times.
      And because the internet's creator was allowed the freedom to purse his own projects entirely at his own cost and digression, and wasn't forced to work by some bureaucracy, he created the internet. So, economic freedom, or in other words: the free market, created the internet.

    • sm mm
      sm mm 11 months ago +1

      hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you're really funny 😂😂😂

  • Zoe Tang-Chong
    Zoe Tang-Chong 11 months ago +1


  • Philippa Ettrick
    Philippa Ettrick 11 months ago +1

    Awesome video even if I can't completely agree with a complete free market! Mr Clifford carries on saving my grade...

  • Christopher Strasser
    Christopher Strasser 11 months ago +2

    Wages sucked while politicians just passed the buck. We're in a bubble, a recession is near, the rich get richer the poor get fear.

    • sm mm
      sm mm 11 months ago +6

      fake news

  • Dylan Murray
    Dylan Murray 11 months ago +1

    Hey Jacob, thanks for another brilliant video. I have to say, both your videos and review pack have been key to my success with Economics. At first I honestly hadn't a clue where to start with it as I only picked it up in college and it was incredibly difficult to understand, but with your help in making what's so poorly explained in class so fun and clear online it all became easy to me. I'm graduating this coming September with a Bachelors (HONS) in Economics and just secured a highly sought after job at the Central Bank of Ireland for when I graduate. So I just wanted to leave you a comment to say thanks a million man, I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas!

  • Tom van Buuren
    Tom van Buuren 11 months ago +1

    Thank you Jacob Clifford, just letting you know you are the star on my Christmas tree

  • wasan alrashid
    wasan alrashid 11 months ago +2

    I love you💜💜.

  • Averagely Basic
    Averagely Basic 11 months ago +3

    Passed my micro final. Bless this man. Merry Christmas Mr. Clifford!

  • Danial S
    Danial S 11 months ago +2

    "Venezuela is socialist!"
    -socialist before socialism fails
    "Venezuela is not socialist!"
    -socialist after socialism fails

    • Haile Selassie
      Haile Selassie 9 months ago

      @AnotherKS Umm, what? I did address the argument, I pointed out how the nordic countries can't be socialist since they have some of the freest markets in the world. Was the fact that I used sarcasm too hard for you to understand? Maybe you should actually read my comment next time (it'd be quite simple to do so).
      And yeah, Venezuela isn't completely socialist, but their attempt at socialism is what brought them to disaster. Why are you telling _me_ that and not the original commenter? I never even mentioned Venezuela in any of my previous comments.

    • AnotherKS
      AnotherKS 9 months ago

      @Haile Selassie Address the argument (it'd be quite simple to do so)... and on Venezuela, it's not completely socialist if you didn't know.

    • Haile Selassie
      Haile Selassie 10 months ago

      @Matías Ortega Yes, some of the most economically free countries in the world are "socialist". That makes sense. And gotta love the totally-not-condescending "sweetie" at the end.

    • Matías Ortega
      Matías Ortega 10 months ago

      how about nordic countries sweetie

    • Haile Selassie
      Haile Selassie 10 months ago

      That's hilariously accurate.

  • Yang Ding
    Yang Ding 11 months ago +1


  • Harry Christofi
    Harry Christofi 11 months ago

    You know FREE trade mostly benefits corporations right? So many people in the Midwest would disagree with you Mr.Clifford
    (Trade Witt tariffs is better)
    Also I’m on The Left, but I do think like an economist, like a Social Democratic economist like this guy tvclip.biz/video/koifIS0gdbk/video.html

  • Manav Sridharan
    Manav Sridharan 11 months ago +2

    Never knew I needed this in my life.

  • RedBirdGamer
    RedBirdGamer 11 months ago +3

    LOL. My favorite video is the one where you kept drinking the milk, can you do more videos like that with props or food because it looks so funny and made the video interesting.

  • siddhartha jain
    siddhartha jain 11 months ago

    Subscribe to this channel for great videos,
    Now what to say I don’t know.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 11 months ago +11

    This was an awesome video. You helped me get a 98 on my 100 question econ exam. Also super awesome that you know who Ben Shapiro is 😉.

  • gabriel onibudo
    gabriel onibudo 11 months ago +6

    Great vid Jacob, I recommended you do more frequently financial and economic reviews since you have the knowledge and to help the channel grow.

    RAJPOOT CHUHAN 11 months ago +1

    love you sir :* :* :*

    RAJPOOT CHUHAN 11 months ago +1

    thank you so much sir and sir please pray for me..cozz today is my paper of economic

  • MrKengo29
    MrKengo29 11 months ago +18

    Final tomorrow, big shoutout to Jacob Clifford. thanks brother