Avengers Endgame DELETED SCENES - Alternate Time Heist Revealed!

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • Avengers Endgame Deleted Scenes & Rejected Concepts Explained! How did the Endgame "Time Heist" and final Thanos battle almost play out very differently according to the directors and screenwriters? Erik Voss breaks down the alternate versions of the Avengers Endgame plot, and the secret Endgame alternate ending with Tony Stark meeting an adult Morgan Stark played by Katherine Langford. Why did the Avengers go to Asgard instead of the Collector's Vault, which contained both the Power Stone and the Reality Stone in 2014? Was Iron Man going to fight Heimdall, and Fat Thor fight 2013 Thor? Why did Black Widow die instead of Hawkeye? Did Avengers Endgame originally have a different title?
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  • Rahish Rauther
    Rahish Rauther 14 hours ago

    Thor Vs thor

  • I wasn't Named
    I wasn't Named 16 hours ago

    Thor vs thor

  • Benjamin Rose
    Benjamin Rose Day ago

    They should've kept the scene with Tony in the soul realm.

  • Christina Weiss
    Christina Weiss Day ago

    Stark and Morgan would have been soooooo cute and sad, but awsome

  • Mykenna knox2
    Mykenna knox2 6 days ago

    I would liike to see thanos on vomir fighting Clint and Nat

  • joseph hagood
    joseph hagood 9 days ago

    I dont think I could have held back the water works if stark saw his daughter after the snap in orange world

  • Mr Noodle
    Mr Noodle 15 days ago

    7:17 i know you guys see he is wearing a Fortnite shirt

  • Haider Baba
    Haider Baba 17 days ago

    AT 4:39 anyone notice Joe Russo wearing Fortnite t-shirt

  • Luke McLaughlin
    Luke McLaughlin 18 days ago

    who thinks tony is coming back

  • GymShorties TV
    GymShorties TV 19 days ago

    No other alternate endings... its perfect the way it is.

  • Glitter Fart
    Glitter Fart 23 days ago

    Katherine Langford? really?

  • Wyatt Zhao
    Wyatt Zhao 23 days ago

    7:17 he has a fortnite shirt

  • fallingelk 1982
    fallingelk 1982 24 days ago

    Starks daughter scene

  • audenboy dab
    audenboy dab 24 days ago

    One of the rosos are fortnite shrit

  • huh98
    huh98 24 days ago

    I'm glad they killed Natasha instead of Clint. Everyone was kind of suspecting it to be Clint who sacrificed himself so the fact it was a Natasha was a big surprise.

  • Soulless Gaijin
    Soulless Gaijin 24 days ago

    Heimdall vs Stark duh! Having them sword fight on the bifrost while cutting back and forth from Steve was fighting his avengers self back to stark and heimdall until the knock blows where I think heimdall would have won that fight

  • Deansil Ramos
    Deansil Ramos 25 days ago

    Avengers save the universe for only 3hours

  • Igor Ziobroń
    Igor Ziobroń 25 days ago +1


  • Caleb Waln
    Caleb Waln 25 days ago

    He looked in the camera alright we get it you don't need to say it in every endgame video

  • Yh S
    Yh S 27 days ago +3

    They forgot about the deleted scene of nick fury saying "-ucker"

  • dyah maniez
    dyah maniez 27 days ago +1

    WHY does it have to be 3000 😭😭😭

  • SnowfirE
    SnowfirE 27 days ago

    I would have loved a decent hulk.

  • Ifi’s Movies
    Ifi’s Movies 28 days ago


  • Pizza Pie
    Pizza Pie 28 days ago

    *sees the clip with Anthony Russo wearing a Fortnite shirt*


  • SohamTheBeast
    SohamTheBeast 29 days ago

    Thor: no one can lift my hammer
    Captain america: hold my beer

    Thor:Can i drink it though?
    Cap: No
    Thor: drinks it

  • Adam Fountain
    Adam Fountain 29 days ago

    Also, Mark Ruffolo said that that the movie title was intended to be called anilation

  • Chelsea Ostendorf
    Chelsea Ostendorf 29 days ago

    I read somewhere that the original idea for Clint testing the time travel device was for him to go back in time to Sokovia and bring back Pietro. But nooooooooo. We got deprived of that. 😡😭

  • Sergio David Luna Cruz

    7:25 Should have been Yinsen saying "You didn't wasted your life Stark".

  • Pro Reaper0728
    Pro Reaper0728 Month ago

    Go to 4:39 why is one of the russo brothers wearing a fortnite shirt

  • Arkham Squire
    Arkham Squire Month ago

    Tony: I did it, I defeated Thanos. I saved everyone.
    Morgan: You need to let go Dad.
    Tony: But, I want to see you grow up.
    Morgan: LET GO HELMET!

  • MoonBoots Gaming
    MoonBoots Gaming Month ago

    I just wanna see Steve Returning the soul stone and meeting red skull again

    MOHIT WADHWA Month ago

    Thor vs Thor over Cap vs Cap

  • Vincent Buonocore
    Vincent Buonocore Month ago

    Thor vs Thor

  • Kirby Yu
    Kirby Yu Month ago

    Russo is wearing a fortnote shirt

  • The G Mann
    The G Mann Month ago

    They shouldve filmed them and put them in the bonus features for everyone to enjoy

  • Jordan Jaquette
    Jordan Jaquette Month ago

    The snap

  • Growing up Vegas
    Growing up Vegas Month ago

    Favorite character is captain America

  • SOLiD Niche
    SOLiD Niche Month ago

    If it wasn’t for the rat that got Scott Lang out of the quantum machine then he wouldn’t have told the Avengers about time travel

  • Hiroe Waugh
    Hiroe Waugh Month ago

    Lazar Lazar.

  • Owen Laserpants
    Owen Laserpants Month ago

    Definitely Everything (top 3 are alternative End, Alternative Time heist, and Thor v thor

  • ShadowThief 961
    ShadowThief 961 Month ago

    I would have preferred the tony stark in the orange place would be cool.

  • Duchess DelaRue
    Duchess DelaRue Month ago

    I was saddened that Groot didn’t have a bigger role in this movie. I definitely wanted to see more of him and more of the battle scene. I felt there were a lot of wasted time with the earlier scenes. The scene with Captain in the support group could have been taken out as I didn’t feel it added anything.

  • Asianeyes007
    Asianeyes007 Month ago

    I’m betting on Guardians+Thor vs Adam Warlocke in phase 4 💯 Ik they’ll make something work

  • Th3 D0C70R
    Th3 D0C70R Month ago

    all of them, I want to see all of them.

  • zarka _321
    zarka _321 Month ago

    7:17 he’s got a Fortnite top on

  • Lord Shadowz
    Lord Shadowz Month ago

    The sudden reveal of the hulk just didn’t work for me. Him being full of gamma radiation but the gamma radiation melts his arm? Come on!

  • azharhassan_
    azharhassan_ Month ago

    I just don't understand how Winter Soldier's metal arm disappear too when Thanos snapped his fingers.

  • Ashley Roberts
    Ashley Roberts Month ago

    I think it would have been great to have had the Barton farm scene as the post credits scene of infinity war but still love what they did

  • Piper Holland
    Piper Holland Month ago

    Power stone was brought to collector but did not remain there after his assistant tried to harness the power. It was given to Xandar after the battle w Ronan

  • Humanoid 17
    Humanoid 17 Month ago +1

    Let’s all not forget the most scary deleted scene...

    *headless cap*

  • Smokey Bear
    Smokey Bear Month ago


  • SumTi ngWong
    SumTi ngWong Month ago

    which scene would you want to see

  • jakob turlington
    jakob turlington Month ago

    Thor v Thor would have been dope

  • chief2airborne
    chief2airborne Month ago

    I just want to know how captain marvel knew where tony and nebula were

  • Tod Robinson
    Tod Robinson Month ago

    Should of put them all in it. I would of sat for 5 hours for that movie !

  • Derp Thanos
    Derp Thanos Month ago

    Why didn’t they just go to thanos’s garden before he broke the stones. THEY WERE 6 STONES AND THOR KNOWS WHERE TO AIM SO

    • Bryan Boyer
      Bryan Boyer Month ago

      They didn't know where he was until they saw the gamma radiation signature that was put off when Thanos snapped again to destroy the stones. There was no way they could've gotten there before then.

  • backround Character

    I would have piked to see thor v thor knowing that thor in 2013 was not even using his powers to the fullest and to see himself become so powerful even without his hammer would maybe have opened his eyes a little

  • Chaøs Galaxy
    Chaøs Galaxy Month ago

    How about all of them... 😭

  • Eli the dabber
    Eli the dabber Month ago

    i just want to see the huge extended cut of the fight someday.

  • STH
    STH Month ago

    The image of Steve telling Sharon to cosplay as Peggy is just as disturbing as I thought it'd be.