You Suck at Christmas - You Suck at Cooking (episode 28)

  • Published on Dec 23, 2015
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    A 100 percent full throttle high adrenaline speed chase through the history of christmas.
    Wishing you all a great close to your year!
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  • Green G
    Green G 7 days ago

    This is my favorite video so far 😂😂

  • Magmafrost13
    Magmafrost13 10 days ago

    As an Australian who knows cantaloupes as "rockmelons", I was not ready for "santaloupe". 10/10 pun.

  • Watermelon The Rainwing

    Th episodes where he loses it are the best

  • Andrew Nite
    Andrew Nite Month ago

    I thought the top right cookie was supposed to be a piece of Christmas toast?

  • George Swayze
    George Swayze Month ago

    Bro I am dieing watching this shit🤣

  • Oyinkansola Oladejo

    at the beginning of the video i thought he was drunk but when he laughed.......I realized he was the joker

  • Poor Egg
    Poor Egg Month ago


  • Cortney Lane
    Cortney Lane Month ago

    Obviously a reindeer. 😂

  • TsukkiCookie
    TsukkiCookie 2 months ago +1

    Cutest laugh❤️

  • Coon
    Coon 2 months ago +1

    Well, he finally snapped:P

  • Danker
    Danker 2 months ago

    0:49 Santa looks like he has been dead for 2 weeks

  • Charles McCabe
    Charles McCabe 2 months ago

    Your laugh is intoxicating.

  • Alicia Kerlinsky
    Alicia Kerlinsky 2 months ago

    i love his weird genuine laughter at the end

    IM A UNICORN 2 months ago

    Yes yes you are Jesus

  • Pillu 24
    Pillu 24 3 months ago

    Even you laughed today!😆😆😆😆 The raindeer finally made you laugh on your own joke!

  • Samantha Smith
    Samantha Smith 3 months ago

    he started laughing like he was having a mental breakdown and I felt that

  • no just no
    no just no 3 months ago +1

    y-you have the joker laugh...

  • Eliana Christiansen
    Eliana Christiansen 3 months ago +1

    As a Michigander, I really appreciate the Vernors can ornament

  • Carissa Clarke
    Carissa Clarke 3 months ago


  • jowjjoeksidnwosjxnalwosm blup

    I fell asleep watching videos on TVclip and this One came at random. When I heard the laughter I woke the fuck up so quickly, scared as shit for the safety of my anus and Life .

  • Ying the Eevee
    Ying the Eevee 3 months ago

    Ah yes....the christmas unicorn. this tradition started in scotland because the national animal is a unicorn.
    no i'm not kidding that's the real national animal.

  • Abelhawk
    Abelhawk 3 months ago

    My favorite part is "Mm-hmm. ...Mm-mm. ...Nope."

  • overquoted
    overquoted 3 months ago

    I have questions. Why do you have dolls? Are you certain they don't come to life at night to plot against you?

  • Sophia Woodson
    Sophia Woodson 4 months ago

    We need to archive his laugh because it's as precious as this channel

  • Adam Skopiec
    Adam Skopiec 4 months ago +1

    you can see his hair during his mental breakdown

  • Less Generic YouTube Name
    Less Generic YouTube Name 4 months ago +1

    His laugh songs like someone who just killed someone

  • bts is my aesthetic
    bts is my aesthetic 4 months ago

    i think his mom cooked him some.. special cookies

  • Daisy Priya
    Daisy Priya 4 months ago

    Can watch this over and over again 😂😂

  • Artemis Apollo
    Artemis Apollo 4 months ago

    White people keep going over there. They never learn. Mostly they're journalists now who get beheaded on camera though... Not part of a seemingly innocent Nativity scene. 😢

  • Debajyoti Sengupta
    Debajyoti Sengupta 4 months ago

    My theory is that he was slightly drunk and couldn't hold it anymore

  • Shaina Becbec
    Shaina Becbec 4 months ago

    Everytime he breaks character and starts laughing I get ten more years of life

  • G. McFyuffins
    G. McFyuffins 4 months ago +1

    humor? en pointe.
    tree? lovely.
    laughter? precious
    me? 3 years late

  • The Aichroth
    The Aichroth 4 months ago

    Your laugh is so cute!

  • Carlos Fernandez
    Carlos Fernandez 4 months ago +1

    3:57 HAir reveal

  • J05HUA
    J05HUA 4 months ago

    I'm not sure if it's the laughter or you grating a rock at the end, but this is definitely my favorite video ever

  • T Toes McGee
    T Toes McGee 4 months ago

    True story, I was eating Pringles when this came on 😂😂🤣🤣❣️💋

  • Hüseyin Selçuk Yaylalı

    how drunk were you?

  • Gabi Choi
    Gabi Choi 5 months ago

    when he talked about the miracle of white people traveling to the middle east i lost it i love this man

  • william Scharnhorst
    william Scharnhorst 5 months ago

    u nutted all over that can’t a lope

  • merlina cifuentes
    merlina cifuentes 5 months ago

    im so exited for halloweestmas, its my fav holiday

  • Central Intelligence Agency

    “Or Hallowistmas as it’s known” also known as Thanksgiving

  • Grayson Campbell
    Grayson Campbell 5 months ago

    Pringles, shells and cheese.. mhm nope!

  • Toasty
    Toasty 5 months ago

    There was something hearty about that laugh.

    I liked it.

  • Maeson Dochow
    Maeson Dochow 5 months ago

    The laughter gets me every time to this day

  • Agathe Riopel
    Agathe Riopel 5 months ago +1

    Your laugh sounds like a cry for help... Actually, this whole video sounds like a call for help.
    Are you okay?

  • victor_ia marchwicka
    victor_ia marchwicka 5 months ago

    So handsome 😂
    I love his laugh 😂💞

  • Stephanie Solis
    Stephanie Solis 5 months ago

    I love your laugh omg

  • Flipflopz Threeonethree

    I can't believe no one in the comments are talking about the amazing pun "santa"lope

  • spicylemon
    spicylemon 6 months ago

    It seems I've never watched this video because I always thought I already watched it. Idk why. So it's like a whole new episode. What a nice pleasant surprise.

  • Teh Margnamo
    Teh Margnamo 6 months ago +1

    This video makes me uncomfortable.

  • Eagleclaw
    Eagleclaw 6 months ago

    Every time I see eggs I’m like awwww shit here we go

  • Jessica V
    Jessica V 6 months ago

    why is your laugh exactly like mine, oh my god

  • Phuong Thao Le
    Phuong Thao Le 6 months ago


  • LEN R
    LEN R 6 months ago +1

    LEt's MaKe a SnoWfLakE I gUeSs-

  • Tobbe
    Tobbe 6 months ago

    Ah yes, the Canta Claus.

  • CTF10
    CTF10 6 months ago

    Wow he luaghed

  • Phuong Thao Le
    Phuong Thao Le 6 months ago

    Funny and cute at the same time 😂😂😂

  • Jet Cruiser8790
    Jet Cruiser8790 6 months ago

    That nigga was probably drunk asf

  • aldreen bautista
    aldreen bautista 6 months ago

    the evil laugh

  • Johnnyboycurtis
    Johnnyboycurtis 7 months ago

    Turning water into wine 🤣