I'm Allergic To AIR! (Reacting to "True Story" Animations)

  • We've heard some amazing, insane and dumb true animated stories so far, I wanted to check out what seems to be the craziest. This girl is allergic to air, this other gold digger is allergic to winter, how will they cope?!
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  • Leena Spilly
    Leena Spilly 2 months ago +5919

    Hey everyone I just wanna thank everyone who donated to Australia i live in Australia and the fires have been affecting me and my family a lot one of my friends has the habitat of one of our native animals in her farm and the fire is so close to burning it down and my auntie is going to move in with me because her house is very close to the fire,also for Christmas I went to Lenox it see my family and when we were driving there so many trees were all burnt and sometimes the smoke covers the sun making look red and it rains ash so,I just wanna thank you for donating xoxo😙😙😙

  • Fatima Naji
    Fatima Naji Hour ago

    2019 or 2020

  • Paulina Marr
    Paulina Marr Hour ago

    you talk 2 much cassie hahhahahahahha...

  • Alex Mac Connel
    Alex Mac Connel 2 hours ago

    2020 allergic to air
    2021 allergic to that channel

  • Piper Vaillancourt
    Piper Vaillancourt 3 hours ago


  • Piper Vaillancourt
    Piper Vaillancourt 3 hours ago

    People can be born with two heads in one body

  • Abby the Corgi Queen
    Abby the Corgi Queen 5 hours ago

    This is relating to the fires in Australia and such. 2020 is starting off TERRIBLY I SWEAR! So many people are dying. Like, it's so depressing that a brand new decade is starting off so bad. To all the fire fighters, doctors, veterinarians, and everyone fighting through this terrible year, I salute you.

  • Matt Osborne
    Matt Osborne 6 hours ago

    I sub👼🇺🇸

  • Injy Ezzeldin
    Injy Ezzeldin 7 hours ago +1

    why is the second story talking to fast

  • Injy Ezzeldin
    Injy Ezzeldin 7 hours ago +1

    How can people even get allergic to air

  • Silly me
    Silly me 8 hours ago


  • Isaac Siperstein
    Isaac Siperstein 9 hours ago

    I have asmah

  • Royal High Queen
    Royal High Queen 9 hours ago

    I have asthma

  • Lucy Schroder
    Lucy Schroder 10 hours ago +1

    Uuuuum mmmmm you would have to walk

  • Fluffy Cat
    Fluffy Cat 12 hours ago


  • cindy lindqvist
    cindy lindqvist 12 hours ago

    she is crazzy with chlots

  • Fluffy Cat
    Fluffy Cat 12 hours ago

    they spellthe dogs nsme diffrent tory torie terry

  • Jamie LYE
    Jamie LYE 12 hours ago

    I saw Tory

  • Rodney Melitado
    Rodney Melitado 13 hours ago

    Now the air can be catch by the jar

  • Rodney Melitado
    Rodney Melitado 13 hours ago

    2020:alerrgy to air
    2226:alerrgy to touch and feel anything

  • Goddess Laya
    Goddess Laya 17 hours ago

    It is so wrong

  • Heather Graham
    Heather Graham 22 hours ago

    So sad about Australia my dad side of the family lives there

  • Lis S
    Lis S Day ago

    That's werid

  • Lis S
    Lis S Day ago

    How do they find these people with rare things that happen to there body!

  • Lis S
    Lis S Day ago

    i think I'm wrong oopssss

  • Lis S
    Lis S Day ago

    Awful dude diva

  • Lis S
    Lis S Day ago

    OH NO

  • Hannah Billingsly

    I think it is wrong that she even thought it was okay for her husbands boss to do that

  • Xx_Emma _xX
    Xx_Emma _xX Day ago +1

    Kassie: we don’t want to be allergic to peanuts
    Me: I’m allergic to peanuts 😭

  • Ejike Tyson
    Ejike Tyson Day ago

    im being home school

  • Mike Rohrer
    Mike Rohrer Day ago

    10:21, Living in Alaska IS fun

  • Anna May
    Anna May Day ago

    I can relate to that second story, I'm actually allergic to the cols also.

  • Rebecca Egbert
    Rebecca Egbert Day ago


  • Mia dhima
    Mia dhima Day ago

    Were is your sister?

  • Audra Locke
    Audra Locke Day ago +1

    Thanks for making video's for us gloom

  • Kelsi Carter
    Kelsi Carter Day ago


  • ameyrah aifaa
    ameyrah aifaa Day ago

    i like gloom👧🏻👧🏻👧🏻👧🏻👧🏻

  • yummy yummy gushers


  • Helen Roberts
    Helen Roberts Day ago

    2019:I'm allergic to water
    2020:I'm allergic to air
    4040:I'm allergic to carpet and wallpaper

  • Karina Baltazar
    Karina Baltazar Day ago

    I put this video at 1.5

  • 19884860
    19884860 Day ago

    Hi I am a fan big fan

  • Marek Kõrgesaar

    Why alergi to winter she talk so fast like sgdhhdgdhbebdnrbrbdgwbdiegdhdbrhdgrgeyjegrysjsueb

  • Liliana Hernandez

    Your hlarees

  • Ami Nawangsih
    Ami Nawangsih Day ago

    13:06 you saying that . Its funny

  • Kinsey Meadows
    Kinsey Meadows Day ago

    I actully saw tori

  • ovvais roblox
    ovvais roblox Day ago

    First of all, you don't breathe air, you breathe oxygen. DUH DUR

  • Lizeth Ryan
    Lizeth Ryan Day ago

    That lady in story 2 is cruel I mean she cares just about money!and close!

  • Nhda Chang
    Nhda Chang Day ago

    My septum my family kind of think I have asthma attack

  • Ursula Thielemann
    Ursula Thielemann 2 days ago

    My name is Ursula!😂 Thought I was the only one lol

  • Home O-14
    Home O-14 2 days ago

    Hey every one I just wanna thank every one who donated to australia i live in australia and the fires have been affecting me and my family a lot one of friend has the habitat of READ MORE

  • Home O-14
    Home O-14 2 days ago

    Yeah i have done that ha ha

  • Jessica Manuel
    Jessica Manuel 2 days ago

    So sad 😢

    INFINITE JACKELS 2 days ago

    Oh no!

  • Amanda Walter
    Amanda Walter 2 days ago

    I thick tisis wed

  • Reid Lancelotte
    Reid Lancelotte 2 days ago

    So wrong

  • Kirstin Carrett
    Kirstin Carrett 2 days ago +1

    JAY! I live in AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺! Thank you so very much gloom❤️

  • shiloh tusa
    shiloh tusa 2 days ago

    Now its corona virus not bush fiers

  • Jessica Smead
    Jessica Smead 2 days ago

    I think you should break up with him and if you don't your dumb

  • annafialki
    annafialki 2 days ago

    i have Goom things it's amazing Goom

  • Jorga GibsonLywood
    Jorga GibsonLywood 2 days ago

    I have watched some of them befor

  • ZEW 12
    ZEW 12 3 days ago

    Subscribe to me

  • Jaymi Stocks
    Jaymi Stocks 3 days ago

    Okay I am sooo happy I got a account NOW

  • Misha Mujumdar
    Misha Mujumdar 3 days ago

    i think she is very mean and only cares about money

  • goldcity 12795
    goldcity 12795 3 days ago +1

    I live in LA

  • poppy Wildish
    poppy Wildish 3 days ago

    dont beleve every thninck on the intornet i now because on my youtobe chanel my brother and me was protending to beeve evry thinck and my brother read if u eat a slug you wont die and heat one and got a virus and all mosted died

  • Jennie Marks
    Jennie Marks 3 days ago

    use the like button as an " I HATE THIS WOMAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" button


    ANNA KRUZIE 3 days ago

    I wanted to say i hate this, but then i would be saying I hate kassie's vid, but I hate the 1 she was watching

  • Mandy Morlok
    Mandy Morlok 3 days ago +1

    Do you like it

  • Mandy Morlok
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  • Amelia Tischauser
    Amelia Tischauser 3 days ago

    I’m a headphone user.
    How dare you

  • Malaney5
    Malaney5 3 days ago

    u funny

  • - JJTheOof -
    - JJTheOof - 3 days ago

    Me: She has CoRoNaViRuS

  • kforeman759
    kforeman759 3 days ago

    I have donated £6 you are a great youtuber😃

  • xXGacha_TaffixX Taffi

    i found a dog but idk if it is hers...she dident give a photo what it looks like OOF (I dont have the dog at my home)

  • Kevin Ramirez
    Kevin Ramirez 3 days ago +1

    She has the corona virus

  • Marlie Schubert
    Marlie Schubert 3 days ago

    She's such a drama queen

  • Shonelle Haynes
    Shonelle Haynes 3 days ago

    find the difference😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😚😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙hint the 13th one

  • Shirlnika Smith
    Shirlnika Smith 3 days ago +1

    How is she allergic to air because then she can go in space 😐😑😭

  • elise skillen
    elise skillen 3 days ago

    Yeah i have done that hahahahaha