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Bradley Beal Goes OFF For a Career-High 51 Points | December 5, 2017

  • Published on Dec 6, 2017
  • Bradley Beal scored a career-high 51 points, including 5 three-pointers while shooting 56% from the field in the 106-92 win over the Portland Trail Blazers.
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Comments • 171

  • SuperRip7
    SuperRip7 8 months ago

    51 points is a lot.

  • Sunshine 1990
    Sunshine 1990 9 months ago

    Bradley beal is so sexy

  • Redskin Fan
    Redskin Fan 10 months ago

    2:44 crossing him up

  • Kyedzi
    Kyedzi Year ago

    Reminds me of joe johnson in atl

  • Artin Safaie
    Artin Safaie Year ago +1

    Beal is a very underappreciated player he is probably better then john wall and maybe even LEBRON James he is definently better than Anthony Davis And Klay Thompson He is the one of the reasons the wizards usually make the playoffs

  • Black Jesus
    Black Jesus Year ago +1

    This man is only 24 btw

  • 1nvd
    1nvd Year ago

    I need a Beal jersey asap

  • Antonio Davis
    Antonio Davis Year ago

    Bradley Beal the Mamba Mentally ,,my New Favorite Player

  • Julian Ramirez
    Julian Ramirez Year ago

    Least forehead boom following freedom student throughout bed murder resist nail.

  • Mark Lemus
    Mark Lemus Year ago

    "Beal, Beal, Bradley, Beal, Beal how about Beal, FIRE!!!"

  • navdeep saggi
    navdeep saggi Year ago +1

    BEAL is a god

  • Obito xshinobi
    Obito xshinobi Year ago

    Trade Wall he makes the Wiz sucks we don't need him

  • C J
    C J Year ago

    I'm glad he stayed so aggressive and pretty much demanded the ball so Otto porter can be like " damn I didn't get many shots maybe I should be more aggressive like Beal and not tuck my tail like a pwussy " .

  • CAPO
    CAPO Year ago

    Damnn he got everything

  • Finesse Kid
    Finesse Kid Year ago +2

    How is he not an allstar?

    HS13BASKETBALL Year ago

    Does anyone want to do a sub sub

  • DHM Arrow
    DHM Arrow Year ago +2

    Playing better than Butler

  • Mark Bay
    Mark Bay Year ago +1

    Beal is as good as Klay. Top two 2-guards.

  • Kyle M
    Kyle M Year ago

    Yeah looks like Beal is really struggling offensively without John

    • Baljinder M
      Baljinder M Year ago

      thats his best game in the past 4 games lol he his struggling the past two games he only got 11 and 10 points

  • Abshir Mohamed
    Abshir Mohamed Year ago +1

    B.Beal is Tha Real Deal... He blazed da Blazers... Rip threw My city...

  • p k
    p k Year ago

    dude looking more like ray allen every year. so smooth

  • Yun Li
    Yun Li Year ago +2

    I mean...when a player has like half of his team's points, you would think the defense would double team or something to get the ball out of his hands...This is a Wall-less Wizards team after all, and Beal is not known for his passing.

  • Sanjay Kushwaha
    Sanjay Kushwaha Year ago

    I will also play basketball

  • Sanjay Kushwaha
    Sanjay Kushwaha Year ago

    I will also play basketball

  • Sanjay Kushwaha
    Sanjay Kushwaha Year ago

    I will also play basketball

  • ABathing Erick
    ABathing Erick Year ago

    Top 10 shooting guard in the league

  • warren robete
    warren robete Year ago +9

    no J. Wall,, no problem

  • imthe shootah
    imthe shootah Year ago


  • Tyler
    Tyler Year ago +2

    The fact that he is 23 and already has been averaging 23 points these past seasons is incredible mark my words he will be a HOF

    • Black Jesus
      Black Jesus Year ago

      Bsm m
      That's still young as hell... And June is like 6 months away my dude.

    • Baljinder M
      Baljinder M Year ago

      hes turning 25 this june he's not 23

  • Aheim
    Aheim Year ago +1


  • Donte Looney
    Donte Looney Year ago

    That Ruby Bradley Beal on 2k finna be BRAZY

  • major hAter
    major hAter Year ago

    1 and one, and he drived in like 10 times

  • Davinno
    Davinno Year ago

    He was not looking to pass on any possession and I like the mentality

  • Shawn Brooks
    Shawn Brooks Year ago

    Always had a smooth jumper footwork is crazy. RAY ALLEN SAID HE IS ONLY PLAYER THAT REMINDS HIM OF HIMSELF

  • Anthony Bennett
    Anthony Bennett Year ago +1

    Top Ten NBA Players Right Now
    1. Lebron James
    2. James Harden
    3. Kevin Durant
    4. Giannis Antetokounmpo
    5. Kyrie Irving
    6. Demarcus Cousins
    7. Anthony Davis
    8. Stephen Curry
    9. Russell Westbrook
    10. Kristaps Porzingis
    Let me know what you guys think and some sugggestions!!!!

    • Wigan Sichilima
      Wigan Sichilima Year ago

      Crying Jordan and No rookie of the year?

    • Sam Johnson
      Sam Johnson Year ago

      hold this L

    • Miracle--7
      Miracle--7 Year ago

      How is Giannis and Irving above Russ?

    • amit banai
      amit banai Year ago

      Crying Jordan KD BELOW HARDEN?!?!
      You know there’s also defense in basketball?

    • Mrcastro312
      Mrcastro312 Year ago

      Crying Jordan you actually had me like okay I could deal with this until steph was above Russel Westbrook.

  • YeboiJJdeDoge
    YeboiJJdeDoge Year ago +1

    0:11 that wasn’t a three pointer!

  • DAWG
    DAWG Year ago +16

    This nigga is young as hell wtf

    • C4
      C4 Year ago +2

      DAWG ikr. Only 24

  • Niko Leon
    Niko Leon Year ago +13

    The real deal, Bradley Beal

  • Kim Mony
    Kim Mony Year ago +1

    LOL this is a fucking portland vs wizards game and you are still talking shit about lebron smfh

  • Idk Idk
    Idk Idk Year ago

    LeBron is trash. Anthony Bennett is so much better.

  • Jayakrishnan Nallappa

    Portland really need to up their offensive game

  • Eddie Bingham
    Eddie Bingham Year ago +31

    This is a 50+ point game against a top defensive team as well! So impressive.

  • Jaylen *Straightoutda80s* Brown

    Im a Celtics fan and I really like Beal and Wall. I just wish Wizards fans werent so cancerous. They always talking shit

    • AJ Lott
      AJ Lott 10 months ago

      100%, IT had found a home in boston, and the fans loved him, wish he was still a Celtic

    • Black Jesus
      Black Jesus 10 months ago

      Jaylen *Straightoutda80s* Brown
      Let me clear this up though you don’t seem like one of those dudes I’m talking about so sorry if I came off that way. But I’m not going to act like you got fans that down talk other PGs every chance they get.

    • Black Jesus
      Black Jesus 10 months ago

      Jaylen *Straightoutda80s* Brown
      Don’t pull the high road shit with me bruh. You’re original comment attacked the Wizards fanbase. You can check any Wall or Beal highlight and you’ll see a Celtic fan down talking them somewhere. So yes if I see almost as many Celtics fans commenting negative shit about my team on a highlight reel I have the ground to say you’re fanbase is cancerous. It isn’t even Just on wizards vids. I see y’all talk shit on Curry, Westbrook and Chris Paul.

    • Jaylen *Straightoutda80s* Brown
      Jaylen *Straightoutda80s* Brown 10 months ago +1

      The Real Deal Look man. IT was having a historic season. At the time it wasn't a stretch saying IT was better or just as good as Irving. The man was balling. I personally was saying he was a better scorer. Which was right if you were watching that season. You're the exact type of person I was talking about. I say something good about the Wizards and you start talking shit. "You said we're cancerous." Correct. Most Wizards fans are indeed cancerous to Celtics fans mainly. Of course I don't mean all of them. However you proved to be one. Are Celtics fans cancerous? Depends. If you think always talking about how great our franchise is or how possible it is for us to get star players is cancerous then you would be correct. But we could say something as simple as, we have a chance at making finals and immediately get insulted by every cancerous fan that hates the Celtics. Don't associate me with other C's fans though. I respect players even if they aren't on my Celtics. I have little pride, so me saying Wall is better than Kyrie is no sweat if it's true. I still like IT though. Most Celtics fans don't show the man the respect he deserves. People would call him a midget here and then celebrate games he'd win through sheer clutchness as if they were in a position to be excited.

    • Black Jesus
      Black Jesus Year ago

      Jaylen *Straightoutda80s* Brown
      Hell yes. Y'all were in the It bandwagon all year. Every fucking time I read a comment on a Celtics Highlight real it wasn't even confidence IT was just play at disrespect toward the other team. Most of y'all switch from IT being better than Kyrie to Kyrie being better than IT just because of a team switch. So yeh you fanbase is disrespectful as fuck

  • Maverick82BerlinTV


  • SatanicAlpha
    SatanicAlpha Year ago +3

    Yall dumbassess gonna call him the best shooting guard and gonna forget his last 4 games just cause he score 50 once? Oh and devin booker was the beat sg last year

    • navdeep saggi
      navdeep saggi Year ago +1

      Devin Booker's team is TRASH.

    • Baljinder M
      Baljinder M Year ago

      harden was a pg last year u bum

    • Armando Poblete
      Armando Poblete Year ago +1

      What about harden you pussies

    • Ben Wallace
      Ben Wallace Year ago +7

      Providence dumbass said Booker was the best sg last year Lmaoooooooo

    • TO xCheckUp
      TO xCheckUp Year ago +2

      Providence HATER, U probably only watch highlights smh

  • Delonte James
    Delonte James Year ago +15

    His the real deal. Bealieve that...

  • Walid Dahbur
    Walid Dahbur Year ago

    Can’t drive to the rim going left

    • Walid Dahbur
      Walid Dahbur Year ago

      Moonsorrow not really. If he goes left he’s either shooting or doing a floater in the lane. Never finishing at the basket.

    • Moonsorrow
      Moonsorrow Year ago +1

      He did multiple times though

  • Dennis Smith Jr
    Dennis Smith Jr Year ago

    that jumper is so smooth

  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot Year ago +4

    Real Deal Beal! #DCFamily

  • juan levario
    juan levario Year ago

    "For the first time since 2012/13, beal drives and lays it in" thats like 4 years of no lay ups

    • juan levario
      juan levario Year ago

      Moonsorrow ha restart the video, thats the first sentence the commentators say

    • Moonsorrow
      Moonsorrow Year ago


  • Joshua Olarte
    Joshua Olarte Year ago +9

    Beal Looking kinda like Ray Allen Shuttlesworth

  • Bane Todor
    Bane Todor Year ago

    Well done Mr. Beal!

  • Alex Dimou
    Alex Dimou Year ago

    Beal carried the team simply.

  • Sandernista
    Sandernista Year ago

    Beal is the best player on the Wizards...

    • Scary Spongebob
      Scary Spongebob Year ago

      Zamasu u sound dumb asf😂

    • 6uptures
      6uptures Year ago

      HushTv he is wall gets nervous and chokes wont be surprised if beal leaves if wall plays scared again

    • Sam Johnson
      Sam Johnson Year ago

      chill out

    • HushTv
      HushTv Year ago +3

      Sandernista nigga please

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan Year ago +1

    a career high lebron could only dream of having lmaoooo hold this L bronsexuals

    • A
      A Year ago

      Michael Jordan Lebron has a career high of 61 and a season high of 57...

    • Tay 7vyn.
      Tay 7vyn. Year ago +8

      Michael Jordan lmao didn't he put 57 on the wizards head bout a month ago? 💀 But you right beal the goat 😂

    • Michael Jordan
      Michael Jordan Year ago

      @dante bruh lmao when has he ever scored more than beal lmaooo just hold this L beal > lescrub

    • Tay 7vyn.
      Tay 7vyn. Year ago +7

      You do realize LeBron has scored more than this multiple times right 😂

    • Michael Jordan
      Michael Jordan Year ago

      he struggles to score 20 points lmaoooooo just admit lebron is declining fast and his athleticism is nearly gone

  • Dan J
    Dan J Year ago +1

    Bradley Beal > John Wall

  • Lord Infamous
    Lord Infamous Year ago +33

    I'm so glad Bradley Beal is having a good season. He's always been one of my favorite players, but he used to have glass bones. Pray he stays healthy.

  • The One Who Is Better Than You

    Incredible performance on the court COT DAMN, 56% FG TOO.

  • Ian Must
    Ian Must Year ago

    Bradley "Ball" Beal BBB 😂

  • Baley Snell
    Baley Snell Year ago +25

    Half of the best backcourt in the NBA

  • Twizz The Whiz Kid
    Twizz The Whiz Kid Year ago +6

    Guess we found out who the next player to score 50+ is. I don't recall anyone predicting it to be Bradley Beal... who's next though???

  • Nikolai Ilagan
    Nikolai Ilagan Year ago +2

    That boy is a bad bad man!

  • Velocity
    Velocity Year ago +34

    Bradley Beal is already better than LeBron. I'd call Beal "King" before I foolishly call LeBron that.

    • Malachi Davenport
      Malachi Davenport Year ago

      GreenWaffle26 ima BB fan but he is not better than lebron

    • imthe shootah
      imthe shootah Year ago +2

      Bradley Beal 23ppg
      Lebron James 28ppg

    • Shelton Childress
      Shelton Childress Year ago


    • Black Jesus
      Black Jesus Year ago +2

      GreenWaffle26 You should have been aborted.

    • Xanninja
      Xanninja Year ago +2

      14 likes, this reminds me of when dumbfucks was saying Curry was the "best in the world" not b/c they were comparing him to LBJ, but b/c people were comparing any good performance from any player to the likes of Lurry lmfao. When you the best and most coveted this comes with it, comes with the terriotory. that and the fact some dude name "Waffle" be around here Always brings up "LeBron" that name gets some of the basketball watching weirdos juices flowing, shit was randoo

  • Gzz
    Gzz Year ago

    King Bradley 👑 Owns Portland ‼️

  • thrillhouse
    thrillhouse Year ago +31

    Probably pissed from the whopping the jazz gave him the other night

  • Trevor Miller
    Trevor Miller Year ago

    Bradley Beal > John Wall

    • Chef Curry
      Chef Curry Year ago +4

      They just got 50 balled by Utah without Wall and are like 3-4 without him. No, sorry.

  • Logan Stedman
    Logan Stedman Year ago

    players always have their best games against portland

  • Bosco Tung
    Bosco Tung Year ago +67

    Leigh Ellis smiling

  • Guimustaine
    Guimustaine Year ago +5


  • Alan Ash
    Alan Ash Year ago +40

    Best east sg.

    • KDotsvpreme
      KDotsvpreme 8 months ago

      Elmer Jamison derozan suppose to be a sf

    • Johnny Cakes
      Johnny Cakes Year ago +1

      Bsm m That's my point, read who I replied to

    • Baljinder M
      Baljinder M Year ago +1

      beal does have the green light lmao fym???

    • Johnny Cakes
      Johnny Cakes Year ago +1

      Hacke Peter Oladipo nigga? If Beal had the greenlight like oladipo he could probably drop 51 points in a game. Oh wait, he just did.

    • _Jaydee_
      _Jaydee_ Year ago +1

      Elmer Jamison derozan broke ass 3 point shot

  • Kima McDaniel
    Kima McDaniel Year ago


  • Jose Barajas
    Jose Barajas Year ago