Seth Gives His Fans Eminem's Trump Ultimatum

  • Added:  5 days ago
  • Seth follows Eminem's example and tells his fans to pick a side between him or President Trump.
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    Seth Gives His Fans Eminem's Trump Ultimatum- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • ComedyComedy
  • Runtime: 1:44
  • Late night  Seth Meyers  Eminem  trump  ultimatum  NBC  NBC TV  television  funny  talk show  comedy  humor  stand-up  parody  snl seth meyers  host  promo  seth  meyers  weekend update  news satire  satire  freestyle  rap  middle finger  BET  bodied  

Comments: 4 656

  • Rick Obamastomper
    Rick Obamastomper Minute ago

    The only thing funny about seth myers or jimmy kimmel is that they actually think that their opinions are important. Seth is a complete beta.

  • well99
    well99 9 minutes ago

    Wow that was a easy choice. Bye Seth. Have a good life.

  • K C
    K C 3 hours ago +1

    I stand with Seth!

  • Scott Sheridan
    Scott Sheridan 3 hours ago

    Way to go Seth dividing your country further. I was a fan..of yours from way down under. I'm also a fan of Trumps. Seth I got off the fence way back when prog libs lost their minds. Do you and other out spoken famous sorts not realise that if you don't care about alienating half of the USA fanbase into not supporting your shows,movies or music that you in fact are alienating half the western world that don't care a toss about US politics but we do care that you belittle us just for liking an overseas world leader. So righteous coming from you who takes a paycheck from your rapist protecting insidious parasitic misogynists. Anything for a dollar while your great country implodes. The USA is laughing stock and it's not because of Trump. Grow the hell up!

  • Tendzere
    Tendzere 4 hours ago

    omg you are so f#cking edgy!

  • Cachi -
    Cachi - 8 hours ago

    Seth, I don’t think anyone watching your show, except trolls, are Trump supporters.

  • Rios Ricardo
    Rios Ricardo 8 hours ago

    Am a " Bad Hombre" ( according to Dotard) and I aprobé Emenem msj.....👽

  • Trey Stewart
    Trey Stewart 9 hours ago

    Wonder what the 3 of them are going to choose

  • Celtic4Leaf
    Celtic4Leaf 9 hours ago

    BYE SETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave
    Dave 9 hours ago

    i choose trump

  • S Collins
    S Collins 10 hours ago +1


  • Rogelio Aburto
    Rogelio Aburto 11 hours ago

    good job,lol

  • thruxbeinxxcool
    thruxbeinxxcool 12 hours ago

    Does anyone actually watch this show? Serious question.

  • Christina Mathews
    Christina Mathews 13 hours ago

    Who’s Seth Myers? 🙄 buh bye 👋🏼

  • iamchibisango
    iamchibisango 14 hours ago

    Seth is the cutest!! ❤❤

  • Aaron Strout
    Aaron Strout 17 hours ago +1

    awww poor Seth is triggered. I don't like like Trump, but i sure love to see SJW's get triggered. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (:

  • Jack Hawley
    Jack Hawley 17 hours ago +1

    I made my decision; bye bye Seth👋🏽

  • Stephanie Green
    Stephanie Green 17 hours ago +1

    Comment section is a bunch of trump trolls pretending to have integrity

    • Trey White
      Trey White 13 hours ago

      The host flipping off the audience. Really awesome bro.

  • Sai Patnaik
    Sai Patnaik 18 hours ago +1

    Liberal meltdown

  • D H
    D H 19 hours ago +1

    So many mindless people like Enima M, Jimmy Dribble and Seth throwing away their careers now days. Hope G Soros paid them a lot of money to do that.

  • Emma Nunez
    Emma Nunez 20 hours ago


  • Wdeemar Wdeemar
    Wdeemar Wdeemar 20 hours ago

    I am no fan of Trump. But I am going away. I might have voted for Harvey Weinstein over Hillary. That said all politicians are scum and deserve the mockery.

  • grit1
    grit1 20 hours ago

    How does this man still have viewers? How? I refuse to believe this man is actually the host of a television show. Putting every last bit of politics aside, he has the charisma of a wet paper bag and the humor of a coating of paint. Who on earth derives their entertainment from this man? How are there even people able to camps when nobody should be watching him in the first place? I have never seen a single bit of positive comments on Seth Meyers in real life or across the internet? Who the hell watches this program?

  • uncivilone
    uncivilone 21 hour ago +1

    Seth you are a total loser! Trump 2020 baby!

  • dollar12
    dollar12 21 hour ago +1

    That's right Seth. Forget your job as an entertainer & put politics ahead of all else, like a typical liberal.

  • dollar12
    dollar12 21 hour ago

    Democrats please keep going with these tactics full speed ahead. Geniuses!

  • Shantell Powell
    Shantell Powell 22 hours ago


    • Trey White
      Trey White 13 hours ago

      I love the way you exploited those prisoners and used them for cheap labor during your time in Arkansas, Hillary!!!!!

  • SJWs Attack!
    SJWs Attack! 22 hours ago

    God the mainstream media really is dying a hilarious death.

  • HuntingLP
    HuntingLP 22 hours ago +1

    F*** Trump

    • dollar12
      dollar12 21 hour ago

      This is the type of leftist rhetoric that persuades ppl to your side......not. 😄

  • Tap Out
    Tap Out 22 hours ago

    He didn't release a video. This is apart of the BET cypher. Give them the credit

  • Ife'ka Terry
    Ife'ka Terry Day ago

    What type of Trump supporter would watch this show? Anyway, I like the kind micro middle finger.

  • BartJ583
    BartJ583 Day ago

    This is bullshit. We are not talking about a few million, 2% or 3%. We are talking about half the country. You cannot shut the racists out. They are too many. You have to change their views. You need reeducation, like Germany had after 1945.

  • skyler114
    skyler114 Day ago

    Good... good...
    the virtue signalling is strong with you. A powerful cuck you will become.

  • Tim Curtis
    Tim Curtis Day ago

    I stand with God, Kap, Em, and Seth!

  • An Marllo
    An Marllo Day ago

    How politely put! 🙈🖕

  • casey
    casey Day ago

    I turned off Eminems rap before that part just because it was awkward but thanks to this I know he gave that ultimatum. I bet Trump listens to the Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers LPs.

  • Liu Jia Zheng
    Liu Jia Zheng Day ago

    I support Trump... so... bye bye?

  • cail592
    cail592 Day ago

    Well this is an EZ choice...... Later F'Tard.......

    Crazy thing is... I see 90% of the comments on here say no to Seth Meyers, yet this video has 3x more likes than dislikes. Makes ya wonder........

  • nelda blanco
    nelda blanco Day ago


  • racenuke
    racenuke Day ago

    Ok off the fence, i support Trump.

  • Trina D
    Trina D Day ago

    👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽Well said!

  • Bourne Root
    Bourne Root Day ago

    if your on late night you have already been thrown away you have the same slot as infomercials and jewlery tv

  • Beautiful Girl Fishing

    Seth Gives His Fans Eminem's Trump Ultimatum

  • Ryan Frazier
    Ryan Frazier Day ago

    Seth got Bars

  • studio 2020
    studio 2020 Day ago

    subscribed and thank you

  • Libertarian Coconut

    RIP Eminem, NBC, and Seth Myers.

  • Azhar Ahmed
    Azhar Ahmed Day ago

    I support u Seth

  • Jeremy B
    Jeremy B 2 days ago

    Difference between Trump and Eminem ?

    Eminem has been caught on record making racist remarks toward blacks !!

    FACT !!

  • Awakened citizen
    Awakened citizen 2 days ago

    No Trump supporters were watching the show to begin with so it wasn't that big of a leap for Seth to lay down an empty ultimatum.

  • Mr. Hippie
    Mr. Hippie 2 days ago

    I for one have, and will not join 45's cult. Hoping he does not last much more in office. Get rid of him, his kids, Pence, Pruitt, and every other scum in his administration.

  • Vincent Moore
    Vincent Moore 2 days ago

    Simple explination:

  • Hcaz Htims
    Hcaz Htims 2 days ago

    Seth is a cuckkk

  • TheNemesis200313
    TheNemesis200313 2 days ago

    Who knew trump supporters were such snowflakes.

  • Rng 17582nd
    Rng 17582nd 2 days ago

    Fuckin clown

  • Queen of Hearts Baby

    NEVER. Desrecpect. The. Land. Of. FREEDOM. 🔔🗽🔔. USA. 🔔🗽🔔. Or. LOSE it. 💀🗽💀. 🔥👹🔥.
    Your. As. Bad as. 🌑 NFL 🌑 Niggars. 🌑. 📣❗📣

  • Chris Sproles
    Chris Sproles 2 days ago

    Seth is racist

  • Haitian j Zoe
    Haitian j Zoe 2 days ago

    Lmao thank you sir I'm with you and ur Show!

  • Aiglos
    Aiglos 2 days ago

    Kiss your job bye bye you cuck. 👋 😂

  • synthrave1
    synthrave1 2 days ago

    Wow. I just hope that you brainwashed FANS and citizens alike do realize that, YOUR VOTE, doesn't have SH*T to do with the entertainment business.

  • TheNotSoEvilDead
    TheNotSoEvilDead 2 days ago

    Lmao. Like any intelligent person listens to this shitstain to begin with..

  • Nicolette Weathersby

    Seth spit so much fire he couldn’t even handle it.

  • revelwoodie
    revelwoodie 2 days ago

    Oh my god, you colossal idiots!  This is a JOKE.  The whole point he's making here is that he does NOT have any fans that also like Trump.  That's why the audience laughed when he addressed people who "like Trump, and also like this show that constantly criticizes and denigrates Trump."  Because there ARE no such people.  NO ONE is still making that decision.  Do you get it now?  Good lord, it so embarrassing to have to explain jokes to stupid people.  And by the way, those of you saying in the comments things like, "Ok, I'm not watching this show anymore!  Trump 2020!"  You're not fooling anyone.  You weren't watching this show.

  • Lucia Delia
    Lucia Delia 2 days ago

    Without you late night talk show comedians, I would go crazy. 😝

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 2 days ago

    Isn't SNL supposed to be comedy? I mean it hasn't been funny for many years but now get political let alone stupid???

  • KingDerling
    KingDerling 2 days ago

    I'm a fan of this show.  Definitely not a fan of Trump, but we need lest alienation and more acceptance.  Hold the politicians  accountable, not their supporters.

  • Mahnaz Ashoori
    Mahnaz Ashoori 2 days ago

    Seth. Thank you.

  • Riri AR
    Riri AR 2 days ago

    Rotfl....Seth is a nut!!!😂😂😂😂

  • ztimbo
    ztimbo 2 days ago

    Go support a pedophile Hollywood scum.  I will support Trump!

  • cornbobbber
    cornbobbber 2 days ago

    SETH..... Seth... seth. HOW'S THE ECHO CHAMBER ......Chamber...... chamber?

    TH3FIXXX3R MUSIC 2 days ago

    I choose Trump over any Hollywood hack like you Seth...

  • DBXD
    DBXD 2 days ago

    I side with Trump. easily, and ill never watch Seth again and boycott the products. easy decision, he isnt funny anyway.

  • Stan Roach
    Stan Roach 2 days ago

    Never watch your show or listen M&M's so I don't care what any of you haters think. You are not a comedian. Comedian's make people laugh not snicker. You sucked on SNL and you suck now. I made my choice iin the 2016 election and stand by it 100%. So here's a middle finger to all y'all.

  • Tim McCulley
    Tim McCulley 2 days ago


  • alicia906
    alicia906 2 days ago


  • Sergey
    Sergey 2 days ago

    I hope Trump will start nuclear war with this show

  • Alex Ribeirão
    Alex Ribeirão 2 days ago

    Do you have any fan! Nobody knows you....

  • yousif nimrod
    yousif nimrod 2 days ago

    Likewise Seth, you are sick in your mind, I use to watch your show, but as you said 'F'.. you and yours as well.

  • Grab Em By Da PUSEEAY


  • Braidon Benjamin
    Braidon Benjamin 3 days ago

    F you too Seth

  • Jay Zondi
    Jay Zondi 3 days ago

    Drumpf dickheads will defend the Drumpf Master Dickhead like north korean zombies defend their master clown kim jung un. No use talking them out of their delusions and hate. Sad.

  • Hazed
    Hazed 3 days ago

    Keep reverse campaigning for Trump you dumb celebs

  • Latifa Jenkins
    Latifa Jenkins 3 days ago

    This is so funny!

  • Jay Zondi
    Jay Zondi 3 days ago


  • ax is
    ax is 3 days ago

    16k jews liked this video

  • Jacqueline Cate
    Jacqueline Cate 3 days ago

    You're not much of a comedian either.... never watched your show and so this is an easy one for me... I guess I'll just go away

    CECI CEO 3 days ago +1

    Anyone with a platform REALLY needs to do this. OK, EMINEM & SETH I'm with ya'll.

    • Apollo
      Apollo 3 days ago

      CECI CEO The left is sounding more like Nazi's than Trump supporters. Brown shirt fascists.
      -Ex Democrat

  • jason w
    jason w 3 days ago

    I don't think conservatives watch last night shows.... ain't it past their bedtime? Anything on TV past midnight is from the devil. They also are void a sense of humor. So I think your pretty safe.

  • Sean Texsean
    Sean Texsean 3 days ago +3

    I'm with Trump. #MAGA

    • BartJ583
      BartJ583 18 hours ago

      Sean Texsean
      You mean #MAWA

  • SwaggerBacon
    SwaggerBacon 3 days ago

    No one has to make that decision though because Seth has no fans anyway.

  • John hall
    John hall 3 days ago

    seth Meyers was with Weinstein the whole time ,so now it's time for late night to go

  • LateNite
    LateNite 3 days ago

    Didn't know this dumb ass had a show till now. I'll take Trump over this dump any day. Later whoever.

  • Moon Watcher
    Moon Watcher 3 days ago

    Get off the damned fence! Side with the orange moron or side with the rest of the free thinking SANE world.

  • Lucy Scott Walker
    Lucy Scott Walker 3 days ago

    Bye Felicia.

  • Thank The Moon
    Thank The Moon 3 days ago

    I mean maybe you should stop the Trump hate though. See I was a fan of yours before Trump; then after Trump your show went in the trash; the jokes are unfunny, the timing is off, the situations are predictable, your monologues basically recite the news and what's worse is you've bought your own crap. Also, do you think you still have the moral high ground here? You can't actually think that based on your dislike of Trump you are morally superior, because if you do... that's actual fascism. To divide a nation for political means based on the idea that you have the moral authority and anyone who gets in your way is a bad person is LITERALLY what the Nazis used to justify their final solution.

  • Six Beer Math
    Six Beer Math 3 days ago

    Or act like a big boy and realize people have different opinions

  • HystEric Animations
    HystEric Animations 3 days ago

    The network has this cuck by the throat.

  • Heart Break Kid
    Heart Break Kid 3 days ago

    Doesn’t matter who you support. I thought we were trying to unite this country not further divide it by forcing people to choose sides.

  • demonicwiccan666
    demonicwiccan666 3 days ago

    lol I never liked Eminem but I MIGHT start

  • José Oliveras
    José Oliveras 3 days ago

    Oh Seth, people were going away even before you started to ridicule the president. Weak. Eminem took a break from wanting to kill his ex and rapping about beating dumb women to criticize evil Trump who's ideologies made Eminem's career possible. You're both stupid and un-american, the real fascists.

  • darkriverracing22
    darkriverracing22 3 days ago

    Sod off