African Meatballs - Precious Kitchen - Ep 62

  • Published on Jan 26, 2018
  • Time for some meatballs! These African meatballs are made with garlic, parsley, onions and my all-time favorite spice, white pepper! They are simmered in an insanely flavorful tomato sauce. In my home, we eat this with pasta or rice. So good!
    Click here for the full African Meatballs Recipe:
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  • Nasky Swagger
    Nasky Swagger 25 days ago

    Thanks 💞

  • awino linet
    awino linet Month ago

    Ooooh Jesus! Is that oil or water? West Africans you so much amaze me with the amount of oil and Maggi you use in food! Good recipe though......

  • Faith Moraa
    Faith Moraa Month ago

    The food is good,BT the oil is too much!

  • Grace jones Feh
    Grace jones Feh Month ago

    My kid sisters just love you

  • Grace jones Feh
    Grace jones Feh Month ago

    I like the way you exclaim when you taste

  • cindy brown
    cindy brown 2 months ago

    I will definitely try this someday. Thank you Precious.
    From Nigeria

  • 01102 01102
    01102 01102 2 months ago

    hahahah looking good

  • Eros Delorenzi
    Eros Delorenzi 4 months ago

    No such thing is African Meatballs, that's appropriating Italian culture.

  • download ngwifah
    download ngwifah 4 months ago +3

    Thank u ma'am u are Soo empowering kip up de good job

  • Savera Maggie S
    Savera Maggie S 4 months ago +2

    Hi Precious,
    You are presenting excellently.

  • Lizette Gbwema
    Lizette Gbwema 5 months ago

    Can I make meat balls without bread crumbs

    • Precious Kitchen
      Precious Kitchen  5 months ago

      I'm sure you can but I have never tried it. The breadcrumbs help the meatballs bind together.

    MILLICENT KAHIA 5 months ago

    That eating....mmmmh...trying this tomorrow as i celebrate labor day

    FRIDAH R 8 months ago +1

    Very educative.must try

  • nashpae1
    nashpae1 11 months ago

    nice and looks delicious. have never cooked meatballs before and wanna try. what will happen if I boil the minced meat first. will I still achieve the same results?

    • nashpae1
      nashpae1 11 months ago +1

      Precious Kitchen thank you so much for responding. you are such a Darling. will surely let you know

    • Precious Kitchen
      Precious Kitchen  11 months ago

      Hi, no don't boil the meat first. It has to be raw so the balls can form well. Please let me know how it goes.

  • estella237
    estella237 11 months ago +6

    i alws look forward to the part where you say 'oh my goodness' when u first taste the food. lol, that alone makes me run to the store to buy ingredients for the recipe. cant wait to try this. thank you

  • Elizabeth Letsoso
    Elizabeth Letsoso Year ago +2

    Wow they mouth watering my dear

  • Brook Valentine CEO Another Brand Kreation

    I am so hungry ... Awesome recipes. Thank you

  • Santa Maria
    Santa Maria Year ago

    I love when you say "mmm it's insanely delicious" haha

  • Имя Фамилия

    Хороший рецепт.

  • Elizabeth Stephen
    Elizabeth Stephen Year ago +4

    Honesty, precious, you're my new kitchen mentor.. My little boy love this video. Our eyes are glued to it.. Im definitely going to make some meat balls this week end.. Stay blessed

    • Precious Kitchen
      Precious Kitchen  Year ago +1

      Awww that's such a sweet thing to say, Elizabeth. Hope you enjoy the meatballs!

  • Michaela Anukwuem
    Michaela Anukwuem Year ago +4

    Amazing recipe for meatballs. I made mine with grounded turkey instead and added my spices to the pasta sauce to make it almost like Naija stew!!! My boyfriend and I are in love :)

  • Intuition Galoure
    Intuition Galoure Year ago +1

    Thanks for the recipe

  • Getrud Mawhi
    Getrud Mawhi Year ago +1

    Watching you for the first time i am from the southern African ,but i am getting married to a cameroonian your video are helping me a lot thank you precious ,

  • Zenobia Nyagang Nabasa

    So nice what is another name for Bazel

    • Precious Kitchen
      Precious Kitchen  Year ago

      You mean, Basil? It is known as Basil in English. In Cameroon, it is called, "cutmanjo". In Nigeria, it is called "scent leaf", I think. It might have other names depending on where you live.

  • Arrey Patience
    Arrey Patience Year ago

    Nice recipe. I wish to ask the use of bread crumps and it's alternative

  • jun oir
    jun oir Year ago +1

    Wow nice one

  • Mithila Gadhire
    Mithila Gadhire Year ago

    Very nice

    • Gladys Bell
      Gladys Bell 7 months ago

      Love you and your channel. You are amazing and a role model to ur generation.

  • ekane claris
    ekane claris Year ago +1

    hello precious, I really enjoy your cooking and today I've actually learned something new, but I wish to know if I can use ground spices instead of chopped especially for the meat??

  • Takem Agbor
    Takem Agbor Year ago

    Hi Precious, thank you for your awesome recipes. I tried your jollof rice, my landlady, her husband and children ate and begged for more hehe. Please can you do a video on beef liver sauce? Thanks.

  • African Child
    African Child Year ago

    Do you have a g.nut stew recipe?

    • Precious Kitchen
      Precious Kitchen  Year ago

      BIZOU BRAZZA yes I do. Here:

  • Caroleda Wokmeni
    Caroleda Wokmeni Year ago +1

    The meatballs look delicious. Can we make them without adding the eggs ? I'm allergic to eggs ? Thanks

    • Caroleda Wokmeni
      Caroleda Wokmeni Year ago

      Precious Kitchen thanks a lot

    • Precious Kitchen
      Precious Kitchen  Year ago +1

      Caroleda Wokmeni sure you can! You can add about 1/4 cup of liquid milk to substitute the egg.

  • Sorelle M.
    Sorelle M. Year ago +2

    Hi, I'm watching you from Paris. You recipes look so delicious.
    I really love watching you. Your videos are great.
    I also love your colorful recipients 😁
    Take care Precious

  • Lauretta Abei
    Lauretta Abei Year ago +1

    Thanks very much for your videos i have learned alot stay blessed

  • Chi Phatfarm
    Chi Phatfarm Year ago +1

    Looks yummy 🔥

  • Justice Bonelli
    Justice Bonelli Year ago +1

    Hello Precious, you are amazing thank you for the recipes ❤

  • Mariah Thornicroft
    Mariah Thornicroft Year ago +1

    Yum, thanks for sharing with us Precious. 💕

  • marianne nan
    marianne nan Year ago +1

    love your recipe

  • safiatou bah
    safiatou bah Year ago +1

    Look awesome

  • JB JB
    JB JB Year ago +1

    Thank you 💝

  • Karo Tanebi
    Karo Tanebi Year ago +2

    Hi Precious , You have to do another live again😉i love ur pots, red and blue, i wld like to know the dimansions of the red one pliz , if it s big enough? And the name of it pliz😊Thank You😘

    • Precious Kitchen
      Precious Kitchen  Year ago

      Karo Tanebi the red pot is 5 quarts, which is equal to 4.8 liters. I will definitely do more live videos!

    Dana TCHUISSEU Year ago +1

    Miamm ☺️

  • Show Time
    Show Time Year ago +2

    Awww..Thanks for the recipe..Learnt something new..Never tried putting eggs in my meatballs but will definitely do from now..By the way, there's that awesome glow on u in this video..🤗🤔😉

    • islandgirl3330
      islandgirl3330 Year ago

      Precious. Thanks for your recipe. I will try it soon. Although I am from the Caribbean, I am going to try some of your recipes. The tastes might be similar.

    • Precious Kitchen
      Precious Kitchen  Year ago

      Lizzy Luma thanks dearie. Egg actually helps bind the mixture and it also makes the meatballs moist. Hope you enjoy the recipe, dear.

  • Brian Thomas
    Brian Thomas Year ago +14

    Absolutely fabulous recipe for meatballs......thanks to you I will make my first Cameroon meal for my family.....Peppered Fish, Jollof Rice and Efo are an excellent teacher!!!!

  • michelle jenkins
    michelle jenkins Year ago +1

    I'm first Hi Precious! love your channel.

  • Stephanie Agbor
    Stephanie Agbor Year ago +1

    Happy NEW Year Sister Precious

  • michelle jenkins
    michelle jenkins Year ago +1

    I'm first Hi Precious! love your channel.