Why Doctor Strange Used The Time Stone To Bring Captain Marvel Into Avengers 4


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  • thomas oliver
    thomas oliver 23 hours ago


  • Laflare
    Laflare Day ago

    Nick Fury never mentioned Dr. Strange in WS, it was agent Sitwell & Hydra who knew about him from using Volas algorithm for possible threats to them in the future.

  • Tim DePaulis
    Tim DePaulis 2 days ago

    Also my biggest gripe with the movie is the guardians going to face Thanos on their own. Especially Gamora, she knew she had information that only she knew. Why would she want to be anywhere close to Thanos? And what happens? The guardians are defeated like an annoying fly. Not even close to defeating Thanos. I know they needed to show that Thanos was capable of love and do that story line but it should have been done in a much more believable way.

  • Tim DePaulis
    Tim DePaulis 2 days ago

    Dr. Strange is incredibly smart. He would have seen some logic in Thanos’ thought process. Thanos’ thought process has been around for thousands of years. My earliest recollection of anything recorded is Thomas Malthus’ theory. Maybe Dr. Strange said it’s the only way to defeat him knowing that billions of life’s would be lost. Thanos wins. Avengers kill him after he is weakened by Dr. Strange. And that was the only way to win. Thanos already had 3 infinity stones and he is a Titan. Just my two cents. If Dr. Strange went back in time he would have been a heck of a lot more prepared than he was in this movie. Dr. Strange didn’t even know who Thanos was at the beginning of the movie...

  • RoProArt
    RoProArt 2 days ago

    I hope Captain Marvel dies. Then it might be a good movie.

  • Philly Crump
    Philly Crump 6 days ago +1

    I hope they bring gamora back to life

  • Thabo Radipere
    Thabo Radipere 6 days ago

    How was doctor strange able to see into the future that he didn't exist in, I mean if thanos "kills" him as we are lead to believe, then he shouldn't be able to see the future past his death, similar to how the grand wizard wasn't able to see past her own death in the doctor strange movie

  • Yosep Arizal
    Yosep Arizal 7 days ago

    For me, the strongest is Black Widow

  • Kali Turaga
    Kali Turaga 7 days ago

    All Hollywood bullshit

  • Annala Guerero
    Annala Guerero 8 days ago

    Why Thanos

  • Henry Morgan
    Henry Morgan 10 days ago

    So shes a knock off superman/mary-sue.
    I will still watch this movie, but its starting to look a bit cr@p

    LOTRFAN33 10 days ago

    I know she will help etc but she shouldn't be the one to actually defeat Thanos. That honor should fall on any of the original Avengers. It would feel cheap if she does that or at least that is how it would feel to me. And I don't mean not having her on a "one on one" which will probably happen. Other than Thor she is probably the only one to take him on like that. That is they should not play second fiddle to her. It should be a team effort with equal parts but having Captain, Tony , Thor etc give the final blow.

  • lana mori
    lana mori 11 days ago

    so ...the real hero is doctor strange

  • Chimp Travel
    Chimp Travel 11 days ago

    Dr. Strange beat dormamu but cant be thanos?

  • [Mr.][Asian][Guy] [Plays][Video][Games]

    I don't want star lord in anymore avenger movies, keep him in his own movies. Cuz he pissed me off

  • Nicholas Macias
    Nicholas Macias 14 days ago

    Also Tony Stark who is MORE than advanced has a 1990's Flip phone as so did Bruce Banner these are phones used 20 years before the time of the movie. Something is up with that and nobody noticed it???

  • Cat Ramirez
    Cat Ramirez 14 days ago

    I'm not excited about captain marvel coming into avengers... The trailer for her movie looks over dramatized, another green lantern or ghost rider. Fantastic 4 at best. The fight with the old lady was rediculous. Anyone can tell it wasn't an old lady. And I'm sorry but all of a sudden after the world's in peril again for the 4th time.. They wanna bring in this woman? Like, where the fuck was she when Iron man lost his shit at the attack on new York I beleive it was? Now they wanna bring her in and to say that she's the strongest avenger.. Just poorly done. I truly hope she's not in the next movie.

  • Luna Quintel
    Luna Quintel 15 days ago

    Sooo..... Who's going to stark's wedding😂😂😂

  • kloud 9ne
    kloud 9ne 15 days ago

    Captain marvel vs thanos

  • Midhun Anilkumar
    Midhun Anilkumar 17 days ago

    Mark My Words
    Iron Man And Captain America Will Together Face Thanos In The Final Show Down In Front of The other defeated Avengers.
    Stark Will Save Cap From a Blow From Thanos
    and that's how iron man enters the battlefield
    Iron Man will get Cap to his feet Again and says As the old man said cap Completes the sentence "together".

  • Kento San
    Kento San 17 days ago

    1:03 it's snaps his ugly purple sausage fingers.

  • Newt Stavs
    Newt Stavs 17 days ago

    I dont agree with your time stone theory. My question is do you know how the time stone works?

  • Mark Borla
    Mark Borla 17 days ago

    Why bruce banner did not transform in to hulk

  • Alice.
    Alice. 17 days ago

    The interesting part of infinity wars is that Thanos turn back time to get the last stone meaning that all of them might be returning back by turning back time. Dr. Strange is the key. Maybe Dr. Strange Buddy has a way to bring all of them back since he also has powers using time travel and walking thru realms. Captain marvel was summons perhaps to help Thor and the one left to fight Thanos.

  • Henahnia Deirytha
    Henahnia Deirytha 17 days ago

    He Didn't Sent Captain Marvel Into Avengers 4 It's Nick Fury

    DENTUS 17 days ago

    Hopefully Adam Warlock shows up.

  • hifli danni
    hifli danni 17 days ago

    So they’re making captain marvel a girl?? In dc comics he’s a boy/man.. isn’t this the same person?

  • jake phride
    jake phride 17 days ago

    It's the dusting not the snapening

  • Vergel Atioan
    Vergel Atioan 17 days ago

    Bring in VENOM

  • Shah Shahin Ali Shah Shahin Ali

    I oveu My Firends

  • Zen Vega
    Zen Vega 18 days ago

    I hope captain marvel does.

  • DangerGirl unknown
    DangerGirl unknown 18 days ago

    Biggest mistake was the arm and weapons Of Bucky's should not have disintegrated

  • mala soma
    mala soma 19 days ago

    i dont think so captain marvel is not strong enough to take down thanos alone it will take more than one hero to beat thano's

  • dragonballz0
    dragonballz0 19 days ago +1

    Everyone!!! You guys keep forgetting an important thing.... Captain Marvel doesn't age as normal humans do. She can live longer than most of us (so, please stop this TIME TRAVEL non-sense theory).
    She is already there, just was not called forward.
    She's originally military, so she is probably under orders not to do anything until called. O_O
    Plus, the pager (if you all noticed) had something different attached to it (not specific to that model, obvious attachment, even at first glance). Could be specific only to transmit to another receiving pager (or its own network, SHIELD's perhaps). And That's how Fury contacts Captain Marvel to duty (Fury is somehow her direct contact, not SHIELD in general).
    The question should really be, in what part of Avenger's 4 she will appear (beginning or middle of movie).
    We definitely know that the "end credits" of Captain Marvel movie (in March 2019) will point, in some way, to the Avenger's 4 movie a few weeks later.
    So, make sure you watch Captain Marvel movie, before Avenger's 4 movie. :)

  • Mister Yoso 19
    Mister Yoso 19 20 days ago

    Captain marvel is hot ☺😍

  • Tim Sullivan
    Tim Sullivan 21 day ago

    I hate Brie Larson, I hate the costume, and I hate Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel

  • Algorithm EXE
    Algorithm EXE 21 day ago

    Superman would kill Thanos in seconds #facts

  • Brine Glitcher
    Brine Glitcher 22 days ago

    No stanlee will save them

  • Brine Glitcher
    Brine Glitcher 22 days ago

    I subscribed

  • NightOwl
    NightOwl 22 days ago

    they better bring back Loki & Scarlett Witch she was 1 of the most powerful ones

  • Kyle Olifane
    Kyle Olifane 24 days ago

    I did so. Just be waiting for that reply hahaha

  • Xiotus
    Xiotus 24 days ago +7

    Doctor Strange is way powerful than any fellow thinks.

  • Robert Mielke
    Robert Mielke 27 days ago +1

    Nick Fury never mentioned Stephen Strange in The Winter Soldier. That was Jasper Sitwell. So concluding that Nick and Strange have met before in the past is... a bit of a stretch at the very least. That unravels this whole bogus theory just in one fell stroke.

  • Gabe Cline
    Gabe Cline 27 days ago

    They should bring back hawk girl and the other ones like marchen the man hunter and hulk should of kicked thanos ass and came back in the movie

  • Gabe Cline
    Gabe Cline 27 days ago

    Before he got the the stone and Thor should of keeped his hammer in ragnarock

  • Gabe Cline
    Gabe Cline 27 days ago

    And docter stranger should be being them back in time and that green women should if killed thanos

  • Gabe Cline
    Gabe Cline 27 days ago

    That movie was mest up they should of had a better ending with the avengers

  • jace lightwood
    jace lightwood 28 days ago


  • Robert Becker
    Robert Becker Month ago

    Fun thought: like LOTR there are six stones, but a seventh stone exists, waiting to be found, and it controls the others.

  • Maharnab Upadhyay
    Maharnab Upadhyay Month ago

    I dont like the guardians.

  • Frehrerg Srgretg
    Frehrerg Srgretg Month ago

    Hela is still alive she teleport Ed before ragnarok use his sword and kill her

  • myo MYANMAR
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  • Matthew Leaders
    Matthew Leaders Month ago

    Wasn't Captain Marvel a guy what happened

    • Matthew Leaders
      Matthew Leaders 18 days ago

      +Fadan Alaradi the little boy says Shazam and turns into Captain Marvel

    • Fadan Alaradi
      Fadan Alaradi 19 days ago

      Idk, im not so sure, but I assume you are confused with DC's Captain Marvel which also goes by Shazam.

  • Davy Jones
    Davy Jones Month ago

    2.18 the video says that during "captain America the first avenger" dr. Strange is still a surgeon, he must be kidding right!? .......Stephen strange wasn't even born during the first captain America.

  • Zechariah Benjammin

    Wolverine could come out of the wood works he can be an avenger hes not really an xmen hes comic is in its own categorey

  • ShadowRaven
    ShadowRaven Month ago

    What i don't like is that the entire MCU has been a buildup to ininity war and after over a dozen movies they decide to let the main villain be defeated by a hero that hasnt appeared at all in any of the movies but only comes in now so the woman saves the day.

  • Trust No one
    Trust No one Month ago

    i am groot

  • PablitoSs tuff
    PablitoSs tuff Month ago

    I just noticed why does captain marvel have the same symbol as elseworlds in dc?

  • The Krissie Trené Show

    Why didn’t they just chopped his arm off 🤔

  • Sweet Morados
    Sweet Morados Month ago

    It did not plan to bring captain marvel his planning for the end game

  • Judy Crosswhite
    Judy Crosswhite Month ago

    Ugly purple sausage fingers

  • Ervin Intac
    Ervin Intac Month ago

    why dindnt dr strange just turn thanos into a bayby and then get the gauntlet or thor could just cut thanos’s arm so he cen get the gauntlet or if starlod just punch thanos everything ended easy peszzzz writers

  • Kazuki Kaito
    Kazuki Kaito Month ago

    Marvel call it snappening???

  • Audioplugg Music Productions, LLC

    I'm going to have to binge watch all the MCU movies, except for Thor 1 & 2, before the Avengers 4 drops!

  • Bugaboo Blend
    Bugaboo Blend Month ago

    Nick called chuck norris..chuck norris is waiting on the end game already..

  • Nila Akther
    Nila Akther Month ago

    Please Subscribe My Channesl!!!

  • Joseph Park
    Joseph Park Month ago

    Mark Ruffalo Spoiled it,

  • lakshmi laksh
    lakshmi laksh Month ago

    Darn, I know Harry Potter will solve everything..get the damn boy!!

  • Maureen Pech
    Maureen Pech Month ago

    Very interesting

  • Josh Holley
    Josh Holley Month ago

    You know the major players that died will come back. Spiderman is to big to fail. Either he will come back or there will be some way another one is made. Same will happen with the others.

  • PopBows
    PopBows Month ago

    Where’s captain marvel

  • Syahmie Shahar
    Syahmie Shahar Month ago

    TEAM CAP all the way bruh!!

  • Daltira
    Daltira Month ago

    I will be pissed if captain marvel saves everybody!

    THE REAL VR GAMER Month ago

    F off captain Marvel go hawk eye

  • Tisha Sindupranata
    Tisha Sindupranata Month ago

    Um mm I think MCU forgot about Adam? From the Guardians of The Galaxy volume 2

  • Medieval Dad
    Medieval Dad Month ago

    loki and antman are the real

  • Medieval Dad
    Medieval Dad Month ago +1

    hate on captain marvel

  • ChefBlueMagic
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  • brandi elise aka Same as i am

    Perhaps Watching the behavior of Our United Nations, Of which I haven't witnessed their behavior... I must come to this conclusion , We must communicate with Andromeda And The Universe Of Star Wars..As we find ourselves moving past a Deca-second fugue to a Carrillion punchers Death touch, Can we find an Infinity Pulse and Touch the soul of Gravity and Inner Mass and Move deeper into Reality.. A Teleportation drive does not go from Star to Star.. It goes to the soul of Existence..To GOD.. The Gods We new Where Perhaps Related to Asgard and Olympus or So Cal..? Along time ago in a Galaxy Far Far away The Trades of Death appeared... And We Took Up A Badge and Side arm and Lost....

  • Tedra Morant
    Tedra Morant Month ago

    The commentary was gold! 🤣

  • Anden George
    Anden George Month ago


  • Quinton Cook
    Quinton Cook Month ago

    where do y'all get these BS theories...... strange would have no knowledge of captain marvel in the marvel cinematic universe, his outcome involves tony stark staying alive obviously to help build a time machine.

  • Joe Go
    Joe Go Month ago

    dr strange only gave thanos the stone to save tony! tony is the biggest part of avengers 4, would also like to add watch ironman 2 he recreates the tesaract for a power source

  • 123eminam
    123eminam Month ago +118

    I don't care what happens, I just want Loki alive.

    • asenica madriaga
      asenica madriaga 11 days ago

      This made my day same thoughts here

    • Julie Elugardo
      Julie Elugardo 13 days ago +1

      I want him to live also, !!!!

    • Newt Stavs
      Newt Stavs 17 days ago

      Actually loki did not die.

    • Mikasa Takeno
      Mikasa Takeno 17 days ago

      But thanos said no more resurrection for him while he killed loki.

  • hi
    hi Month ago

    Iron man should have died.

  • Im a Dragon!!!! yea

    Dont bring back star lord

  • richie mitchie
    richie mitchie Month ago

    douche chill radio voice. not even done well. were you congested?

    NOBODY NOBODY Month ago

    I stop caring 2 years ago.

  • Crystal Perry
    Crystal Perry Month ago +1

    I'm so happy captain marvel coming

  • Prada Danewest
    Prada Danewest Month ago

    This actually makes sense

  • CoolBaconMan
    CoolBaconMan Month ago

    Can’t we just ask when the trailer for A4 is from Dr Strange? PLEASE!!!

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones Month ago

    Disliked for subscribe begging

  • Noah LOL
    Noah LOL Month ago +19

    From my perspective doctor strange is the real hero here

  • Joshua Eco
    Joshua Eco Month ago +13

    "and snaps his ugly purple sausage fingers"

  • Antonio Manuel Lacson
    Antonio Manuel Lacson 2 months ago

    2:58 is that the nova corps?

    • NDN
      NDN Month ago

      No, they're skrulls

  • Adrian Fernandes
    Adrian Fernandes 2 months ago

    You know if any man was there in infinity war he could went into thanos' ear and grew gigantic and killed thanos

    • Scott Bernard
      Scott Bernard Month ago

      Adrian Fernandes yes you have your dreams

  • Mudassar Qureshi
    Mudassar Qureshi 2 months ago

    Untitled Avengers 4 prequels.?
    Captain Marvel ..!!

  • leorio freecs
    leorio freecs 2 months ago

    Doctor Strange : Master Reality, Dimension, And Time
    When Is The Movie Doctor Strange 2 Aired?.

  • Marshmello 69
    Marshmello 69 2 months ago

    I think Captain Marvel will kill Thanos and use the infinity stones to balance the universe and all dead avengers like Dr.Strange Peter Quil Spider man and the others will come back to life