The best eyebrow tutorial you’ll ever watch. I promise.

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
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  • Lorissa Nelson
    Lorissa Nelson  3 months ago +69

    Here’s the tutorial for this makeup look!

    • kalenga chisala
      kalenga chisala 2 months ago


    • Hazel Scruggs
      Hazel Scruggs 2 months ago


    • Dalonda Baker
      Dalonda Baker 2 months ago

      New subscriber..thank you pretty

    • genesis hernandez
      genesis hernandez 2 months ago +1

      I love her

    • Deborah Speights-Williams
      Deborah Speights-Williams 3 months ago +1

      How can I do this if I only want my brows done and not a full face of makeup? I have never done this before. So if I follow all of the steps when I get to the part where I put the concealer on to clean the brow up if I don't put on a foundation or anything else will it look like I halfway did my makeup? I don't wear foundation and this will be the first time I use a concealer.

    *RUBY* PRINCESS 8 hours ago

    so i did this and they look nice, then i slit them twice 😂

  • Stephanie C
    Stephanie C 2 days ago

    Niccce! Thank you!🙌🏾

  • dddelcambre
    dddelcambre 2 days ago

    Truly sensational brows!! Thank you!!

  • Merisa Defi
    Merisa Defi 3 days ago

    U are so beautiful i hope i have those beautiful eyes like yours aamiin

  • J WN
    J WN 4 days ago

    Amazing tutorial...thank you

  • Ricki Wolfe
    Ricki Wolfe 5 days ago +1

    You look like a beautiful golden princess love it my sweet sister ! love how you did yours but Iam white not pail white but every blemish shows on my face ugh.Not shore what foundation to use either to get my face to blend in . I'am gonna try doing this but my brows are way bushier then yours baby girl..Hope I don't turn out looking like a Raccoon hehehe 😂. What was the name of the concealer you used I'll get that also if you think it will work with my white skin. thank you sending much love from Maryland East Coast God bless 💜🙏

  • Suzi Q.
    Suzi Q. 5 days ago

    Wow you are so beautiful already and I appreciate this video. I’m going to try and take these tips and see what happens. 😉

  • Che Wan Farah
    Che Wan Farah 6 days ago

    Love it so much! I have a problem looking for new eyebrow routine and now i know i found the perfect one!

  • Gucia BlueBlack
    Gucia BlueBlack 6 days ago

    Super natural! 😍

  • Jacinth
    Jacinth 7 days ago

    Girl this is actually the best. My brows were looking so wack with way too much makeup! I love this tutorial

  • Leanne Foulstone
    Leanne Foulstone 8 days ago

    Perfect brow tutorial !!! Ur beautiful and very talented xx

  • Anna Costa
    Anna Costa 10 days ago

    Wow its perfect!

  • Thenjiwe Kubeka
    Thenjiwe Kubeka 10 days ago

    Eish, this one really is for me😅 Thanks girl

  • Aliyah Davenport
    Aliyah Davenport 10 days ago

    needed this. i have no eyebrows barely and some of thee other tutorials are too much sometimes! thank u❤️

  • Genevia Aumiller
    Genevia Aumiller 11 days ago

    Love this video!

  • Ro Jo
    Ro Jo 13 days ago

    This is one of the best brow tutorials I have seen by far. Great job sis!

  • williams. shanta.
    williams. shanta. 14 days ago

    Great job on the brows however ur skin is flawless 😍

  • Kimberly T
    Kimberly T 14 days ago

    I freaking love this tutorial. I swore I like and saved this video before. IdK, had to like it again. But This is my go-to for creating my perfect brow. Your eyebrows are similar to mine and you explained everything so well.

  • Wynter xx
    Wynter xx 15 days ago

    These are so soft and natural looking. Unlike others who have such dark overdrawn shape.

  • Magdalena Reyes
    Magdalena Reyes 16 days ago


    VERNIDA BEE 16 days ago

    Thank you, I’ve played around with eyebrows but now I have to courage to do them right. Yasss! And thank you.

  • Pat Aiken
    Pat Aiken 16 days ago

    @ 67 years old I have to pay to get my eyebrows put on when I'm doing something special and I have been practicing and watching videos for the last 3 months and still have not gotten it your video is amazing. Just can't wait to get out of bed and practice. Don't have the gel but I do have the clear wax hopefully that will work also.. I have the dipbrow and the pencil so I will try with both 😘🥰😘

  • happyhealthyme
    happyhealthyme 16 days ago

    I love this tutorial! Less is more and so beautiful ‘! I am going to try these products, thanks for this everyday method that looks so natural . 😍

  • Jennifer Jones
    Jennifer Jones 16 days ago

    Love this brow routine!

  • **
    ** 17 days ago

    I love this video thank you the only thing I wish you would have done is put a link to the eyebrow products you used

  • Nia's World
    Nia's World 17 days ago

    So I just recently got my hair cut into a Mohawk so right now I look like a straight up dude. So I need something to make my face more feminine without looking like some of these tutorials where I tooka sharpie to my eyebrows. So I thank you for this natural tutorial

  • Ms. Alpha
    Ms. Alpha 23 days ago


  • M D
    M D 23 days ago

    Video starts at 6:34

  • aye aye aye
    aye aye aye 23 days ago

    can I do it and let it come out nice without concealer?

  • paintedjones
    paintedjones 24 days ago

    You did that

  • Linda J Rodriguez
    Linda J Rodriguez 24 days ago

    I love yr bubbly attitude! 😃

  • Belle Kay
    Belle Kay 25 days ago

    That fantasia brow pencil is fab, my sister gifted me with one and it simplified my life. I need to replace it. I bought that too face concealer as couldn't get Nars and I really it's a great product. It brightens by face.
    You're a great teacher!

  • Shanice Luke
    Shanice Luke 28 days ago

    Talks too much

  • Astrid Chaotë
    Astrid Chaotë 28 days ago +1

    Yep, the title of this video is extremely accurate! Best brow tutorial everrrrr!!! Beautiful artist!

  • Mr. Diversity
    Mr. Diversity 28 days ago

    You keep saying "Girl..." so U don't think guys would tune in to keep up their grooming?

  • Santa Calaveras Diet
    Santa Calaveras Diet 29 days ago +3

    HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this video. I tried this method and oh boy it was amazing, didn’t get my usual blocky brows, got clean and crisp lines and more natural looking! Thank you!!

  • Braden Brand Reality TV

    yes this is an art, and it look so natural

  • RIP jinsouls frazzled wig

    This makes me wish I had sparse brows so I could make them look tidy

  • Rae Cooper
    Rae Cooper Month ago

    I love love love the tutorial but sis? Putting on powder and then tweezing and then, OMG, putting a razor to my skin. Shouldn't you do that to clean skin?

    SN: your last tutorial took me from clown to Queen. This one is going to have me a straight-up Goddess😍

  • Patricia Belizaire
    Patricia Belizaire Month ago


  • Lady T
    Lady T Month ago

    You made this look so easy. I'm not good at makeup in general, but this is the natural look I want. Your brows are gorgeous. Going to try this method and see how this goes. Thank you for posting.

  • Nashya Channel
    Nashya Channel Month ago +1

    Greetings Greetings Creator, I am from Indonesia, the content is really good about make-up, it's interesting to see

  • hollyluya1
    hollyluya1 Month ago

    Very natural and beautiful! I've watched so many eyebrow tutorials. Your's is THE best!

  • Rebecca Carter
    Rebecca Carter Month ago

    You are such an artist! Love the video.

  • deedi87
    deedi87 Month ago

    Best natural brow tutorial I've come across. Thank you!!

  • Shabana Shah
    Shabana Shah Month ago

    Love the video thank you for sharing

  • Nakayla Williams
    Nakayla Williams Month ago

    this will be helpful thank you

  • Lazzzy Jozey
    Lazzzy Jozey Month ago

    Omg finally someone who has a like natural eyebrow Tutorial not to thick just right when I type in eyebrows tutorial all the video be with thick ass eyebrows it’s not cute

  • JT _617
    JT _617 Month ago

    That nose to brow shit was genius 💪🏿

  • JT _617
    JT _617 Month ago

    1.9 dislikes? 😂👋🏿Haters

  • Toya Howard
    Toya Howard Month ago +2

    This was a great video and thank you for taking the time to do it for us beginners😊

  • Joan Mahlatjie
    Joan Mahlatjie Month ago

    Prof mara tsoane

  • how dumb do I have to be? Gaddisa

    Am from Ethiopia
    I am subscriber

    TIA SMITH Month ago

    Gorgeous! And your hair is excellent 😍

  • TheFoxybrown7119
    TheFoxybrown7119 Month ago

    Your makeup is well done and thanks for such a great brow tutorial! Thx!

  • Sandy Ford
    Sandy Ford Month ago

    Good job 👏 looks nice

  • Michele J
    Michele J Month ago

    Omg you are so beautiful! I’m going to try this thank you! I also just subscribed♥️👋

  • Lilly Cham
    Lilly Cham Month ago

    Her skin is juss gold. Wow 🥰.

  • My- Shell
    My- Shell Month ago

    Too many different products..