Culvert Pipe Gold in Colorado

  • Published on May 30, 2017
  • Today I stop along the road and clear a culvert pipe looking for gold in Colorado Gold Country. Thanks for watching!
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Comments • 583

  • Tommy 2pieceYa
    Tommy 2pieceYa 2 days ago

    Nice, definitely better than nothing and to find any gold no matter what the size is worth the trip, just say'n..

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  28 minutes ago

      I agree Tommy 2pieceYa, and thanks for watching!

  • Owen Miller
    Owen Miller 3 days ago

    There is a ditch where I live it’s in town but it human made but has tons of big rocks and the sand and dirt and the ditch is all black material could there be gold in it

  • Cindy Ritchie
    Cindy Ritchie 8 days ago

    Looks like fun! If you're like me, it doesn't really matter if you find anything. Although its great if you do. It's better than sitting around waching a screen. I never thought of culverts.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  8 days ago

      Hey Cindy, you're right! Thanks for watching!

  • Javier Dguez
    Javier Dguez 12 days ago

    Did you need an special permit or licence for prospecting and metal detecting?? I also live here in Colorado.

  • Catherine Matlock
    Catherine Matlock 16 days ago

    My son got hit by an bomb in a car that exploded and he was hurt and other things. He told me that the new oil thats coming out has helped so much. He did 13 years. 4 tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  16 days ago +1

      I only did 5 years and that's good to hear there's a new oil that's helping your son.

  • robin deatherage
    robin deatherage 17 days ago

    Iv'e pissed in that pipe.

  • TheRealChetManley
    TheRealChetManley 23 days ago

    Dude, dont bend at the waist like that, kneel or squat. That's what's killing your back

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  21 day ago

      Good point. I have trouble with my back, not fun! Anyway, i'm on medicine for it and going to chiropractor and physical therapy at the VA. Remember...if you join the army, don't join the paratroopers unless you enjoy pain LOL! Thanks for watching the realchet manly!

  • Dave Frimml
    Dave Frimml 23 days ago

    Why doesnt this guy have and use a detector?

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  23 days ago

      A detector would be useless here with all the trash alongside the road and inside a metal culvert pipe. Although I do have a few metal detectors and I use them quite often in more recent videos (most recent metal detecting video found a gold item) thanks for watching!

  • Byron Bailey
    Byron Bailey 25 days ago

    dude your back will hate you if you are always bending over. start doing some crossfit stretches/yoga d-dog shit and stretch your back.. After that light lifting is going to be one of the few things to get it strong. You don't need to lose weight so that would not help, but that bending over shit will always aggreviate it so it wont get better. There are some good videos up here.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  24 days ago

      Thanks. Yeah my back was injured in the Army and I've been diagnosed with bulging discs, DDD and scoliosis. I've been to physical therapy, chiropractors, doctors, specialists etc.. I'm currently on nerve medicine for it and seeing a chiropractor. I am also in Physical Therapy at the VA. They offered injections / surgery but I always decline, I decide to just live with it and hope it heals. Good training! Thanks for watching!

  • B C
    B C 26 days ago

    I like the part where the guy complained about his back and then did nothing to correct his terrible posture.

  • Sean Pendrak
    Sean Pendrak 26 days ago

    after several hours of cleaning your “pipes”, Ray Charles couldn’t SEE those “flakes”.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  26 days ago

      This video is pretty old (one of my first ones), and I know the camera work is bad. Ever since then, every 3 days i've been publishing a video and have upgraded my camera gear and tools for prospecting considerably. Thanks for watching!

  • MonikerOne
    MonikerOne 26 days ago

    Why are you throwing out the classified leftovers without checking them, what if you're losing large nugs?

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  26 days ago +1

      Thanks. Yeah this was about 2 years ago, been putting a new video out every 3 days since then, all treasure hunting related. Good luck in your prospecting man, lots of gold around there in Southern California.

    • MonikerOne
      MonikerOne 26 days ago

      KleshGuitars I see! Colorado looks amazing! I’m here in SoCal. Picked up prospecting as a hobby a few months ago so I’m trying to soak up as much info as I can. Thanks for the effort you put into your vid man. Cheers!

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  26 days ago +1

      No large nuggets in the loose overburden here, although sometimes I check anyway. Thanks for watching!

  • Giggy Green
    Giggy Green 29 days ago

    Well you just wasted 18 minutes and 17 seconds of my life may God have mercy on your soul you are not awarded any points....

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  29 days ago +1

      Thanks Giggy Green glad you enjoyed it!

  • Johnny Urenda
    Johnny Urenda Month ago

    Hey pard, that was all good but... after you cleaned the culvert you were supposed to take a little broom and sweep up that little bit which would amount to more than what you dug out, remember that on the next time you dig culverts,its good hard mining no matter where you mine,heh heh,

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  29 days ago

      Thanks for watching! I built a portable gas powered bucket vacuum instead. It's easier than bending down with a broom

  • MichSignMan
    MichSignMan Month ago

    Your back hurts... Don't worry, you can work still, there is a pill for that :) what? oh, the gubment took them all away? oh.... good deal, we wouldn't want you hooked on feeling fine and not hurting anymore would we... What? They have a new pill for pain? (Just don't read the warnings, you may have tumors develope on your anus, but its much safer for addicition) WTF

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Month ago +1

      Yeah I injured it in the Army a few times while doing some airborne training. I always seemed to land wrong even though I followed procedure exactly, oh well the wind blows you around, can't train for that. Anyway yeah the VA has me on some nerve medicine for my back right now and currently waiting on them to schedule another MRI so I can get surgery to fix another ruptured disc. The bulging discs just cause pain, sometimes worse than other days when they flare up. I wont let it stop me from enjoying nature. Thanks for watching.

  • Gerald Nordahl
    Gerald Nordahl Month ago

    That gold belongs to the state.

  • sirvayr
    sirvayr Month ago +1

    Was that the outlet or inlet? May be more on the other end? Possibly in the middle? But that would be impossible to get to. There may be culvert pipes along the road that you can actually walk through? With running water to pan with?

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Month ago

      It was the inlet, so the idea is like a sluice box. The majority of the gold collects at the first few inches of a sluice box, so the first few inches of the culvert should be the same. I'm sure there's gold throughout the pipe though, I just didn't wanna crawl in there with the spiders.

  • chuckschilling
    chuckschilling Month ago

    Do you find that solo mining is a less pleasurable experience because you lack someone to clack helmets with?

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Month ago

      I prefer to do my outdoor recreation alone, unless I had a dog which I don't (yet). I just enjoy my time out there, away from everything and focusing on a task. Same goes for things like Geocaching, Hiking, name it. Although it's nice sometimes to have someone help me dig!

  • chuckschilling
    chuckschilling Month ago

    The culvert at the end of my driveway is filling up quite nicely. You are cordially invited to dig it out at your leisure.

  • GARY Gwin
    GARY Gwin Month ago

    Good concept to potentially find gold.

  • Randy Aivaz
    Randy Aivaz Month ago

    I would search around the area above the Culvert, maybe crevices, depressions, may find the source? You can't find lots of gold all the time. A lot if times, the fun is in the hunt.

  • Chase Dirtbike
    Chase Dirtbike Month ago

    I think working at burger king is more profitable and you get free or discounted whoppers......

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Month ago

      I agree Chase Dirtbike, but who wants to do that? thanks for watching!

    YOUNG SeA Month ago

    Bro no homo he would be hot if he saved his hair and fixed his teeth

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Month ago +1

      Invis-aligns already on week 14, possibly getting a haircut for easier scuba diving videos coming up very soon. No homo.

  • Wayne Anthony
    Wayne Anthony Month ago

    Did you check to see if there were any nuggets in the 1/4" waste you just threw away?

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Month ago

      I do. I also switched to an 1/8" classifier (by Arbor Fabricating, link in the description) that I use to check for nuggets every time. However, this area isn't known for nuggets unfortunately. I still always check regardless, because you never know.

  • planca3430
    planca3430 2 months ago

    i know about the bad back. i have 2 bone spurs. ive moved back to Texas. i dont dig for gold any more. but i do know where to find it. its not easy work as well. to bad you cant just leave a long slucebox that's covered and come back in a week and just do a cleanup. that might be a bit easer than doing all the digging.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      Good Idea planca3430! Thanks for watching!

  • zack shawn
    zack shawn 2 months ago

    Not worth the effort but you can always sell gold mining supplies like they did in the past and make a small fortune doing that all you have to do is find a couple of suckers and let the word out that there are gold in them there Culverts.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      That true, selling the equipment would make some good $$

  • Ron Christianson
    Ron Christianson 2 months ago

    I'd you have to look that hard you got nothing womp womp

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      Thanks Ron Christianson for watching!

  • Thomas D Harrell
    Thomas D Harrell 2 months ago

    Hey Brother you need a sluice box!
    Or do you have one?
    Hunting gold is about moving material.
    The more material you move AND CLEAN THE GOLD FROM; the more gold you get.
    A sluice box would have cleaned that dirt faster than you could carry it to the river.
    It was a good idea!!!
    Hang in there with the back.
    You will get stronger.
    It will not hurt as much.
    Did you go down the culvert pipe?
    Gold will get caught in the ripples in the pipe.
    You have to use like a dust pan to get the dirt out of the ripples. Gold is at the bottom.
    It is a good idea to look at the geological features of the area that is washing down into the culvert.
    If the area has rocks that carry gold you are naturally going to find more.
    Look for black sand lying around a wash or area that had water or on a road that had water that dried up. Look for limonite a laterite, quartz crystal especially with veins in it. Veins of gold, in the quartz is what the old timers like me look for.
    Or red hard when dry clay with gold in it.
    A red color is a good clue to look for.
    Quartz crystals.
    Red color limonite.
    Red color very hard when dry clay.
    And trumpet plants grow in mineral rich soil.
    Get it all!! Good luck!

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago +1

      Yep, I have a sluice box. Check my videos after this one. This was just a practice video when I first started looking for gold in 2017. I have since released another video every 3 days since then, I'm at nearly 400 videos now. I think you'll see I have learned quite a bit. Thanks for watching.

  • Sh Cou
    Sh Cou 2 months ago

    Great Video! Panning and not finding much, beats a day a work in my book.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      I agree Sh Cou, and thanks for watching!

  • Kent Haunschild
    Kent Haunschild 2 months ago

    Knee pads, so you don't have to bend over to dig. A hoe to drag material to the entrance of the pipe to reduce effort of digging. Chest waders so you can kneel in the water to pan. All of these will reduce back fatigue. Also consider rinsing sides of culvert and sucking fine material up with a turkey baster to get all the fine gold. If gravel is dry then a paint brush and battery powered vacuum I.E. dust buster etc. Will enhance recovery of fine gold and speed up the process.
    Panning technique- Always hold lip of pan down stream so that you can control the amount and speed of release. of material. When lip is up stream the water inflow can disrupt the gravity settling and cause you to wash out fines.
    You might also consider having a secondary smaller pan. Do the rough panning in a large pan, but once you get it down to the point that the black sand starts to show up then rinse the larger pan into the smaller pan. After you have processed all the bulk material or when the smaller pan is half full the go ahead and pan out the smaller pan. You can pan it completely or just remove some of the other finer sands that were mixed in with the black sand to reduce the bulk and the go back to processing material with the larger pan. You should only have to pan out the smaller pan completely once a day.
    Even then, unless the gold is big enough to pick up with a tweezers, I just rinse the contents of the smaller pan into a plastic jar (empty peanut butter jar works for me because it has a large mouth) and use other methods to finish recovering the fine gold I.E mercury reclaimed from industrial limit switches or equipment like the "Blue Bowl"

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      Thanks Kent. Yeah this video was filmed over a year ago when I first got into making videos and gold prospecting. Check out my more recent videos. I think I made videos on almost everything you mention here, including building a portable gas powered vacuum, how to separate gold from black sand, how to pan for gold and chemically extracting gold from black sands. I appreciate the input for sure. I realize these older videos I look like an amateur, because I certainly was. It's all about having fun, thanks for watching!

  • Eric Nicolaisen
    Eric Nicolaisen 2 months ago

    I'm a noob at all this but based on the location of the pipes and the force of the water would it be more likely that the other side of the p I pea be the better option of finding the gold that left the flakes?

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      There's a possibility for the gold to be throughout the entire length of the pipe. Chances are higest in the beginning because the gold would drop out first since it's heaviest, and would more likely be at the beginning of the pipe when the riffles begin. Good question and thanks for watching

  • Robert Manning
    Robert Manning 2 months ago

    Panning for experience because only had a few flakes....50 cents....maybe

  • Carl Schmiedeke
    Carl Schmiedeke 2 months ago

    So not working

  • Jason Man
    Jason Man 2 months ago

    You'll make more money off the video if you get ads going

  • Jason Man
    Jason Man 2 months ago

    Not sure who wasted more time. You or me.

    • Jason Man
      Jason Man 2 months ago

      Well good. That's all that matters at the end of the day

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      Probably you if you don't like the video LOL I had a blast.

  • Gary Wagner
    Gary Wagner 2 months ago

    Seems to me one should probably crawl right through those pipes and scoop up whatever has stuck in the hundreds of pipe corrugations in there. Ready-made riffles, right??

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      That's right! Nature's Man Made sluice boxes

  • Robert Salser
    Robert Salser 2 months ago +1

    Wow man, a couple years of that and you will have an once.

    • scrapwire1
      scrapwire1 27 days ago

      +m0uz Thank you for the english lesson, sometimes I type too fast and forget to proof read, I have this cheap Logitech keyboard that if you don't hit the keys hard enough it won't type, especially have trouble with caps, But I'm 65 years old, that's my excuse.

    • m0uz
      m0uz 27 days ago +1


    • jon wilob
      jon wilob 2 months ago +2

      And a thousand sore backs!

    • Robert Salser
      Robert Salser 2 months ago

      +KleshGuitars It is kinda cool to find some there, I would never have thought of it, but I did think about the little creeks that feed into the culvert, I say you washing some stones, I bet the creek is full of gold, did you try panning the creek ? Keeps you busy seeing the country and having fun, it's a shame it won't support you, but who knows you may stumble on an unknown vein somewhere.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago +3

      Might take a few decades

  • study massage
    study massage 2 months ago

    Had to move a big boulder near here, got three of my buddies to go help me. Took just over one full ounce out of there, pretty good.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      I agree study massage, and thanks for watching!

  • Sky Harbor
    Sky Harbor 2 months ago

    Just was just about to say, the road maintenance people will be thankful for that .... haha. Cool idea!

  • Mark Heim
    Mark Heim 3 months ago

    Is there only a certain time of year that you can look for gold in that area do you have to have a permit ? You did a great job what's fun to watch I'd like to be able to do it. Good luck hunting

    • James Southard
      James Southard 3 months ago

      Mark Heim no permit required on unclaimed public lands just follow the other regs and you won't have any problems as long as the Leo's are following their regs too
      18 years experience. thanks

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago +1

      No permit required for Clear Creek on Route 6 between tunnel 1 and the intersection of 119. There are a few private claims along the way (i think) so just make sure before you dig. Thanks for watching

  • Mark Heim
    Mark Heim 3 months ago

    Ha ha ha most of the gold you search for went into the river.ha ha another sore back

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago +1

      Oh yah I'm sure it did, this is when I first started looking for gold. My back still hurts too

  • Paul Grimm
    Paul Grimm 3 months ago

    My daughter paned for gold in CA state park mt lake and found gold. Ya never know

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago +1

      Yeah there's gold all over the place, just gotta try finding it! thanks for watching!

  • M squared
    M squared 3 months ago

    The smell of it the touch of it the taste of it I love gold

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago +1

      I agree M squared, and thanks for watching!

  • Redfish Incorporated
    Redfish Incorporated 3 months ago

    This is where a small sluice box would really come in handy..

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      A sluice box would be good for larger amounts of material, but when I run just a bucket or three, I just pan it out to be faster. Setting up the sluice box usually takes longer than it would take me to just pan out 3 buckets. Thanks for watching!

  • Redfish Incorporated
    Redfish Incorporated 3 months ago

    Black widow city...

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      I agree Redfish Incorporated, and thanks for watching!

  • Rob F
    Rob F 3 months ago

    Look like a wast of time

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      It can be a waste of time for those only interested in finding the gold, and not in enjoying the outdoors.

  • boboyle421
    boboyle421 3 months ago

    Don't give up your day or night job.

  • Glenn P
    Glenn P 3 months ago +1

    Too much work for so little reward. I'll keep my McDonald's job then.

  • Brian Thomason
    Brian Thomason 3 months ago

    Doode i done this in denver but not in a culvert and got 1 gram. Of smal nuggets after 2n half hours of trying. Thanks for the idea cuz it was a fun experience tryed again and nothing. Lol but was def something to do

  • Doug Edwards
    Doug Edwards 3 months ago

    Thank goodness for f-forward an the comments

  • Derek Wilhelm
    Derek Wilhelm 3 months ago

    You made that look fun man. All I need is your equipment & about 4 Percocets for my back and I'll be right there with your brother. Look for word to the next..

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      Good Idea Derek Wilhelm! Thanks for watching!

  • Glen Brown
    Glen Brown 3 months ago

    To save your back bend your knees when lifting to engage your legs instead of your back

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      I agree but my knees are also bad Lol thanks for watching!

  • Tom Quinn
    Tom Quinn 3 months ago

    A culvert is a crappy excuse for a sluice box. Especially in fast-moving water like you have in high altitude in Colorado

  • brotherMac333 71
    brotherMac333 71 3 months ago

    Fun and laborious, however good idea, I'm from breckinridge living in upstate newyork I would have got the run off at the bottom of those rocks right behind your back brother. I guarantee you find way more gold also, at the end of culvert with makeshift tool you will also find more.......not to mention in fairplay you can find at least 150 bucks in dry riverbeds coming down from where the rhodocrosite mines are at. And when your done you can go to south park saloon and turn in gold for dinner, beer, and lodging if you choose

    • brotherMac333 71
      brotherMac333 71 3 months ago

      +KleshGuitars its sean just got off work I'll give you directions tonight or tomorrow by those rhodocrosite mines

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      Got any specific locations? I know where the Sweet home mine is, but not sure if the area around / below it is open to prospecting for anyone. Give me a location and I'll check it out and make a video - you can email me

  • peteon4 wheels
    peteon4 wheels 3 months ago

    Now go back and clean the rest out and take a hoover and vacuum that dam thing.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      Good Idea peteon4 wheels! Thanks for watching!

  • Jim Morgan
    Jim Morgan 3 months ago

    I'm not sure that the bottom of your pans are "seasoned" enough. Take some rough sandpaper and scour the bottoms until you can see many small cuts/scratches on them. This will help catch the finer gold that might be washing out of the pan. Best of luck to you.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      Thank you Jim, yeah you're correct. This video was when I first started learning the hobby, and all my equipment was brand spankin new. It's been over a year now, and my pans are now naturally seasoned and work great.

  • Blarneyman
    Blarneyman 3 months ago

    Hate to be a pessimist but!!!
    Hey you never know your luck!

    • Blarneyman
      Blarneyman 3 months ago

      KleshGuitars No worries,
      Thanks for posting , good luck with finding gold!

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      Thanks Blarneyman for watching!

  • Mike Carey
    Mike Carey 3 months ago +2

    Not only did you waste half the day panning that dirt, you even wasted more time making this video.

    • T. Parnell
      T. Parnell 28 days ago +2 that's funny

    • James Southard
      James Southard 3 months ago +1

      Mike Carey it's alot better than the couch. thanks

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago +5

      Well I dont think I wasted time making the video. The ad revenue brings in good money every month from people like you clicking on it. Thanks for watching!

  • Patriot1
    Patriot1 3 months ago +1

    I’m curious if you would get anything in those spots if you brought a gold detector

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago +1

      It's possible but the chances are low. Most of the gold around here is very fine like you see here, but nuggets have been found using a detector.

  • Bonita Bromeliads
    Bonita Bromeliads 3 months ago

    bring a folding chair bro and a hand truck. Don't hurt your back!

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      Good Idea Bonita Bromeliads! Thanks for watching!

  • Shane mike
    Shane mike 3 months ago

    That was disappointing hoped you would have got more than that

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      I agree Shane mike, and thanks for watching!

  • Rocco
    Rocco 3 months ago

    It's great you enjoy your gold adventures. I used an old bowl one time as a whim and found some find dust in a ditch. It's fun being outdoors and fun hunting for random gold.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      I agree Rocco, and thanks for watching!

  • jadesluv
    jadesluv 3 months ago

    I would grab yourself a garrett pinpointer too Mr Klesh

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      I have three of them, but the newest one (the orange one) is my tool of choice. Thanks for watching!

  • Bene Pente
    Bene Pente 4 months ago

    How about getting a job flipping burgers at least you're gurantee d to make $8 bucks an hour versus 10 cents an hour

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  4 months ago

      But then i'd have a boss...nah I'll stick to this thanks for watching!

  • george madis
    george madis 4 months ago

    You would never know if you didn't try, so screw all the negative comments. I can't wait till spring when I can make another trip to Colorado, last time I went I took my 82 year old uncle, he had never been to Colorado and never seen the Rockies. Having him with me I didn't get to do much panning but it was so cool seeing that old man all excited and in awe of the mountains! We had a great time. Keep digging and picking!

  • Amy Hepker
    Amy Hepker 4 months ago

    I would dig down right where you were at only just outside the culvert, when they put culverts in the don't put dirt or cement right even with the culvert, that is usually a couple inches to a foot down below the bottom of the culvert. Then the another good place would be at the other end where the water comes out, but that looked like it emptied right into that river, If it didn'y a good place would be right below where the water exits the culvert, again a few inches to a foot or so. Just my opinion.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  4 months ago

      Good Idea Amy Hepker! Thanks for watching!

    ROBERT FRIEND 4 months ago +1

    This guy ain't panning properly.

      ROBERT FRIEND 4 months ago +1

      I always get excited by searching for treasure, it must be great fun. I like engineering solutions too.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  4 months ago +1

      Thanks ROBERT FRIEND for watching!

  • William McCaslin
    William McCaslin 4 months ago

    Yeah we did this on Sundays when I was there building DIA.

  • rockytop wrangler
    rockytop wrangler 4 months ago

    All these areas look inviting , BUT, most all of this is private property,a couple claims on river that can be worked by permission sure to do homework on areas of of the best ways to work culverts , cast or corrugated, is with a vac-pack ..check them out...or make your own...easy to do....leaf blower powerhead on vacuum...

    • James Southard
      James Southard 3 months ago

      rockytop wrangler mining is open on unclaimed public lands no permits no permission necessary you need to know precisely where you are and know all of the other regs. thanks

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  4 months ago

      I made a video last year on how to construct a portable (gas powered) vacuum with a bucket and leaf blower thanks for watching!

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    Allan Harris 4 months ago

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    Thanks CR

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    Franklin Rodriguez 4 months ago

    The Pyrite "fools Gold" moutain there is a Mine of Gold about 50 miles away from the spot called BarryGold and they are extracting a lot of it and many minereals too!!

  • Franklin Rodriguez
    Franklin Rodriguez 4 months ago

    SR, my name is Franklin and I´m from Dominican Republic... I got a Question for you Sr. Can pile of a PYrite rocks be found gold?
    Be blessed and have a nice day!!!

    • Franklin Rodriguez
      Franklin Rodriguez 4 months ago

      Can I sent you a rock with a pic so you could see it!!

    • Franklin Rodriguez
      Franklin Rodriguez 4 months ago

      Thank you ! Spalm 19:10 please read it! Lord bless you with the real Gold!

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  4 months ago

      Gold likes to hide with Pyrite so it's possible

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    • KleshGuitars
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      Thank you DaGingerHeadMan!

    • DaGingerHeadMan
      DaGingerHeadMan 4 months ago

      I hope you get some real big nuggets by doing this, and you're helping the county by clearing out these culverts, so gawd bless.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  4 months ago

      Thanks DaGingerHeadMan for watching!

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    Č. v

    KM MINING 7 months ago

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    Most gold won't make it to the culvert pipe.

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    cautiontext Text 8 months ago

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    • rockytop wrangler
      rockytop wrangler 4 months ago

      most area there is private property,,could lose all your gear..

    • cautiontext Text
      cautiontext Text 8 months ago

      KleshGuitars yea but you know people...i would have thought you were planting an IED lol

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  8 months ago

      They'd be happy I was cleaning it out for the road workers I think.

  • Josiah Lee
    Josiah Lee 8 months ago

    Do yoga for your back. Inversion just temporarily relieves the stress associated with back pain but the root of the problem is usually an imbalance in structural muscles. 1 hour of yoga everyday will change your physical health more than an inversion table ever will. Why relieve the problem when you can remove the problem.

    • Josiah Lee
      Josiah Lee 8 months ago

      KleshGuitars yeah doctors and chiros told me the same thing. Multiple disk herniations and degenerative tissue as well...they like to tell you that you are broken...that's not always the case. Hooah!

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  8 months ago +1

      Thanks Josiah. I haven't tried yoga but it might be difficult. My doctor says I shouldn't even lift things or bend down, and here I'm doing both LOL. I have 13 herniated discs in my back along with some super fun Degenerative Disc Disease as well. It happened in the army while having a few bad landings from parachute jumps. Good training! Thanks for watching

  • Your homeless friend Kai

    I've done plenty of panning for gold in my life, and I have learned from Masters who have done it all their lives. That being said I have never seen anybody try to mine Calvert's before. You may be onto something, then again you may not be.
    Tried-and-true method you might try. 1. Look for a bend in the river where the water slows down. Mind the benches on the slowest end of the turn where the water level previously was. 2. Find a place where the river meets bedrock. Use Fine picks and brushes to pull the sand out of the cracks in the Bedrock and pan that. 3. Find areas with thick layers of black sand. Areas with heavy deposits the blacks and are going to be where your gold deposits are going to be. 4. If you're going to mind the Calvert's, start at the bottom and use fine brushes to pull out all of the sand from each Groove. You're wasting your time trying to shovel out the large gravel and rocks and pan that. 5. Nuggets are rare and far between. Your best bet is always going to be to mine sand and look for macroscopic (very small but still visible to the naked eye) gold.
    My best Hall was a weekend in Alaska where I mind a bench along a bend in a river with a streak of black sand almost 6 in thick. I must have moved about 300 bucket loads of sand between Friday morning and Sunday late afternoon. I hauled out about an ounce and a half of gold from that weekend. A few small nuggets barely a gram each but mostly gold dust. But that was back when gold was only $340 an ounce.

    • John Lavers
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    • KleshGuitars
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      Thanks for the info. I've made videos on just about every item you listed above but of course I always appreciate any tips from viewers. Thanks for watching!

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