10 Ugliest Wedding Dresses You’ll Ever See

  • Published on Mar 23, 2018
  • Wedding Dresses That Were "A Little" TOO Extra
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    Everyone wants to look good on their big day. Some ladies are even willing to take a few fashion risks in order to do so. But, there are times they completely miss the mark and end up looking like something in the fashion “don’t” section. Today, we are looking at 10 wedding dresses that were “a little” TOO extra. In this video, we will take a peek at some wedding gowns that either came with a high price tag or bizarre design. One dress that falls into both categories would be reality star Kim Zolciak’s dress. Another celebrity to make the list is Celine Dion, but for a much different reason. Did you know that her gown required her to sew something onto her head? Once you are finished watching the video, tell us what you think in the comment section below, and don't’ forget to subscribe to TheTalko!
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Comments • 869

  • Ice Horsburgh
    Ice Horsburgh 43 minutes ago

    4.30. it's sia

  • hKnuthbps
    hKnuthbps 2 hours ago

    I liked them all of them were beautiful and I would like to try on them just for fun and it's the brides special day she will wear whatever dress she feels comfortable in so let the woman have the best day ever and keep it that way woman Or men like and leave a comment if you agree with me on this. Plz thanks

  • Letha Turner
    Letha Turner 13 hours ago

    At least they wore the gown of their dreams I couldn't even afford one!!!

  • Elaine Tee
    Elaine Tee Day ago

    The pink heart gown was not for a wedding, it was for her debut, I think you should do a research on some vids before including it on your channel.

  • saturn
    saturn 2 days ago

    last time i checked, you can't..... _"steal"_ from a culture?

  • Cakie Plays
    Cakie Plays 2 days ago +1

    Honestly, I like some of these dresses.

  • Sarah STUDIOS
    Sarah STUDIOS 3 days ago

    5:00 isn’t at a wedding but still cray cray

  • Shreya Thapa Magar gaming and artist

    Oh yea cover Mount Everest? Well the ans is *NO*
    Because it is from mine country Nepal

  • Jason Edwards
    Jason Edwards 5 days ago

    Learn your facts the girl in the dress whith the harts every where it Is a party dress wach the video

  • Psycho sister
    Psycho sister 8 days ago

    The heart dress was a party dress when she threw a Halloween party to find a potential husband x

  • Jahlila the Voyager
    Jahlila the Voyager 12 days ago


  • Maya Layton
    Maya Layton 15 days ago

    It didn't steal from Japanese culture, it was inspired by Japanese culture.

  • Vera Victoria
    Vera Victoria 16 days ago

    All of them were bad so so bad no one looked beautiful

  • shakila hashemi
    shakila hashemi 18 days ago

    The peacock dress was beautiful wth!!

  • Cat Lady5Msp
    Cat Lady5Msp 18 days ago +2

    Did you notice at 5:09
    The man has nails and the woman don't?

  • All around Zeinia
    All around Zeinia 18 days ago

    Why did they call them ugly?

  • Help me
    Help me 19 days ago

    Isn't that rude saying to someone on there big day that there dress is Ugly

  • Rabail Jehan
    Rabail Jehan 25 days ago

    The Talko is a ridiculous piece of shit and you should get rid of this bullshit lying channel.

  • Elizabeth Newey
    Elizabeth Newey 28 days ago

    why would you want to hurt and abuse so many peacocks just to get the most ugly dress I've ever see

  • Bonita Jordan
    Bonita Jordan Month ago

    Awful channel. Won’t be back. Mean spirited as all get out.

  • Stuff With cat
    Stuff With cat Month ago

    Celine dion was pretty you don’t have to be rude, stop trying to get views.

  • ImiPugQueen7 Pugs Rule

    For the predictor bride if she was Arabic she can’t show her face in public

  • Doose Nicole abe
    Doose Nicole abe Month ago

    celiene dions gown wasnt at all bad its just diffrent

  • pahrahinc
    pahrahinc Month ago

    The Mrs. Says: The ugliest Wedding Dress I ever saw was Princess Diana's, I was speechless, I could not believe my eyes when she crawled out of that carriage with that gross wrinkled mess, the color was "Old Pie Dough" color and all those hideous bows and giant puff sleeves and a bridal train that looked like an old sail from some sailing ship. I freaked, was Diana so emotionally shut down she could not see what a horrible clown dress she was talked into wearing. Plus her hair was hanging down in front of her face like a sheep dog. who in the hell styled her hair Lassie??? Kate Middleman's dress was a lot prettier and very well fitted to her form.

  • Itz_JaZ_ M8
    Itz_JaZ_ M8 Month ago

    DONT JUDGE PEOPLE LIKE THAT! Just because what they wear is not what YOU like doesn’t mean you have the right to make fun of them! It is THEIR big day NOT YOURS it is THEIR choice to decide what they wear on their wedding day you wouldn’t like anyone to judge YOU on what YOU wear to your wedding so don’t be so judgy!

  • Itz _Crystal Queen
    Itz _Crystal Queen Month ago

    Why u say ugly thats not nice its Pretty

  • Isabella Torraco
    Isabella Torraco Month ago

    Your only going to were it once why spend so much money

  • Augusta Foster
    Augusta Foster Month ago

    The Talko needs to do a little less talking and a little more video of the actual dresses. Bye---eee

  • renee hedglin
    renee hedglin Month ago

    what a waste

  • Daffodil Tathoy
    Daffodil Tathoy Month ago

    The last one

  • The Power Of Creativity

    Incorrect. The one with the big gypsy "wedding" it was a party.

  • Crazy Clo 0908
    Crazy Clo 0908 Month ago

    It’s called an opinion which no one asked for

  • Adamu Ameera
    Adamu Ameera Month ago

    Celin dion

  • Amy Dove
    Amy Dove Month ago +1

    The pink dress is a halloween costume

  • Ellie Maury
    Ellie Maury Month ago

    The pink one wasn’t at a wedding she was at a custom party looking for somone

  • tquigs may
    tquigs may Month ago

    The punk heart dress was actually for sweet 16 bd party.

  • N c
    N c Month ago

    Last one was 2 much

  • Belinda Hill
    Belinda Hill Month ago

    The gypsy dress isn't a wedding dress

  • Jay Linn
    Jay Linn Month ago

    Might have enjoyed seeing the dresses...if I could ACTUALLY SEE THEM! The "descriptive " font at the bottoom of the screen blotted out a complete view. Wish they'd stop this.

  • Hannah Hisham
    Hannah Hisham Month ago +1

    Biaq pi lo depo nok pake apo ponn..halohhalohhaloh!! Sibuq

  • Haley YT
    Haley YT Month ago +1

    Peoples dresses on their wedding are their choice. It's THEIR special day. Stop judging them.

  • Amjaz Xoxo
    Amjaz Xoxo Month ago

    Stop hating talko there just not everyone’s style

  • Ava Make up
    Ava Make up Month ago

    Hart dress was for a party

  • chocolatte gacha
    chocolatte gacha Month ago

    It's a matter of preference and this video is useless


    That Dion girl Is WAYYYYY TO EXTRA I AM SERIOUS!!):

  • The Moonlit Quill
    The Moonlit Quill Month ago

    I find it hilarious that you would put 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' in the same sentence with the word "subtle." Do you actually *watch* the show? Gypsy + Subtle = WTF?

  • Madison Heilman
    Madison Heilman 2 months ago

    poor peacocks

  • Madison Heilman
    Madison Heilman 2 months ago

    my mothers wedding dress was a simple pale pink, up to her knees and hand made.

  • Řıłēy Wøłf
    Řıłēy Wøłf 2 months ago

    Theres one great thing bout these U can sell em' on E-bay And get a bit of money;-;

  • hayley bennett
    hayley bennett 2 months ago +1

    2:08 she looks amazing and so does the mask

    AJIT KAMBLE 2 months ago

    8.5 million dollars 😨😱😬🤐

  • Torrie 0-0
    Torrie 0-0 2 months ago

    Are u hating

  • Piper 1027
    Piper 1027 2 months ago +2

    They were ALL hideous!! Why would someonecspend so much to look so bad is beyond me!!

  • Rosalina Bloom
    Rosalina Bloom 2 months ago

    Time to yell at everyone point.
    1. The origami dress is actually beautiful. I wouldn't wear it, but I dont think its ugly. Also, I'm someone who believes that if something is a part of culture, it's part of the public domain, but you should still understand and respect its cultural history. So it makes no difference to me if the person wearing it is Japanese or a different race. But that's up to your opinions on that subject.
    2. It's just the train, not even the dress itself.
    3. Again, viel, not the dress itself. And that is kinda cool.
    4. Prices make things ugly? And it is a but over the top, I'll admit that, but not ugly.
    5. Very few wedding dresses are straight white (say yes to the dress understanding, here) Here that's a matter opinion I would say, since you're making a point directly against the dress. But that could probably also hurt the person. You're talking about, since a wedding dress is such a personal choice.
    6. As everyone is saying, they could have been picked up from shedded Peacock feathers, and I'm sure you guys would've touched on any actual events of an animal rights controversy if it happened. Also, news flash, some people dont want white wedding dresses.
    7. Yea... you guys actually had points against the dress (some of which I agree with) but some I'd your wording was just mean spirited. Most of the others were just against the ideals or concepts of the dress, but nothing against the dress itself.
    8. That's not that bad. And was from a Halloween party. Also, I'd argue over the top isn't a bad thing for a wedding.
    9. That's really unique. And not a bad idea. It's kinda cute. Far off from the traditional wedding idea but not necessarily ugly..
    10. Again, that's the crown, not the dress itself.
    Y'all really like traditional weddings, as shown by the worst say yes to the dress. I imagine wedding dresses to be a super personal thing, so to se you guys attacking them like this is kinda mean. People on their weddings should be confident in themselves, at least in my opinion, and it's super rude to be dragging them down like that. Also, do your research.

  • Camora’s Journey
    Camora’s Journey 2 months ago

    Most of theses were pretty ( ◠‿◠ )

  • Karol Montelongo
    Karol Montelongo 2 months ago

    The gipsy was not getting merry she was finding the love of here life

  • Fifteen ShowerThoughts
    Fifteen ShowerThoughts 2 months ago

    5:11 is it just me or has someone photoshopped the nails wrong?

  • Aniya the MUA
    Aniya the MUA 2 months ago

    0:57 her eyebrows tho

  • Jesse Loveday
    Jesse Loveday 2 months ago

    The heart dress dress was a party dress not a wedding dress and she had a second outfit that was almost the same with cute shorts with hearts on the back pockets I’d recommend checking it out it’s on TVclip

  • Yeru Neidorf
    Yeru Neidorf 2 months ago

    this is supposed to be an ugly list but i really like the peacock gown

  • SHUGAR Nicolas
    SHUGAR Nicolas 2 months ago

    I love the peacock dress.

  • Animal Life
    Animal Life 2 months ago +1

    Half of them are not ugly yo know?

  • GingerMuggins
    GingerMuggins 2 months ago

    A lot of these dresses were pretty cool. The origami and peacock ones were pretty and unique. Your lack of research and respect is gross

  • Kathryn Morris
    Kathryn Morris 2 months ago

    Too much talk...didnt get a good look at any of the dresses.

  • The Unicorn harmony
    The Unicorn harmony 2 months ago

    let people be who they want to be

  • Glennis Cortes
    Glennis Cortes 2 months ago

    Pano mo nasabi? ? Hahaha jk

  • Alajah Charvis
    Alajah Charvis 2 months ago

    I mean really now come on you should really do your homework if you're going to be doing a show on TVclip honestly the Gypsy one is definitely not a wedding dress the one with the heart is definitely just a party come on guys do your homework...smh

  • Stephanie Kerns
    Stephanie Kerns 2 months ago

    1:26 they said that dress is ugly it's very pretty

  • Barbara Lyman
    Barbara Lyman 2 months ago

    A lot of these gowns are only shown at modeling events. The clothing artists compete with each other to make the most striking--but not especially beautiful--gowns.

  • Sim 1
    Sim 1 2 months ago


  • Shai J
    Shai J 2 months ago

    The pink heart dress is not a wedding day its his birthday party i watch that video before its not a wedding its a birthday

  • Ghostgun10299 Videos
    Ghostgun10299 Videos 2 months ago

    6:35 Wait wait wait wait hold up this videos title said ugliest and your saying extra I’m confused

  • Ghostgun10299 Videos
    Ghostgun10299 Videos 2 months ago

    I think some of them are pretty

  • Kila Santana
    Kila Santana 3 months ago

    I love celine Dion dress and crown also love pink wedding dress with hearts

  • magical kawai cupcake
    magical kawai cupcake 3 months ago

    Its not really ugly

  • R B
    R B 3 months ago

    The heart dress was NOT a wedding dress. MY u never watched the video or paid attention I guess. Its was make for her 16th b day to find a boy she might want to marry. I wonder how much u get wrong in the videos u make.

  • Jenna Bunston
    Jenna Bunston 3 months ago

    4:46 the dress was actually a costume that girl wore at a Halloween party when she was looking for a husband, it wasn’t a wedding dress

  • Chloe’s Channel Hicks

    Yuk.. They’re gross..l

  • Rannem Alshehri
    Rannem Alshehri 3 months ago +1

    I think a wedding is something that happens once in a lifetime(kinda) and any one can wear whatever they want without any one judging it their wedding not yours and maybe you should think about something called diversity which means different and people have different tastes and opinions in fashion
    I might get hate responses but I just said the truth...🙄
    Plus you shouldn't post videos like this and say what you think its not really polite to say stuff like that and you shouldn't shame them for these things...

  • UD. D
    UD. D 3 months ago

    It is unique and its beautiful .

  • Kyle Mclaren
    Kyle Mclaren 3 months ago

    Honestly I thought the mask one was unique and extra, I really liked it! Just because you think it’s ugly, that doesn’t mean you have to share it :/

  • MoonLight13
    MoonLight13 3 months ago

    The pink heart dress she was actually 14 and it was a party to CHOOSE a husband

  • Mariama Bah
    Mariama Bah 3 months ago

    Yes this video is just none sense. Every culture have different style of wedding grown Dion is French and that their style before you make such stupid videos do some research! Who are you to tell people what or what not to wear on their weeding day!

  • Mariama Bah
    Mariama Bah 3 months ago


  • Uyen Nguyen
    Uyen Nguyen 3 months ago +1

    Hmmm , I like the #1 dress ! It unique and creative.

  • Paula G Whyte
    Paula G Whyte 3 months ago

    Some people are IDIOTS!! Spend so much money on a stupid wedding and never think of the marriage to come.

  • Brita Cashman-Tarrant
    Brita Cashman-Tarrant 3 months ago

    Please just stop using the word 'extra' and other phrases du jour. Grow up and drop the vernacular. Speak English!

  • Madison Allan
    Madison Allan 3 months ago

    The jipssy one is not true it was a holloween party to find a husband not get married

  • Bubbles Teardrops Like Raindrops

    I actually like the origami dress

  • Claire Owens
    Claire Owens 3 months ago

    Lost in a sea of taffeta, my worse nightmare ha ha not!!!

  • Motherfudging Twins
    Motherfudging Twins 3 months ago

    That rude of you to say stuff about their dresses it their style not yours im unsubing for this just disappointed

  • Erica The WWF WCW DIVA Straight-Webb 1985 3.0

    MAJOR FASHION disaster!!!!!!

  • blah
    blah 3 months ago

    My f***ing god. Half of these aren’t even wedding dresses.

  • Elizabeth Chapi
    Elizabeth Chapi 3 months ago

    I love the pink dress

  • Anonymous Witch
    Anonymous Witch 3 months ago

    For me this video, is just a full scam!!! Those dresses are not ugly, brides have their own styles and dreams on their wedding day. If they want those kinds of dresses, then why judge, everyone made decision on their own. Those dresses makes them happy and that’s important, the bride is happy, it is a nonsense if they will have a pleasing to the public’s eyes dresser that they don’t want. For me those dresses, shown the uniqueness of the bride 🥰☺️❤️

  • Holy Naldy
    Holy Naldy 3 months ago

    Ok so which one is ugly?

  • colette s
    colette s 3 months ago

    none of the dresses were ugly. Unusual would be a far better word to use. That celine Dion head thing was trendy at the time. I personally knew 4 brides who copied it. Even now it looks better than straggly hair hanging down all over. The reality show bride with her boobs hanging out looked the worst.....goes to show no matter how much paid for a dress, tacky and slutty has no price tag

  • MingSantos
    MingSantos 3 months ago

    Someone obviously doesn't know haute couture.

  • Silver Shadow
    Silver Shadow 3 months ago

    Why did I think the origami dress is so cool. I actually liked it

  • Cest Qui
    Cest Qui 3 months ago

    None of the dresses are as bad as the groom's fingernails at 5:12