10 Ugliest Wedding Dresses You’ll Ever See

  • Published on Mar 23, 2018
  • Wedding Dresses That Were "A Little" TOO Extra
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    Everyone wants to look good on their big day. Some ladies are even willing to take a few fashion risks in order to do so. But, there are times they completely miss the mark and end up looking like something in the fashion “don’t” section. Today, we are looking at 10 wedding dresses that were “a little” TOO extra. In this video, we will take a peek at some wedding gowns that either came with a high price tag or bizarre design. One dress that falls into both categories would be reality star Kim Zolciak’s dress. Another celebrity to make the list is Celine Dion, but for a much different reason. Did you know that her gown required her to sew something onto her head? Once you are finished watching the video, tell us what you think in the comment section below, and don't’ forget to subscribe to TheTalko!
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Comments • 904

  • Jackie Ortega
    Jackie Ortega 4 days ago

    4:33 that is not a wedding dress. It’s Halloween party outfit. I’ve seen the episode....

  • Caissy Nakure
    Caissy Nakure 5 days ago

    why am i here?

  • naakki
    naakki 6 days ago

    'This dress kind of stels from Japanese culture' the fuk. U can't "steal" from a culture. Like wth

  • Wendy Solo
    Wendy Solo 7 days ago

    I wouldn't spend 300 bucks for a wedding dress, let alone thousands. I would never waste money on something I'd never wear again, unless we renewed our vows every single year and the dress fit every single year. Man those dresses are gross.

  • Emma P
    Emma P 9 days ago

    I like the. raffl dress the pecok dress and the vary ovely dress

  • Hanna Troncoso
    Hanna Troncoso 10 days ago

    Okay now you're just being a little rude you may not like it but the people that choose the dress did like it don't judge a persons taste of fashion

  • Samriddhi Nepal
    Samriddhi Nepal 15 days ago

    That pink heart dress was for a Halloween party!

  • Lee Dean
    Lee Dean 18 days ago

    That "Spiderman" Veil/Mask combo is really a site to behold.

  • Wolfy Wolf
    Wolfy Wolf 23 days ago +1

    I see nothing wrong with these dresses 🙄🙄 it’s what the bride wants, if the bride extra let her be extra, we all have different styles🥴 Plus some dresses were actually actually nice😮 Ik it schocking for ‘The Talko’ I swear talko this is why I don’t sub bc ya are just rude🤮

  • HeyyItzTrish
    HeyyItzTrish 23 days ago

    4:28, That's beautiful! How is that ugly? This isn't ugly! It's really cute!

  • erika payne
    erika payne 25 days ago

    The young in the pink heart gown, that was her sweet sixteen party please check your facts!!!!

  • Tai Spring
    Tai Spring 25 days ago

    This is the dumbest video ever... Snobby bitches galore!

  • Cory W
    Cory W Month ago

    OMG.. I wasted time on this idiotic video which spent more time showing clips of nonsense then the actual dresses!

  • martha charles
    martha charles Month ago

    don't judge their type of style

  • Kris Gray
    Kris Gray Month ago

    THe pink heart dress was not her WEDDING DRESS. She wore it at her BDAY party in order to find a husband

  • Rosie Windon
    Rosie Windon Month ago

    Absolutely shit video ....... save yourself 5 minutes and don’t bother

  • •Cloud• •Cookie•

    What's wrong with people having crazy ideas for their weddings. They dont want to be plain, they wanna stand out. dont judge anyone by how they wanna dress on THEIR wedding. Not YOUR wedding, THEIR wedding. QUIT JUDGING

  • Sophie Kinsella
    Sophie Kinsella Month ago +7

    Is no one talking about how LOUD the music is

  • Un grateful
    Un grateful Month ago

    hecc Karen, it's their life dont meddle with it👏

  • Shinatsuki
    Shinatsuki Month ago

    Some don't look bad, its just meh.

  • Kelsi Lewis Evans
    Kelsi Lewis Evans Month ago

    I love the mask one

  • Totalchaos1983 0
    Totalchaos1983 0 Month ago

    Celine is a Diva, she looked amazing!!

  • ThunderBass
    ThunderBass Month ago

    The girl with the pink heart dress was not getting married. She was a 14-year-old gypsy girl named Priscilla and her parents were showing her off to potential suitors at a Halloween party. It was not a wedding.

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones Month ago

    Some of them are pikey weddings and all paid for by robbing old age people of they're pensions

  • Darcy Owen
    Darcy Owen Month ago

    2:00 that’s just damn rude. it’s some people’s culture

  • Elyssa Borden
    Elyssa Borden Month ago

    With the ummmm dress u can't help but say ummmm

  • Waad Ahmed
    Waad Ahmed Month ago


  • Waad Ahmed
    Waad Ahmed Month ago +1

    Th he girl wid the fun was MAD

  • Symkym Joute
    Symkym Joute Month ago

    The ugliest dress belongs ti nick jonas wife

  • Ashok Kumar M Naik
    Ashok Kumar M Naik Month ago

    Least one was extra

  • Ice Horsburgh
    Ice Horsburgh Month ago

    4.30. it's sia

  • Letha Turner
    Letha Turner Month ago

    At least they wore the gown of their dreams I couldn't even afford one!!!

  • Elaine Tee
    Elaine Tee Month ago

    The pink heart gown was not for a wedding, it was for her debut, I think you should do a research on some vids before including it on your channel.

  • saturn
    saturn Month ago

    last time i checked, you can't..... _"steal"_ from a culture?

  • Cakie Plays
    Cakie Plays Month ago +1

    Honestly, I like some of these dresses.

  • Sarah STUDIOS
    Sarah STUDIOS Month ago

    5:00 isn’t at a wedding but still cray cray

  • Shreya Thapa Magar the drawing young artist

    Oh yea cover Mount Everest? Well the ans is *NO*
    Because it is from mine country Nepal

  • Jason Edwards
    Jason Edwards Month ago

    Learn your facts the girl in the dress whith the harts every where it Is a party dress wach the video

  • Psycho sister
    Psycho sister Month ago

    The heart dress was a party dress when she threw a Halloween party to find a potential husband x

  • Jahlila the Voyager
    Jahlila the Voyager 2 months ago


  • Maya Layton
    Maya Layton 2 months ago

    It didn't steal from Japanese culture, it was inspired by Japanese culture.

  • Vera Victoria
    Vera Victoria 2 months ago

    All of them were bad so so bad no one looked beautiful

  • shakila hashemi
    shakila hashemi 2 months ago

    The peacock dress was beautiful wth!!

  • Cat Lady5Msp
    Cat Lady5Msp 2 months ago +2

    Did you notice at 5:09
    The man has nails and the woman don't?

  • All around Zeinia
    All around Zeinia 2 months ago

    Why did they call them ugly?

  • Help me
    Help me 2 months ago

    Isn't that rude saying to someone on there big day that there dress is Ugly

  • Rabail Jehan
    Rabail Jehan 2 months ago

    The Talko is a ridiculous piece of shit and you should get rid of this bullshit lying channel.

  • Elizabeth Newey
    Elizabeth Newey 2 months ago

    why would you want to hurt and abuse so many peacocks just to get the most ugly dress I've ever see

  • Bonita Jordan
    Bonita Jordan 2 months ago

    Awful channel. Won’t be back. Mean spirited as all get out.

  • Vlogs with My—
    Vlogs with My— 2 months ago

    Celine dion was pretty you don’t have to be rude, stop trying to get views.

  • ImiPugQueen7 Pugs Rule
    ImiPugQueen7 Pugs Rule 2 months ago

    For the predictor bride if she was Arabic she can’t show her face in public

  • Doose Nicole abe
    Doose Nicole abe 2 months ago

    celiene dions gown wasnt at all bad its just diffrent

  • pahrahinc
    pahrahinc 2 months ago

    The Mrs. Says: The ugliest Wedding Dress I ever saw was Princess Diana's, I was speechless, I could not believe my eyes when she crawled out of that carriage with that gross wrinkled mess, the color was "Old Pie Dough" color and all those hideous bows and giant puff sleeves and a bridal train that looked like an old sail from some sailing ship. I freaked, was Diana so emotionally shut down she could not see what a horrible clown dress she was talked into wearing. Plus her hair was hanging down in front of her face like a sheep dog. who in the hell styled her hair Lassie??? Kate Middleman's dress was a lot prettier and very well fitted to her form.

  • Itz_JaZ_ M8
    Itz_JaZ_ M8 3 months ago

    DONT JUDGE PEOPLE LIKE THAT! Just because what they wear is not what YOU like doesn’t mean you have the right to make fun of them! It is THEIR big day NOT YOURS it is THEIR choice to decide what they wear on their wedding day you wouldn’t like anyone to judge YOU on what YOU wear to your wedding so don’t be so judgy!

  • Itz _Crystal Queen
    Itz _Crystal Queen 3 months ago

    Why u say ugly thats not nice its Pretty

  • Infinite Tacos
    Infinite Tacos 3 months ago

    Your only going to were it once why spend so much money

  • Augusta Foster
    Augusta Foster 3 months ago

    The Talko needs to do a little less talking and a little more video of the actual dresses. Bye---eee

  • renee hedglin
    renee hedglin 3 months ago

    what a waste

  • Daffodil Tathoy
    Daffodil Tathoy 3 months ago

    The last one

  • The Power Of Creativity
    The Power Of Creativity 3 months ago +2

    Incorrect. The one with the big gypsy "wedding" it was a party.

  • Crazy Clo 0908
    Crazy Clo 0908 3 months ago

    It’s called an opinion which no one asked for

  • Adamu Ameera
    Adamu Ameera 3 months ago

    Celin dion

  • Amy Dove
    Amy Dove 3 months ago +1

    The pink dress is a halloween costume

  • Ellie Maury
    Ellie Maury 3 months ago

    The pink one wasn’t at a wedding she was at a custom party looking for somone

  • tquigs may
    tquigs may 3 months ago

    The punk heart dress was actually for sweet 16 bd party.

  • N c
    N c 3 months ago

    Last one was 2 much

  • Belinda Hill
    Belinda Hill 3 months ago

    The gypsy dress isn't a wedding dress

  • Jay Linn
    Jay Linn 3 months ago

    Might have enjoyed seeing the dresses...if I could ACTUALLY SEE THEM! The "descriptive " font at the bottoom of the screen blotted out a complete view. Wish they'd stop this.

  • Hannah Hisham
    Hannah Hisham 3 months ago +1

    Biaq pi lo depo nok pake apo ponn..halohhalohhaloh!! Sibuq

  • Haley YT
    Haley YT 3 months ago +1

    Peoples dresses on their wedding are their choice. It's THEIR special day. Stop judging them.