A Study of "So Bad It's Good" Movies


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  • M Kerimova
    M Kerimova 2 hours ago

    please add movie titles right on top of clips that you use. i mean that would be awesome

  • Sumit
    Sumit Day ago

    Oh hi mark!

  • Sumit
    Sumit Day ago

    Oh hi mark!

  • gizi cz
    gizi cz 2 days ago

    was that a pun or just a subtitle mistake? 0:17

  • The Steadfast Duelist

    *So kind of like JoJo where they make over the top poses but no one sees it as strange.*

  • notKARTHIK.
    notKARTHIK. 6 days ago

    There is a "try hard so bad its good" TVclip channel that I sometimes like to watch called "Pewdiepie"

  • At Oussama
    At Oussama 9 days ago

    This video ain't it chief.

  • travos k
    travos k 10 days ago

    Nice, I'm learning stuff.

  • RAW asshitshow
    RAW asshitshow 13 days ago

    Send this to cosmonaut v

  • Gibzy
    Gibzy 16 days ago

    Neil breen is the perfect example of this

  • udo dirkschneider
    udo dirkschneider 16 days ago

    Presenter is camper than all the camp movies

  • Boogie Thug Rose
    Boogie Thug Rose 19 days ago

    Its just a step to the left....

  • Doge
    Doge 20 days ago

    3:29 striped necktie

  • Synne Sætre
    Synne Sætre 21 day ago

    I feel like camp is used much more in American cinema than European (especially Northern European) in my opinion. I feel like so much of american movies and television are campy that I’ve gotten tired of it.

  • Rana Aydın
    Rana Aydın 25 days ago

    What's on 4:28

  • Underground Beauty
    Underground Beauty 25 days ago

    One of my favorite So Bad It's Good Movies is definitely DOOM. I love that movie so much. haha Where else can you see The Rock and Karl Urban beat the shit out of each other? And then proceed to slaughter hords of demons in a surprisingly well done first person shooter scene?

  • Grace Heinz
    Grace Heinz 26 days ago

    Best so bad it's good: Trolls 2

  • Devin du Plessis
    Devin du Plessis 26 days ago

    You sound a bit camp come to think of it.

  • TheAzorg
    TheAzorg 26 days ago

    whatever, i don't care...

  • Lord Digiorno
    Lord Digiorno 27 days ago

    Hi doggy

  • BD Freitas
    BD Freitas 28 days ago

    Just a random comment reminding you that Sharknado 4 is the best Sharknado :3

  • K K
    K K 28 days ago +1

    Anyone seen chicken park (Jurassic Park but with large chickens)?

  • Chase Anthony Brewer
    Chase Anthony Brewer 29 days ago

    I think a very good example of camp is the 2001 film Amelie

  • Santiago Duque-Baird

    I think the movie Fargo would also be a great example of 'camp'. One of my favorite movies.

  • Santiago Duque-Baird
    Santiago Duque-Baird Month ago +1

    Wow! I never would have thought that The Room and Princess bride have similar elements, despite that The Room's 'camp' style was completely by accident and much worse. :)

  • Re Né
    Re Né Month ago

    aria vederchi

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  • ethantheperson
    ethantheperson 2 months ago

    Song at the end?

    • Boogie Thug Rose
      Boogie Thug Rose 19 days ago

      Will Smith - Summer Time
      yw person who lives under rock

  • Cyberchord
    Cyberchord 2 months ago

    What’s the movie at 2:52

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  • Cam Mcauley
    Cam Mcauley 2 months ago

    Please someone tell me what that film is at 3:45😂😂

  • Cheng Dong
    Cheng Dong 2 months ago

    lisa so hot

  • Maxine Beth
    Maxine Beth 2 months ago

    Pirates of the Caribbean is a good movie not a bad movie gone good

  • Sebastien Plante
    Sebastien Plante 2 months ago +1

    Don't forget the other kind of camp! On the one hand you have "failed seriousness", like you have here, and on the other hand you have the John Waters / Troma Stuidos kind, described as "a celebration of poor taste" by John Waters himself.

  • Emerald Eggshells
    Emerald Eggshells 2 months ago

    If you ask me Predator is “so bad it’s good”

  • Aeon Starre
    Aeon Starre 3 months ago

    What was the movie at 2:48? I've seen it a while ago and always wanted to see it again as I never got the chance to fully watch it, and I can't seem to remember the name of the movie.

  • M Travaglini
    M Travaglini 3 months ago +1

    Thank you so much for pinpoint everything I hate in cinema in one word. Now my discussions will be shorter. I know you try to defend camp but to me is just bad. Sorry. Great vid, though.

  • Teodor Moroz
    Teodor Moroz 3 months ago

    What are the movies in the video?

  • Matthew Shaw
    Matthew Shaw 3 months ago

    does this include Speed?

  • Joey Desormeaux
    Joey Desormeaux 3 months ago

    What's the movie that the guy shoots the gun a bunch of times in?

  • Tim T
    Tim T 3 months ago

    The reason I hate Sharknado is because the movie is obviously aware of how stupid it is, despite trying to play it straight. It can't be "so bad it's good" because it's intentional and thus just annoying.

  • sunshinegirl
    sunshinegirl 3 months ago

    *_oh hi mark_*

  • Joseph Ancion
    Joseph Ancion 3 months ago

    Was pixels camp or not ?

  • Benjamin Brady
    Benjamin Brady 3 months ago +1

    Haha... you’re so funny NYSI, but how’s your sex life?

    TRIPLESEVENSIX 3 months ago

    Yay for Peter Cook. His autobiography Tragically I Was An Only Twin is the shit! Check it out.

  • Mimi-Rhea 미미 레이

    I never knew "Walk with me" was from a movie. I say it to my friends a lot when they just stop in the middle of the sidewalk and I'm not trying to stand in someone's way.

  • FREAKout59
    FREAKout59 4 months ago

    I really can't stand 'camp' movies lol but I loved your breakdown of it

  • NRG Phaze
    NRG Phaze 4 months ago

    I'm sorry but I don't agree with any of this. So-bad-it's-good and camp *can* be in the same film (or series) but in essence they're different things. SBIG movies are just awful or lacklustre movies that for some reason become appealing. It can be the writing, acting, visual aspects - everything, and sometimes a combination of all these.Camp is a label that's often used a long time after the release of the movie/series, movies that were once considered acceptable or even standard, it's not always immediately noticeable. And intentional camp rarely works, the example of Johnny Depp's role in Pirates Of The Caribbean has nothing to do with camp.

  • AllonsyRapunzel
    AllonsyRapunzel 4 months ago

    I guess it's why I love classic doctor who so much, particularly the second to fourth doctors. The camp balance was perfect. The good episodes are entertaining and so are the bad episodes

  • Arturo Grijalva
    Arturo Grijalva 4 months ago

    I love this channel, but I completely disagree with this.
    Watch the video essay from Georg Rockwell for better understanding of this "so bad it's good" crap.

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    Diego Silva 4 months ago

    *Hi Doggy*

  • Croc
    Croc 4 months ago

    What a story, Jack!

  • muggedinmadrid
    muggedinmadrid 4 months ago

    fascinating video. great channel. i subbed.

  • LED Decay
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  • Gideon Jones
    Gideon Jones 5 months ago

    I think Princess Bride is so good despite how corny some of it is because from the opening scene we know its a fairytail story. All the flair and the jokes and rhyming(anybody want a peanut?) Works because it fits the style we expect, making it epic instead of laughable. One of the best movies ever.

  • Book Reader
    Book Reader 5 months ago

    Rap stinks.

  • Julian Briseno
    Julian Briseno 5 months ago

    Big Fat Liar is an incredible movie, and only caught a bad rap because most movie critics are cynical a-holes

  • Joao Paulo Soncin
    Joao Paulo Soncin 5 months ago

    My boyfriend argue that, there is no such thing as 'guilty pleasure', is just a way to hide that, you really liked something, but is too ashamed to say it, so people say is a guilty pleasure. But there is nothing to be guilty of , specially, like you put it, being campy, embrace the camp, embrace the shlock.
    Btw just discovered your channel and loved it a lot.

  • Lazy Poet
    Lazy Poet 5 months ago

    dammit. there were movies in there I didn't recognize. what's the hotel one? it looks good.

  • voldevader 1qaz
    voldevader 1qaz 5 months ago

    when he says Caribbean instead of Caribbean

  • Sir Billius
    Sir Billius 5 months ago

    “Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings is twogeta twoday.” This line was on my sisters wedding invitations.

  • Xíren Seo
    Xíren Seo 5 months ago

    Dude you should see god must be crazy

  • Xíren Seo
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  • Captain Doomsday
    Captain Doomsday 5 months ago

    This video appears to be a decent assessment of an entirely seperate concept. Once you can name so many movies which are campy, but good, it seems that campiness isn't the actual essence of "so bad it's good."
    The notion is close, though. I'd say that what makes a movie bad varies, but what makes it enjoyable or not enjoyable in light of this is intensity. The Room is 100% committed to what it is, despite that thing being a disaster. Sharknado feels like it's phoning everything in in an attempt to be "so bad it's good," actually making it "just boring."
    For an extreme example, "Who Killed Captain Alex?" is immensely fun, despite all of the problems an unprofessional cast and a budget of $200 in UGANDA can be expected to provide. Because everyone involved is not only committed, but happy to even be involved.

  • jakob sors
    jakob sors 5 months ago

    the part on tarantino was very interesting

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    *O HI MARK*

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  • Peng Creations
    Peng Creations 6 months ago

    camp, kamp, kemp?

  • SkippyGustilo
    SkippyGustilo 6 months ago

    thanks for this video. i never knew such thing and now i learned something new. THANKS BUDDY

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    Buck_Tootha 6 months ago

    i did not hit her! I did nawwwtt! Oh, hi Mark

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas 6 months ago

    Robo Jocks fits in here.

  • Phillip Jensen
    Phillip Jensen 6 months ago

    Please do a vid on The room

  • timmygrace1
    timmygrace1 6 months ago

    producers 2005 movie. Falls into that category.

  • cranchee
    cranchee 7 months ago

    Robogeisha, The machine girl.. oh god

  • Fiore Barrientos
    Fiore Barrientos 7 months ago

    The acting on Yorgos Lanthinos movies are so bad they are actually good.

  • Alex Cruz
    Alex Cruz 7 months ago

    🏈I didn't watch the video I did not oh hi mark 🏈

  • The God Emperor of Mankind

    I did naht

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze 7 months ago

    Wes Anderson and Sorkin are brilliant, hands down.

  • Nothing yet
    Nothing yet 7 months ago

    haha just remembered the scene where the bride fought el and caught her mid flight kick, in Kill Bill

  • nohi
    nohi 7 months ago

    That was calling "unintentional humor" or "unintentional comedy" and not "so bad they're good".

  • Manly Men
    Manly Men 7 months ago

    The room is best film ever made

  • Kevin Knox
    Kevin Knox 7 months ago

    I thought Ragnarok was a decent movie for what you described here... maybe I should watch it again.

  • SillyDouglas
    SillyDouglas 8 months ago

    I wonder if the same applies to animation. It depends.

  • Gnome or Troll?
    Gnome or Troll? 8 months ago

    I donno about this video. And I love your videos.
    But I think there is a huge difference between Sorkin, Wes Anderson, sharknado, and the room. To the extent that each one of these could have a video about their styles.
    Sorkin, shouldn't have even been on this list. It's not campy to BE parodied. Nobody would call rebel without a cause campy. And it's parodied a lot.
    Wes Anderson is more of a dry humor. But he does add campy elements in the same way the Coens do in films like Burn After Reading
    Sharknado isn't "so bad it's good " it is purposefully a parody of disaster films and purposefully is awful. He is consciously attempting "so bad its good" and instead making an absurd ridiculous film that is only funny in its excess.
    The room/birdemic/troll 2, those are "so bad it's good" in cases like troll 2 it was the dialogue because dude couldn't speak English. And it showed in the writing from his wife. As well as a really bad screenplay and music. But he thought it was art(and it is in its own right) The room had the same awful script and writing. And wiseau has a very odd presence. It's like an alien trying to create a drama about earthlings with the audience knowing it was written by aliens. Lol.
    A good example of campy is evil dead. A good example of so bad its good is Troll 2

  • Gnome or Troll?
    Gnome or Troll? 8 months ago

    Was surprised at the lack of troll 2, and evil dead.

  • allluckyseven
    allluckyseven 8 months ago

    Disagree about The Room being camp. For me it's just highly incompetent.

  • Glenn Pittsley
    Glenn Pittsley 8 months ago

    5:13 Q is definitely not other people...

  • Isabel Neves
    Isabel Neves 8 months ago

    He drew several different endings for this story.

  • Vincent Holden
    Vincent Holden 8 months ago

    "You must learn the rules a novice so that you may break them as a master."

  • Vivilon Rane
    Vivilon Rane 8 months ago

    I recently thought about this in the context of pirates of the caribbean! It masters the fine line between the vomedic and the reality for epicness imo

  • Someone Smart
    Someone Smart 8 months ago

    Y' all anglophones don't know the grandaddy of all "so bad it' s good". Y' all never seen the french dub for hokuto noken, or "hitman the Cobra", that's the real shit !

  • Lord of Banana
    Lord of Banana 8 months ago

    5:14 The Q!

  • Jacques Lapierre
    Jacques Lapierre 8 months ago

    people say no one act like that in real life...
    you dont know people they want to act like that all the time and sometime they do

  • reaper39
    reaper39 8 months ago

    Unpopular opinion, I don't get the love for Wes Anderson, outside of Rushmore his movies are just bad.

  • Mike Lizewski
    Mike Lizewski 8 months ago

    Thing is, Tommy Wiseau tried to make a serious movie.

  • Adrian Ruelas
    Adrian Ruelas 8 months ago

    pirates of the caribbean... hillarious? go home, you are drunk

  • pablohb4
    pablohb4 9 months ago

    You should really watch the work of Pedro Almodovar with this topic in mind, its really brillant!

  • Eva Skye
    Eva Skye 9 months ago

    Oh goodness I forgot what the title of the movie was where he runs away from the police.

  • Victor LaVee
    Victor LaVee 9 months ago +1

    I didn't even know that some of them do it on purpose...
    Proves the point I guess 😅