Russia launch Soyuz rocket with humanoid robot on board

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • The Russia's space agency have released eerie footage of their human-like android which will board the International Space Station, next week. Nicknamed Fedor - which stands for Final Experimental Demonstration Research - the anthropomorphous machine was seen undergoing a battery of stress-tests at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, last month. Dubbed Putin's robo-naut, footage shows the cyborgs being able to determine targets and capable of honing in on specific points, such as steering wheels, which will surely come in handy.
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Comments • 123

  • Josediego Lopez
    Josediego Lopez 17 days ago

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator Exists WTF .

  • Ankit chandna
    Ankit chandna 23 days ago

    You have done amazing work i have also started working youtube please subcribe and comment to my videos so that i can improve them thanks.

  • Don't read my about page
    Don't read my about page 23 days ago +1

    It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world everyday always just exactly fits the newspaper.

  • James Berry
    James Berry 23 days ago

    If your talking about Victoria Beckham or Mark Zuckerburg on their first space tourism trip then I am for it.

  • Gitano Espana
    Gitano Espana 25 days ago

    That robot is a whole lot smarter than you know who...

    SUMAN MONDAL 26 days ago

    Today I read a news that,this humanoid robot was failed to connect with ISS.
    Is it true?

  • David Cheney
    David Cheney 27 days ago

    Robot looks obsolete and outmoded.

  • Sean Hyde
    Sean Hyde 27 days ago

    So in two hundred years are we going to have robots rights and equil marriage rights?

    DWH BOI 27 days ago

    Genius!! Build a humanoid robot to pilot Russia's present rockets when NASA would build a whole new rocket.

    • Gor Mor
      Gor Mor 27 days ago +1

      This is Soyuz 2 rocket first launched in 2010 and still on trials. This one particular launch is the first launch with manned spacecraft after 10 years testing on satellites and cargo craft.

  • Лучший всех!


  • Rediyus
    Rediyus 28 days ago +1


  • TheSlowbosambo
    TheSlowbosambo 28 days ago

    Thanks Obama!

  • Gallo Pelao
    Gallo Pelao 28 days ago +1

    Humanoid or Democrat .

  • Rob Dog
    Rob Dog 28 days ago

    Sounds like american doing the countdown? Huh? Wtf

  • extra solar
    extra solar 28 days ago

    acceptable commentary rotation. lol.

  • mat the wander son
    mat the wander son 28 days ago

    This is MS14!
    What was on MS13 ................ Gangbangers!

    J. R. De MOBOGENIE 28 days ago

    narrated in english? Bah.!

    • J. R. De MOBOGENIE
      J. R. De MOBOGENIE 15 days ago

      @Gor Mor In Ру́сский Swahili !! hahaha

    • J. R. De MOBOGENIE
      J. R. De MOBOGENIE 15 days ago

      @Gor Mor in Ру́сский Swahili !! hahaha

    • Gor Mor
      Gor Mor 27 days ago

      What language NASA would narrate it's video? Swahili?

  • fallen alpha
    fallen alpha 28 days ago

    Does it take doubleA batteries? Or D batteries? Seriously though, very cool to watch. Still so much out there to explore!

    • Gor Mor
      Gor Mor 27 days ago

      It takes Thorium reactor.

  • M
    M 28 days ago +9

    Meanwhile in the US we debate how many genders there are. Our elected officials are ruining our country

  • JO
    JO 28 days ago

    The russians have sent up a gynoid so that the cosmonauts can play pass the sausage with her.

  • Marcos Santana
    Marcos Santana 28 days ago +1

    Bender on Board

  • vinny Cool
    vinny Cool 28 days ago +1

    Who’s ready to fly on a zipline!?

    HVAC AGENT 28 days ago +2

    Its Epstein...He Is Escaping...

  • Phill G
    Phill G 28 days ago +2

    Dang they caught cubix.

  • Tomato Bagel
    Tomato Bagel 28 days ago

    This took nearly half of the yearly budget of Russia.

    • Tomato Bagel
      Tomato Bagel 27 days ago

      @Eu It was funnier when you got triggered to be honest. Thanks.

    • Eu
      Eu 28 days ago +3

      Sinking nasa spends 10 times more than Russia and still can't do nothing better,they will pay Russia to go to the iss and buy russian rockets rd180 until at least 2022,pathetic.

    • TrollkaTV
      TrollkaTV 28 days ago

      можно точнее?)) ахахаха

  • mahedi hassan
    mahedi hassan 28 days ago

    From Bangladesh

    RUDY XXX 28 days ago


  • Brandon Curtis
    Brandon Curtis 28 days ago


  • The Court Of Public Opinion

    And we’re dead

  • Gerard Labrecque
    Gerard Labrecque 28 days ago +1

    Looks like a Silon Helmet from Battle Star Galactica

  • R Robin
    R Robin 28 days ago

    Rotating platform. Funny.

  • Essene Gnostic
    Essene Gnostic 28 days ago

    Total nonsense / hoax.

    • Essene Gnostic
      Essene Gnostic 28 days ago

      @ADOLF SHITLER Exactly. Laughable how we all of a sudden get a camera view looking down at the boosters, and the configuration is totally different.

      ADOLF SHITLER 28 days ago

      Look's like a child's toy, in a toy rocket

  • Q & A
    Q & A 28 days ago

    That voice over guy doesn’t sound very Russian.
    Has 🤡man bought Russia?

    • kentucky fried
      kentucky fried 28 days ago +1

      Its russian footage but NASA is doing commentary. You could listen to the russian comentary form roscosmos if you want.

  • Mackem Scouse
    Mackem Scouse 28 days ago +2

    Hope it was Maybot!

  • larry ballard
    larry ballard 28 days ago +2

    Anyone that believes in the moon landing will believe anything .

    • Chirag Patel
      Chirag Patel 28 days ago +3

      You guys are people who couldn't do anything significant in their life & hence create such conspiracy theories to look smart
      But you just look dumber😆

    • I'm Your President
      I'm Your President 28 days ago +1

      larry ballard Oh boy. Here we go.

  • larry ballard
    larry ballard 28 days ago

    I wonder what begins to happen first, the rocket begins to run low on fuel so they turn it to a horizontal position, or the air is becoming noticeable thinner and the rockets thrust is diminishing so they turn it to a horizontal position before it runs out of fuel and the spectators watch the rocket go into the ocean. If that ever happens, they will say that the rocket malfunctioned and the mission was aborted and the rocket was purposely guided to the ocean. They say an intercontinental ballistic missile has a range of 10,000 miles. I seriously doubt that, but if it does, then why is that the range. It runs out of fuel that's why. But the intercontinental ballistic missile is using air to propel against. Why would anyone believe that a rocket that needs air to begin its flight can turn off its engines once the air is too thin. Rocket engines lose thrust as the air gets thinner. Its common sense. There's no space travel Because there's no space. Only thinner air. And any man made plane or rocket will begin to stall when the air becomes too thin.

    • 420 420
      420 420 28 days ago +1

      these rockets carry their own oxidizer... do some research

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown 28 days ago +1

    Love Russian rockets............

  • Md Device
    Md Device 28 days ago +2

    It was actually a college kid dressed in a robot cosplay suit. He is really regretting his deception

    • LineOfCars
      LineOfCars 27 days ago

      @furious guy Neither would I, if I would menaged to pull that through and got space travel for free

    • furious guy
      furious guy 28 days ago

      @LineOfCars no

    • LineOfCars
      LineOfCars 28 days ago

      Does he?

  • Christian Nieves
    Christian Nieves 28 days ago +1

    man, it got dark quick.

  • Ray Garcia
    Ray Garcia 28 days ago +3

    America eat your heart out .. u dummys

  • Adam Stone
    Adam Stone 28 days ago +1

    Can they land the soyuz like SpaceX

    • Adam Stone
      Adam Stone 27 days ago

      @Gor Mor absolutely

    • Gor Mor
      Gor Mor 27 days ago

      Can spacex put a man in space like Soyuz?

  • dennis vradenburg
    dennis vradenburg 28 days ago

    Is nobody concerned about this as a weapon?

    • Gor Mor
      Gor Mor 27 days ago

      @Wikkitt Klown Amazing part is Russians is the only nation capable of sending people in space and has best success rates and safety records through entire history of space exploration yet you still making fun of them putting yourself in total mud as you can't do even half of this.

    • Ashwin V
      Ashwin V 28 days ago

      @Wikkitt Klown Soyuz rockets make frequent trips to the ISS, Nothing so surprising.

    • Wikkitt Klown
      Wikkitt Klown 28 days ago +1

      It's Russia, the amazi g part of this was the successful launch. 🤣🤣🤣 weapon 🤣🤣🤣 how cute.

  • Togo Burrows
    Togo Burrows 28 days ago +6

    oh, snap!
    did anyone remember to charge up the fembot?

  • aldof hister
    aldof hister 28 days ago

    Death to the Russian in the Communist dictator regime

  • Great Value
    Great Value 28 days ago +1

    Soooo beautiful

  • Jedi Code 833
    Jedi Code 833 28 days ago

    Droids In Space!

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B 28 days ago +5

    Get Don stinkyfingers Lemon to add a little air freshener

    • garin fl
      garin fl 28 days ago

      @OrricktheAlien Well he wont have a job after it gets proven, until then hes innocent. Hey, but you know how weird CNN is, even if it's true they might just keep him on.

    • OrricktheAlien
      OrricktheAlien 28 days ago

      Yea, he wouldn't have a job if that was like you said.

    • M
      M 28 days ago +1

      @OrricktheAlien don lemon sexually assaulted a man by rubbing his fingers under his balls and putting it on the man's nose. I believe this is what the original comment is referring to.

    • OrricktheAlien
      OrricktheAlien 28 days ago

      Jeff B what the hell?

  • Eli Eli
    Eli Eli 28 days ago +10

    this is not a robot, but human controlled tool. Robots are autonomous

    • Eu
      Eu 28 days ago +3

      @jeffrey exposito yes it can walk you troll.
      Why you are looking for videos about Russia everyday?this is not even one of your beloved stupid prousa propaganda channels.
      Omg you are so jealous! Pathetic.

    • jeffrey exposito
      jeffrey exposito 28 days ago

      @Command_Unit No it cant. There are no videos of it walking. Stop lying.

    • Eli Eli
      Eli Eli 28 days ago

      @Command_Unit like what? Beeping? Lol

    • Command_Unit
      Command_Unit 28 days ago +2

      @jeffrey exposito It can walk by itself the wired version was a prototype

    • jeffrey exposito
      jeffrey exposito 28 days ago

      @Command_Unit No it's not. It cant even walk by itself and needs a cable and human intervention. A real robot is Boston Dynamics Atlas. Fedor is more of a mechanical puppet with very limited capabilities.

  • Troll 2.0
    Troll 2.0 28 days ago +1


  • Pro Gamer Go Pramer
    Pro Gamer Go Pramer 28 days ago +8

    What happens when this robot goes wild and the astronauts have to fight it??? SPACE FORCE 1ST MISSION INCOMMING!!!

  • C.o. Jonez
    C.o. Jonez 28 days ago +3

    It’s chappie

  • C17H25N
    C17H25N 28 days ago +10

    Cute air freshener hanging infront of Mr. Robot. Thumbs up.

    • Command_Unit
      Command_Unit 28 days ago +1

      Its a gravity indicator...Its a cosmonat Tradition

  • beergincoke
    beergincoke 28 days ago +1

    ohh I’m dead I forgot to charge myself😱😂😂

  • Deborah DiPerna
    Deborah DiPerna 28 days ago

    Put fredo coumo on one for all the Russian conspiracy theories

  • Saint Scanderbeg
    Saint Scanderbeg 28 days ago +3

    Stop assuming humanoid's gender !

    • TrollkaTV
      TrollkaTV 28 days ago

      Федор мужик!

    ADOLF SHITLER 28 days ago +2


  • Bad Grandpa
    Bad Grandpa 28 days ago +7

    Neutral gender robot?

    • Z-Man Overstreet
      Z-Man Overstreet 28 days ago

      I dont robots have genders

    • kentucky fried
      kentucky fried 28 days ago +4

      No his name is fedor. If it was a american robot it would be gender neutral so the liberals dont get triggered.

    • Royce
      Royce 28 days ago

      Or Fluid gender robot?

  • Steven D. Bennett
    Steven D. Bennett 28 days ago +30

    You say humanoid robot, I say my wife! Come back, Gladys!

  • E7 Josh
    E7 Josh 28 days ago +1

    Haha haha hahahahaaha

  • DMC HeadHunters
    DMC HeadHunters 28 days ago +28

    That launch was so clean 👌

      SUMAN MONDAL 26 days ago

      It's failed to connect with ISS.

    • yer boy
      yer boy 28 days ago +2

      larry ballard Not even, at 1:50 seconds into the flight it's already passed the altitude of most airplanes

    • larry ballard
      larry ballard 28 days ago

      The rocket was turning to a horizontal position before it was even close to the altitude of a commercial jetliner. That means it was headed to the ocean before it runs out of fuel