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  • ixyt
    ixyt 35 minutes ago

    Interviewer: Can you name their teachers?
    Dad: Of course I can....not

  • Maideneer
    Maideneer 3 hours ago

    I know absolutely everything about my kids. This is ridiculous.

  • Mommy hates you
    Mommy hates you 6 hours ago +1

    How parents don't know their kids birthdays?

  • Sprightly Ebbie
    Sprightly Ebbie 7 hours ago

    You know this just put my life in perspective 😂. Nah when I do have kids I want to be able to answer simple questions like this

  • Meghan Orrell
    Meghan Orrell 8 hours ago

    when i turned 17, my dad wished me a happy 14th birthday...

  • Susan Shongwe
    Susan Shongwe 9 hours ago

    My dad calls me with my older sister's name all the time it's like he don't know mine .

  • Raymond Groot
    Raymond Groot 9 hours ago

    Not even birthdays?! The mom killed it though!

  • Zoe Pandora
    Zoe Pandora 9 hours ago

    lol the mother even knew her daughters’s best friends & the names of their doctores, and the father forgot that her daughter had her birthday yesterday. i’m dead.

  • Rizki Balki
    Rizki Balki 11 hours ago

    That last dad face was epic!

  • Twahir Khalid Ali
    Twahir Khalid Ali 17 hours ago +2

    Celebrate your daughter's birthday today ...when you're asked tommorow you don't know ... 😶😶😶

  • Dorji v Wangmo
    Dorji v Wangmo 20 hours ago

    2:35 was the funniest

  • rpp academic
    rpp academic 21 hour ago

    Most german fathers would know.

  • Catalina Suez
    Catalina Suez 22 hours ago

    2:07 killed me 🤣😭

  • Marta P.
    Marta P. Day ago

    These guys should compete for the "Father of the LIFE" award! 😟😂

  • SlyDz420
    SlyDz420 Day ago

    Yet, fathers are still the most important parent in raising children.

  • Lisa Woodrow
    Lisa Woodrow Day ago

    How do you not know the date of your offspring's departure from the birthing canal? Memorizing dates is easy, if you can't remember dates like that it just means you dont care because you didnt take the time to memorize it wow.

  • Howard Kerr
    Howard Kerr Day ago

    Loved that Hispanic father, at least he was honest and didn't blow it with guessing, but how embarrassing that YESTERDAY was a daughter's birthday? And the poor guy was made to look so bad by his wife.

  • Mich Wilken
    Mich Wilken Day ago

    My dad knows everything about me, but also im an only child so I guess thats not fair 😂😂

  • Rant Blackbird
    Rant Blackbird Day ago

    I'm a father of two daughters and grandfather (of 7) I know all those answers. We're not all that horrible. They all live in Canada and I live in Europe (yes, I flew 7 times to meet each new grandchild).
    Come on men, let's stop giving ourselves a bad name.
    Step up.

  • Rasmus Andersen
    Rasmus Andersen Day ago

    She's asian, her favorite subject is math, God damn it!

  • Cherry Snow
    Cherry Snow Day ago

    That's sad the dad's dont know their children. Are they really the fathers

  • Cherry Snow
    Cherry Snow Day ago

    When is your son's birthday. I don't know

  • GodGaming106
    GodGaming106 Day ago +1

    This has to be fake

  • afonsords
    afonsords 2 days ago

    wait what? they actually don't know their own kids' birthdays?? i thought he was kidding?! And I thought my dad was disconnected lol

  • Trisha Birescik
    Trisha Birescik 2 days ago


  • Wise Hero
    Wise Hero 2 days ago

    After watching this video I had to ask my dad my birthday and glad he passed. Phew!

  • Rakesh Kharta
    Rakesh Kharta 2 days ago

    I think these are staged

  • Peter Palmer
    Peter Palmer 2 days ago

    That running transcript at the bottom of the scene is super annoying.

  • Rose11
    Rose11 2 days ago

    That mom LMAO
    My b-day easy cuz its Halloween (;

  • maddoxthecreator
    maddoxthecreator 2 days ago

    I hope these kids never go missing lol cause their fathers would be no help

  • Doc And Cassie
    Doc And Cassie 2 days ago

    2:03 look back

  • Saige Mrosk
    Saige Mrosk 2 days ago

    My dad doesn't know my birthday or how old I am

  • Manifestations 2
    Manifestations 2 2 days ago

    They can all get to know each other. I was too busy working my ass off paying for them all to live.
    The petty menutia of their lives probably happened when I was paying their rent.
    Funny though.

  • nailbiter310
    nailbiter310 2 days ago

    The last guy’s face! 😂

  • Darleer
    Darleer 2 days ago

    It is obvious that these are not most dads. There are only like 3 or 4 of them. No one hates their dad after watching this video. I miss my goofy father actually. Get a grip, there is no conspiract to undermine fatherhood here.

  • Darleer
    Darleer 2 days ago

    Definitely true for my family. My dad isn't this bad but pretty close. He isn't aware which grades my sister and I were in, how many months til graduation, names of our best friends, etc. But he was aware of a great many things else which I truly appreciate

  • carmay3600
    carmay3600 3 days ago

    lol This was funny but my husband knows these things about our 5 daughters because he cares to know. It’s very important for fathers to be present and actively interested in their children’s, especially daughters, lives. Even if he works a lot.

  • staceyklj
    staceyklj 3 days ago

    I always get the grade wrong

  • staceyklj
    staceyklj 3 days ago

    Thankful for you Jimmy Kimmel!

  • Alecia Turner
    Alecia Turner 3 days ago

    Dads be so clueless 😂😂😂😂

  • Alana Wostrel
    Alana Wostrel 3 days ago

    sad...such low expectations....

  • Strike Gp
    Strike Gp 3 days ago

    Is it a big deal if your dad didn't remember your birthday for other people? My dad knew about my birthday 3 days after and he didn't remember by himself my mom told him 😂

  • brielle ricker
    brielle ricker 3 days ago

    he said yesterday in the strongest mexican accent lmaooo

  • brielle ricker
    brielle ricker 3 days ago

    the best is how the mom knows everything lol

  • Rooky Crafts
    Rooky Crafts 3 days ago

    The best in this show😂😂🥰✌️😂

  • B Size Indian
    B Size Indian 3 days ago

    RIP dads 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Harpreet Sandhu
    Harpreet Sandhu 3 days ago +1


  • Chao Feng
    Chao Feng 4 days ago +5

    LOL guess as a only child from China I will never understand this

  • SisselMissile
    SisselMissile 4 days ago

    My dad also dont really know what we were doing in our childhood. I know he had been working hard just to put food on the table everyday and make sure his family have comfortable life. so i won't blame him

  • Raheleh Leyla
    Raheleh Leyla 4 days ago

    DAMN 4 real?? How can those dads NOT even know their own childs Birthday!!??!! SHAME on them, really 😑

  • CoH Terminator
    CoH Terminator 4 days ago

    Dads spend less than 1 year with their children between age 1-18 due to work, school, and activities. Moms spend their entire lives with them, minus school hours.

    • CoH Terminator
      CoH Terminator 3 days ago

      @w9j15g the vast majority of mothers are stay-at-home, or soccer mom types. And only a tiny percentage work as much out of the home work as the average dad does. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of it, but I'm mainly explaining why dads know way less.

    • w9j15g
      w9j15g 3 days ago

      How old are you that you think no mothers work outside the home?

  • Josias Holm
    Josias Holm 4 days ago +4

    How do you not know wich school your child goes to, that makes no sense.

    • QQ Lifestyle
      QQ Lifestyle 2 days ago +3

      chinese parents dont remember any english school names unless its a well known college

  • Lisa Bornfree
    Lisa Bornfree 4 days ago

    Mother's are the teachers, computers, chef,doctors, tutors, councelor to their kids😆😅😄. Dad's on this thread learn something from this video 😆😅😄 Mom's are the BEST at everything for their kids😆😅😄😃 Who agree with me?

  • Abhay Thakur
    Abhay Thakur 4 days ago

    No matter if fathers don't know about these common things because they are always busy for our future , and more they don't have enough time to spend with his children. Whether my dad doesn't remember a single thing about me , I love him most than anyone in the world ❤️

  • Shawntw
    Shawntw 4 days ago

    If you were to ask my dad what my birthday is he'd get it down to the minute, literally. He is waiting for the exact moment he can take me off his health insurance and stop paying child support when I turn 18.

    • w9j15g
      w9j15g 3 days ago

      I wonder why your mother divorced him. (not really)

  • TheWeirdOne
    TheWeirdOne 4 days ago +4

    Kind of pathetic that they don't even know their kids' birthdays...

    SAMAR ODEH 4 days ago

    What kind of fathers are those 🙄

  • Jimmi K
    Jimmi K 4 days ago +9

    When is your daughter's birthday?
    Dad: "I don't know".
    Mum: "hold my pint....."

  • liewi fidell
    liewi fidell 5 days ago

    2:15 saaaad
    edit:245 also saaaad cant stop laughing

  • devongillis123456789

    I'm sure if I didn't have a back-breaking job to go to 60 hours a week I might have more time to get to know my kids