Every Heel Hook Finish in UFC History

  • Ken Shamrock locked in a heel hook finish in the first ever UFC event in 1993. Later, Rousimar Palhares perfected it securing four heel hook finishes while competing in the UFC and is the only fighter to have more than one. Watch every official heel hook finish in UFC history.
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Comments • 80

  • Taco Tacotington
    Taco Tacotington 6 hours ago

    Ryan Hall is damn good.

  • Dom Green
    Dom Green 18 hours ago

    Question: are heel hooks small joint manipulation? I know sjm is illegal but it also has to do with joints like the ankle so.....

  • Leon Zan
    Leon Zan Day ago

    Palhares shoulkd be shot

  • Zalo
    Zalo Day ago

    Frank Mir vs Brock Lesnar?

  • Davin Boerstler
    Davin Boerstler Day ago

    this video should be called rousimar palhares roid rage compilation

  • Mulaxo'ja Xo'jayev

    This seems like perfect technique why not everybody try this?

  • Tiến Phát
    Tiến Phát Day ago


  • BurtonSKnowles
    BurtonSKnowles Day ago

    Adams vs Freeman wasn't a heel hook. It was a straight ankle lock. He didn't have the heel. He had the achilles and went straight back on it. One of my personal favorite submissions.

  • Santiago Laveihle
    Santiago Laveihle 2 days ago

    Palhares is such a bitch

  • MuMu124
    MuMu124 3 days ago

    Ryan hall pure class
    Palhares jack ass

  • Teach D.Berainman
    Teach D.Berainman 3 days ago

    2 words

  • country gorls
    country gorls 3 days ago


  • Jason Rodriguez
    Jason Rodriguez 3 days ago

    I heard about Ryan Hall from Uncle Chael, but didn't know much about him. But wow

  • Francis Souless Ngannou

    When Juiceimar Palhares agrees to obey the refs commands at all times, hes lying.

  • JP Alberto
    JP Alberto 4 days ago +1

    Ryan Hall smooth af

  • regul8or
    regul8or 5 days ago

    Okay, I’m not a ufc fan, but I am impressed by Ryan Hall - letting go IMMEDIATELY (even though the ref didn’t call it yet), almost immediately checking on BJP, no showboating afterwards. If all fighters were like him, I would watch more.

  • He so Yammy
    He so Yammy 5 days ago +1

    As much as I hate what Palhares does, his setups and execution is mesmerizing. He's a dickhead, but those submissions are a thing to behold.

  • Kev G
    Kev G 5 days ago

    Palhares should’ve never been able to fight again after the first time. He did it several more times after. His worst ones aren’t even in the UFC

  • Al's Emporium of Fitness

    Who else saw the achilles lock at 1:22 ??

  • Nigel Pascua
    Nigel Pascua 7 days ago


  • papstblue
    papstblue 8 days ago

    Palhares should have been banned after the one at 3:20

  • Johnny Bacon
    Johnny Bacon 10 days ago

    Fight pass WAS good.. until the updated version came.. 👎

  • UrbanBen
    UrbanBen 10 days ago

    Got yelled at by my instructor for showing this video to the kid’s class

  • Corey A
    Corey A 10 days ago

    Those are some skilled technical submissions.

  • lucifer
    lucifer 10 days ago

    god my knee hurts just watching this yikes

  • TommyMarin42
    TommyMarin42 10 days ago

    Marco Rua hall of fame

  • Filbie
    Filbie 11 days ago

    That Ryan Hall finish was picture perfect

  • Carlos Acevedo
    Carlos Acevedo 11 days ago

    I refuse to watch any highlights from Palhares, I hope an amazon caiman chomp on his legs

  • akaBradley
    akaBradley 11 days ago

    8:05 Ryan is unreadable

  • gantz Kor
    gantz Kor 12 days ago

    ㅆㅂ 심판이 말리면 좀놔주자...

  • Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy

    Max kellerman: Boxing is better than mma because in boxing they dont have tap out.

  • Ian Zuke
    Ian Zuke 13 days ago

    Every punch UFC history next pls

  • Michael Petrovich
    Michael Petrovich 13 days ago

    Rousimar Palhares is a POS. I mean what the hell was he thinking. Ok it happens once but not three times.
    Ryan Hall released as soon as BJ started to tap and the ref didn´t even have intervene.
    That´s how its done. Bravo Mr Hall.
    Palhares go and fuq yourself.

  • Will Payne
    Will Payne 13 days ago

    Just rename the video "Best ACL/MCL Tears in UFC History"

    GIGANTE GAMES GG 14 days ago

    Toquinho é monstro

  • Mariusz Pudzianowski
    Mariusz Pudzianowski 16 days ago

    I want to see Palhares making BJ Penn his bitch.

  • Egotistical Quan
    Egotistical Quan 17 days ago

    I watched all this videos close and still barely understand what the hell they are doing or what's so painful granted I don't what to find out but still

  • Jon Laury
    Jon Laury 17 days ago

    Youre a special kind of asshole to hold a heellock for too long. Thats just as bad as beating on a guy thats unconscious

  • alex atmaja
    alex atmaja 17 days ago

    Ryan hall......wow like shadow technique...

  • Bruna Luisa Gamer
    Bruna Luisa Gamer 19 days ago

    Rousimar Toquinho Palhares is the King of Heel Hook, this is it.

  • Rayhan Akram
    Rayhan Akram 22 days ago

    Talk all the shit you want against Rousimar Palharis but that motherfucker was dangerous.

  • daud su
    daud su 22 days ago

    the steroid rousimar

  • mustafa sanane
    mustafa sanane 23 days ago

    This palhares shithead's ass nicely destroyed ---> tvclip.biz/video/U7Yf99IobfY/video.html

  • rizki muchlis
    rizki muchlis 25 days ago

    mampir gaes 🙏

  • Tai Lopez
    Tai Lopez 26 days ago

    2:58 - Was that just the ankle? The dude tapped but it didn't look like his knee was forcefully bent at all

  • Robine Wagner
    Robine Wagner 27 days ago

    Cyril gane

  • TrapSkateLive
    TrapSkateLive 28 days ago

    This is one of the few submissions I wish the fighters would just tap...I feel those ligaments go every time 🙊💯

  • oliver closehoff
    oliver closehoff Month ago

    third one was ankle lock

  • undisputedgreatest
    undisputedgreatest Month ago

    A lot of these heel hooks kind of suck. But, awesome they pulled them off in an MMA fight.
    I love heel hooks; I do them all the time. Having said that; I have had to rewatch Ryan Hall's again and again because it is so slick and not easy for me to understand. He is so good.
    Palhares is great too...just a terrible person.

  • Taylor Denton
    Taylor Denton Month ago

    The one at 1:13 isn't a heel hook

  • Navy Federal
    Navy Federal Month ago

    Not letting go when even the REF is on top of you is so pathetic.

  • HF Tam
    HF Tam Month ago

    I can hear ligaments tearing from the knee and some poor distal tibia poping...

  • HskHeroReborn
    HskHeroReborn Month ago

    How could they not put Frank Mir’s on here?

  • Evan Parra FX
    Evan Parra FX Month ago

    Say what you want as far as sportsmanship goes, but Palhares has some of the best jiu-jitsu you'll see. Scary ass dude.

  • Uncle Donkey Cheeks

    Can someone tell me what the name of the commentator at 7:17 is? His voice sounds super familiar but I can't remember who it is

  • Tony Ferguson
    Tony Ferguson Month ago

    When it’s every heel hook sub but Arlovski vs Sylvia doesn’t appear:

  • T Fabela
    T Fabela Month ago

    Every Darce Choke please!!!

  • uncle lover 1978 11 years ago

    These submissions and shit are annoying. So weak.

  • CatchJitsu.com
    CatchJitsu.com Month ago

    FREE! 1 HR of all kinds of Leglocks Instructional BE CAREFUL tvclip.biz/video/sVgBwrWz7qg/video.html

  • CatchJitsu.com
    CatchJitsu.com Month ago

    LEARN from 10 Narrated Rare Sub Highlights I filmed traveling the world rolling with Pro Fighters-the First here has Chael Sonnen tvclip.biz/video/Xi-5QeUVT_4/video.html

  • Robert Christian
    Robert Christian Month ago

    Its complete horseshit Ryan Hall cant find fights the man is amazing ........

  • gaseous clay
    gaseous clay Month ago

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to practice leglocks with pallhares to condition his knees

    BAYAN KO Month ago

    *Big jonh is the best ref.*

  • Chase Hughes
    Chase Hughes Month ago

    Bro.. Ryan Hall that ain't right. Freaking nasty move

  • Luke Robinson
    Luke Robinson Month ago

    How stupid can you fuckin be...just tap and save your career instead of hugging the edge of the octagon waiting for your knee to explode?? I'm no pro mma fighter, but i'm a decent bjj brown belt and I know enough to know how dumb this is.

  • Luke Robinson
    Luke Robinson Month ago

    1:17 looks like a straight footlock...im guessing that dude already had knee problems?

  • Rogerio Ramos
    Rogerio Ramos Month ago

    I only came to search for comments about Rousimar Palhares

  • black clover trash ultra instinct shaggy TINY VIPER

    I dont think they shouldve put rouisimar on this list

  • Floris Schmucki
    Floris Schmucki Month ago

    i think 1:15 was an ankle lock not heel hook

  • nhlpa17
    nhlpa17 Month ago

    Rousimar Palhares should be erased from UFC history. He is the worst kind of shit head.

  • Kevin Lashlee
    Kevin Lashlee Month ago

    Someday, someone is going to snap Palhares's leg and hold on too long and no one will be upset.

  • J.R. Trevino
    J.R. Trevino Month ago

    Scott Adams vs Ian Freeman was not an heel hook. It was a straight ankle lock.

  • EMS Rusty
    EMS Rusty Month ago

    Legend has it Palhares is still holding that heel hook....

  • TheStick
    TheStick Month ago +1

    Palhares is a dirty rat, hope someone rips his ligaments apart.

  • pho3nixmatt
    pho3nixmatt Month ago

    Man, f*ck Palhares. What a POS.

  • dupey
    dupey Month ago +2

    palhares is an embarrassment to the sport

  • Rinhadeiro Rinhador

    Toquinho é o terror da chave de pé . "Sapateiro" , o melhor que conheço.

  • dag4487
    dag4487 Month ago

    Nice! How about every finish that has only been done once in UFC history like the Peruvian necktie.

  • Hard Target
    Hard Target Month ago


  • 귀여운친구 (자가정비 1단)

    진짜 아프겠다 ㅜ ㅜ