• Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • My first cell phone was this Palm Treo 750. What was YOUR first phone?
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Comments • 3 492

  • Kelsey's Book Village
    Kelsey's Book Village 22 hours ago

    My first cell phone was a Samsung 777 Slider in the color blue. Now I have a Samsung s7 Edge and fixing to get a iPhone Xr.

  • The Boy In The Town
    The Boy In The Town 2 days ago +1

    My first phone was Iphone 3 ❤

  • Bryan Robinson Null
    Bryan Robinson Null 2 days ago +1

    That phone's video recorder has the ability to pause recording. Most modern phones do not...

  • Erik Hoppe
    Erik Hoppe 3 days ago

    Mine was a flip Phone

  • Tyler The Awesome Gillman

    My first phone was a flip phone

  • yani jammang
    yani jammang 4 days ago

    Just in. Ijustine is a vampire. She does not age at all! 😍🙌

  • Eathan McLean
    Eathan McLean 4 days ago

    I did not know that about Twitter 😀

  • Kaylee Smith
    Kaylee Smith 4 days ago

    My first phone was a iPhone 5 when my dad had the iPhone 8 Plus he is a big apple fan to he got the iPhone 10s the first day it come out

  • Callum Clark
    Callum Clark 5 days ago

    My first phone was the Motorola RAZR V3, but I got it in 2007 when it was like £50 lol

  • spychowolfqueengaming 23

    My first phone is the one that im watching this vídeo 😂

  • jxa
    jxa 6 days ago

    my first phone was a phone


  • jejejejeje jejejejje

    nokia 3210, remember the Christmas hype that year

  • Faisal Hasan Galib
    Faisal Hasan Galib 9 days ago

    😮😮😮i really didnt know about it @Twitter

  • Lady Denegri
    Lady Denegri 9 days ago

    My first mobile was Nokia 5110 😎👋🏻

  • Robert Montoya
    Robert Montoya 11 days ago

    My first phone was older than that and I'm Justine's age

  • the redstone men
    the redstone men 13 days ago

    My first phone was an iPhone 3GS 😱

  • Zoe Bruce
    Zoe Bruce 14 days ago +1

    My first phone was an iPhone 4s and I still use it

  • Mia's Random Channel
    Mia's Random Channel 15 days ago

    My first phone was and iPhone 5 when I was 11 now I am 14 (almost) 15 and I have an IPhone XR

    MATTHEW GYMNASTIC 16 days ago

    My first phone is Samsung galaxy pocket

  • Hello my fellow Children

    My first phone was an iPhone 4, then I got a 6, but I switched back to a 5 cause the battery was bad on the 6, then for my b day I got and iPhone 7 Plus, now I have an iPhone XR blue😸

  • jeffpro18
    jeffpro18 18 days ago

    Been subscribed since 2010 and never left! You're the first ever TVclipr that I've ever subscribed to back then.

  • Kyle Vo
    Kyle Vo 18 days ago

    My First Phone

    iPhone 6

  • Rafa Hernandez
    Rafa Hernandez 18 days ago

    My first phone was...

    Sonny Ericsson 😂😁
    I've missed that phone 😣

  • Daniel O'Leary
    Daniel O'Leary 19 days ago

    My first phone was my dads used iPhone 5s. 😂

  • Rahayu Dwiaprianti
    Rahayu Dwiaprianti 19 days ago

    My first phone is samsung j5

  • Scout Taylor
    Scout Taylor 22 days ago

    How did y’all watch TVclip

  • HB Fam Vlogs
    HB Fam Vlogs 24 days ago

    My first phone was a pink firefly 😂. My second (current) phone is a 6s Plus. I’m saving up for an Xr

  • nathan mead
    nathan mead 24 days ago

    Mine was a LG envoy 3

  • Mg Hpone Thant
    Mg Hpone Thant 25 days ago

    Mine was a Vivo when I was 6

  • Júnio Gust'mond
    Júnio Gust'mond 25 days ago


  • Latasha Critten
    Latasha Critten 26 days ago

    I got my first phone last year

  • Bear City Impact
    Bear City Impact 28 days ago

    YESSSS Palm Treo's for life !!! I miss the physical keyboard... I had something like 6 or 7 different palm pilots over the years, then I had a couple blackberries - right up until the iPhone came out and then I sold my soul. I actually liked the Palm OS versions better than the Windows version of Palm. Thanks for throwing back the nostalgia !

  • Iida Berg
    Iida Berg 29 days ago +1

    Orange Nokia 1100, got it when I was seven back in 2004. I really loved that phone and had it for over three years until I broke the screen. 😭

  • chayenne gorp
    chayenne gorp Month ago

    The first phone that i payd for myself was a blackberry bold 9780 in black

  • Jaelynn Arias
    Jaelynn Arias Month ago

    My first phone was a iPhone 📱 and I’m only ten

  • MORE T Dominoes
    MORE T Dominoes Month ago

    My sisters’ first phone is the iPhone 5, she’s getting a Samsung phone.

  • Shannon Lynn
    Shannon Lynn Month ago

    My first phone was a cingular flip phone. I’m old.

  • Gangsta Vic
    Gangsta Vic Month ago

    I remeber one of those ha

  • Subscribe to me for no reason

    My first phone was a iPhone 3

  • DaAsia Ellison
    DaAsia Ellison Month ago

    My first phone was a flip phone. Now I have a iPhone X

  • Bpk Suhadi
    Bpk Suhadi Month ago


  • SplatoonJamie
    SplatoonJamie Month ago +1

    Justine’s old phone is so thicc

  • AwesomeGirl200512
    AwesomeGirl200512 Month ago

    My first phone was an iPhone 6S

  • Harshal Lunkad
    Harshal Lunkad Month ago

    My First Phone - Nokia 6600

  • Andy Does Stuff
    Andy Does Stuff Month ago

    Ouf my first phone was a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G

  • bubblermann
    bubblermann Month ago

    Omg like im tupuntvwitjput k6veyesbob yriryi6 j9w ajd i rrel like i ajni7et tupojjtvj9he3jsebrigutvhowbs8w5v5yw5v2384rvo9oKl

  • Believe In it
    Believe In it Month ago

    Lol 😂

  • chris
    chris Month ago

    My first phone was the nokia phone, i still have the razor flip phone, the battery is shot and the keys dont work very well, but it does work .

  • Do I Look Smart Now ?

    I love this!!!!!

  • Maxwell Petrell
    Maxwell Petrell Month ago

    My first phone was an iPod touch second generation

  • Daniel Hounslow
    Daniel Hounslow Month ago

    My first phone was the Nokia 3310..

  • TPG2009
    TPG2009 Month ago

    Damn I remember the stylus video and the hit by the Apple video that this phone was in. Could have sworn it said Verizon instead of Sprint though. Maybe it was someone else's phone in the one video? That's also a 700p. The 750 didn't have an antenna 😀

  • xxnavrajplayzrobloxx ROBLOX NAME

    My first cell phone was
    Samsung S6 but now I have expiria or sony

  • Michaella K
    Michaella K Month ago

    Back when cell phones had personality....everyone had all types of different phones.

  • Michaella K
    Michaella K Month ago

    I love this phone

  • Ferdy Da Cow
    Ferdy Da Cow Month ago

    iphone 7 i’m watching this video of it

  • Matthew Nelson
    Matthew Nelson Month ago

    OMG, yes! I had a Treo 650 for a while. Loved it. Lots of windows mobile phones as well.. So amazing back then.

  • Sawczenko Łukasz
    Sawczenko Łukasz Month ago

    Can you make unboxing of sharp sidekick ? 🥺😍☺️

  • nigel fernandes
    nigel fernandes Month ago

    I just love u justine you r beautifull and i love all youre vlogs i love your smile your eyes i love everything about u

  • Twiisted lost
    Twiisted lost Month ago

    My first phone was a nokia with a black and white screen

  • Grace Baur Vlogs
    Grace Baur Vlogs Month ago

    My first phone was a 5s I think... Now I have a 7 rose gold

  • Thodoris Maroundas
    Thodoris Maroundas Month ago

    My first phone was Motorola L6😍

  • Arianna Faith
    Arianna Faith Month ago +5

    My first phone is a iPhone 8 Plus, which I currently use.

  • #hannielovers Hannie

    I didn’t know that!! Wow

  • Jay Dalal
    Jay Dalal Month ago

    My sisters has the same phone too

  • Charles Xavier Belarde

    My first phone is samsung galaxy J1 i was 6 years old when i had that phone

  • PUGpartyTCDC :D
    PUGpartyTCDC :D Month ago

    Ha ha ha! My first phone is an iPhone XS Max

  • howa shido?
    howa shido? Month ago

    my first phone was a gift from my dad on my graduation. Nokia 7250i and the first phone i bought with my own money was Nokia 6260

    BIANCA CRZY Month ago

    Can y'all follow me

  • Itzchaz
    Itzchaz Month ago

    My first phone was a iPhone 3

  • Sching Yu
    Sching Yu Month ago

    My first phone I got at 9 years now I’m 10 by the way my first phone was the redmi note 3 and now I have a oppo f9

  • synonys
    synonys Month ago

    My first phone was a similar Samsung flip phone.

  • Cookie Hannahx
    Cookie Hannahx Month ago

    My first “phone” was a galaxy tab 4 :3
    Edit:And I’ve had that tablet since i was 6 years old (im -) and I still have that tablet and its still funtional

  • Prieska Greene
    Prieska Greene Month ago

    If it wasn't for us she wouldn't be having all these I phones, cell phones LAPTOP ANDMALL THE ACCESSORIES THAT COME WITH THE LAPTOP SOME PEOPLE ARE POOR BRUH BE GRATEFUL YOU GOT THIS STUFF btw great video I guess

  • Marvelous_Molecules

    * 2007 * WHO NEEDS A STYLUS?!?!?!
    * everyone laughs and agrees *
    * 2015 * we now introduce... the Apple Pencil
    * everyone shouts and claps *

  • A Happy Dog for ever

    My First phone is the iPhone X

  • Thomas Ryan, IV
    Thomas Ryan, IV Month ago

    Mine was the brick phone, which I still have and it still turns on. We met at the SFO Apple Store the year Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. We were at the Apple Store for a panel discussion hosted by Leo LaPorte. The panel had Leo, Adam Christiansen, Alex Lindsey and a few others I can't remember. I was talking to Alex before it started and you walked up. I was captivated by your energy! Nice to meet you and congrats on the success of your TVclip channel. I enjoy your videos, especially the ones that include drone reviews.

  • Cheng Wei Yu
    Cheng Wei Yu Month ago

    my first phone is



  • Gotowarlion 12
    Gotowarlion 12 Month ago

    nice photos

  • Evan
    Evan Month ago

    My first phone was an iPhone 4S

  • long wzy roblox
    long wzy roblox Month ago

    Mine was
    A iPhone 5

  • jeon junkook
    jeon junkook Month ago +1

    And the first phone i got is an iphone xs , reply the first phone u got

  • jeon junkook
    jeon junkook Month ago

    1:15 released on january 2007 😲😲😲😲 i was not even born i was born in 2009

  • Brianna W
    Brianna W Month ago

    I had some kind of LG Tracfone that I put star gem stickers on the front and gel stickers on the number pad lol

  • Alex Elias
    Alex Elias Month ago

    Didn't Garrett Watts already do this? 🤔

  • Fluffy 15
    Fluffy 15 Month ago +5

    My first phone was a nokia 6110

    • Fluffy 15
      Fluffy 15 Month ago

      Thanks for highlighting my comment btw

  • MC Hammer
    MC Hammer Month ago

    I didn't have a phone until I entered high school. Then I got the iphone 5 so I feel left out when everyone's like "omg look at how oldy my phone looks" when mine is literally an iphone. But it was when it first came out so it was my shit.

  • Jk Andrade
    Jk Andrade Month ago

    At least it has headphone jack 😂

  • Kashif Ahmad
    Kashif Ahmad Month ago

    That last part of the video was heartwarming..You are so awesome. We all love you Justine.

  • Mohaamed S
    Mohaamed S Month ago


  • ღBobaTeaღ
    ღBobaTeaღ Month ago

    My first phone was a Prepaid LG smartphone...

  • Raymond Chan
    Raymond Chan Month ago

    DID you owe a BlackBerry

  • Ali Jafar
    Ali Jafar Month ago

    1. Nokia 3310
    2. Nokia 6600
    3. Nokia 1600
    4. Nokia N73
    5. Nokia N95
    1. Samsung Omnia Pro B7320
    2. Samsung Corby S3650 (stolen)
    3. Samsung chat 322 C3222
    4. Samsung wave 525 S2520(Dead due to battery)
    5. Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100G
    6. Samsung Galaxy Note N7000
    7. Samsung galaxy Grand prime G531H(lost)
    8. Samsung galaxy J7 J700FF/DD
    1. LG POP GD510
    1. Blackberry Bold 9700
    2. BlackBerry Torch 9800
    1. iPhone 6s(Stolen)
    1. Moto G5s Plus

  • Virakbot Sokha
    Virakbot Sokha Month ago

    Steve jobs: who needs a stylus
    Later: Apple pencil comes out

  • StudyBee
    StudyBee Month ago

    My first phone samsung Galaxy j2 mini

  • Pabs Channel M
    Pabs Channel M Month ago

    My first phone was the blackberry Bold

  • Jose Suarez
    Jose Suarez Month ago

    I didn't know that i was like 3 years old in 2007

  • Lane Smith
    Lane Smith Month ago

    My first phone was an lg windows phone.

  • Ivory Girl
    Ivory Girl Month ago

    My first phone was the iPhone 3

  • Romos Romos
    Romos Romos Month ago

    My first phone was a iphone5c