Jason Momoa Made A HUGE Mistake While Filming Aquaman | The Graham Norton Show

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018
  • Jason Momoa will be back this Friday!
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  • Stephanie Haskell
    Stephanie Haskell 11 days ago

    LOL, @Guiness in hand. #ONLYWAYTODOIT

  • Revman101
    Revman101 17 days ago

    2:37 love how everyone just carries on after this.

  • Tore Ibarrondo
    Tore Ibarrondo 27 days ago

    His kids took their father's locks, did they? Lovely.

  • natalia alianovna
    natalia alianovna 28 days ago +3

    Using Jason's tattoo as inspiration for his tattoos as Aquaman was a brilliant move on Zack Snyder's part. It really made Jason's Aquaman unique and different.

  • Bey R
    Bey R Month ago

    It was the same in sense and sensibility HAHAHHhaha love it

  • RealTakerslady
    RealTakerslady Month ago

    He is gorgeous

  • Rohlupuii Fanai
    Rohlupuii Fanai Month ago +7

    He fits every role so perfectly... He could even play Jesus but may he be banned for that because it would be too sexy

  • Skullcrush 13
    Skullcrush 13 Month ago

    Momoa is like a little kid stuck in a hench mans body

  • Gabi
    Gabi Month ago

    He is a literal 8 year old child i swear to god 😂

  • Nissan Skyline
    Nissan Skyline Month ago

    I think Jason has a stroke in 1:07

  • Bangtanation ARMY
    Bangtanation ARMY Month ago

    Jason is that guy who look like he’d easily *crush* you with his body and everything but once you’d get to know him you’d literally have a *crush* on him because of his personality lmao

  • Leon A.
    Leon A. Month ago +1

    Jason is great he’s wasted with dc films

  • W. Kamara Njoku
    W. Kamara Njoku Month ago +1

    Ok I get it, he is handsome

  • Kat Beckman
    Kat Beckman 2 months ago

    a real life human puppy

  • TKASH boys
    TKASH boys 2 months ago


  • Mars
    Mars 2 months ago

    Jason is such a freaking bean!!

  • Lucas Smith
    Lucas Smith 2 months ago

    Lol talk about blue ballz

  • vince 07
    vince 07 2 months ago

    If you click this it will become red👇🚨

  • Leena Stark
    Leena Stark 3 months ago +3

    what a beautiful soul Jason is, his _inner Light_ radiates outward.
    Wishing him everything good above the Heavens, may it come pouring down on him and his family.

  • Cartoon High
    Cartoon High 3 months ago

    “Not to dwell on this picture too much”
    *Please do*

  • Valaha
    Valaha 3 months ago

    lmfao even he drinks brown beer :D damn this guy a true beer lover

  • Indigo Detry
    Indigo Detry 3 months ago

    his smile is so beautiful

  • Indigo Detry
    Indigo Detry 3 months ago

    hes so damn hot

  • Maddie Tross
    Maddie Tross 3 months ago

    I love his voice😍

  • Mike Borghese
    Mike Borghese 3 months ago

    He kinda reminds me of the Cowardly Lion from the wizard of oz.

  • Sophia The Magnificent
    Sophia The Magnificent 3 months ago

    Ok he's funny and all but Aquaman was sooo bad, like basically american Bahubali.

  • Tyrus House
    Tyrus House 4 months ago


  • Richie Lew
    Richie Lew 4 months ago

    i read the title and my first thought was "signing the contract?"

  • MDB
    MDB 4 months ago +2

    Isnt he a pedofile? I liked him too, but check out that video of him rubbing his daughter’s chest. Weird af.

    • OG Music
      OG Music Month ago

      I've seen that video clip of him and yes it made me very uncomfortable. This sadly run's rampant in hollywood.

  • vanessa horrell
    vanessa horrell 4 months ago


  • MONSTERaider
    MONSTERaider 4 months ago

    He always remind me of Chris Hemsworth.

    TIFFI Lee G MAY 4 months ago


  • Ciara Holloway
    Ciara Holloway 4 months ago

    I don't think the kids need to watch their dad on GOT 😅

  • Ciara Holloway
    Ciara Holloway 4 months ago

    I was today years old when I realized Zoe named her band after her sisters

  • goldeneddie
    goldeneddie 4 months ago

    Put this guy and Dwayne Johnson in the same room and we've have ourselves a Testosterone and Respect Tsunami!

  • Enkhrima _
    Enkhrima _ 5 months ago


  • 42x3
    42x3 5 months ago

    But have they seen Atlantis? It’s kind of funny to go from defending the city to being from the city, all in one career.

  • Cassandra Morrison
    Cassandra Morrison 5 months ago

    Yeah, he forgot Cimmerians can't swim

  • Mnsa 3002
    Mnsa 3002 5 months ago

    No one is perf..........

    Sees Jason Momoa

    I have to reevaluate my life

    Buh -byeeee

  • Mystical Pineapple
    Mystical Pineapple 5 months ago

    Trisha Paytas is quaking

  • littlemoorebass
    littlemoorebass 5 months ago

    Such a lovely man

  • Paul Skillen
    Paul Skillen 5 months ago


  • Kami G
    Kami G 5 months ago

    it's funny how Jason only looked at the other actors and Graham and not really at the audience ^^ I wonder why though ^^'

  • Kevin Osborne
    Kevin Osborne 5 months ago

    All good ... but has anyone seen the video when he had his hand on that little girls chest ? Then rubbing and moving it up .... then the little girl moved his hand .. she looked very uncomfortable.... creepy .. not to hate but damn

  • Amanda Mayoli Alayon
    Amanda Mayoli Alayon 5 months ago

    Don't worry Hugh my kids love Pirates

  • Girlie Singh Sahni
    Girlie Singh Sahni 5 months ago


  • Trolley The Troll
    Trolley The Troll 5 months ago

    What a down to earth dude!

  • Angelina Butt
    Angelina Butt 5 months ago

    I wasn’t expecting the film to be as amazing as it was.
    I had seen a few clips of aqua-man before but I absolutely loved this film

  • MonsterDab
    MonsterDab 5 months ago

    Jason momoa is very funny😎😎😍😍

  • Nenad ИС XC Shuput
    Nenad ИС XC Shuput 5 months ago

    He is a Pedofile. Touches little girls brests on red carpet
    At 1:14:12

  • Joseph kush
    Joseph kush 5 months ago +2

    He's a gentle giant

  • Shawna Graham
    Shawna Graham 5 months ago

    Born to be Aquaman
    Really funny guy

  • Domi H
    Domi H 5 months ago +74

    I love how Hugh is like “they could if they wanted to”, and Jason’s face is just *i am not letting that happen...* because let’s be real, his kids can’t watch GOT 😭

  • LetsBeClear
    LetsBeClear 5 months ago

    If a caveman and a god had a baby it’d be JM
    Totally type casted

  • susanna flavius
    susanna flavius 5 months ago +36

    What a handsome, respectful, kind and well mannered man Jason is. Thank God for someone who can be fun and down to earth and happy. Happiness and blessings to him and his beautiful wife and kids.

  • Nilly K
    Nilly K 5 months ago

    I don't know why people think this guy is handsome... He has a great personality but ...oh well

  • Remarkable SeiF
    Remarkable SeiF 5 months ago +313

    Not all guests try and get eye contact with everyone when talking, they just look at the host. Jason was being very respectful and tried to involve everyone in his stories.

    • cole turner
      cole turner 20 days ago

      Its good if you can do it, but I find it throws me off my conversation.

    • Toni Hill
      Toni Hill 4 months ago +2

      it's not actual disrespect to only look at whoever asked you a question,if you've been in multiple situations where you're being introduced to over 4 people there's a chance one of them won't like you for one reason or another and you're not obliged to look at them too

    • StrawberryBlond21
      StrawberryBlond21 5 months ago +5

      That´s super nice, but some people are like me: I get really shy and nervous when I look at people´s eyes...

  • izzythestaffiegirl 22
    izzythestaffiegirl 22 5 months ago

    fun fact: my mother has an insanely unhealthy crush on Jason Momoa. i got an Aquaman mini figure for Christmas and my mum was like "Not fair! That's so cool!" i just fell laughing as soon as i saw it because i know she'd be jealous af 😂

  • Maya Lig
    Maya Lig 5 months ago

    Wtf happen to Hugh Grant!

  • Riddle me this
    Riddle me this 5 months ago


  • aunesty jones
    aunesty jones 5 months ago

    He's such a *large* person like jfc

  • Deba Dev
    Deba Dev 5 months ago

    Dream Man not just body who he is

  • RedRose1010100
    RedRose1010100 5 months ago

    What a great couch crew! 😍

  • Michelle Sanctuary
    Michelle Sanctuary 5 months ago +1

    Happy New Year Everyone! ✔️☑️

  • Lucas Wiggins
    Lucas Wiggins 5 months ago

    Waste of view.

  • Vianelle Velez
    Vianelle Velez 5 months ago

    My dad is staring at me since the video started thinking I will say something about Jason Momoa but Hugh Grant is my big crush since Bridget Jones's diary

  • Johnny Ace
    Johnny Ace 5 months ago

    Momoa: the friendly giant

  • Inspector Vague
    Inspector Vague 5 months ago

    Damn he's fine

  • Neez Nh
    Neez Nh 5 months ago

    This is Khal Drogo! It is known.

  • Leanne Clements
    Leanne Clements 5 months ago

    This man is gorgeous

  • lara maren
    lara maren 5 months ago


  • Lena Randle
    Lena Randle 5 months ago

    I could have sworn I've seen this a long time ago. Like months ago.... I'm sensing deja vu and I don't know what feel about it.

  • Peta John
    Peta John 5 months ago

    His kids should watch his game of thrones scenes with daenerys

  • M k
    M k 5 months ago

    His voice 😍😍

  • Eda Ö
    Eda Ö 5 months ago

    Damn.. he is a MAN

  • ricki388
    ricki388 5 months ago

    best tattoo ive ever seen

  • jrhee16
    jrhee16 5 months ago

    I had no idea that man on the left was Hugh Grant...

  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali 5 months ago

    the aquaman movie is so good

  • Tammy James
    Tammy James 5 months ago

    Aquaman was amazing.

  • Tammy James
    Tammy James 5 months ago +108

    Lisa Bonet is probably one of the luckiest woman alive. Dear Lord.

    • sweetiiey
      sweetiiey Month ago

      She is stunning, sex on legs ex she is still friends with, all that for current husband and beautiful children so yeah she is crazy lucky

    • Kimberly Worth
      Kimberly Worth Month ago

      She is THE luckiest woman alive🙏🏻 Jason is honestly the entire package😍

    • davidsirmons
      davidsirmons 2 months ago +2

      when Momoa was growing up, he had a huge crush on Lisa Bonet. :D

    • KennyKill
      KennyKill 5 months ago +6

      Wouldn't go that far, she's been a sex icon herself since the 80s.

  • NilSpace
    NilSpace 6 months ago

    This is DC comics's knock off second grade response to Thor 😂

  • Lomax0506
    Lomax0506 6 months ago

    Jason Momoa and Hugh Grant are polar opposites.

  • Danizinha Moss
    Danizinha Moss 6 months ago

    I hope my husband don’t see this, but I am in love with this guy. Oh my gosh what a hot guy!

  • William Atie
    William Atie 6 months ago

    His hair looks like cool noodles

  • Izzy8u
    Izzy8u 6 months ago

    Dino trucks, lmao

  • Loaded Dice
    Loaded Dice 6 months ago

    Was the mistake signing the contract?

  • mOOd sWing eMo
    mOOd sWing eMo 6 months ago

    Jason remind me of my x boy fren

  • GameHind
    GameHind 6 months ago


  • Joseph Moretti
    Joseph Moretti 6 months ago

    What was the mistake

  • Firerat2000
    Firerat2000 6 months ago

    I got a selfie with him the other day lmao

  • justin knoblauch
    justin knoblauch 6 months ago

    click bate

  • More flix
    More flix 6 months ago +1

    2.2k dislikes and 2.2k comments

  • Boats N Hoes
    Boats N Hoes 6 months ago

    I can only dream to have of set of hair like that.

  • Serious Sarah
    Serious Sarah 6 months ago

    This is the cure of my depression.

  • Rebecca Nash
    Rebecca Nash 6 months ago

    Does nobody recognize Hugh Grant? Even though this is about Jason we still got to give some credit to him. Haha

  • S Goodman
    S Goodman 6 months ago

    I want one!

  • Harvey Bagley
    Harvey Bagley 6 months ago

    Respect to a man with long hair and no man bun

  • Flute Warped
    Flute Warped 6 months ago

    His only mistake was being in the movie

  • akshaya vanne
    akshaya vanne 6 months ago

    He is a sweet kid ❤

  • TSE
    TSE 6 months ago

    Idk who women are more thirsty for... Jason Momoa or Michael B Jordan