MORBIUS - Teaser Trailer

  • Published on Jan 13, 2020
  • #MORBIUS - watch the teaser trailer now. In theaters this summer.
    One of Marvel’s most compelling and conflicted characters comes to the big screen as Oscar® winner Jared Leto transforms into the enigmatic antihero, Michael Morbius. Dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder, and determined to save others suffering his same fate, Dr. Morbius attempts a desperate gamble. What at first appears to be a radical success soon reveals itself to be a remedy potentially worse than the disease.
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    Jared Leto
    Matt Smith
    Adria Arjona
    Jared Harris
    Al Madrigal
    with Tyrese Gibson
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  • Rupali Sinha
    Rupali Sinha 8 minutes ago +1

    Fans(to MARVEL) : We want Morbius!!!

  • xx Chronicle
    xx Chronicle 11 minutes ago

    Yo the instrumental is so dope

    NOOB GAMING 14 minutes ago

    I think the background music is inspired by an old pinao theme and I liked it very much. I think we will see something different in summers. And i am very excited for this movie

  • Engr. George John Quo
    Engr. George John Quo 20 minutes ago

    How does an RBMK reactor works, comrade?

  • Rebel Malge
    Rebel Malge 23 minutes ago

    Release date?? in India

  • Blavood
    Blavood 23 minutes ago

    How the hell did a MORBIUS movie get made before..idk...Lobo? Carnage? Ffs this looks like a decent ManBat adaptation but...MORBIUS? Ask 99% of people and they'll tell you it's the black guy from Matrix.

  • GokuOP
    GokuOP 24 minutes ago +1

    Who Wants Morbius *V/S* Blade 😾

  • Fox In Bush
    Fox In Bush 25 minutes ago +1

    *JARED* ❤️❤️❤️❤️ *JARED*

  • Real Hip-Hop
    Real Hip-Hop 29 minutes ago

    Why is Spiderman underaged? Kindly explain.

  • Winner Laishram
    Winner Laishram 40 minutes ago

    I don't understand what superpower he have🙄

    • Winner Laishram
      Winner Laishram 6 minutes ago

      @Uddhav Patil I like venom characters
      Thrilling fun terrifying like every other marvel characters does
      But I don't expect that much fun terrifying from this character

    • Uddhav Patil
      Uddhav Patil 14 minutes ago

      @Winner Laishram some what story similar to venom but it is connected TO MCU

    • Winner Laishram
      Winner Laishram 19 minutes ago

      @Uddhav Patil didn't expect that kind of vampire characters from Marvel's
      Kinda boring

    • Uddhav Patil
      Uddhav Patil 26 minutes ago

      @Winner Laishram but why

    • Winner Laishram
      Winner Laishram 31 minute ago

      @Uddhav Patil oh tq.... but Not interested vampire characters

  • LarryThe 2nd
    LarryThe 2nd 44 minutes ago

    Why are Prince Philip and King George VI acting? The Crown of England has awesome passions tbh.

  • Adhy Hrc
    Adhy Hrc 47 minutes ago

    Gara gara joker ini. Sampe musuh spiderman disiarin juga hahaha

  • Kamal Raj
    Kamal Raj 48 minutes ago

    Hey guys please tell me which Beethoven symphony is playing in this trailer

    PABLO RAMBO JUMBO 51 minute ago

    This character seem to suit him better..

  • danish irfan
    danish irfan 59 minutes ago

    so vulture is what

    ZOMBI TV Hour ago


    GAME DROID Hour ago +1

    Highly exothermic reaction.

  • Alexandru Amuza
    Alexandru Amuza Hour ago

    2:08 Spider-Man PS4 Raimi's suit

  • Mai Sakurajima
    Mai Sakurajima Hour ago

    anybody heard the plant vs zombie theme?
    just me?

  • Tushar Masud
    Tushar Masud Hour ago

    Ganja khan

  • BigTrev Tv
    BigTrev Tv Hour ago

    Klaus would kill him

  • Agent Of Vengeance

    I am obsessed with the soundtrack in the trailer.

  • superblonde
    superblonde Hour ago

    Hello mister, meet my friend Buffy

  • Ben Munn
    Ben Munn Hour ago

    I'm not a vampire movie fan but Morbius just won me over

  • andhikata
    andhikata Hour ago


  • Abhiraj
    Abhiraj Hour ago +1

    Spider+ parkar = spiderman
    Bat+ Morbius= batman ?? 🤔

  • Ricky Ng
    Ricky Ng Hour ago

    So, we're in a timeline where we have:
    Batman who was a Vampire
    The Joker who become a Vampire

  • Li-Li Mandragon
    Li-Li Mandragon Hour ago +1

    I do hope he gets to crossover with MCU Blade

  • The Goose
    The Goose Hour ago

    This should really be rated R and be totally badass but because it’s part Sony, it’s gunna be PG13 and suck

  • Jey
    Jey Hour ago

    Oshtt batman's job gotten so bad he decided to team up with the joker!

  • ObscureVisage
    ObscureVisage Hour ago

    Come to think of it, Sony is better than Marvel at making anti-hero movies. Remember Venom? Well here's Morbius.

  • Indranuj Das
    Indranuj Das Hour ago

    At last the Vulture....all will be so interconnected with MCU's Spider-Man 😍😍

  • Ronald Escarez
    Ronald Escarez 2 hours ago

    When joker was infected by bats

  • i carly
    i carly 2 hours ago

    Biggest bat ever

  • Adriana Matera
    Adriana Matera 2 hours ago

    Love it! Jared is amazing un it, so badass and dark!! Can't wait! Bravo Sony for give us an Spiderverse

  • Josh Noir
    Josh Noir 2 hours ago

    Jared: "Fine. You won't let me kill the bat. I'll BE the bat."

  • isle
    isle 2 hours ago


  • Sandeep Meena
    Sandeep Meena 2 hours ago +1

    Now this is what i want..a simply meaningful superhero movie without using overpowering things

  • Health Tips Bangla
    Health Tips Bangla 2 hours ago +1

    Y'all bullied him so much about his Joker performance he swapped sides

  • Apocrypha
    Apocrypha 2 hours ago

    Morbius: Vulture, join me and fight against Spider-Man together.
    Vulture: No, I don't work with Joker.
    Morbius: Why?
    Vulture: Because I'm Batman.

  • Terence Hikawai
    Terence Hikawai 2 hours ago


    WARRIOR GAMERS 2 hours ago

    2.10 we can there was SPIDER-MAN

  • Nitish Vashishtha
    Nitish Vashishtha 2 hours ago

    Damn the new Batman movie looks tight.

  • Yosh Monster
    Yosh Monster 2 hours ago

    Have you thanked Disney/Marvel for saving you yet?

  • Rocky Mountain Films
    Rocky Mountain Films 2 hours ago

    Guys it’s the doctor!!!! It’s official doctor who is now in the mcu 😎

  • Foxy Jane
    Foxy Jane 2 hours ago

    The Joker meets Michael Keaton Batman meets Spider-Man meets Eleventh Doctor Who meets Fringe meets Fast & Furious

  • Ethan Chia
    Ethan Chia 2 hours ago

    is that the villain from far from home at the end?

  • rahuLNEGI345
    rahuLNEGI345 2 hours ago +1

    Its REDEMPTION time

  • August Lawrence
    August Lawrence 2 hours ago

    Spider-Man and Vulture: appear in the trailer
    Kevin Feige: -confused screaming-

  • Jyotirmoy Das
    Jyotirmoy Das 2 hours ago


  • Mahim Majee
    Mahim Majee 2 hours ago

    Lady in the lab coat :- At what cost?
    Jared :- What are you, Gamora or something?

    PATRICK STAR 3 hours ago +1

    Everyone that’s saying Michael Keaton might not be Vulture just get out.. It only says from the producers of the last two Spider-Man movies and Venom movie. Right there gives it away with it also saying a Marvel production as well.

  • Dave
    Dave 3 hours ago

    Spanish latinoamericano?

  • Death to All Honkys!
    Death to All Honkys! 3 hours ago

    Aqua dude aint the only one who’s wet...I am, if you didn’t get it.

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 3 hours ago

    Now I need to see the muscle arm handshake meme where one arm is sony one is mcu and Micheal Keaton in middle

  • Kobe Bryant
    Kobe Bryant 3 hours ago

    Jared Leto is.........Batcula

  • T A
    T A 3 hours ago

    Was that Matt Smith...tell me it was!

  • Navneet SAXENA
    Navneet SAXENA 3 hours ago

    Anyone notice the background music is fūr élise

  • David
    David 3 hours ago

    Morbius vs The Doctor!

  • Lich Coin
    Lich Coin 3 hours ago

    There was an idea...
    To bring together...
    A group of remarkable people...
    See if they could become...
    Something Sinister...