Whats The Real Tea On The New Fenty Pro Filt'r Concealer & Setting Powders/ Morenita Friendly?

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • #MuseFamilia #WhatChuWasSaying? Bienvenidos Muses! Lets talk about the new Pro Filt'r Concealers & Setting Powders! Whats the real TEA???
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  • MonicaStyle Muse
    MonicaStyle Muse  12 days ago +202

    Are You Spending your Coins Or What?

    • Zombina Munster
      Zombina Munster 6 hours ago

      This looks so beautiful on you!!!! 😍

    • Kalaina Shaw
      Kalaina Shaw 5 days ago

      2:55 song is called Pissed by Saweetie💗‼️

    • NeickhaSuPRA
      NeickhaSuPRA 8 days ago

      Yep! It will be my first time buying fenty. I'm getting the foundation, lipgloss and concealer and maybe the setting powder.

    • Deborah Alexis
      Deborah Alexis 9 days ago

      of course!

    • Glenda Baptiste
      Glenda Baptiste 10 days ago

      My coins have already been transferred lol. Loving the powder.

  • Hayley Alexis
    Hayley Alexis 9 hours ago

    every time I try this dang foundation it looks horrible on me BUT it looks so wonderful on you

  • Brithany Mendez
    Brithany Mendez 13 hours ago

    Why you talk like that now, lmfao i mean i get it where you from but you doing the most it’s gettin annoying smh but I really like your reviews 😴 but your voice gettin annoying asf

  • iamantzz
    iamantzz Day ago

    Girl, I see in your recent Instagram mini vid that you now have the honey setting powder. Can the girls have another video with you using 410 concealer and the honey powder pleaseeeeee.

  • Melinda N. Martin
    Melinda N. Martin 2 days ago

    Omg I LOVE your accent🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Cassandra Aliscar
    Cassandra Aliscar 2 days ago

    What do you use on your eyebrows?

  • Debbie Green
    Debbie Green 3 days ago

    Sis you are giving me life with your accent!This one is nice. I would let this be my evetyday concaler or work concealer. It's beautiful on you. Thanks.

  • smoothie càrdôza
    smoothie càrdôza 4 days ago

    ur foundation is s perf match

  • Kalaina Shaw
    Kalaina Shaw 5 days ago

    2:55 Pissed by Saweetie💗‼️

  • Marjorieta Quinonez
    Marjorieta Quinonez 5 days ago

    Thank you for your e-mail. Please can you share that eyebrow shade you use? Thank you - Gracias :)

  • Ysabelle Glori
    Ysabelle Glori 5 days ago

    In my country (south-east asian), we have the itchy palm superstition as well but it only works to nondominant hand (left). We also have the spoon/fork (b/g) falling meaning somebody's coming and the way it fell shows if it's a good or bad visitor. Also if you bit your tongue, it means somebody else is thinking about you. I wonder how superstitions hapoen tho. 😃

  • Iam Je'Nai
    Iam Je'Nai 5 days ago

    That invisible gum chew while swatching 😭😭😭

  • Sae Robin
    Sae Robin 5 days ago

    So happy I found your channel 😩🔥❤️

  • tp mcmullen
    tp mcmullen 5 days ago

    I think your face looks AMAZING. I love how you realized that you don't need a bright concealer. This may change my perspective because I am so used to people using a concealer multiple shades lighter. Thank you!! The natural look on you is FABULOUS!

  • Mariela Angel
    Mariela Angel 6 days ago

    Hi Monica!!!! I just met you outside Porto’s, I’m Abby! I’m so excited to have met you my daughters were 😱😱 to have met you also!! You are a sweet and wonderful person!! Beautiful inside and out 😉
    Thank you for the picture 😘

  • Missrn2007
    Missrn2007 6 days ago

    🌟Can you get the scoop from Fenty if they are doing to sell that makeup case the PR came in ?

  • TroSha Monique
    TroSha Monique 6 days ago

    I'm glad they extended the foundation line. 345 is my shade. Gotta try the concealer.

  • Niosha Jenkins
    Niosha Jenkins 6 days ago


  • TK Naturals
    TK Naturals 6 days ago

    Great tip about setting the face with the powder. Might try that

  • L Dee
    L Dee 7 days ago

    What's the name of the lip gloss you used, please?

  • CrystalDevon Lark
    CrystalDevon Lark 7 days ago

    I’m loving the natural beat

  • Cissa de Lima
    Cissa de Lima 7 days ago

    you look amazing!!!! wish I could try them FENTY COME TO BRAZIL

  • Angel Mclaughlin
    Angel Mclaughlin 7 days ago

    Just started watching and I love it... what did you use on your lips btw?

  • Skin Lover
    Skin Lover 7 days ago

    Girl... you GET ON MY NERVES throwing the Spanish in!!!! SHUT UP!!!!!
    ONLY because I can't speak Spanish!!!! hahaha Mucho Frio!! Uno!!! lol
    Go girl!

  • Audrey Ogambo
    Audrey Ogambo 7 days ago

    what's the brush used to put on the under eye powder ?

  • Queenie Madoka
    Queenie Madoka 7 days ago


  • Sophonie Adme
    Sophonie Adme 7 days ago

    Any new youtuber wanna support? I just posted 3 new videos ❤️

  • Kavita T
    Kavita T 8 days ago

    You are hilarious subscribed

  • Kueen Kiree
    Kueen Kiree 8 days ago

    Any smaller TVcliprs want to grow together

  • Poinciana B
    Poinciana B 8 days ago

    You look gorgeous...I was already planning to buy but well now I kinda have to ...plus now my color changed...again..ugh

  • Candy Boayue
    Candy Boayue 8 days ago

    I just love you lil sis!!! I’m just saying....

  • December Jay
    December Jay 8 days ago

    That foundation is a PERFECT match !!

  • Lina Henriquez
    Lina Henriquez 8 days ago

    Ok! before i start wactvhing this video, I paused it cause Monica.. Im so hype right now to see you try this. I actually love this foundation and now the concealer!! Gurrrlll Im hype.. Ok now i can start and watch, and yes yo gaste mi chelitos on the fenty beauty products!

  • Jamaican Queen86
    Jamaican Queen86 8 days ago

    I believe in the hand thing too.

  • Kay M
    Kay M 8 days ago

    Hey Monica I love your videos!!! I watch them from start to end! Can you please list the products and numbers of the colors that you use for your videos? Just so when I walk in to Sephora I know the colors on hand. Because we are similar in color. Thank you baby!

  • aadjodha89
    aadjodha89 8 days ago

    We are the same shade in foundation & I did 390 for the concealer & honey for the setting powder & everything melteddddddddddddd 🔥 Give it a try !

  • Jade Hope
    Jade Hope 8 days ago

    This backdrop hurting my head,this aint it sis

  • Created by Cristal
    Created by Cristal 8 days ago

    When I was a kid we beloved the same thing. If your left hand was itching it meant money was coming soon. I’m African American though.

  • Tyra Lankford
    Tyra Lankford 8 days ago

    Looks great!

  • kandiluvzu
    kandiluvzu 9 days ago

    the banana powder isnt like banana powder frfr lol its LIGHT af but since its not translucent its gonna hella show up... maybe honey sis... let us know bc u are my shade match and tu sabes i wanna know wassup! lol #dontjudgemyspanish porque no se bien espanol . #morena ?? bye girl bye love u

  • Justice Hayes
    Justice Hayes 9 days ago

    Yeah, I had to mute that shit. Wow

  • Penelope Smith
    Penelope Smith 9 days ago

    Wow... it looks flawless!!! 🥰

  • Ruramai Munyanyi
    Ruramai Munyanyi 9 days ago +1

    fenty we need a bronzer, baked , black/brown girl friendly. that is all

  • Mariama Conteh
    Mariama Conteh 9 days ago +1

    New Sub! I just love your energy! Lol 😂 it’s mood for 2019

  • portia75
    portia75 9 days ago

    Girl stop with the Spanish accent..you sound retarded

  • Keisha Ciego
    Keisha Ciego 9 days ago +1

    Ima need you to list what you using sis. Thank you in advance

  • Sylvia Jones
    Sylvia Jones 9 days ago

    Dang it my left hand was just itching too! I couldn't remember which hand meant what!

  • aaa bbb
    aaa bbb 9 days ago

    "It's not yellow its neutral" that powder ain't neutral lol

  • Dawn etc.
    Dawn etc. 9 days ago

    Your look beautiful and radiantMonica!👏🙏❤️🌟. I only bought the powder in color banana today. I do like the concealer a lot; but instead I bought another bottle of my too faced born this way. warm sand concealer today. I'll get the # 320 later.🌅🙏🏽💕

  • RevealtheReal
    RevealtheReal 9 days ago

    6:31 Same 😂

  • Arelis Jiménez Cantillo

    Wow nena te felicito tú hablas perfecto los dos idiomas ojalá aquí por lo menos estuvieran los americanos en aprender un segundo idioma no importa cualquiera . Te felicito eres muy bella y muy original Congrats morenita bella I’m from Colombia and I speak 3 languages 👍 i have been living in New York for 9 years

  • Lauren Romans
    Lauren Romans 9 days ago

    Uh okay sis, you need to do a NYC meet and greet when you come to visit because we need to see our sis frfr

  • ME102Group9
    ME102Group9 9 days ago +1

    After you finished putting on the powders all over your face, your skin looked absolutely flawlessly beautiful. You could’ve just walked out like that and everyone would be 😍

  • Honey Johnson
    Honey Johnson 9 days ago

    You are hilarious!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 I really enjoyed watching this video!!

  • OyayoTheStorm
    OyayoTheStorm 9 days ago

    Such the Dominicana. I love you went over all your bills in your head once your hand itched. So funny

    • OyayoTheStorm
      OyayoTheStorm 9 days ago

      🤣🤣🤣 And what is this gum? Is it Fenty gum? It's disappearing, like this flawless concealer! What's the deets!?

  • Zeke J.
    Zeke J. 9 days ago

    Wanna be Jackie Aina Thumbnail

  • Ashanti Ross
    Ashanti Ross 10 days ago

    What powder did you use for under there sis 👀 and fenty complexion products are unmatched honestly 😩

  • Rebbz
    Rebbz 10 days ago

    the concealer is too small for more than 20dollars

  • Beauty by Kayla
    Beauty by Kayla 10 days ago

    TVclip is fucking with my life... Why’d I just get the notification for this video TODAY 😩😩 BYEEEEE JUTUBE

  • terrie325
    terrie325 10 days ago +1

    New subbie here

  • Amanda Martinez
    Amanda Martinez 10 days ago

    Actually there is 4 face setting powders and 4 brighting undereye powders . For me i use cashew all over face and bananna under my eyes 😍😍😍

  • Tochukwu Agbo
    Tochukwu Agbo 10 days ago

    How does this compare to the MAC Studio Fix concealer? I'm currently using a shade too light in the MAC and I'm debating if I should get my correct shade or get Fenty instead...

    ELIANA 10 days ago

    ayyy singing pissed by saweetieeeeee

  • alishiagilmore58
    alishiagilmore58 10 days ago

    Great video. Those shades are beautiful on you. I have to get me a Fenty concealer & powder.

  • AlanaB Beauty
    AlanaB Beauty 10 days ago

    The fake gum is hilarious lol

  • DaddysDarling84
    DaddysDarling84 10 days ago

    fenty is coming out with a bronzer/contour duo and blushes. should be the next release.

  • kallahari
    kallahari 10 days ago +1

    And BAM you did that..... again !

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith 10 days ago +1

    I’m living for this tutorial. #newsubscriber

  • Diamond Woods
    Diamond Woods 10 days ago

    Seriously what lip is that?!

  • Amara J.
    Amara J. 10 days ago

    I love youv

  • Jayla Wilson
    Jayla Wilson 10 days ago

    I'm shade 420 and I used shade 410 to highlight and it was a perfect match

  • Arianna Moore
    Arianna Moore 10 days ago

    I love you gurl 😘 you are so refreshing and confident!!!

  • spsaunde
    spsaunde 10 days ago

    I think I watch your channel not for the tutorials, but for your accent. Geez! It is too much

  • I am Shakesha Sharee
    I am Shakesha Sharee 10 days ago

    Yes ma'am! I can't wait!

  • Tiffani Mac
    Tiffani Mac 10 days ago

    Who is Iris?

    YOUNGM!RA 1 10 days ago

    *instantly subscribes*

  • KurlyTeacher
    KurlyTeacher 10 days ago

    Yes I’m spending my coins on this. Fenty beauty is my favorite makeup brand. I like how you started with a blank face. It really allows us to see how the makeup transforms.

  • tweettie76
    tweettie76 10 days ago

    The rain and sugar lip gloss where did yiu get that from

  • Kelsey Marrow
    Kelsey Marrow 10 days ago


  • Be Good To Yourself
    Be Good To Yourself 10 days ago

    I subscribed cause of how funny 😂 & entertaining you are girl !! Hola ...!! From London 😘👋👋

  • gloria white
    gloria white 10 days ago

    Awesome video, and thanks for the update on FENTY. Your skin is looking great even without the beat. Love your channel and continue to keep it 100.

  • shortandstuff
    shortandstuff 10 days ago

    Looks beautiful ma!!! You are right, it looks like your skin. Fenty is everything!!!

  • Jazzmine Parker
    Jazzmine Parker 10 days ago

    me gusta!!!

  • t M.
    t M. 10 days ago

    420 seems too dark mamma.

  • Mamzelle Yaa
    Mamzelle Yaa 10 days ago

    Damn so extra

  • fulloflife9
    fulloflife9 10 days ago

    I’m going to have to try Fenty😍

  • Ne'Ira Smith
    Ne'Ira Smith 10 days ago

    can you make a video with the yellow powders when you get them pllleeaaseee

  • Gabriella Boakye
    Gabriella Boakye 10 days ago

    I’m just in love with your personality so you know I already subscribed💖😩👏🏾

  • Joia J
    Joia J 10 days ago

    I love your confidence!! Your such an inspiration 😍

  • CurlsandBeauty82 xxx
    CurlsandBeauty82 xxx 10 days ago

    Like I seriously just 😍LOVE😍 you and your energy. You are serving skin on skin baby girl. Just sitting here waiting on your next video 😊

  • Mrz Rod243
    Mrz Rod243 10 days ago

    Yo you and that fake gum be having me 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😊 the most! I love it lmfao!!

  • Angela Wat
    Angela Wat 10 days ago

    😵😵😵this didn't show up on my subscription list 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jasmyne Bascom
    Jasmyne Bascom 10 days ago

    what bronzing palette was you using? I needs that!

  • Caitlyn Ari
    Caitlyn Ari 11 days ago +1

    I’m English and I literally died when she said “What is it called?” 🥵
    Her accent is sooo beautiful💘

  • yummiie barb
    yummiie barb 11 days ago

    Definitely love how the setting powdered put in that lil UMPH in it !! The concealer loook great and i know you can pull off those slighter shades you were talking about . I love gently but it’s tooo dry for my skin would you say i can used the product with maybe tatcha silk primer underneath it ? Let me
    Know girl

  • Sheena Ruben
    Sheena Ruben 11 days ago

    I believe in that when my hand itchy af! Either giving money or getting money lol

  • Mufidah Mukhtar
    Mufidah Mukhtar 11 days ago

    You are a whole mood sis😍😍😍😍😍

  • Jay gosh
    Jay gosh 11 days ago

    The Hazelnut and Honey are beautiful powders deeper complexions can use to set the under-eye with. For me personally I felt as if the banana was a bit too light but it’s a translucent powder so it doesn’t just sit there on the skin it melts in.

  • luna
    luna 11 days ago

    So now we have to match foundation to the chest? Because I see everyone swatch foundations that way now lol. Or am I late to this?

  • Ashley Skye
    Ashley Skye 11 days ago +1

    I feel like Rihanna would love you 😂💛