Bachelor Colton Underwood on Virginity, Fantasy Suite & Leaving the Show

  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
  • The Bachelor Colton talks about his virginity, who he chooses in the end, what the fantasy suite week was like, and leaving the show halfway through shooting by running and jumping over a fence.
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    Bachelor Colton Underwood on Virginity, Fantasy Suite & Leaving the Show
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Comments • 745

    OLAV WILHELM 4 days ago

    oh please this guy became a virgin again after his bank account was filled!! my guess would be he experienced with guy's in college then had a platonic sweetheart named Amy , then got a lesson from a hooker when he was drunk and now is thinking about his Dream man :-)

  • Qūeeń O
    Qūeeń O Month ago

    I think 🤔 he has his virginity

  • Qūeeń O
    Qūeeń O Month ago

    I don’t know if Colton gets his virginity in bachelor history

  • Anthony Boarman
    Anthony Boarman Month ago

    I find a man that age that looks like that is a virgin. He would have women who want to be with him. It's just weird unless there is something wrong with his libido. Why would he not want to explore his sexuality. It's part of human nature.

  • milchuck
    milchuck Month ago

    No way this guy is a virgin! He probably gets pussy thrown at him every day.

  • mehdi ig: izmehd
    mehdi ig: izmehd Month ago +1

    seems like a bossy bottom

  • Tommy 3v
    Tommy 3v Month ago +2

    It’s weird seeing him not crying

  • SueDunMc - 5019
    SueDunMc - 5019 Month ago

    Cassie wasn't even one of the last 3 was she? Didn't he send her home after home week?

    • zee p
      zee p Month ago

      SueDunMc - 5019 where have you been, have you watched the most recent episode?

  • SueDunMc - 5019
    SueDunMc - 5019 Month ago

    I think this guy needs a good screw.

  • Jelena Tj
    Jelena Tj Month ago

    Hey im single.

  • Andy B.
    Andy B. Month ago

    This guy is an idiot...same way the show is pathetic.

  • Timmyjimmy Pingpong

    Who would have thought that one lying about being a virgin AND pretending to be heterosexual can get so much tv coverage

  • IanMaCee
    IanMaCee Month ago

    Jimmy is cringe

  • Justine Janisse
    Justine Janisse Month ago

    This is super cringe

  • Ashley Does College
    Ashley Does College Month ago +3

    Honestly kimmels being a jerk in this one

  • Nicole Cox
    Nicole Cox Month ago +1

    Watching this after he asked Cassie to stay and jumped the fence, like just imagine.... awkward😅

  • Jennifer Garcia
    Jennifer Garcia Month ago +1

    Funny how Jimmy mentioned Cassie and she is the one that left.

  • kenny toong
    kenny toong Month ago

    Join the catholic priesthood and the young boys will be safe.

  • Manel Dias
    Manel Dias Month ago +2

    NO Colton is NOT the only Virgin who came to this show. Earlier Sean Lowe also happened to be a Virgin. Why some people need to make a mockery out of a man's genuinity & beliefs. What a brain washed messed up society we lived in...some people act like bullies...very sad...

  • Bo Hogland
    Bo Hogland Month ago

    A virgin with women, maybe but trust me he has for sure had a few flings with men!

  • Chris Walker
    Chris Walker Month ago

    Why is Jimmy so obsessed with his virginity?? Kimmel is a pu$$y for crying on the show multiple times... what happened to him when he was an alpha male on "The Man Show."

  • F M
    F M Month ago

    He’s super hot 💪🏼🥰

  • Dynasty Love
    Dynasty Love Month ago

    If Coltan is on Creepy Kimble he is exactly what I believed he is ; a liberal minded SOB without God and without morals. He is out to get fame and money. Maybe Hollywood can use him as Shrek’s double because he sure looks like him😜

  • Jeromy Stone
    Jeromy Stone Month ago

    Oh my God, Colton is sooooooooo beautiful. Come to the dark side Big C. Nuff said.

  • hv ac
    hv ac Month ago

    If Colton is a virgin with females is he also a virgin with males ???
    Why did Colton refuse a lie detector from Jimmy ??
    I do not believe Colton is a virgin.

  • Uncle Ben
    Uncle Ben Month ago

    In all honesty I feel so bad for him

  • Pinky Johns
    Pinky Johns Month ago

    I feel sorry for Colton. He fell in love with Cassie and she doesn’t love him. Welcome to the real world, Colton.

  • Mai Xiong
    Mai Xiong Month ago

    Finally watching this now and omg he did choose Cassie!🤔

  • Mmala Mokone
    Mmala Mokone Month ago +4

    His reaction to the Cassie prediction makes sense now

  • Melissa Haletky
    Melissa Haletky Month ago +3

    The man wants to wait untill he is married to have sex. Good for him.

  • Maya Zach
    Maya Zach Month ago

    Now know what happened with Casey, you can see his pain

  • ninjareli
    ninjareli Month ago +11

    Who else is watching this after last night's episode? Lol CRINGY...

  • mrtwin2906
    mrtwin2906 Month ago +1

    Well.... this is awkward....

  • Metallic
    Metallic Month ago

    I picked Cassie too LOL!!

  • Justine White
    Justine White Month ago +13

    Watching this back now knowing what really happened hurts my heart :’(

  • Nehasupnfan
    Nehasupnfan Month ago +3

    Lol Fantasy Suite was pivotal! 😂😂

  • Ellen Reimer
    Ellen Reimer Month ago

    I agree we know it

  • Kathy Kinder
    Kathy Kinder Month ago

    Colton n Khloé

  • Olga Pupko
    Olga Pupko Month ago

    I would really love for Colton to sometimes look at the comments that honest people are posting. ( I mean these comments.) I personally think that being a virgin is pretty good and its pure. Sometimes you go back to your life and think that I would like to to get to know him. I feel like Colton could be a very nice friend.😍

  • Pennee Rowland
    Pennee Rowland Month ago

    Virginity is only lost when someone takes advantage of you without your consent. Colton will not lose his virginity, he will knowingly and willingly give himself to a woman, whomever she may be.

  • David Flors
    David Flors Month ago

    Poor fella

  • Maxine
    Maxine Month ago +50

    his face when he sees cassies pic makes so much sense now

  • Fleur Casino
    Fleur Casino Month ago

    Annoying and sarcastic show host!

  • Gannon Kauffman
    Gannon Kauffman Month ago

    The way he reacts to Cassie proves that he didn’t pick her which we found out tonight

  • Morgan D
    Morgan D Month ago +3

    LOL when they pull out the cassie card and he wipes his face and takes a deep breath to try not to give anything away

    MYHOLLANDGIRL Month ago +9

    It was sooooo wrong for Cassie’s father to interfere with this process! He knew he was in love with her mother cause he dated her longer. This is different!
    This is not the end all. It’s a process to go on forward with a deeper connection to see if it’s right after they are engaged. Once away from the show, that gives her time to understand he’s rare! Her father will regret this one day when she ends up with some guy who wants her as a trophy wife and she misses out on the real thing! This guy is genuine and she should give it a chance, but it’s obvious she’s too immature and she’s daddy’s girl, and he knew what buttons to push in her to confuse her. He had no right saying he was sure about her mother! He dated her mother longer! These 2 were the best match according to their type of person. Now her father put the kibosh on his own daughters future and choices. I think the father is actually jealous, he wants his daughter home and not married yet. That’s not his business. He was so wrong. They need
    to continue dating to see. She’s a fool if she doesn’t. The guys out there don’t have class like this guy, and her dads decision will ruin her because she will go through tons of break ups to find this type of guy! Bad dad! Wrong interference!

  • Amber Cardin
    Amber Cardin Month ago +89

    Coming back and watching this after tonight’s “jump the fence” episode... awkward.

  • Joanne Devine
    Joanne Devine Month ago +1

    It's gross, everyone's watching to see if he has sex? I'm watching for love, not sex.

  • Eloise Gordon
    Eloise Gordon Month ago

    I’m just thinking if Colton is engaged he and the fiancé have to hide their relationship!

  • oreocoookiezz !
    oreocoookiezz ! Month ago

    that’s all I’m sayin.....

  • Lizzy Cheves
    Lizzy Cheves Month ago

    Jimmy was picking on him too much about his virginity and so is everyone else in the show. Unpopular opinion but I think it’s really sweet and I’d appreciate that of some guy I was with

  • !!!A!!!
    !!!A!!! Month ago

    My gaydar is going off. I don't watch the show so this is based on snap-shot first impression instinct which says a lot.

  • Artemis Love
    Artemis Love Month ago

    They got that toast thing from my name is earl episode w rosanne

  • Hannah Mills
    Hannah Mills Month ago +1

    So far several talk show hosts have guessed Cassie...I almost feel like it’s planted and planned to cause interest in Cassie even though on the show they’re gonna make it look like it’s not her up till the very end lol

  • True2Live
    True2Live Month ago

    Now I understand this interview... He didn't get engaged to any of the girls...he seems detached from this entire thing

  • Holy Rosery
    Holy Rosery Month ago

    Sean Lowe bachelor is the real man.

    SAVVY B Month ago

    i love colton lol

  • Hippy(Bboomer)
    Hippy(Bboomer) Month ago

    There are 3 left , Cassie, hannah G and Tiyashia.. It will be between Hannah and Cassie

  • DJ Firewolf
    DJ Firewolf Month ago

    He's cute as hell

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Month ago

    omg he cannot lie

  • Linda Linda
    Linda Linda Month ago

    Lol Jimmy Kimmel is so funny omg 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rowan McCain
    Rowan McCain Month ago +1

    Y'all are sick fornicators, that's why you keep making fun of him....y'all are the disgusting bastards that should be laughed at.

  • Karina Guimaraes
    Karina Guimaraes Month ago

    hey Jimmy. there's the Bachelor South Africa and I need ur insight. are u watching?? 😋

  • roxanee chandule
    roxanee chandule Month ago +1

    Calton looks like Calum Scott

  • Sarah Elizabeth
    Sarah Elizabeth Month ago

    Being a virgin isn’t that big of a deal I am one. Everyone throw a party for me lol 😂😂😂

  • Bilyana Dimitrova
    Bilyana Dimitrova Month ago

    I’m sorry but Colton, you just don’t look like someone ready for a serious relationship. The fact that you are part of that show actually shows how far from an adult you are. And the fact that you never had sex at that age... just means that you (in my opinion) will have to learn so much more about women at this point ( which is a red flag already).
    Also the fact that you went with Hanna to your parents and brake up with her after all.... maaaaaan?! That was just insane!

  • Vivs GM
    Vivs GM Month ago

    This guy Jimmy takes on this interview like he is an a*s...
    Not even funny.
    I think the bachelor behaved as the gentleman he's expected to be.

  • LovePeace Harmony
    LovePeace Harmony Month ago

    If somone was really a virgin, they would not even consider participating in a show like the bachelor ....I am not buying the virginity BS!!😐....he is a player ( totally fake)

  • f u
    f u Month ago

    If I were a virgin in these days, I would STAY one# don't Trust Folks...

  • youtuber
    youtuber Month ago

    Yeah... he’s definitely a virgin

  • Arizona Sky
    Arizona Sky 2 months ago

    Yeah all 2 seconds of it Jimmy.. ugh it would have been over so soon thank God. Lol

  • Carol Worth
    Carol Worth 2 months ago

    Grow up, Jimmy!

  • Lauren P.
    Lauren P. 2 months ago

    oh colton

  • Ryoko Kirchhoff
    Ryoko Kirchhoff 2 months ago

    He is just too cute!!!!!

  • Tulop
    Tulop 2 months ago +2

    "I ran into wildlife, got scared." LOL love him

  • Tulop
    Tulop 2 months ago

    It depends on peoples love language. some people its physical touch others words

  • ERA Ezzy
    ERA Ezzy 2 months ago

    I like his soul

  • ERA Ezzy
    ERA Ezzy 2 months ago

    He has a bright soul. Omg

  • ERA Ezzy
    ERA Ezzy 2 months ago +1

    People are baffled because he's very attractive!
    Considering his personality I believe him. He comes off as such a sweet guy with a big heart! A real man right here. Look at the perfection.

  • wt30001
    wt30001 2 months ago

    YeH BE A MONK!

  • Sally Shields
    Sally Shields 2 months ago

    Pls find a way (once u feel better) to make more or longer or both vlogs! It just isn’t enough! You are so special-

  • Desert Spice
    Desert Spice 2 months ago

    haha what a perfect speciman

  • Tanya Sethi
    Tanya Sethi 2 months ago

    He reminds me of Ryan Phillip a bit mixed with Chris Pratt

  • Debby Flanagan
    Debby Flanagan 2 months ago

    A virgin? It depends what your definition of virgin is.

  • Amber Mcgillicutty
    Amber Mcgillicutty 2 months ago

    This is the bachelor with the least substance. We need bad chad back again ffs.

  • vanitystr
    vanitystr 2 months ago

    it's spelled butt

  • Adrianna Sousa
    Adrianna Sousa 2 months ago

    Ew he’s being kind of rude to Colton. He’s laughing while he’s doing it but it’s still kinda rude

  • Brenae Ford
    Brenae Ford 2 months ago

    wait but he’s so nervous hahha

  • Revelry
    Revelry 2 months ago +1

    Plot twist: he's had sex he just doesn't know what it is

  • mbj920
    mbj920 2 months ago +2

    He looks like Blake griffin to me

  • AK Sonya
    AK Sonya 2 months ago

    I don't care for Kimmel but occasionally he can be funny; that the sweatshirt was down right cruel and uncalled for.

  • christelle mapokotera
    christelle mapokotera 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who read "butt sex makes me happier" ?

  • Terra
    Terra 2 months ago

    He said the "pivotal moment" thing on Ellen too. Nice

  • Larissa Zavala
    Larissa Zavala 2 months ago

    This was kinda a rude and intrusive interview

  • Life Is Good
    Life Is Good 2 months ago

    Colton was too young and inexperienced to be the Bachelor. Wait for the breakup news.

    • Missy Franko
      Missy Franko 2 months ago +1

      I agree they should up the age to35yrs old.not many26yr old males ready for marriage
      Times have changed much

  • Beth Hart
    Beth Hart 2 months ago

    No ones going to mention the missed opportunity with that sweater. But should have been butt* xD

  • Kiki the Freaky
    Kiki the Freaky 2 months ago

    "If they don't add the part where Chris tries to jump over the fence, their missing out on good tv."

  • American Girl
    American Girl 2 months ago

    I thought the cougars were inside the compound!!

  • TCP Gaming
    TCP Gaming 2 months ago

    Butt sex makes me happier😂

  • Grace L
    Grace L 2 months ago

    he seems so sweet