Kitchen Nightmares US S04E01


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  • jquest43
    jquest43 52 minutes ago

    In ancient Spain,pigeons were used to clean the tables..after customers were gone,bread crumbs were sprinkled on the table ,and the pigeons flapping wings would clean throughout each tabletop with the birds feathers polishing the wood.

  • jquest43
    jquest43 Hour ago +1

    29:00 customers are asking too much for fresh chicken..rotton is better..season away the stink..penecillin mints for after dinner.

  • jquest43
    jquest43 Hour ago +1

    That's a "pepper pigeon", it's raised in a cage sprinkled with pepper..when it's flying around,it's SEASONING the cuisine!
    ( it's a little known ancient Spanish tradition)

  • David Tankesley
    David Tankesley 2 hours ago

    Michael's a dork

  • Kyongsuk Ri
    Kyongsuk Ri 3 hours ago

    @34:38 Is that a grilled lettuce? hmmmm

  • Kendra Kivits
    Kendra Kivits 4 hours ago +1

    All of the people in the comments and Ramsay get bone cushing cancer and die very slowly ass munching homos

  • RandomGamingChannel
    RandomGamingChannel 10 hours ago

    His grandfather. is literally.

    Y Shame

  • Peter Hatzidimitriu Dimas

    no such thing as too much olive oil

  • Abigai Peralta
    Abigai Peralta 19 hours ago

    Gordon is always angry because people never do their job well, they have no determination or inspiration, but he is a good boss. In due time he listens to you and gets your attention when he should do it, there are no chefs or bosses like that. When I was 16 I was in the hot and cold line alone in a 5-star hotel, I was a waitress when I was 18 in a 4-diamond hotel. Now I'm 22 years old and it makes me angry to see 30-year-old people doing things in their work as if they were teenagers working at McDonald's. It is clear that to be a chef you have to love the kitchen, and people like Chef Gordon are very few.

  • Maiden fan
    Maiden fan Day ago

    i hope theres a hospital near by lmfao

  • Willz __
    Willz __ Day ago


  • Jala Bala
    Jala Bala Day ago

    Am i the only one who likes Michael lol

  • Jala Bala
    Jala Bala Day ago

    Poor Michael. The family is ridiculous. They blame him for everything

  • DamuEmran
    DamuEmran Day ago +1

    Micheal looks like bennett the sage.

  • Roberto Green
    Roberto Green 2 days ago

    These guys belong in a Scorsese film or an HBO show not the restaurant business.

  • Destiny Graduate
    Destiny Graduate 2 days ago

    Michael looks like Steven Crowder, change my mind

  • Kimi Sahaja
    Kimi Sahaja 2 days ago

    What piss me off in the KN is the customers.

  • Aryaan Shastri
    Aryaan Shastri 2 days ago

    EvEn thOugH it diEd, itS stiLL frEsh

  • AREKING Gertidian
    AREKING Gertidian 2 days ago +1

    How to be like Gordon :
    - piss the owner of the restaurant
    - mess and charm with the customers
    - swear
    - lamb sauce

  • you Han
    you Han 4 days ago

    God bless Joe the waiter

  • Reed Tardio
    Reed Tardio 4 days ago

    7:24 how the fuck can that be legal?! Oh ooops. I forgo that HUMANS ARE FUCKING DISGUSTING AND THEY LOVE TORTURING OTHER ANIMALS!

  • Reed Tardio
    Reed Tardio 4 days ago

    wtf is wrong with NJ?

  • DeathAwaits
    DeathAwaits 5 days ago +1

    Bobida boopie? Beebity boobity babbida bah!

  • seadog155
    seadog155 7 days ago

    I've been binge watching Gordon for a few days, he really has the secret to life, failure is for sure, when you get it, you get it, never give up, the harder and more committed you are the success becomes you. Great teacher no matter what I do, restaurants or anything. Thanks Chef.

  • Eric Rivera
    Eric Rivera 7 days ago

    A couple of the restaurant in that area have their waiters wear tuxedo. One restaurant four people died of food poisoning, another kept meat hanging in a warm room buzzing with flies..nice fancy look but horrible food..

  • zenorus
    zenorus 9 days ago

    I feel bad for Michael. Seems the dude had it all thrown on him before Gordon came around. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if he never really wanted to be a chef but his family beat it into his head from a young age: You gonna be a chef Michael!.

  • Kevin Daley
    Kevin Daley 10 days ago

    They should have hired Eric from pjs steakhouse. Cold food yes chef! Sadly Eric went on a killing spree on Halloween 🎃. Eric died for our sins.

    GOTHAM MARVEL 10 days ago

    Michael killed the poor pigeon and made a ravioli

  • Nate Diggity
    Nate Diggity 12 days ago +1

    pause at 40:16 you're welcome

  • Thor Odinson
    Thor Odinson 12 days ago

    Dudes brother is such a shitty cook, it's a shame some of these shmucks get this kind of hand out when there are people that wouldn't just crumble and people who have integrity

  • London Chime
    London Chime 13 days ago

    Work together is the Key :)

  • Reina Jenkins
    Reina Jenkins 16 days ago

    Biggest question what happened to their mascot the pigeon?

  • Theo Dora
    Theo Dora 16 days ago

    Michael need learn more

  • Theo Dora
    Theo Dora 16 days ago

    My God i want to vomit 🤮

  • Ron Raj
    Ron Raj 17 days ago

    Look like undertaker 😂

  • O Tis
    O Tis 17 days ago

    I realy thought michael will turn into the hulk!

  • Prince Uriel
    Prince Uriel 18 days ago

    Stahp it.

  • MuRK D’s Gameplay
    MuRK D’s Gameplay 19 days ago

    Why calling the waiters Undertaker?

    • zenorus
      zenorus 9 days ago

      It's an olden term for funeral director and/or mortician. They're the people you buy the coffin, stone and general services from when someone has passed. They are nearly always in fancy clothes due to the nature of their job being around funerals.

  • mik mik
    mik mik 21 day ago +1

    7:31 Me when i saw my ex post about loyalty in social media

  • hope, faith and Love
    hope, faith and Love 22 days ago

    Michael looks just like his grandfather

  • Llama Rrama
    Llama Rrama 23 days ago

    Can’t believe I used to eat there

  • Gavin Beck
    Gavin Beck 23 days ago +2

    I don’t know I felt pretty bad for Michael. He wasn’t doing it right but to have his entire family and Gordon Ramsay come down on him hurt. You could just see the absolute defeat in him. My older brother made a lot of mistakes that put him in dark spots but my mother and my sister of whom is older than him would just beat him down for everything. Nothing positive even when things were done right and I being the baby of the family got all of the attention and he had to see that. I wish I was old enough to help him in his tracks because now he is quite lost and I can see that in Michael. I hope he is able to get a solid support group for him cause that life is just rough. Also of course he would be arrogant about his food because just like my brother when so much of you is said to be wrong the little things you do accomplish you tell yourself are the greatest in the world because otherwise that’s just a pit of depression believing everything with you is wrong.

  • vincent carpenter
    vincent carpenter 24 days ago

    5 to 6 hundred thousand

  • Mythical Alien
    Mythical Alien 24 days ago

    “MiChEaL StOp iT”

  • Toga Himiko
    Toga Himiko 26 days ago +2

    Bro when Gordon pulled out the map I saw lafayette St. I'M PROUd-

  • Sarah Angle
    Sarah Angle 27 days ago

    Why does the mom sound like Lois from family guy?😂

  • Joyce Youngblood
    Joyce Youngblood 27 days ago

    That kitchen is contaminated with rancid chiken. Counters fryers everything. Should have closed down that kitchen.

  • Damian Willard
    Damian Willard 27 days ago

    Holy fuck the mother sounds like Lois Griffin, nails on chalkboard

  • Muhammad Fathi
    Muhammad Fathi 28 days ago

    Look at Micheal face .... I want to kick him on face swear to god

  • Nix Dominus
    Nix Dominus Month ago

    the good thing about michael is that hes not deluded. he is self aware.
    and that mother needs to to a bettter job o supporting her sons

  • Nix Dominus
    Nix Dominus Month ago

    so the irst thing they brag about becomes disaster, what is with that lobster tank? who tf wold want tio see a crowd o lobsters while eating

  • meganekko428
    meganekko428 Month ago

    Gordom Ramsay is just the epitome of awesomeness😫😫👌

  • KenC
    KenC Month ago

    That bitch Michael got the most punchable looking face

  • Amila Hodzic
    Amila Hodzic Month ago

    This is one of my fave episodes. Gordon, you did a great fucking job

  • Aldo Kasimi
    Aldo Kasimi Month ago +1

    I swear, Gordon is someone you don’t wanna mess with.

  • Christopher Casiano

    R.I.P mr lobster

  • I. Wynn Wynn
    I. Wynn Wynn Month ago

    I liked the stain glass much better! Why did they get rid of that!

  • I. Wynn Wynn
    I. Wynn Wynn Month ago

    Ironic, that when Micheal thinks he cooks well he does awfully but when he thinks he is cooking 🍳 badly!

  • I Am a nugget
    I Am a nugget Month ago

    Did he call gordon British he’s Scottish 🤦‍♂️

  • xBwahx
    xBwahx Month ago

    I'm sorry but every time they said "Michael" with their italian accent I couldn't help but hear the Godfather music playing. 😂😂😂 Especially the mom lmao

  • creepy sleepy
    creepy sleepy Month ago

    like the pigeon joke

  • Zoran675
    Zoran675 Month ago

    That chef "al" look just like a great guy.Idk why,but he is very sympathetic :)

  • syazwani azia
    syazwani azia Month ago

    "i want you to listen to me"

  • Stalker
    Stalker Month ago

    1:23 Kent Weed, sure explains many things

  • Robert Hardy III
    Robert Hardy III Month ago

    Gordon actually deserves his success

  • Nikolas Espinosa
    Nikolas Espinosa Month ago


  • Kakashi Girl
    Kakashi Girl Month ago

    The other brother, and I mean the smarter brother, should've been the one in charge from the start. By the looks of things he would've put more effort into it and done it right.

  • Ben Dean
    Ben Dean Month ago

    you know for as much as michael screwed up in this, you have to give him credit in that he knew a problem and called gordon in the first place

  • Derron Ramlal
    Derron Ramlal Month ago

    Lazy cook

  • Zdravko Jovanovic
    Zdravko Jovanovic Month ago

    Gordon is a typical SCORPIO ♏️! Honest, hates liars, as a water sign likes Pisces and Cancers, also very caring, understanding and compassionate. Just do not bs him. He senses it.

  • Behrouz Jazizadeh
    Behrouz Jazizadeh Month ago

    40:17 I wanna have a bite of that too

  • Chocolatecat Gameplay

    11:26 Micheal looked like he was going to cry but not because of the words Ramsey was saying but deep down inside he knows he is a disgrace but will never know.

  • Shivani mehta
    Shivani mehta Month ago +1

    Murdering animals and want profit from it. What a joke.

  • A King
    A King Month ago

    What makes me ill is the amount of waste..ALL THAT ROTTEN FOOD!!! Thousands of dollars in food costs, resources (h20, labor & gas) & the Stress of an unorganized kitchen...

  • kel the chef
    kel the chef Month ago

    when you dont have to build your own business but get it handed to you this is usually the scenario

  • Depressed Idiot
    Depressed Idiot Month ago +1

    So this is where the *’GET OUT OF HERE’* part of the intro came from

  • Amy Victoria
    Amy Victoria 2 months ago +2

    Its always a trend with these failing resturants,the amount of food the hoard is always ridiculous and yet they are in debt,how lazy do you have to be not to check your stock every night and see what is in stock and what needs to be replaced.yet they say you dont know why the resturant is failing your throwing money in a hole ,and why the Hell would you order in advance and not at least put a label and date, how are standards supposed to be the same when you are serving badly preserved meat and rotten shit,that's daylight robbery you are robbing people of their money!what's more infuriating is the fact this idiot can cook therefore can tell what's good and what's not,if your resturant is failing ask yourself what does a resturant produce1food so why would customers come in if you are serving shit,and as a cook why would you allow yourself to serve shit.It's absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!😧😧😧😧😠😠

  • Maanit Aman
    Maanit Aman 2 months ago

    Jeez, the editing makes Michael sound like an anime character. Always screaming like “aaaaAAAAAAA.” every few minutes.

  • Krishna Kumar
    Krishna Kumar 2 months ago

    Michael could potentially be the next wolverine.

  • Lily Zattalianie
    Lily Zattalianie 2 months ago

    I love that he did something like this because you know everyone love eating clean and fresh food. They don’t really care about price but they concern about the quality of the food.

  • Lindsay Nicole
    Lindsay Nicole 2 months ago

    Michael is a joke of a Chef

  • Hussein Rizk
    Hussein Rizk 2 months ago

    Who the hells he texting 24/7? I hope it’s not his wife.

  • quoraacctno1j uberdri
    quoraacctno1j uberdri 2 months ago

    both brothers are annoying each other

  • angry carrot
    angry carrot 2 months ago +1

    Wheres the LAMP SAUCE!

  • doocyhabchy
    doocyhabchy 2 months ago

    "He's a BRIT"
    He is fucking SCOTTISH

    • doocyhabchy
      doocyhabchy 9 days ago

      @zenorus let's say he's mainly from Scotland

    • zenorus
      zenorus 9 days ago

      So he is a Brit? He's not English, but still from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago

    Spanish? why do they all sound italian

  • Mike Davis
    Mike Davis 2 months ago +1

    @16:18 Hey Michael that's ASSAULT he can have your Dumbass arrested! I hope he presses charges maybe then numbnutz will wake up.

  • Rafael Medranosf
    Rafael Medranosf 2 months ago

    #1 this chef is not a chef this is a bad idiot owner and pig family tha is looking like Spanish food but they don't doing .
    The Spanish food is height quality always tha is the customer repeat of Spanish food on this case is shit serv!!

  • Jackie Murria
    Jackie Murria 2 months ago +1

    That chef that dont smell...i felt like smothering that dead lobster all over his face..😒

  • DarlingNikki2
    DarlingNikki2 2 months ago

    The fact that Gordon immediately zeroed in on that dead lobster had me weak! Then Jerry has the nerve to say it's just sleeping! Yeah, sleeping with the fishes, LOL!

  • Omar D
    Omar D 2 months ago

    40:17 lol

  • richard brown
    richard brown 2 months ago

    Through many episodes I have been waiting for Chef Ramsey say things like, "this works in my restaurants", or" I have been all over the world and this thing you are doing is WRONG". I like it that he never throws that in the face of every restaurant he helps. Each one dealt with on its own merit.
    Yeah he over does the first lunch and dinner criticism but it seems t work. it creates shock and makes people lookoutside their little restaurants if nothing else!

  • Hannah Jones
    Hannah Jones 2 months ago

    Think Michael is ADHD. He reminds me a lot of myself prediagnosis

  • VPagon
    VPagon 2 months ago +1

    Michael was completely justified. That chef had no fucking place yelling at Michael like that, Michael is his fucking boss, he is the executive chef of the kitchen. I also would have jerried his ass the fuck out of the kitchen.

    Michael's mom is an idiot.

  • Peter schon
    Peter schon 2 months ago

    spanish cival war.

  • purplegrl27
    purplegrl27 2 months ago +3

    When Michael smiles, he’s so much more handsome. Big improvement over the scowl.

  • ladyfootZ
    ladyfootZ 2 months ago +1

    OCTOPUS ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Szymon Orłowski
    Szymon Orłowski 2 months ago

    40:11 wtf did he say "pewdiepie"

  • Aastika Saxena
    Aastika Saxena 2 months ago

    When Gordon Ramsay tells someone to Calm down 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣