Truck Stop Fails. Bad Truck Driver Skills.

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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  • Sergey322
    Sergey322  28 days ago +47

    *Special thanks to these authors for the provided material. Support them with Likes and Subs!!!*

    Yellow Ranger -
    Robert Livingston -
    Wiletsy Collazo -
    Trucker Dash-cam -
    JB Roads -
    Robert Livingston -
    Kostadin Petrov -
    Kevin Lamarr -
    WDW Fanatics -

    • Sergey322
      Sergey322  2 days ago

      @WDW Fanatics Thanks for you video too)

    • WDW Fanatics
      WDW Fanatics 2 days ago +1

      Thanks for including my video and my channel link

    • jimmy Conway
      jimmy Conway 16 days ago +1

      8:48 is the besttttttttt wtf i dont know how the hellllllll lolol

    • Sofiane Ouchichera
      Sofiane Ouchichera 21 day ago

      drivers who are lucky to find job

    • MidwestTrashTrucks
      MidwestTrashTrucks 22 days ago +1

      What is the name of the song at 3:52? I really like it!

  • Aaron89
    Aaron89 3 hours ago

    I think God just hates swifties

  • - ApocKills -
    - ApocKills - 7 hours ago

    BAHAHAHAHA a Swift driver mad about being hit? Get the fuck outta here 😂😂

  • Sebastiaan Kroes
    Sebastiaan Kroes 15 hours ago

    Look how good i am, and how bad he is.....

  • Vicodyn
    Vicodyn 16 hours ago

    So What I Fucking Tried

  • Q Louis Mendoza
    Q Louis Mendoza 17 hours ago

    Trucking companies fault for hiring all the foreigners to drive American trucks. Shame.

  • zero carter
    zero carter Day ago

    Lol these guys complain about scratches on work trucks..but talk about picking up 14 year need automated trucks

  • zero carter
    zero carter Day ago

    Aaaww ..a's a work truck dude

  • Juan ignacio Rincon Castro

    aca en mexico mis amigos traileros o trokeros les pueden enseñar a manejar y ser maestros del volante en mexico estan los verdaderos maestros del volante

  • busters channel
    busters channel Day ago

    All these truck stops , where are the lot lizards .

  • busters channel
    busters channel Day ago

    SWIFT = so what I f- ing tried.

  • Edgar lee Mullins

    Anytime I had to blind side a trailer in I would Always try to find someone to spot for me so I wouldn't hit something most drivers will do that for a another truck driver.

  • Teresa Eljinini
    Teresa Eljinini Day ago

    As to the Swift driver, trucks parked in no parking zones are fair game, keep going.

  • Robert Allen
    Robert Allen Day ago

    G-dam, i never seen anyone rip off their tandems 😳

  • Branin Dietz
    Branin Dietz Day ago

    Who honestly trys to 45 with their tandem to the rear...

  • Edward Farrar
    Edward Farrar Day ago

    When you get a little more experience you will learn not to just sit and watch them hit your truck while recording it , but get out of the truck and spot them. I know it requires more energy but worth it in the long run.

  • John O Brien
    John O Brien Day ago

    A lot of bad driving in this video...But remember you only see the accidents ...How many trips incident free also...

  • Brock Rutledge
    Brock Rutledge Day ago

    So glad im local now and dont have to deal with all the new dumbfucks over the road anymore

  • Marcus Hennings
    Marcus Hennings Day ago

    4:34 I got hit by a truck like that at a rest area on I-95 in Va but he severed his own trailer air lines so I had to give him my parking spot because his brakes were locked and he was blocking the exit. I couldn't find another spot to rest until New Jersey.. I cant even rest in a bunk without some clown screwin me up. I was pissed that night lol

  • Blue Danger
    Blue Danger Day ago

    What the blood clot mun

  • Nettoo Serafim
    Nettoo Serafim Day ago

    Muitos desses acidentes poderiam se evitado,mais a capacidade de egoísmo do ser humano e tão grande que eles preferem grava para ver a disgraças alheia!

  • Sherri M
    Sherri M 2 days ago

    Thanks for sharing the other side of trucking.

  • John C. Spain
    John C. Spain 2 days ago

    to be fair, most truck stops have ridiculous tight spaces. They force drivers into vulnerable situations like having a guy that drove 11 hours, whose tired, do a jack knife back into a tight space, inbetween 2 trailers in the what the fuck do you expect to happen?

  • Rodney Leonard
    Rodney Leonard 2 days ago

    Every single one of these guys are nothing but "steering wheel holders". . . . . .NOT true truckdrivers. My generation was the last of the "old schoolers" trucking before all these "truck driving" schools popped up round the country.

    CAF420ALLDAY7 2 days ago +1

    And this is why i dont have the guts to be a semi driver lol

  • Adam
    Adam 2 days ago

    Quick question. Does it seem harder to back at the end of a really long and stressful day? When I was long haul, every once in a while at the end of a terrible day I would sometimes need somebody to guide me. This probably happened 4 times in 3 years.

  • Comment Beast
    Comment Beast 2 days ago

    Gladiator school

  • WDW Fanatics
    WDW Fanatics 2 days ago

    When you see a video and then recognize it’s one of ur videos??? Suck my actual video on has like 95 views on my actual channel

  • TexasDad 2015
    TexasDad 2015 3 days ago

    What does a 14 yr old have to offer you? ...oh shit..

  • Sailent GR
    Sailent GR 3 days ago

    I dont know why, maybe its the fact that i grew up in europe, but american trucks are kind ugly

  • Gerald Walls jr
    Gerald Walls jr 3 days ago

    How do u tear off tandems?? Diiiiing

  • CDXX
    CDXX 3 days ago

    Those drivers ripping the bogey's right off their trailers... now *THATS* impressive!

  • Rumpel Stiltskin
    Rumpel Stiltskin 3 days ago

    Swift is no worse than anybody else, they just have more trucks. They’re definitely unfairly picked on. I’ve seen far worse drivers working for smaller companies.

  • loco tertils
    loco tertils 3 days ago

    Understandable especially if most these people are driving for a very long time

  • Randy bobandy
    Randy bobandy 3 days ago +3

    Driver of the straight truck at 6:33 is an asshole. He could see what was about to happen and just sat there.

  • Stroker Diesel
    Stroker Diesel 3 days ago

    I just don't understand

  • Саша Соловьев

    Я думал что за границей нормальные водители оказывается там Баранов полно........👎

  • yanik ivanov
    yanik ivanov 4 days ago

    the one thing im super scared when Swift truck trying to park right by me on a i always walk out. and im the one parking that truck

  • Jamerican
    Jamerican 4 days ago

    Love the jamaican commentator 2:56

  • Alex Crawford
    Alex Crawford 4 days ago

    At least in the first clip the guy recording the video had the respect not to show the face of the truck driver who slightly damaged his vehicle. Though it could also be so the guy couldn’t press charges or something for using the guy’s face in a video without the guy’s permission.

  • Big Hoss
    Big Hoss 4 days ago

    I knew this video was gonna be good when the very first incident was being recorded by a swift driver... wowzer

  • Nick Kercheval
    Nick Kercheval 4 days ago

    G.O.A.L. Not to proud to do this

  • Mark Leman
    Mark Leman 4 days ago

    these fucking half wits need to cut there drivers licence into little bits and spend the rest of there lives washing dirty nappies and mowing grass.

  • Damian OJEDA
    Damian OJEDA 4 days ago

    A swift truck is the first victim 🤣

  • Ademir Alves
    Ademir Alves 4 days ago

    Achei q só no brasil tinha um povo sem noção, mais esses motoristas superaram kkkkkkk

  • Davey Jones
    Davey Jones 4 days ago

    The talk about a 14 year old girl is one of those amateur guys on TVclip that busts pedos, not the trucker.

  • yerwrng
    yerwrng 5 days ago

    Swift driver should be thanking Western for breaking in his truck for him now he just needs two bent cab extenders and some yellow paint on the bumper and fender and she'll be show ready .

  • Lowell Jackson
    Lowell Jackson 5 days ago

    Why do dumb drivers do not get out and slide their tandems 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Johnny Smith
    Johnny Smith 5 days ago +1

    Fucking idiots

  • marian zaborowski
    marian zaborowski 5 days ago

    Kto dał im licencje?

  • duffeldoffer
    duffeldoffer 5 days ago +3

    America moves by truck! What a scumbag job. Glad 'I'm out of it!

  • CBDav
    CBDav 5 days ago +2

    Refugee drivers ?

  • Ruben Padilla
    Ruben Padilla 5 days ago

    Swit no podia faltar

  • Lamont Aka JFreeze Vlogs

    😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣y’all can’t Drive 🚫🧢

  • YourFavoriteHen
    YourFavoriteHen 5 days ago +1

    Some people have no idea how hard these rigs can be to drive. I work with truck drivers and I hear horror stories of shit they have to go through.

  • shawng7902
    shawng7902 5 days ago

    i sure hope the dude on the phone at 6:30 is scolding his 16yr old son about the 14yr old in a hotel room and not another driver!! 2nd dude in the white box truck is a douche, he pulled up just to block that truck and be an asshole.

  • JG 33
    JG 33 6 days ago +1

    I'm getting into trucking in a few months. Dont care how slow I need to go or how many times I gotta get out and look I'm not hitting shit.

  • Russell Reeves
    Russell Reeves 6 days ago +3

    It’s nice to see a swift truck get hit for once

  • Greatchoice Moneyman
    Greatchoice Moneyman 6 days ago +2

    When I get my CDL I know what to do

  • Chris Ullery
    Chris Ullery 6 days ago +1

    Freaking IDIOTS!!!