Seeing Myself Through a Cat's Eyes

  • Published on May 10, 2017
  • Kedi is Here:
    If you live somewhere where YTRed isn't available, there will probably be a one-time purchase option.
    I'm really excited about trying this out. I love documentary film so much, it's right in our wheelhouse. In it's best form, it is entirely about finding ways to understand the world more complexly. And this is such a great movie to start with. In a difficult and complicated moment in our history, we have to take time to be calm and appreciate our world for a moment. I hope you get a chance to do that with this movie.
    - Hank
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  • vlogbrothers
    vlogbrothers  Year ago +559

    Why won't TVclip sell Red my Country?!
    Trust me, they want to. In order for TVclip Red to work, everything that is on TVclip (which is a mess of user-generated and big-media-owned content with millions of owners) has to be ad free. You can't launch TVclip Red with 1% of the content still having ads. Add to this that when you upload a TVclip video, you agree to a licensing agreement that it not super easy to change. You also can't have a video just disappear when you're using Red, that would be paying money for /less/ TVclip.
    When they launched Red in the US (and other countries) they had to go through and make sure all of the licensing agreements for all of the content on the site made Red legal. But each of those agreements are different for different countries, which, as you might imagine, is a huge freaking mess. Adding to that, major media companies know TVclip wants VERY BADLY to have Red everywhere, but major media companies also want other things from TVclip, so they're using Red access in smaller markets as a bargaining chip in other, unrelated negotiations.
    It's a huge pain in the butt, basically.
    Didn't you say you would never post TVclip Red stuff on Vlogbrothers?
    No, we said I wouldn't do it unless it were something different that we believed in and that we couldn't do otherwise. Producing a documentary film is expensive, and the filmmakers should be compensated for their work. We could never license this film ourselves, or produce anything like it ourselves. This way, the film makers are succeeding in a way that was never available before and the film gets to connect with a new audience. We've always been intrigued by TVclip Red, it allows the entire YT ecosystem to be less reliant on (increasingly unreliable) advertising, and more reliant on human connection. That being said, we would never put normal Vlogbrothers videos behind a paywall, and that will never change.

    • Michael Leavitt
      Michael Leavitt 8 months ago

      Looks like a good documentary, but the one-time price is ridiculous. $14.00 to watch a TVclip video is too much, especially here in SE Asia where that's a significant amount of money.

    • bluesaka111
      bluesaka111 Year ago

      I really want to use RED on my phones / tablet and linux computers to support my subscribed channels and remove pesky ads but look like I have to wait...

      Argh! I want to watch documentary video about cats!

    • Rusty Shackelford
      Rusty Shackelford Year ago +1

      I've read most of the people dissenting against this and I haven't found much explanation of a Why it is bad beyond "They tricked me by saying it was a special video" and "They said they'd never do this" (Which is not the case) or that they're just mad because TVclip Red isn't available where they live.
      I get that last point, it sucks, but why go all angery on vlogbrothers for that when what they are doing is literally how to increase the speed at which TVclip Red spreads to new areas. If Red is shown as successful more and more, then YT can spend more and more money and time on expanding to new horizons. This video could very well help to show the large amount of demand to YT, especially assuming these people who were willing to complain to someone with Zero power over it actually also complained to the correct people as well so that their complaint meant something.

    • Nick Borkowski
      Nick Borkowski Year ago +4

      Can you explain? I honestly don't see a problem with this, and as the pinned post explains, they will never put regular vlogbrothers content behind a paywall. This reminds me of Patreon, You still get the regular content, but there is more content if you are interested and able to pay. It's also helpful to remember that John and Green are technically employees of youtube, and were probably more open to this idea because they want to be on their good side, which I personally don't see as a bad thing at this point.

    • Nick Borkowski
      Nick Borkowski Year ago


  • kim G , C
    kim G , C 3 months ago

    I love cats

  • VampireDucks
    VampireDucks 4 months ago

    Misled by title

  • Nathalie Van Den Bossche


    FERNANDO :V 4 months ago

    Alguém 2018? 👀🇧🇷

  • thorthelionking Odinson

    I think you describe the nature of Kitty cats perfectly 8 to am a cat person although I love dogs too I'm a lion myself so I love you little tiny For balls

  • thorthelionking Odinson

    The city is called Constantinople it' always will be

  • Jahir Moreira Londa
    Jahir Moreira Londa 6 months ago

    Papa que alelos sos electrónico sos a leñosos apenas 02 soslayo le el sospecha
    El espero sos apetece ele los lapsos electrónico

  • Bentley Milnes
    Bentley Milnes 6 months ago

    That cat documentaries a good documentary just watched it I liked it

  • Bass Fight
    Bass Fight 6 months ago

    No comments on the video?

  • Dillo the Pillo
    Dillo the Pillo 6 months ago

    The song in the trailer is “I’d like to walk around in your mind someday”

    Btw I love the song played over the cats in the trailer

  • Wood Witch
    Wood Witch 7 months ago

    This doc was already free on TVclip... To now charge for it is insane... I love cats too but you endorsing the selling of something that was already widely watched is just crazy!

  • Nick Gives Hugs
    Nick Gives Hugs 9 months ago

    I just discovered this channel, great stuff! also a huge fan of the psychology bit you did. Waaay thumbs up👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Gottfried Copenhagen
    Gottfried Copenhagen 9 months ago

    Istanbul? You mean Constantinople.

  • Dexstar123
    Dexstar123 9 months ago

    its wednesday my dude!

  • Unnamed  Unknown
    Unnamed Unknown 9 months ago

    W E N S D E Y

  • Claire Conover
    Claire Conover 10 months ago

    I rented kedi on iTunes. It made me want to move to turkey and fuss with every kitty over there.

  • Mansour
    Mansour 10 months ago +1


  • Lady Alfhildr of the Forest of Violet Mists

    This was actually available as an in-flight movie when I was coming back from my study abroad in England this January. I was surprised to see something from youtube red as an inflight movie, but happy I got to watch this. It was indeed very lovely and tranquil, and something nice to watch in that strange and bittersweet transition from an exciting study abroad experience to going back home. Cats really are just the best thing :)

  • Ken O
    Ken O 11 months ago

    The DVD is available on Netflix.



  • hitchhiker42
    hitchhiker42 Year ago

    I thought this video was going to be about cats' vision. What colors they can & can't see, how they perceive motion, etc. Instead it was some boring crap preaching to the choir of cat lovers.

  • Fluffy Dragon
    Fluffy Dragon Year ago

    cats prove that god exists :D

  • lucian hull
    lucian hull Year ago

    Are you from weird helmet history on cracked? Or the science show

  • Leo McEdgeLord
    Leo McEdgeLord Year ago

    It's Wednesday my dudes

  • A Sodium Duck
    A Sodium Duck Year ago

    i'm a fish person fish are not nearly as demanding

  • FaZecraft500
    FaZecraft500 Year ago

    I watched it on a plane for like, $10.

  • Name Here
    Name Here Year ago

    Oh, I'm sorry Hank, were you saying something? I was busy watching the kitties on screen.

  • Justin Letchford
    Justin Letchford Year ago

    Gotta kinda disagree with you there Hank, we have the same level of relationship with dogs, it's just manifest differently. Us humans plus cats and dogs seem to have somehow worked out that it's mutually beneficial to us all that we live together and provide whatever advantage we can give to the other. Granted we would arguably do more actual stuff for our beloved pets, it's easier for us to do those things than for them to if they can do it at all, I mean neither a cat or a dog can take themselves to a vet when they need medical attention. Even though they may not provide us with so much tangibly in return, they show us love and the many ways it can be expressed and understood even across species. Love is the most valuable thing ever.

  • jothegreek
    jothegreek Year ago

    You are an idiot

  • Digital Gaming
    Digital Gaming Year ago

    As bayrakları as turkısh power

  • Caliko Kat
    Caliko Kat Year ago

    My cat tolerates me....what more could I ask..

  • Caliko Kat
    Caliko Kat Year ago

    No red in canada :(

  • jmktistakis 23
    jmktistakis 23 Year ago

    How does he know my name

  • VoMFilms
    VoMFilms Year ago

    Hi Hank and John! Im doing an assignment on the distribution of Kedi at the moment and was wondering if you could help me out? I mostly need to fill in the blanks about how Kedi has been successful on TVclip Red. How many people have viewed it so far? What is the percentage of users that follow this channel that currently have TVclip Red? Is there a number similar to box office total that you could give me? Would you say that distrobuting on TVclip Red would have saved the filmmakers money? Or perhaps did they loose what they would have saved on the money you guys made for hosting the documentary? The assignment is due in on Friday (or Thursday for you guys cos I live in the future in Australia). If you could help that would be amazing :D if you cannot, thats fine I understand.
    I found you're video on the complications of 'advertising' this film on your channel to be very interesting. It made me wonder if one day TVclip channels will be the equivalent of separate cinema venues. Like TVclip bought the rights and hosted it at your location, a online cinema that you manage.

  • Taranjot P
    Taranjot P Year ago

    Just boarded a plane and they have kedi!! Definitely about to watch it :)

  • JakDRipa
    JakDRipa Year ago

    As Hank was saying they ask us to stop and look at them, my cat walked in front of my screen :)

  • alyssa bueno
    alyssa bueno Year ago

    magic should not be owned by anyone.. magic is simply too good for ownership.

  • Shellewell
    Shellewell Year ago

    Wednesday Hank video and no song? What is this?!

  • Astrophysicist
    Astrophysicist Year ago

    Istanbul my city💕💕🇹🇷

  • Captherine
    Captherine Year ago

    "im beautiful, and soft"

  • Westwood Shadow
    Westwood Shadow Year ago

    I just watched it, Kedi is amazing!

  • Brenden
    Brenden Year ago +2

    Hank's continued descent into Google shilldom.

  • clever girl
    clever girl Year ago

    john you are amazing .... where are you from ?

  • Isaac Kotlicky
    Isaac Kotlicky Year ago

    Your description of cats also matches very well with children, though with less chin scratches. I've tried. Even when they're pretending to be a kitty they don't really like the chin scratch...

  • Jane Book
    Jane Book Year ago

    So now you realize what a fucking Doucher you are !!!

  • Hella Green
    Hella Green Year ago

    I will watch this now. Thank you Hank.

  • happypirate1000
    happypirate1000 Year ago

    I just watched Kedi and it is FANTASTIC. Really beautiful.

  • Natasha Mazumdar
    Natasha Mazumdar Year ago

    This movie played at the independent art theater and me and my friends all when to see it. I loved it!

    SPIDER LILIEZ Year ago

    I watched it two weeks ago.. I love cats to bits, and I was literally crying watching it.

  • Yorgunkırmızı
    Yorgunkırmızı Year ago

    You know its not always rainbows and butterflies for these cats. Many people torture them. We as animal lovers feed them take care of them but there are a lot people who dont want these cats in the streets. They kick the food and the water bowls we put in the streets they poison the food, and we dont always have the money to take them to the vet when they are sick and the government facilities dont care about these stray animals. Most of the stray animal dont live up to their full life circle they die around 7-8 years old if they can survive the first few months. If a cat gives birth to 5 kittens mostly 3 of them dies in the first month because of the enviromental factors or simply they just cant find food or sometimes people just kick them and kill them, sometimes these people are children... It is really nice that you are trying to show our connection with these cats but there are two sides here. We are happy to take care of them but we are constantly in fear that something or someone will hurt them.

  • MikeJF85
    MikeJF85 Year ago

    Cats as the only relationship where humans don't dominate: someone's never known someone with a cockatoo.

  • mortimermcmirestinks

    "We will never put our content behind a paywall." -Vlogbrothers

  • Amelia S
    Amelia S Year ago

    "On vlogbrothers channel we don't do brand deals. I don't know why. Brand deals is when an advertisers paid a TVclipr to promote something..." - from YT Red video on hankschannel
    What makes you change your mind?
    Just to say, YT Red asked you to watch it, host it, and promote it. Then you uploaded it, uploaded videos to promote it, gained revenue from it. There is no denying it IS a brand deal. Just why did you change your mind about brand deals? Why not let people know it is sponsored content upfront?
    Also, concern on YT Red, is it a deal with vlogbrothers only? Or is it going to be a thing with channels YT "prefers" or are "partners"? This would totally be like YT offering TVcliprs personal favours by supplying extra content and extra income (by giving them some documentaries/videos they didn't need to put any effort into making). With all the things that happen with ad thing, with censorship of lgbt+ and related content, etc, I do not think giving TVclip this extra power in influencing creators' content is good.
    Hank, I respect what you did for the internet community and creators, but I don't think giving TVclip that extra power and accepting this favour is right.

  • glaivedacier
    glaivedacier Year ago

    I'm in love

  • Shanti der Blätter

    HANK! You used the wrong kind of "its" in the video description! "I love documentary film so much, it's right in our wheelhouse. In **it's** best form, it is entirely about finding ways to understand the world more complexly."

  • Denys A
    Denys A Year ago

    OK, Hank. I enjoyed this Kedi film, too. And I liked hearing your commentary on it. On the other hand, please tell me how you now feel about TVclip Red now, especially how it fares in terms of interesting documentaries. Thanks. Love your stuff.

  • Josie Joubert
    Josie Joubert Year ago

    "The relationship between people and cats is one of the only relationships with other species that people don't dominate." I have literally never heard a more true statement.
    - insert side anecdote-
    The other night I was trying to study (for a REALLY BIG exam) but my cat didn't think I should be doing that. So I sat down at my desk and then he called for food. Then I sat down again and he called for water. Then I sat down again and he called because he wanted someone to watch him eat the food. Then I sat again and he called because he wanted someone to watch him drink the water. Then I sat down again and he called because in the place where he wanted to sleep the blanket wasn't properly crumpled... or something. Eventually I was too tired to continue study so I decided to go to bed. So I climbed into bed. Now even though he had been peacefully sleeping at the bottom of the bed for hours, he now decided that he wanted to sleep on the pillow.
    Of course. Why not?
    So then I moved him back to the place where he had been sleeping before PERFECTLY SOUNDLY. But he just walked back and tried to sleep on the pillow again. This happened about 10 times. Eventually I had an idea. So I read Genesis 1:26 to him, in which God gives man dominion over all animals. I thought that maybe no one had ever read that to cats.
    Because then he decided that sleeping on a pillow was just too mainstream. So he tried to sleep on my face. But landed up just stretching me instead.
    I give up. Cats can just do what they want. Resistance in futile.

  • Ass 22
    Ass 22 Year ago

    Wait this isn't a buzzfeed video lol

  • Հովսեփ Խաշունի

    Wow. When cats are treated better in a country than human beings.

  • Cirian
    Cirian Year ago

    So ya, I am not sure how the YTR prices are set for people who live in areas without TVclip Red, but if the premise is to offset the lack of youtube red subcriptions with one time fees they are way out of the ballpack.
    That single documentary costs a month and a half worth of youtube red subscription. It would cost me more to watch it here on youtube than if I were to go see it in a theatre if it were available there.
    I just can not understand how they think they have set up appropriate prices for single purchase YTR shows when the prices are set assuming that actual YTR subscribers watch almost no TVclipRed content. And thats not considering the fact that IMHO the best feature is the ad removal :(

  • josie o
    josie o Year ago

    I'm going to go pet my cat now. Maybe take some pretty pictures of her.

  • Mary Lohitai
    Mary Lohitai Year ago

    i love cats so much😩😩

  • klusmanp
    klusmanp Year ago

    Can watch (instructional) cat videos for free all day long on my channel!!

  • Tenison Junior
    Tenison Junior Year ago

    I've heard about this cat documentary on a podcast (for anyone that may want to know, google I Think You're Interesting) where the director was interviewed. She is lovely, funny and brilliant and it made me wanna see it even more. When it's available, I'll definitely try to watch it through TVclip Red to support :) BTW, I'm from Brazil, any chance for it to be translated to Portuguese? It doesn't even need to be Brazilian Portuguese, it may be PT-PT, just so it may be available for a wider audience :))

  • Zesty Crab Legs
    Zesty Crab Legs Year ago

    I feel this is an advertisement more than anything and I don't appreciate it.

  • Carrie Mallon
    Carrie Mallon Year ago

    I almost cried listening to Hank talk about this documentary (major cat lady alert)...what does that say about how I'll react when I actually watch the documentary?

  • Ian Buck
    Ian Buck Year ago

    I bet Hank agreed to host Kedi on the channel because he wanted to get some insight on the analytics of a TVclip Red video.

  • Coley E
    Coley E Year ago

    I'm not entirely sure why but listening to hank justtalk about these cats made me cry... I think if I'm gonna watch this documentary I'll have to schedule an entire day and get two tubs of ben & jerrys to comfort me as i try to figure out what it is about these cats that is making me cry

  • Samantha Lee
    Samantha Lee Year ago

    I highly recommend Kedi, I watched it at a film festival and it was truly incredible.

  • rloach067
    rloach067 Year ago

    is very sad a video in this channel cannot be seen by everyone... glad you do what you believe in, and i know is complicated for youtube, but this feels like a punishment to everyone not in the privileged countries that got vip access to this hot new thing...

    PEACEMKS Year ago

    I watched Kedi at an arthouse movie theatre in Santa Monica. I loved it.

  • beqsie
    beqsie Year ago

    I am living out of Istanbul for 7 months now, and I MISS my cats!!! ;_; even though they don't probably care -_-

  • crastine4eva
    crastine4eva Year ago

    I love how Hank always prefaces his ads by saying not everyone can buy stoofs.... cause I always feel guilty when peeps be like, "If you love me then buy this!!!"
    But I have youtube red at least

  • Amy Tucker
    Amy Tucker Year ago

    Dear TVclip!!! Red?? UK?? PLEASE???

  • That Sweet Release of Death

    I saw Kedi in the theater with my aunt in Santa Barbara and we had never heard of it before and damn it was amazing y'all

  • Katie Lui
    Katie Lui Year ago


  • Masen Stevens
    Masen Stevens Year ago

    You guys make me so happy

  • Mike Blodgett
    Mike Blodgett Year ago

    Dogs are better, in every way. No disrespect.

  • Eudécio Gabriel
    Eudécio Gabriel Year ago

    what's the docummentary's name?

  • Przemek Kwiatkowski

    Paid for it. Seen it. Loved it. Thank You.

  • A Rose With Thorns

    it's odd to me that people are talking about vlogbrothers being sell outs as if they made content for their viewers then put up a paywall when in actuality they are promoting something that they like and giving it a home to thrive on their channel. would you call them a sell out for promoting a book you have to buy? I'd be angry if they made their own documentary that was meant for the community then uploaded it as a ytr original but this is simply a way to draw attention to something that was made already that hank and john liked enough to deem it worthy of being promoted and I trust that they wouldn't have done this if it wasn't something that they believed in

  • Kristen Upham
    Kristen Upham Year ago

    I dated a man from Istanbul through college and got to experience the street cat culture there. I remember while visiting Boğaziçi university a cat leapt up into my arms and hugged me. He also wouldn't let go until I gave him a lot of pets. Everyone there seemed to have neighborhood cat stories. This documentary was beautiful and has a much more robust history.

  • matteah ayn
    matteah ayn Year ago

    I'm watching this with a kitten on my lap chewing my headphones 😹😻

  • Sebastian Lewis
    Sebastian Lewis Year ago

    I love that part about humans not dominating cats. My cat is more in charge of the house than I am. Haha.

  • shingshongshamalama

    Okay. I hope none of those cats end up killed by a huge civil war.

  • PaintDry
    PaintDry Year ago

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for some help with getting to writers conferences. Donations would be greatly appreciated!

  • Bockney
    Bockney Year ago +1

    +vlogbrothers I understand that this is probably something you genuinely really like and want to tell us about, but could you not advertise a special video and spend the first minute or whatever telling us how cool something is BEFORE mentioning that it's not available to a ton of your viewers?

  • Fay Kanagy
    Fay Kanagy Year ago

    YES YES YES!!! I've seen this ads for this movie all over the place (it's like advertisers know I like cats, or something) and I've been so eager to watch it but couldn't find it, but now it's here!! I know there are some people who haven't been super excited about having it uploaded here, and I understand their reasoning, but I think it's awesome that John and Hank are giving space to something that they like and are excited about.

  • ossojonesify
    ossojonesify Year ago

    3 and a half minute ad for a TVclip red video...

  • WingsOnTheBus
    WingsOnTheBus Year ago

    I went to see this in theaters! It was awesome!

  • Joseph Devries
    Joseph Devries Year ago

    im proud that i already watched this movie in theaters before this video

  • zenfrodo
    zenfrodo Year ago

    Thank you, Hank. We're owned by five cats (and help to care for a feral group that lives in our apartment complex -- along with all the other nearby residents), and they're always keeping us de-stressed and reminding us to pay attention to something other than a computer. Both I and my husband have disabling health issues, and if it wasn't for our little furry family, we'd be hurting a lot more.

  • Sara Gold
    Sara Gold Year ago

    There should be a punishment for using this channel to promote things. Seriously rude you guys.

  • Katherine K
    Katherine K Year ago +1

    "it's a crummy commercial?!" -Ralphie

  • Rebecca O' S
    Rebecca O' S Year ago

    I will gladly spend the €10 one time payment for this 👌

    TED&RED Year ago

    "This new documentary that everyone is talking about."
    Have not heard a thing about it. If you ever question that the Vlogbrothers shill false facts, then here it is. They want your money, not your attention.

  • nadir bengana
    nadir bengana Year ago +1

    Here's a magnet link for the documentary: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0FD136E9682ECCC84B6FAF1F1EAFB19CE13AE7DF&dn=Kedi&
    because screw country exclusive TVclip Red

  • Bo Grisel
    Bo Grisel Year ago

    I'm not a big commenter but I would like to say somethings now. First of al, I really don't mind that there is a pay wall video on VB now. I would have watched the video if it was free, but now I can't. And I don't mind about that. The fact that I can't afford (and want) a subscription shouldn't limit creators to make content for others to watch and shouldn't limit the people that do have a subscription to watch it here.
    I understand it might be upsetting that you don't have access to it but personally I think it is just reality that sometimes you need to accept that there is something that you can't have that others can have. No matter how much you try the world will never be 100% equal. And you can be sad about that or you can be happy about the things that are available for you. (Not saying you can't strive for equality but, there are different ways to do so)
    O and also: Maybe I'm lucky but I never really had a problem with youtube, al the video's I like show up in my subscription tap and I'm actually really happy I don't get notifications, they would really drive me crazy.

  • nishant dewaney
    nishant dewaney Year ago

    Any Indian nerdfighters?