RIDE Official Trailer (2018) Bella Thorne, Jessie T. Usher Thriller Movie HD

  • Published on Sep 14, 2018
  • RIDE Official Trailer (2018) Bella Thorne, Jessie T. Usher Thriller Movie HD
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Comments • 668

  • Madison Falco
    Madison Falco Day ago

    Bella is so likable as an actress

  • Syahrul Fauzi
    Syahrul Fauzi 5 days ago

    Wow. Fake taxi in real life

  • Dirt Path
    Dirt Path 7 days ago +1


  • maklet901
    maklet901 10 days ago

    Movie sucks

  • Damian
    Damian 15 days ago

    Fuck this shit....just saw John Wick 3. Amazing.

  • Daeng
    Daeng 16 days ago

    But,really concept

  • aljacko1
    aljacko1 21 day ago

    Looks terrible

  • John Rider
    John Rider 23 days ago

    To bad she is a lesbo.

  • Eric Lewis
    Eric Lewis 24 days ago

    I would ride the shit out of Bella Thorne.

  • Happiness
    Happiness 24 days ago

    Bella Thorne? And a good movie?

  • Cannon Smith
    Cannon Smith 27 days ago

    where can i find this movie

  • Mike L
    Mike L Month ago +1

    Man Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise look way different!

  • TrikShotsGaming
    TrikShotsGaming Month ago

    Why is Bella Thorne in so many movies? She’s so fucking ugly with all her piercings but always cleans up nicely for movies

  • Yomama Bin Fartin
    Yomama Bin Fartin Month ago +1

    This movie took way too long to get going

  • Jim Fitz
    Jim Fitz Month ago

    I don’t know who any of these people are ?

  • fiqipraramadhan
    fiqipraramadhan Month ago

    Shite flick, but good shite

  • Andrew Goldstein
    Andrew Goldstein Month ago

    Will Brill is chill

  • Sweet Rose
    Sweet Rose 2 months ago

    Attractive actors, good performances, storyline was kind of sketchy and weird but the movie was decent overall. Watching this movie just made me not want to be any kind of uber or lyft driver.

  • Mitzi Anderson
    Mitzi Anderson 2 months ago

    It had potential..but was not that good.

  • amirnaceur
    amirnaceur 2 months ago

    Pretty entertaining movie but the ending sucked ass. I wish the ending was better.

  • ally may
    ally may 2 months ago +1

    Will Brill what kinda name is that

  • lllt
    lllt 2 months ago

    Song at 0:48 ?

  • Sewer Tapes
    Sewer Tapes 2 months ago

    Rated R. . . for RETARDED.

  • Dominik
    Dominik 2 months ago

    Does enybody have link for full movie ?

  • Game Troller
    Game Troller 2 months ago

    White man bad. Black man good

  • Ulises Vences
    Ulises Vences 2 months ago


  • Coolkingjtmoney
    Coolkingjtmoney 2 months ago

    bruh its like the tom cruise jamie fox film collateral

  • tahna dana
    tahna dana 2 months ago

    this is like that other stupid movie NERVE

  • SyszoneTv
    SyszoneTv 2 months ago +2

    bella thorne? gtfo with that unshaved hippie its 2019.. pay her education first and then let her be in showbuss

  • Mickey Black
    Mickey Black 2 months ago


  • Dylan Veldhuizen
    Dylan Veldhuizen 2 months ago

    We all know you clicked the thumbnail for that, not the film.

  • O-Ren Ishii
    O-Ren Ishii 2 months ago

    Ride where the white girl does no wrong the back guys is genuine and the white dude is you guessed it an evil nazi

  • ubaidullah ahmad
    ubaidullah ahmad 2 months ago

    Go watch road bollywood movie instead

  • secluder
    secluder 3 months ago

    This looks like shit ...plus she's a terrible actor

  • Jono Langford
    Jono Langford 3 months ago

    Great great film

  • Neil Morley
    Neil Morley 3 months ago

    I won't be watching this sorry!

  • Diamante Dea
    Diamante Dea 3 months ago

    This was a pretty good movie

  • Kocak
    Kocak 3 months ago

    new episode by fake taxi
    btw nice ( . )Y( . )

  • Sophia Xenos
    Sophia Xenos 3 months ago

    someone respond where do I find this movie?

    • Diamante Dea
      Diamante Dea 3 months ago

      Sophia Xenos if you have cox it’s on demand free

    MIKE HUNT 3 months ago

    Dumb ass film

  • Snap: ComeHaveaLaugh
    Snap: ComeHaveaLaugh 3 months ago +1

    Wish it ended better

  • Sincxrity
    Sincxrity 3 months ago +1

    Well if he gave him a real gun I’m pretty sure he could of ended the whole fucked up situation and threatened him with it and call the police

  • Kat
    Kat 3 months ago

    Wow this movie looks sooo bad. If it wasn't for Bella Thorne in that picture, nobody would even watch this crap trailer!

  • Ryan O
    Ryan O 4 months ago

    How can I watch this movie???
    Can't even access it on Wikipedia.

    • Diamante Dea
      Diamante Dea 3 months ago

      Ryan O if you have cox it’s on demand free

  • April Lynn
    April Lynn 4 months ago

    Watched this night left me feeling like there was something left out, I thought it was not very good.

  • Moazzam Ali
    Moazzam Ali 4 months ago

    1:57 damn that ass

  • mark jeffers
    mark jeffers 4 months ago

    Bella thorne hot 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • William Anderson
    William Anderson 4 months ago

    Chinese actors can never be on films like this with a white actress

  • robotcop
    robotcop 4 months ago

    it has to be a black guy to play the dumb one

  • aje Ttv
    aje Ttv 4 months ago

    Looks good they match but, that other guy just destroyed it thought for a mint it was a love movie was better then this crap

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 4 months ago

    Looks like a poor-man's "The Hitcher" mixed with a shitty version of "Collateral".

  • Daniel Mihalev
    Daniel Mihalev 4 months ago

    Can people stop objectifying women in their trailer thumbnails?

  • Kevin Abamonga
    Kevin Abamonga 4 months ago

    I would just grab and knock him out, instead of going thru a night of hell,..done,...interesting movie concept though..

  • Happy Singh
    Happy Singh 4 months ago

    Now days she's lesbian.......

  • Profile One
    Profile One 4 months ago

    This looks mediocre . But I’ll check it out

  • Cellular G
    Cellular G 4 months ago

    What a shit movie

  • Oma Rumunna
    Oma Rumunna 4 months ago

    Everything gets turned into a horror movie. From dolls to plants.

  • Azka Zoe
    Azka Zoe 4 months ago

    It's like a good movie but i feel i don't want to watch it...lack of interesting points maybe

  • Zqfira
    Zqfira 4 months ago +1

    I think this is the only movie I've ever called terrible, but the movie was TERRIBLE. The storyline had no logic, no proper ending I mean it was just bad.

  • Cosmin
    Cosmin 5 months ago

    Why do i see this chick in every crap horror movie?

    • Oma Rumunna
      Oma Rumunna 4 months ago

      Bella's become a scream queen... and semi video vixen.

  • 513vader
    513vader 5 months ago +2

    Anyone else kinda annoyed with Hollywood shoving down everyone’s throat black guy white girl movies? Fucking mix it up, where’s white guy, black girl, or Asian girl black guy or Latina girl white guy!? Freakin anything else! Btw I’m black lol

    • Darren Scott
      Darren Scott 4 months ago +1

      Yea bro it's getting alittle ridiculous, almost like they have an agenda.

  • Scott Derrickson
    Scott Derrickson 5 months ago +1

    No such thing as an Uber driver in a suit. That's why they drive Uber

  • Martial Artist
    Martial Artist 5 months ago +5

    I want to see films with other than black leads like Asian or Hispanic. Mix it up.

  • Giosner
    Giosner 5 months ago

    I can’t watch Bella Thorne without Patrick Schwarzenegger

  • Tahmena Ferdous
    Tahmena Ferdous 5 months ago

    When ur budget for cast is limited

  • Anon521
    Anon521 5 months ago

    Gay af

  • brandonbamf99
    brandonbamf99 5 months ago

    Bella looks like she smells like fermented onions

  • mastermonarch
    mastermonarch 5 months ago

    This is so hella stupid

  • arunaaa301
    arunaaa301 5 months ago

    looks like a Collateral/Bad Influence ripoff.

  • Lipo Ankuu
    Lipo Ankuu 5 months ago

    waist of time!

  • Andor y sus videos de MIERDA

    Sponsored by all those taxi companies who hate the 21st century

  • Janiyah Davis
    Janiyah Davis 5 months ago

    This actually looks good I thought it was gonna just be a cheesy love story with Bella the “wild girl” but I like the little twist to it

  • Northwinds
    Northwinds 5 months ago

    driver x?

  • John Benning
    John Benning 5 months ago

    Collateral 2 😁😁

  • Justine Dela Cruz
    Justine Dela Cruz 5 months ago


  • Ishmael C
    Ishmael C 5 months ago

    Yawn...i already know the twist is the girl and the crazy man are in kahoots. These movies are so predictable.

  • SAT 143
    SAT 143 5 months ago

    The girl is with the bad guy

  • liam davis
    liam davis 5 months ago

    Minus the ride sharing app element, I feel like I've seen this a bunch of times in movies, usually involving a crazed hitchhikers or someone with amnesia.

  • AC AB
    AC AB 5 months ago


    • AC AB
      AC AB 5 months ago

      @Ishmael C Maybe..

    • Ishmael C
      Ishmael C 5 months ago

      She's working with the bad guy huh?

  • Martin Acosta
    Martin Acosta 5 months ago

    i watched and i kept feeling that i saw her somewhere, i cheeked and she is from a series that my little sister used to watch, she got hot, because she was like the one you were afraid the wind gonna taker her hahaha

  • Hrachya Grigoryan
    Hrachya Grigoryan 5 months ago

    maaaan white chicks like Bella are fucking amazing!!!!

  • novemberRain Gaming
    novemberRain Gaming 6 months ago +1


  • Prime Evans
    Prime Evans 6 months ago

    Gun flickers on off screen. Bad ass movie. So edgy.

  • xPazz Adi
    xPazz Adi 6 months ago

    Anyone has any idea about the song's name between 0:30 - 053 please ?!

  • Jojo Bradley
    Jojo Bradley 6 months ago

    I'm sorry but I love Bella Thorne...IDK Y??!!!😖

  • Davy Bo
    Davy Bo 6 months ago

    This movie was dogshit

  • Enəɡˈmætɪk
    Enəɡˈmætɪk 6 months ago

    Finally something fresh

  • Rodrigo1902
    Rodrigo1902 6 months ago

    Dónde la puedo ver?

  • ThinkinGuy
    ThinkinGuy 6 months ago

    does bella show her tits?

  • TheDrownjrDrown
    TheDrownjrDrown 6 months ago

    kinda reminds of tom cruise and jaime fox in collateral

  • Ray Alez
    Ray Alez 6 months ago

    Looks like these guys were a *collateral* damage.

  • EntyseOnline
    EntyseOnline 6 months ago

    the dumbest film ever. Waste of Hollywood budget, waste of film. Jessie was awesome in Survivor's Remorse. This is a step back. Horrible script. Cheesy AF. HORRIBLE ENDING. As if their insinuating a sequel. Watch if you're bored and nothing else to watch.

  • Naira Gatsby
    Naira Gatsby 6 months ago

    this movie was the definition of awful

  • Jj Mmm
    Jj Mmm 7 months ago

    Wait that's Bella? WHY DIDN'T I RECOGNIZE HER

  • Angelica Reng
    Angelica Reng 7 months ago

    dont watch it movie was boring and it sucked

  • Mr Kambeng 101
    Mr Kambeng 101 7 months ago

    *uber/grab deleted*

  • Chayenne Chua
    Chayenne Chua 7 months ago

    I'm not a fan of Bella Thorn . I just clicked it for checking the movie to watch XD

  • Tobias H
    Tobias H 7 months ago

    Something something desperate times...

  • Alyssa B
    Alyssa B 7 months ago

    She seems like a cool person and she's really pretty but her acting is mediocre and her movies are consistently bad

    SERIAL KILLER 7 months ago

    Looks good about to watch it !