Tila Tequila Talks About the Illuminati Part II1

  • Published on Jan 21, 2017

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  • TLOKE 57
    TLOKE 57 5 months ago

    She keeps touching her shoulder where my girl dose when there trying to communicate lol

  • Muaz 47
    Muaz 47 Year ago +1

    alex jones also spreads hate towards muslims. I've noticed all these "whistle blowers" end up throwing shade at other religions as well so that just discredits a lot the stuff they say. They either tell the truth in a fear mongering way, or they mix the truth with lies, which alex jones does as well. Something to think about.

  • Elizabeth Sisney
    Elizabeth Sisney Year ago

    look I believe what you are talking about... but you are not saying anything?? explain what you are talking about... I am a Christian and believe that God protects us. so please share your story. I am praying for you, your safety and protection. in Jesus Name I rebuke all the weapons formed against you in Jesus Name. Holy Spirit cover her by your spirit and anointing. give her the courage and wisdom that comes from you to expose the Darkness. In Jesus Name Amen

  • Cindy Khos
    Cindy Khos Year ago

    Whatch the eyes. Not real. A robot.

  • michael barkley
    michael barkley Year ago

    this bitch a stone cold perc abuser

    • Elizabeth Sisney
      Elizabeth Sisney Year ago

      ConstitutionLost wjats Sad is that the Darkness always likes to keep you blind... but when The Lord uses People to shine a light in darkness... you have a choice, remain in the dark or Open your eyes. the Illuminati exists!

    • michael barkley
      michael barkley Year ago +1

      ConstitutionLost..I was just kidding I know she's telling the truth...she's been telling people for years what's going on

    • ConstitutionLost
      ConstitutionLost  Year ago +5

      Thats what you Illuminati want everyone to think, you say everyone that points the finger at you is crazy or a drug addict. People aren't falling for that shit anymore, you guys need to think of new techniques that is getting old. Were waking up and you fear us.