Gus' Birthday

  • Published on May 6, 2018
  • Gus doesn't have a very happy birthday.
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    Gus has a somewhat stressful birthday when things don't go his way.
    I am Gus Johnson. I make music, I put out bad skits. Thanks for your time, internet stranger. Sometimes I go by gustoonz.
    Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson  6 months ago +1620

    sorry i got kind of grumpy
    follow me on twitter as a present to yourself @Gusbuckets

    • Awwhamburgerz
      Awwhamburgerz 11 days ago

      Gus Johnson I’m new n was wondering if that’s ur fam? If so how did u get them to act so well. They played it so funny as the straight man to ur shenanigans I stopped paying attention to u n jus was listening to hear “it’s good cake” again... anyway good shit

    • WeAsOneOfficial
      WeAsOneOfficial Month ago

      Your mom and dad do amazing in these videos (:

    • Shy Badger
      Shy Badger Month ago

      Hahaha emo gus

    • M M
      M M 3 months ago

      Arrested development

    • Radyachman Radyan
      Radyachman Radyan 4 months ago

      Gus Johnson i wish my parents love me like your parents did

  • phil
    phil 11 hours ago

    The Johnsons had a good day

  • RussianInternet
    RussianInternet 4 days ago

    rus sackson has minor anger issues

  • Tom H
    Tom H 5 days ago

    This is too real. Oh my god.

  • harper h
    harper h 7 days ago

    2:04 you can see how hard he’s trying not to laugh

  • Roos Smit
    Roos Smit 9 days ago

    What’s eating Gus Grape

  • NoobShift3r #NNIR
    NoobShift3r #NNIR 10 days ago

    Grumpy 24 yr old autistic kid's birthday

  • ุ
     11 days ago

    I know a kid just like this

  • Lou Simon
    Lou Simon 12 days ago

    I was born on the same day as Gus 😄

  • rks shinyhunter
    rks shinyhunter 13 days ago +1

    I find it so funny when you make sketches that make you seem as if you have special needs

  • La Barbera Tejana
    La Barbera Tejana 14 days ago +2

    Your parents are almost too supportive of your artistic vision

  • Erin is a tree
    Erin is a tree 15 days ago +1

    gus is a fucking Taurus????¿¿¿?¿??¿

  • RandomGuyOnTheInternet

    imagine them going to a store asking for a cake that says gub

  • elizaveta2206
    elizaveta2206 16 days ago

    Is this a remake of What's Eating Gilbert Grape

  • Emma Brass
    Emma Brass 16 days ago

    If gus was a cat

  • Exclusive Beats
    Exclusive Beats 17 days ago

    Gone with the wind.

  • old macbook
    old macbook 18 days ago

    live footage of me at 5 years old

  • thexbigxgreen
    thexbigxgreen 19 days ago

    Everyone played their part perfectly... A true masterpiece. Happy birthday indeed, Gub.

  • Joel Roy
    Joel Roy 19 days ago

    this is a perfect representation of a young male child waking up to his birthday with a super grumpy attitude and no will to even be happy XD

  • John Littrell
    John Littrell 20 days ago

    I love all of Gub Johnson’s videos.

  • Carsen LaPierre
    Carsen LaPierre 21 day ago

    No nO no

  • ZombieProdigy0
    ZombieProdigy0 22 days ago

    your family loves you alot

  • Pudeeepole people
    Pudeeepole people 22 days ago

    I am so confused


    This must've been very fun to record.

  • Servial
    Servial 29 days ago

    *every white kids birthday* 😂

  • Blenderman420
    Blenderman420 Month ago

    Easy w the zoom, guys. Lol...,otherwise fucking classic, and fanfuckingtastic as ALWAYS! Hahja

  • allycookie2009
    allycookie2009 Month ago

    This was all too real when it comes to holidays with my 24 year old, 280lb, autistic cousin. Still funny though.

  • Flud
    Flud Month ago

    When your birthday is on a Monday

  • Ucantdestabilise
    Ucantdestabilise Month ago

    I used to work in a forensic mental unit. It was like this most days, but with more biting and poo.

  • _marie_
    _marie_ Month ago

    Gus's dad is the real goat

  • Damien M.H.
    Damien M.H. Month ago

    I thought this was really funny and then I read the comments of a bunch of people who are mad that "this is sad because he's acting autistic" which is kinda mean saying he's acting autistic like yea they might be a little different but that doesn't mean you should treat them like a toddler like these people in the video are treating Gus. My sister is autistic and I still found this video funny, and she did too. Yeah we could kinda relate, but it made it more funny to us, because we could look back and laugh at when we had this type of situation. Autistic people grow up in the same society we do, my sister was never treated like this past toddler years. Because that's how "normal" kids are supposed to act, and we want her to be looked at as a good individual, not some autistic girl who was always treated like she needed all The cushioning. But with the video, he's just acting like a toddler. A bratty kid who had his action figure at school taken by another kid.A kid who had his Ipad taken away. A little child who had a pouty day. Idk sorry this is really long but it just kinda made me feel weird how people were like "tHiS iS mAkiNg fUn oF AuTiStiC kiDs" when in reality this is like every kid now

  • Kelly Corless
    Kelly Corless Month ago

    this video unironically made me cry someone please help me

  • WeAsOneOfficial
    WeAsOneOfficial Month ago

    Why is literally everyone o n I t in this video 😅

  • Ariel Lau
    Ariel Lau Month ago

    it's so awesome that he could get his whole family to film with him

  • PB Babe
    PB Babe 2 months ago

    I've watched this or shown it to a friend four times since my last comment.

  • TYLER Johnson
    TYLER Johnson 2 months ago

    this makes me so uncomfortable on so many levels

  • DARKlife
    DARKlife 2 months ago

    Damn Gus you make me laugh harder than anyone I’ve ever met

  • local rat
    local rat 2 months ago

    the reason i'm laughing so hard rn is because this was me one year

  • PB Babe
    PB Babe 2 months ago

    Reminds me of that SNL baby CEO sketch. Hapu bellyated birthmus gub.

  • Jibanyan Hibanyan
    Jibanyan Hibanyan 2 months ago +1


  • Tara Kalash
    Tara Kalash 2 months ago +3

    Gus was a real dumb ghost 🤣

  • Levi Rosenlieb
    Levi Rosenlieb 2 months ago

    His family are goods actors

  • 5Detective
    5Detective 2 months ago

    These are the real results of a lobotomy. Clips taken from the 1968 documentary that were hidden until now.

  • kcb1234567
    kcb1234567 2 months ago

    I lol'd at :32 when the chair hit the wall as you sat down XD

  • TastyChevelle
    TastyChevelle 2 months ago

    I love these videos, especially when you see Gus crack a little.
    Really highlights the Midwestern family and trying to deal with family problems passively.

  • 朝日
    朝日 2 months ago +1

    Gus, no gus, gus no.

  • Jarf510
    Jarf510 2 months ago

    My little brother’s just like this.

  • RoastToast Reviews
    RoastToast Reviews 2 months ago

    How old are you??

  • Vorchitect
    Vorchitect 2 months ago +1

    This makes me never ever want to have children.

    • PB Babe
      PB Babe 2 months ago +1

      Vorchitect I know right, cause they would never live up to the Bus Jackson standard of goof and that would be unacceptable.

  • Sarah Claiborne
    Sarah Claiborne 2 months ago

    Gus goes to the vet

  • mistalozna
    mistalozna 2 months ago

    Poor gub :(

  • JMac
    JMac 3 months ago

    I love that the whole family is involved
    Makes it that much funnier

  • Jtv6
    Jtv6 3 months ago

    Gus the raging autist

  • Arron Aim
    Arron Aim 3 months ago

    I lived how the guy just walked in saw what was happening and was like '... F this shit.' 😄

  • Carz
    Carz 3 months ago

    This is gold

  • Nik A
    Nik A 3 months ago +4

    You look like Cara Delivigne in the thumbnail

  • BossDog933
    BossDog933 3 months ago

    Hey mom and Dad can we do this video ever I act let a autistic man baby on my birthday 🤔😂

  • Personal Space Invader
    Personal Space Invader 3 months ago

    Your dad is hot and there are too many plants in your living room.

  • ShiningLightSuraj
    ShiningLightSuraj 3 months ago

    Greatest freak out ever 36 (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

  • Joseph Matthew
    Joseph Matthew 3 months ago

    Gub actually made me laugh out loud

  • SevenDeadlySquids
    SevenDeadlySquids 3 months ago

    Gus needs an ass whooping

  • Joshua Kohl
    Joshua Kohl 3 months ago +6

    Love how the cake flipped instead of their intent to have it hit the window head on

  • Elliott Pol
    Elliott Pol 3 months ago

    Gus = Jesus.

  • Mor Balaten
    Mor Balaten 3 months ago

    Lol your family is great for going along with this bit

  • Tuva Daloğlu
    Tuva Daloğlu 3 months ago

    Nice retard impression XD

  • TMCC
    TMCC 3 months ago

    *come on gus*

  • Captain Cancer
    Captain Cancer 3 months ago

    I love how well Gus plays the role of the low functioning autist so well. It's frankly impressive. Honestly everyone did an excellent job acting. You could just feel the hatred Gus's family have for him and the burden he is to his family, not willing to voice it yet still displaying it.

  • Patrick Ryan
    Patrick Ryan 3 months ago

    this is so uncomfortable

  • tulbanhawk
    tulbanhawk 4 months ago

    god i wish i had this kind of family

  • Dylan Monstrum
    Dylan Monstrum 4 months ago

    Happy Birthday, Gub!

  • AJ Jacobsen
    AJ Jacobsen 4 months ago

    Was this real

  • AJ Jacobsen
    AJ Jacobsen 4 months ago

    Gus was a real dumb ghost

  • AlexDaShepherd
    AlexDaShepherd 4 months ago

    Birthday in the summer bitch ass

  • mynameis bob
    mynameis bob 4 months ago

    Your sister and parents look exactly like you. It's like an army of Gus.

  • Pixel Lemon
    Pixel Lemon 4 months ago

    You need to sedel down

  • May-Yon-Neys
    May-Yon-Neys 4 months ago

    Poor Cake ._.

  • Peter Stainforth
    Peter Stainforth 4 months ago

    This is how I feel anytime before noon.

  • Darvitmo
    Darvitmo 4 months ago

    He needs his coffee

  • Thakkattack
    Thakkattack 4 months ago

    Skinny gus just left that was amazing

  • Vivek Kaushik
    Vivek Kaushik 4 months ago

    WTH is wrong with this guy?

  • Ty Sorensen
    Ty Sorensen 4 months ago

    I mean you cant really blame him, the gifts were god awful, just like what my parents give me for my birthday and christmas, which is why I no longer value those days or have any excitement in anticipation of them. Rather I dread them and the fill me with hate every year because they are always ruined in some way or another by my highly dysfunctional family

  • Devin 2018
    Devin 2018 5 months ago


  • Shrimpy Bebo
    Shrimpy Bebo 5 months ago

    this is too cringey. i have to hide down here in the comment section.

  • Tinzin
    Tinzin 5 months ago

    i really like the ones where he acts like he's actually autistic.

  • Loner boy
    Loner boy 5 months ago

    Gus cannot be tamed

  • poutymornie
    poutymornie 5 months ago


  • Noel Leong
    Noel Leong 5 months ago

    How the hell did he get his parents to get in on it?

  • Corn Thrower
    Corn Thrower 5 months ago

    *GUS NO*

  • TAB
    TAB 5 months ago +1

    Little does he know, he would make a great actor.

  • STL Cardinals
    STL Cardinals 5 months ago

    Your mom looks like you, and your dad looks like sven

  • Scott Decker
    Scott Decker 5 months ago

    Gus is a special boy

  • Billy Mays
    Billy Mays 6 months ago

    my absolute fav series

  • Tyklay
    Tyklay 6 months ago

    The Gus-est Freak Out Ever

  • brolofozourus megarex
    brolofozourus megarex 6 months ago

    I am unironikly sad, sad to the point of tears in my eyes. Please don't make sad videos😣😭😭😢😢😢😢

  • Roses Lace
    Roses Lace 6 months ago +1

    *Full House opening intensifies*

  • Dio nysos
    Dio nysos 6 months ago

    What the hell is this

  • piggypoo
    piggypoo 6 months ago

    this seems like a video showing how difficult it is for families to care for an autistic person....

  • Dawn Hero
    Dawn Hero 6 months ago

    I laughed so hard at this, instant favorite.

  • Kevin Brunure
    Kevin Brunure 6 months ago

    eh qu'il est donc ben malcommode
    (je m'excuse si nous n'avions pas le droit d'écrire en français dans cette section commentaire, je n'ai pas regardé)

  • Dennis Whiter
    Dennis Whiter 6 months ago

    I have no idea how I got here. Is Gus retarded?