Can Chubby Girls Date in Japan? (Discussion)

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • This is a requested video. I got many questions from western women who watched the video and feeling so scared now about going to Japan. They asked me if they can date in Japan or not:
    ■JAPAN | No Country for FAT Western Womyn
    ■What Japanese Women Think of Plus Size Models (interview)
    ■Missy in Japan
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  • 日本人女性は太りすぎ!

    Japanese women are too obese!

  • KellyS74
    KellyS74 20 days ago +1

    I've been slowly losing weight over the past 8 months, and Im so much happier, I've still got a bit of a journey ahead of me, but I will never go back to being big again, there were so many problems attributed with being over weight, the health implications cannot be ignored.. I do not believe in fat shaming though, I think its a truly heartless thing to do to another human being, however, being over weight should not be ignored either, its not a good thing for the body (or the mind for that matter).. We should strive for ultimate health and wellbeing but this should be done in a positive and loving way, fat shaming will do nothing but have the opposite effect, and can push someone further into an unhealthy lifestyle! We all need to be a bit kinder towards each other ❤️ and as far as relationships go, that is completely down to the individuals preference 🤗

  • Kreymore
    Kreymore 22 days ago

    People should do what they want to do but at the same time, they should not complain if they dont attract certain type of people. You cant have it both ways. This goes for both men and women; if you want the best chance at attracting many people, then you must do your best to become as attractive as possible. This goes for all physical appearance including hygiene.

  • Robert Jackson
    Robert Jackson 25 days ago

    Very interesting.

  • Sleepless Otaku
    Sleepless Otaku 25 days ago

    Missy is spot on!! If you want to be with someone in shape, get in shape, and the same for chubby people. Usually healthy and physically active people want a partner that they can do all their activities with. Speaking for myself, I love a strong amazon warrior queen that can hit the gym harder than me and that’s also into martial arts. Different strokes for different folks.

  • USV & The World
    USV & The World 26 days ago

    Women should try to love themselves no matter what problem they have: fat, thin, disable....Without a male partner, you wouldn't die. Yes, it could be lonely sometimes, however having a boyfriend or a husband doesn't guarantee happiness. Happiness comes from within.

    • judofan
      judofan 13 days ago

      Spoken like a true over 40, un-married, childless, cat lady.

  • NewtypeDestroyer
    NewtypeDestroyer 27 days ago +1

    Black Pigeon thinks he's a Japan expert. He always talks up about Japan.

  • A Person
    A Person 27 days ago

    I feel like some Japanese women(Not generalizing everyone) tend to see halthy weight as fat and that's a bit of an issue in my opinion.It's just that some people there can go a little too far when it comes to losing weight.(By that I mean trying to like be 170cm with 40kg of weight level.) However, it is important to have a healthy weight and being obese is not healthy either. Like at all. I hope that people realize that neither being too thin(I have been there once and I felt physically weak but I kept thinking I have to lose.) or too fat(Like it's just bad for you, let's be real. You are more prone to get serious deceases and heart attacks as well.) is good.

  • SpadeGhostVampire7777
    SpadeGhostVampire7777 27 days ago

    So regular fat chuncky with meat on their bones thin and not American version of fat and obese. Good to know. This infornation is crucial for my studies of other cultures difference's for personal knowledge that I will keep to myself so I keep my options open on vacationing spots for respect of knowing the rules per visit per vacationed country some day.

  • Manuel Jiménez Granero

    Once again, Missy just nailed it in her closing statement... I have the impression that quite often she just delivers straight-forward, neither harsh nor nonsensical arguments to whatever discussion the group is having - kudos for her!

  • Daniela Rejas García
    Daniela Rejas García 28 days ago +1

    When will american women learn that being obese is bad?

  • Shanichama Chan
    Shanichama Chan 28 days ago

    Why don’t any of you talk about how cannabis used to be apart of the Japanese culture, and how the Asshole Americans ruined it.
    It’s time Japan learns about their history with cannabis

  • Shanichama Chan
    Shanichama Chan 28 days ago

    Then move back Orca.

  • J Ballew
    J Ballew 29 days ago +1

    Basicaly if you are a bit obese and sailing in Japanese waters, expect to be whaled.
    We in the U S will just weepm at the thought of those about to consume the lardbodies]

  • J Ballew
    J Ballew 29 days ago +5

    A "chubby" Japanese girl likely was into Judo, Kyudo, Kendo, so a lot of her weight is muscle.
    I knew ONE U.S. girl who fit this category. 5'3", 135 Lb, and he body fat was so low doctors were telling her to "eat more". She was losing calcium. But she did not look "Chubby". She looked like what she was; A very muscular but short woman.

    Otherwise? I lived in Japan a while (it was nice) . I rarely saw "fat" people, and I lived in Tohoku. I did see a lot of girls who were "sturdy", as in they were not fat, but just muscular.
    In the U.S.?

    If you are in a electric scooter because you are too fat to waddle through the door, I have zero sympathy for you. Why should the Japanese?

  • Sunglare
    Sunglare 29 days ago

    Let's be real, the answer is no. Even when I wasn't obese when I went to Japan everything was small. Fat Americans already bitch about furniture no accommodating them they are going to hate Japan.
    If you go to Japan lose some fucking weight dont expect an entire culture to cater to your poor eating habits.

  • Lympy Downunder
    Lympy Downunder 29 days ago

    This stuff is true & if they had the same thing for personalities in Japan ... Noboru-san would have a girlfriend.

    • Shanichama Chan
      Shanichama Chan 28 days ago

      Lympy Downunder It’s Nobita are you deaf man? Also, maybe he doesn’t care about dating, not everyone has “getting laid” on their minds.

  • kam shaft
    kam shaft 29 days ago

    except sayuka lumina but yea no 1 likes to date fatty people

  • Khaltzane Caisirce
    Khaltzane Caisirce Month ago +1

    Anyone who spells women with a y isn't worth listenting to

  • Acolyte
    Acolyte Month ago

    i like donuts

  • Michael Aceti
    Michael Aceti Month ago

    Fat is ugly and unhealthy no matter what country the person is from.

  • Patrick Haffey
    Patrick Haffey Month ago

    holy crap that girl from Canada! lmmfao her eyes are escaping out the sides of her head 🃏😂 😂 and the women who aren't Japanese, bitches be lyin yo. Nobody wants a fattass except Losers with a fat fetish, all you are is a fetish fatty 🃏😂 😂

  • さまナイン
    さまナイン Month ago

    I may be a fat person but i dnt like that whole fat acceptance shit. I cnt even look at myself in the mirror. Being overweight is an issue.

  • Haruki Hanako
    Haruki Hanako Month ago +1

    I use to be chubby but I lost weight for my health and now watching this, I'm not so obsessed with getting skinnier.

  • Wynn Horton
    Wynn Horton Month ago

    In many ways I am a feminist and must say that one of the reasons I prefer both Japanese men and Japanese food is because of weight/health. Women don't want a fat man on top of them with a big belly preventing penetration or even affecting an erection (e.d.). American people are disgustingly fat and I include the men. What a man looks like and his health and vigor matters, too.

    • Wynn Horton
      Wynn Horton Month ago

      The Japanese-American men in Hawaii are often fat and that is not acceptable or attractive, either. YUCK!

  • Ron Cipriano
    Ron Cipriano Month ago

    Come on here . Who wants a fat chick ?
    Just imagine how many times a day these slobs sit and shit on a toilet ? Just imagine smelling that ? another thing. you come home from work and you wanna go down on this animal but, she just got done walking 2 blocks and her inner thighs are all chaffed from her fat legs rubbing together and her hole region smells like a sewar. Come on

  • Justin Law
    Justin Law Month ago


  • Burning Heart
    Burning Heart Month ago

    1- Eat healthy portioned meals
    2- Exercise
    3- Exercise
    It's not impossible to find a gf/bf who likes plus size, just far less of a chance.

  • BlockChain
    BlockChain Month ago

    Japanese guys prefer a thin body because their diqs are too small to penetrate a heavier lardass woman.

  • roku fangirl
    roku fangirl Month ago +5

    What people don’t understand is that anyone of ANY shape can find love. Period.
    There IS someone out there for you who will love you for you.

    • Lisa R
      Lisa R Month ago

      I believe there is somebody for everybody.
      Until you become a senior citizen. Then it gets really difficult.
      A woman I use to know worked in a senior home and I asked her if there is alot of romance going on.
      She laughed. "Hahahaha. No"

    • Bristecom
      Bristecom Month ago +5

      This is a fallacy. Many people do and will end up single for life.

  • mystique blue
    mystique blue Month ago

    It’s prob gonna be hard for you to date in Japan if you are chubby. They like healthy!

  • Amanda Quinlivan
    Amanda Quinlivan Month ago

    Weight is such a sensitive subject, no matter where you are from. I have always been a large person, even when I used to play sports all the time. But now that I am in my 30s, I am paying the price. No matter what I have tried, exercise, better eating, the only thing that has had any effect was practically starving myself which was not sustainable. After having a knee injury a few months ago, Ive gained even more weight to the point I have had to make the decision to do a complete change in my life with diet and altered exercise. Its tough but its also my fault (except busting and dislocating my knee cap lol!). You gotta love yourself enough to want to better yourself 🖤🇦🇺

    • lambchopxoxo
      lambchopxoxo Month ago

      Hey I broke my knee cap and lost 15 pounds because I was so scared to gain but yeah I felt hungry all the time too

    • Nickel Mgtow
      Nickel Mgtow Month ago

      Eat more plant based proteins, cut the sugar ;)

  • William Saunders
    William Saunders Month ago +1

    I'm big but I'm healthy and in a healthy relationship. It's about lifestyle and attitude.

    • Sunglare
      Sunglare 29 days ago

      If you're obese you arent healthy. Obesity is a symptom of something that is wrong.

  • Hobo_Shuruken
    Hobo_Shuruken Month ago +3

    Most people like *healthy* people. If you feel bad for not fitting into that, don't take it too personally; it will hurt a little, but acknowledging most problems do, but I can't exactly think of societal reinforcement for people to be healthy as bad. If you are content with a state of unhealth, sure. But the consequences are on you.
    (Also, USA would be better off if we had healthy foods for cheap more often than the latter)
    (PS: institutions shouldn't cater doors to the overweight or provide scooters for obesity. Come on, bigger seats for big builds in small amounts, maybe. But, the initially mentioned measures would just be too far.)

  • Majesty 1987
    Majesty 1987 Month ago

    Yes im fluffy and my bf is slim.. plus im curvy, i got that hourglass figure with big titties and booty so im shaped good, its not like im air balloon shaped.. im losing weight gradually though cos im working out regularly and eating less.. he likes chubby woman anyways :D

  • Smash
    Smash Month ago +1

    American white girls are fat and will have sex with anything

  • Ale VG
    Ale VG Month ago +2

    NO AND TRULY NO !! if you're fat your not lucky in japan ,never even think in south corea where standards of beauty is to be like a skeleton ..

  • Nickie Putra
    Nickie Putra Month ago

    I prefer positif patner

  • Halfdanr Hamarrhjarta
    Halfdanr Hamarrhjarta Month ago +1

    Of course they can date, but it's objectively false that humans can be "healthy at any size". If a 6' 4" tall adult man like me weighs 40 kilos that's almost certainly not healthy, and if they're weighing 140 kilos that's almost certainly not healthy either.

  • snowmanii
    snowmanii Month ago +3

    1) Being skinny and being healthy are Not synonymous. Some people are simply larger than others by anatomy
    2) The Japanese even make fun of you (or make comments about you) if you're Japanese and really tall. Any size, shape, or color difference, the Japanese feel the need to make a comment about. And you might say it's not out of malice, but to an extent it IS underhanded shaming. They focus so intensely on saying "oh, you gained weight" "oh, you should lose weight so you can get married" and these comments are, in essence, shaming the other person into being the thin you believe is best. And that is not good.
    3) You're not healthier eating eggs and rice. Those starchy foods lend themselves to weight gain. That's why athletes eat more starches and proteins to bulk up so they can compete.
    4) You can still find love in Japan beings larger, but as your male japanese friend said, the Japanese tend to like very thin women so they are probably not going to be very attracted to you if you're outside of what they consider "thin"

  • Peter Garcia
    Peter Garcia Month ago +2

    Ask a skinny or fit women how hard it is to maintain there body. It all takes work and perseverance. Nothing that looks good didn't just happen overnight. A show car takes years to master now think about your physical and mental aspect how on how long it takes to master your own body.

  • Peter Garcia
    Peter Garcia Month ago

    People can mope and mope about who they are physically and mentally, in the end you alone are your own outcome. Unless there are health or mental issues, you alone are behind the wheel.

  • ENGLISH英語を学ぶアカウント


  • Space War
    Space War Month ago

    Good for Japan to actually have some decent standards.

  • Victory Saber
    Victory Saber Month ago

    Is that for real? I mean long as a male wants a female and theres fetishes there will always be dating. Japan or elsewhere. Omg people concerned about health and take it extremely serious? This is so offensive... lol japan take nothing from western countries but their money.

  • DarkPa1adin
    DarkPa1adin Month ago +5

    Just cut off sugar for a month, you will be happy with the results!

    • Blasian Babies
      Blasian Babies Month ago

      Exactly, go cold turkey on sugars - especially fake sugars like artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup! Avoid cancer and diabetes, consume real sugar sparingly by eating fruit.

  • DarkPa1adin
    DarkPa1adin Month ago +1

    You call them chubby we call them THICC!

  • John King
    John King Month ago

    Just the Fact that this discussion is taking place is an undeniable truth in the matter.
    Land Whales don’t want to face Facts.
    I don’t want Blubber on my Women.
    Women with Blubber are Lazy and Can’t Face Facts.
    Too Harsh??
    Too Bad!!
    Get with “Reality”.
    No such thing as “Beyond your Control”.
    Put down the Damn Fork!

  • ottam
    ottam Month ago

    To fat person in Japan: "Whoa! You're really fat!!! You should lose weight!"
    To smoker in Japan: "..."
    It's obvious that being fat is unhealthy. However, personal choices like smoking, drinking, being fat, etc. are nobody else's business.

  • MistressTarantula
    MistressTarantula Month ago

    Are girls with hourglass shapes considered chubby in Japan? Like big boobs, flat stomach with nice round butt? How do the Japanese see that?

  • Raliuga999
    Raliuga999 Month ago +19

    Being thin not always is equal to have good health, but definitely being overweight never gonna be health.
    The beauty is subjetctive, but health is objective. Beauty and health are pretty close.

    • Lisa R
      Lisa R Month ago +2

      There are 60 diseases associated with obesity. I heard someone say that. I can only assume they properly counted
      Diabetes being a major one. Heart disease another.

  • Lit brothers productions

    In America people like girls with big boobs especilly butts skinny people isnt considered as attractive here as it use to

  • JB Robinson
    JB Robinson Month ago +1

    Women should never be fat. It is okay for a man to be chubby but females should keep themselves thin. Men prefer thin women so women should diet and exercise to stay thin.

  • The-Man-Who-Chortles
    The-Man-Who-Chortles Month ago +1

    Hey, Nobita, why did you ignore my question? Is Japanese culture and the love of anime have a correlation to pedophilia?

  • Terr Di
    Terr Di Month ago

    Can chubby girls start a *family* in Japan should have been the question.

  • Junior Huacho Guisado

    you were too formal at the begining, didn't like it, but well maybe because this video would offend to someone.

  • Dildo McFaggins
    Dildo McFaggins Month ago

    If you're fat in America that means you're a beast in Japan. Overweight Japanese women are still more desirable due to lack of mammoth size and attitude. Who wants to come home to a fat, disrespectful, whiney pain in the ass

  • Jess O.
    Jess O. Month ago

    I love the lady who mentioned focusing on changing your mindset and being more confident in yourself as no one likes a negative person. Agreed! The focus should always be on health also. There are thin people whose health is far from ideal as well. I always feel like one should simply try to be the best version of oneself. Born with thick thunder thighs? Work it girl. Have chicken legs? Work it. Be the best version of yourself. Stop trying to look like anyone else. Work with what you've been given and you'll be fabulous! =) If someone doesn't like you for it. Screw them. Find someone who will appreciate you for you.

  • Peter Varga
    Peter Varga Month ago

    Somehow, that video came to my mind with that chubby girl jumbing around and „pizza,pizza,pizza,pizza...“ 😅

  • EmperorDjShadow
    EmperorDjShadow Month ago

    Could you make a video about the best places in Japan for a black guy to find love? I'm currently in highschool, but one of my dreams is to travel to Japan and experience the beautiful culture and learn more abou the language. Even though these are my goals, do you know what the best places are for me to find romance over there?