MILE 22 Official Trailer (2018) Mark Wahlberg, Iko Uwais, CL

  • Published on May 15, 2018
  • MILE 22 Official Trailer Action Movie HD in theatre 3 August 2018.
    Actors: Mark Wahlberg, Iko Uwais, CL
    © 2018 - STX Entertainment
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  • Nessie Judge
    Nessie Judge 7 months ago +4617

    THIS LOOKS BOMB! Can’t wait to see it!
    Btw, Iko Uwais looks so good. 😍

  • fcuking Sg Invain


  • Abdallah Jamali
    Abdallah Jamali Day ago

    Am here for iko uwais

  • Nuha DamnBro
    Nuha DamnBro 2 days ago

    so many use bahasa indonesia in movies

  • Ilham Febri
    Ilham Febri 3 days ago

    Love This Movie. Iko Uwais Indonesia Punyaaa😂💖💖💖

  • Roshan Singh
    Roshan Singh 4 days ago

    American can act but cannot fight real terrorism is us CIA funding terrorism

  • Kaleb Airgunner
    Kaleb Airgunner 5 days ago

    HEADSHOT is another epic movie, iko uwais, you are da best!

  • antarmiziabubakarsepiah abubakarsepiah

    Terbaikkkkkk guru kita..iko uwaissss💖💖💖💖💖💖😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💝💝💝💝💝💝

  • Alan Sundanesia
    Alan Sundanesia 6 days ago +1

    Next in channel you movie

  • Akash Mahata
    Akash Mahata 8 days ago

    Came back to this trailer once again after watching The Raid 2 just for Iko!!

  • Crazy StiRrrr
    Crazy StiRrrr 8 days ago

    Sempet bingung dan ngerasa bukan tipe iko bgt krn iko ga banyak aktion , tapi pas ending'y baru faham jalan cerita'y ,
    Film ini baru permulaan , Miles 22 season 2 , im waiting you.

  • fifing rianto
    fifing rianto 8 days ago

    The Best Movie full HD 2018 Official
    MILE-22 Thank You

  • Darmanto Darman
    Darmanto Darman 9 days ago

    Alur cerita nya kurang bagus.

  • I am door
    I am door 10 days ago

    WHAT? NO..

  • Ridays
    Ridays 10 days ago

    bad line story plot only helped by Mark W totality, the iko fight scene and the unexpected ending

  • 2NE1 pilots
    2NE1 pilots 11 days ago


  • Iansy Dawn
    Iansy Dawn 12 days ago

    just watched this. OMG the amount of shaky cam in this, seriously they ruin a great choreo fights.

  • Nugroho Tyo Kwan
    Nugroho Tyo Kwan 12 days ago

    iko patrio

  • brader john
    brader john 13 days ago


  • lilia ilhem
    lilia ilhem 14 days ago

    The teaser was too much for the movie it was good but not very good like it seems on the trailer still loving mark and iko

  • Dani Syahputra
    Dani Syahputra 15 days ago

    Kren abiizzzz

  • TwstedTV
    TwstedTV 17 days ago

    Sorry but this movie is way too much for Marky Mark, he is trying way too hard in this movie and it shows.
    The way he talks, the way he walks, the way he does anything is too Hollywoody closed neighborhood living kid.
    Nothing about him is street. This movie is way above his head. They was better off hiring Will Smith or Ice Cube.
    and if they really needed a Caucasian person then Jason Statham or Vin Diesel would have made this movie MUCH better. Marky Mark acting all hard when the kid is soft as shit.
    The asian guy in this movie was a better actor and fit better in this movie than he did.

  • Kpop fan
    Kpop fan 18 days ago

    Found out about iko uwais a few days ago and came here for him but CL!!!!OUR QUEEN is starring with him!!! omg imma definitely watch it

  • jeanny cash
    jeanny cash 18 days ago

    Script is confusing but overall the plot is best. Im here for iko uwais

  • Sky Fall
    Sky Fall 19 days ago

    not a bad movie. just they talk to much shit to use up time.

  • hero heroine
    hero heroine 19 days ago

    Lookalike ni vin abrenica itong si iko.

  • Amy Ragil
    Amy Ragil 20 days ago

    Mantap iko uawis,,,terkenal di luar negri...

  • ephraim omudaki
    ephraim omudaki 20 days ago


  • Harsha Gurusinghe
    Harsha Gurusinghe 21 day ago

    Chinese production companies idolizing Russian fake technology ... and belittling the US !! Thats the story?? And our actors decide to act after reading the script !!! FOR MONEY !!?
    ... just in movies you may .... in reality you KNOW who holds POWER !! Next time I will Read who funded this garbage before watching it !!! Lost respect MARK !! can you compare this shyt to , Four Brothers ????

  • Mr Drake
    Mr Drake 21 day ago

    Iko Uwais. Handsome guy, Martial Artist, he has to be in more movies for example like The Expendables, IP MAN, Revenge of the warrior, Jack Reacher, Tekken, never back down and more

  • Edward Rhoads
    Edward Rhoads 23 days ago

    My opinion, it's not as good as Sicario, but better than Sicario: Day of the Soldado

  • Haseeb Arif
    Haseeb Arif 23 days ago

    i searched this movie by typing "iko uwais new movie 2018" , so you know why i am here :)

  • EternalGaming
    EternalGaming 24 days ago

    Done claim

  • Wahyu Sadewa
    Wahyu Sadewa 24 days ago

    Emm... Wait... Sory, but... who is CL??

  • Carmen Dee
    Carmen Dee 24 days ago

    Such a good movie

  • reifukaiyukikaze
    reifukaiyukikaze 24 days ago

    The movie is awesome....damn unexpected endings!!!!!

  • kan mophom
    kan mophom 24 days ago

    please full movie

  • i havnt take a shower for

    Ronda Rousey?

  • fans lifia segudang bakat

    subhnnallah keren bgt punya jagoan dr indonesia

  • darth maul
    darth maul 28 days ago

    Iko cannot act and worst is his bad English haha

  • Gislaine Montess
    Gislaine Montess 29 days ago


  • npaujbais
    npaujbais 29 days ago

    Can we just see all the fight scenes?

  • Adele_ 261
    Adele_ 261 Month ago

    I'm just Here for CL

  • Finding Neverland
    Finding Neverland Month ago

    Baru nonton hari ini... Kagak bikin gantuk filemnya

  • Voodka07
    Voodka07 Month ago

    Why American always make the Rusian as bad people -_-... I HATE THIS MOVIE, I only want to watch it cuz Mark was in it

  • jack bauer
    jack bauer Month ago

    I was into it till the rap 'music' kicked in

  • Pouille Agloostro
    Pouille Agloostro Month ago

    ñlkmmpoiuytrmvczwñoiuulkmnbvcxzddaslout00090988776655555555554321lpg juegos de Bob perro

  • Rifqi Ramdhani
    Rifqi Ramdhani Month ago

    Iko uwais the beast of baby face

  • Pam Delgaco
    Pam Delgaco Month ago

    Omg I really like the movie! And this is my first time to know the actor Iko Uwais 😍🤗 Omg he's hot and a good actor too! 🤗 I'm from Philippines tho!

  • Edward Rhoads
    Edward Rhoads Month ago +1

    So this is what Maggie has been doing while not killing Walkers.

    • Mentari Isnaini
      Mentari Isnaini 23 days ago

      Edward Rhoads that is Maggie before back to farm and meet Rick

  • Bane YT
    Bane YT Month ago +1

    OMG what a trailer.... I dont need to wach this movies... god dam spoiler!!!

  • Rguha Liolrm
    Rguha Liolrm Month ago

    Now let's all be outraged by the violence that is happening in real life ok? So we can buy our cinema tickets to see glorification of extreme violence without being bothered by our morals :-D Anyone knows when the next shooting of innocent people in a public place is going to be?

  • hanster h
    hanster h Month ago

    Mr. Mark Wahlberg,
    I've know you since your artist days, marky mark, your career-wise respected you after artist-wise. Your movie career did not start the best in my opinion but you have achieved really good movies and acting and I felt no matter what critics say or youtube says, watch the movie then decide. Too many critics say lots of shit. I don't know what's going on in the industry but please don't sell yourself out for whatever income. I really love what movies you came out in but this is just ..... seems like they paid you alot to just come out in the movie, please don't sell yourself like that and be an true american respecftful actor. Before watching this movie I did check youtube, but besides that after the few 10-15 mins was really disappointed..(low budget, what happened to walhberg....)

  • Tukang_Nyinyir
    Tukang_Nyinyir Month ago

    dari film ini gua tau kalo iko uwais muhammadiyah, karena dia dzikir menggunakan jari, tidak menggunakan tasbih.

  • TheRaziel07
    TheRaziel07 Month ago

    Whalberg was a rapper i thought he was going to make a spoof 8 mile movie 😂

  • PlayerMick -
    PlayerMick - Month ago +1

    say hello to your mother for me.

  • Dery Fachreza
    Dery Fachreza Month ago

    Iko uwais keren, alhamdulillah lagi2 bawa harum nama indonesia di film luar, smangat2

  • Totok Mardiyanto
    Totok Mardiyanto Month ago

    love iko uwais

  • Wahyu Muharam
    Wahyu Muharam Month ago

    Full Movie disini

  • jhk0428
    jhk0428 Month ago

    Ugh. Rhonda? I'll pass.

  • Mr. Perfect
    Mr. Perfect Month ago


  • Spike Spiegel
    Spike Spiegel Month ago

    I got it through torrent
    fuck the creators
    suck dick

  • James Martin
    James Martin Month ago

    Cia type black ops ghost operative stuff man like the choreography my suprise is the compact destruction of the hand of God missile I like where he says are you feeling calm alice she feeling nervous she asks him are you nervous he says no that's because your mentally unstable

  • Syifa Nurhaeni
    Syifa Nurhaeni Month ago

    First this movie is BEST! second Iko is freaking hot. Thrid i'm addict with this movie and last iko uwais LOVE U ❤

  • Mohammad Hammad
    Mohammad Hammad Month ago

    Iko uwais is my favorite actor

  • Jyoan Moyo
    Jyoan Moyo Month ago

    The power of mother.....

  • Street Gallery
    Street Gallery Month ago

    just awesome ... need part 2

  • michael evangelista
    michael evangelista Month ago +1

    Its the worst action movie of all time. Very lousy & cheap movie

  • House Stark
    House Stark Month ago

    Am here for Iko

  • Mr 2ReaL
    Mr 2ReaL Month ago

    Trailer looks.....meh 😒

  • John Bazan
    John Bazan Month ago +1

    It's not good. I saw it,

  • Rish Samai
    Rish Samai Month ago

    Only enjoyed watching iko doing his thing.. the rest is just wack !!! Could have way better

    IRTAZA AHMAD Month ago

    i am calm
    that's because you mentally unstable
    thanku you

  • odiamo tutti
    odiamo tutti Month ago

    Great movie can't wait for the sequel :)

  • Zakarie makhtal
    Zakarie makhtal Month ago +2

    Am i the only one who come for Russian teen who was murderer, but the end of the film was amazing.
    Russian teenage boy=Деть делаешь огромное ошибка.
    У мне много. 🇷🇺

    DONG QI ZHENG Month ago

    But what was CL in there for if she didn't even have a phrase or two ... ?!

  • Kim Nahee
    Kim Nahee Month ago

    GUYS!! I CANT SEE CL!!😢😢😢


  • Martin Korn
    Martin Korn Month ago

    Ronda rousey this ugly fail bitch ex ufc now play on movies omg

    WADIBIG Month ago +1

    Worst movie in the history of film.

  • Andra. Patandra
    Andra. Patandra Month ago

    Lama tayangnya di TV 👍👍👍

  • P K Slays
    P K Slays Month ago

    ikos acting is legit we need more of this man

  • Edmund Boakye
    Edmund Boakye Month ago

    Dem am watching this shit fuck all critics and reviewers

  • Tanya Degurechaff
    Tanya Degurechaff Month ago

    only here for CL my queen

  • Ginanjar Saputra
    Ginanjar Saputra Month ago

    Download the latest full movie link =>

    MED SAHBI Month ago

    Bad movie don't watching 👎

  • Hemanth Vlogs
    Hemanth Vlogs Month ago

    Maggie is here from walking dead. Iko action star is also in. Then I'm gonna watch this.

  • Diana Matthew
    Diana Matthew Month ago

    Iko uwais kan negara indonesia

  • johan prihatna
    johan prihatna Month ago

    Great movie.. rusia minta bantuan kepada spionase indo untuk melenyapkan agent amerika yang bersalah, iko jadi senjata penghancur utk menyelesaikan misinya...bukan agen ganda, tapi ini sudah menginjak ke triple agent. Wow indonesia gitu loh

  • kennedy072
    kennedy072 Month ago +1

    Meanwhile Filipino celebrities are only extras in bourne legacy.

  • heady
    heady Month ago

    mark wahlberg=john cena. they r look alike

  • Ramon Homjak
    Ramon Homjak Month ago

    i hope we will see more fighting than shooting

    CRSMRL ALVR Month ago

    watch this movie today and hate the fxxkin ending

  • isah abdullahi
    isah abdullahi Month ago

    nice nice nice one!!!!

  • Cindy Peña
    Cindy Peña Month ago

    Good movie love it.😊

  • Anjang Andika
    Anjang Andika Month ago

    Wow iko....trlebih sukses...jgn smpe lupa asal usul ya udah...god job tlh membanggakn indonesia....trus maju iko...

  • Muhammad Ahmed
    Muhammad Ahmed Month ago

    Love to see Iko Uwais making Muslims proud.

  • deni lazuardi
    deni lazuardi Month ago


  • Azibeta Musimbi
    Azibeta Musimbi Month ago

    Iko uwais favorite

  • Oliver Delica
    Oliver Delica Month ago

    Yep Asian pride

  • Manuel Nardin
    Manuel Nardin Month ago

    I can recommend TO watch this movie using boxxy software. They have many dubbed languages available and subtitles and for free