NEW EMBRAER 190-E2 TRIP REPORT | Widerøe | Bergen - Munich (BGO-MUC) | Economy Light

  • Published on Sep 15, 2018
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    ✈ Airline: Widerøe
    ✈ Aircraft: Embraer 190-E2
    ✈ Seat: 6F
    ✈ Route: Bergen (BGO) - Munich (MUC)
    ✈ Class: Economy Class (Light)
    ✈ Flight No.: WF218
    ✈ Price: 200€ for MUC-CPH-BGO-MUC
    ✈ Date: 10th September 2018
    ✈ by SKANDR:
    ✈ Title: OYM (Open Your Mind):
    ✈ Facebook:
    ✈ TVclip:
    ✈ Camera: Canon G7X Mark II
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Comments • 346

  • Andreas
    Andreas 9 days ago

    Great Vid!

  • Sherry Marshall
    Sherry Marshall 17 days ago

    Dang brazil, whats next?!

  • Jeremy Boulat
    Jeremy Boulat 24 days ago

    I chose seat 6f because I watched your video!

  • VaporCZ444
    VaporCZ444 Month ago

    Only 6,8/10 for this nice airline?

    • FlightExperience
      FlightExperience  Month ago

      This is not a rating of the airline but of the overall flightexperience.

  • Minnesota Aviation
    Minnesota Aviation Month ago

    Nice video sad more airlines aren’t ordering them

  • simon booth
    simon booth Month ago

    what a stunning aircraft

  • Kevin Wiltshire
    Kevin Wiltshire Month ago

    Super quite engines

  • Junior Recife_Brasil

    🇧🇷Sou brasileiro e tenho muito orgulho da EMBRAER!
    🇪🇦¡Soy brasileño y muy orgulloso de EMBRAER!
    🇬🇧I'm brazilian and very proud about EMBRAER!

  • Junior Recife_Brasil

    🇧🇷produtos "EMBRAER" products🇬🇧
    * 🇧🇷🇪🇦PLANADORES (🇬🇧planatores):
    1. EMB-400 Urupema.
    Motor a pistão (🇬🇧piston engines/🇪🇦motores a piston)
    1. Monomotor EMB-200 Ipanema
    🇧🇷Sob licença da/🇬🇧about license of/🇪🇦sobre la licencia de) "Piper Aircraft"
    2. Monomotor EMB-710 "Carioca"
    3. Monomotor EMB-711 "Corisco"
    4. Monomotor EMB-712 "Tupi"
    5. Monomotor EMB-720 "Minuano"
    6. Monomoror EMB-721 "Sertanejo"
    7. Bimotor EMB-810 "Seneca"
    8. Bimotor EMB-820 "Navajo".
    * 🇧🇷🇪🇦TURBO HÉLICE (🇬🇧turbo propeller):
    1. Tucano da RAF.
    2. EMB-110 Bandeirante
    3. EMB-120 Brasília
    4. EMB-121 Xingu
    5. EMB-821 "Carajá", (🇪🇦nueva versión de/🇬🇧new version about) Piper Navajo.
    6. CBA-123 Vector.
    * 🇧🇷AVIÕES MILITARES (🇬🇧military aircraft/🇪🇦aviones militares)
    1. AMX.
    2. EMB-312 Tucano
    3. EMB-314 Super Tucano
    4. EMB-326 Xavante, avião fabricado sob licença da Aermacchi.
    5. EMB-145 AEW&C
    6. EMB-145 RS/AGS
    7. EMB-145 MP/ASW, construído com a plataforma do ERJ-145.
    8. EMB-111 Bandeirante Patrulha, construído com a plataforma do EMB 110 Bandeirante.
    9. Embraer KC-390. (🇪🇦el mas grande avión militar de EMBRAER/🇬🇧Biggest military aircraft).
    * 🇧🇷AVIÕES COMERCIAIS A JATO (🇬🇧commercial jet aircraft/🇪🇦aviones comerciales a reacción)
    1. ERJ-135
    2. ERJ-140
    3. ERJ-145
    3. Embraer 170
    4. Embraer 175
    5. Embraer 175-E2
    6. Embraer 190
    7. Embraer 190-E2
    8. Embraer 195
    9. Embraer 195-E2
    * 🇧🇷AVIÕES DE TRANSPORTE EXECUTIVO (🇬🇧executive transport aircraft/🇪🇦aviones de transporte ejecutivo):
    01. Phenom 100
    02. Phenom 300
    03. Legacy 450
    04. Legacy 500
    05. Legacy 600
    06. Legacy 650
    07. Legacy Shuttle
    08. Lineage 1000
    09. Praetor 500
    10. Praetor 600.

  • muhibbuddin irfan
    muhibbuddin irfan Month ago

    you do not feel the airlane is in indonesia

  • Philip Rosseel
    Philip Rosseel Month ago

    Exciting times for Embraer. Beautiful airplane!

  • H G
    H G 2 months ago

    Subtitles and more needless subtitles interrupt your footage.

  • Jay Alberts
    Jay Alberts 2 months ago

    Wow. So much nicer than the CRJ. And it looks just large enough so that a 5 seat across configuration would NEVER happen. Excellent!

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 2 months ago

    I have lawn chair that are more comfortable.

  • Delta 001 & Qatar 001
    Delta 001 & Qatar 001 2 months ago +1

    13:30 Pilot forgets reverse thrust

    • FlightExperience
      FlightExperience  2 months ago

      No the terminal is on the other end of the runway so they didn't need to slow down that fast. Thanks for watching!

  • G - Media
    G - Media 2 months ago +1

    Great plane .... Nice Report ... just a bit annoying music ....

  • kene ferdinand
    kene ferdinand 2 months ago

    Lovely how much is the cost of the tickets for this trip .

    • FlightExperience
      FlightExperience  2 months ago

      Thanks for watching! Just have a look at the video description.

  • David Harris
    David Harris 2 months ago

    what scale was the model airplane and how much was it

  • Ricardo Alberto Pizarro Iturrieta

    Pésimos los asientos , y el recorrido para subir al avión se contradice con la tremenda infraestructura de aeropuerto 👎🏿

  • Chiru P
    Chiru P 3 months ago

    I like this video

  • Andre Soares
    Andre Soares 3 months ago

    Look at those engines!!! Its almost that they didnt need wings to fly. Well fone Brazil!!!

  • GiovanniBausC
    GiovanniBausC 3 months ago

    Very nice. This is one pretty short-range airliner.

  • Christopher Escott
    Christopher Escott 3 months ago

    A bit of advice. NO time lapse. Record and upload just as you recorded it. It makes for a far superior show.

  • DatAviation 340
    DatAviation 340 4 months ago

    *Thats a nice Airbus 787 MAX*

  • J. Stormer
    J. Stormer 4 months ago +1

    Just looking at those seats makes my back hurt.

  • Mathéo
    Mathéo 4 months ago +1

    13:27 no thrust reversers ??

  • Mathéo
    Mathéo 4 months ago +2

    At 5:02 when U say that it looks like a small 787, I kinda disagree, because 787's engines (GEnX or RR trent 1000) have "jaws" as I call it. It looks more like a 777 according to me.

  • amit arora
    amit arora 4 months ago

    Dont know about the flight but your camera work is fantastic. This aircraft Is a powerful product for the European markets and now can open up many hidden gems of northern Europe

  • Zach Baird
    Zach Baird 4 months ago +1

    Embraer 190 E2.
    Finally a full gear cover.

  • Black Phantom
    Black Phantom 4 months ago

    The older embraer e190 i was on in the USA jetblue and also in India AirCosta always used have this lingering smell of Aviation fuel in the cabin atmosphere. Is it still there in this new model?

  • Great Life
    Great Life 4 months ago

    nice video, flight too

  • S4vrex
    S4vrex 4 months ago

    its beutiful

  • Azad 4765 Ahmed
    Azad 4765 Ahmed 4 months ago

    Looks like Bombardier or even Fokker 100 is better than this thing

  • simon booth
    simon booth 4 months ago

    stunning aircraft

  • Georgi M
    Georgi M 5 months ago +1

    It looks awesome and comfortable . kudos to Brazil

  • Miguel Costa
    Miguel Costa 5 months ago

    Embraer 190-E2 is a modern and safe plane.

    WILLIAMSANTOS71 5 months ago

    Proud to be Brazilian!

  • Maurilio Lima
    Maurilio Lima 5 months ago +2

    Da orgulho de saber que uma aeronave que foi produzida aqui no Brasil está agradando pessoas do mundo todo.👏🏻🤝🏻
    Parabéns pelo canal, qualidade do vídeo é excelente! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Nick S
    Nick S 5 months ago

    I dislike when Airlines offset the seat position from the windows in the Embraers. Also, airlines make the seatback so thin without padding to save weight/space which makes for a good and sleek looking seat but not the most comfortable. Im looking forward to the A220 moreso over this E2 though I like a 2x2 cabin better.

  • Nematic
    Nematic 5 months ago +1

    EmBRAer :D

  • Simon Viehöver
    Simon Viehöver 5 months ago

    Is it the same Egine wich also is on the A320neo?

  • ATCkeepsUsafe
    ATCkeepsUsafe 5 months ago

    From the U.S., I gotta give it to Brazil. Great job!!!

  • DL Brittain
    DL Brittain 5 months ago

    P&W PURE POWER Geared.....really help this new with the A220s...nice trip review guys

  • Mathéo
    Mathéo 5 months ago +1

    Sounds like a mini GE90. Great review

  • Paxxxlo
    Paxxxlo 5 months ago

    Летал на нем с wideroe в июле 2018. Только положительные впечатления!

  • AirCambodia HD
    AirCambodia HD 5 months ago

    wow interested video

  • Alceu Goncalves Jr
    Alceu Goncalves Jr 5 months ago


  • SkyHighGuys
    SkyHighGuys 5 months ago

    Loving this airline and hope one day to fly them!

  • OLUFOLUF 1234
    OLUFOLUF 1234 5 months ago

    I am from norway and i have flyed Widerøe from Bergen-Oslo

  • Matías Fernández
    Matías Fernández 5 months ago

    There was no need to use the thrust reverser, bravo Embraer!!! Great plane!!!

  • dum bitxkes
    dum bitxkes 5 months ago

    Very sleek

  • 5 months ago

    Thanks for the video! Before leaving Brazil, my last job was as an airplane electrician for Embraer. I worked on the Tucano, installing harnesses and electronic equipment. It was nice to see that their commercial line is doing well. Be well.

  • davi_mss
    davi_mss 5 months ago

    Embraer is a brazilian miracle! No other 3rd world country has such a wonderful company like that, only compared to Bombardier, Boeing and Airbus.

  • Syed Ahmed
    Syed Ahmed 5 months ago

    nice I like it😊

  • The Robloxian Daily Gaming TV

    Bergen Flesland, Beat that Heathrow!

  • Alisson Mendes
    Alisson Mendes 5 months ago +2

    A Embraer é o orgulho do Brasil

  • Metasoft AMPUH
    Metasoft AMPUH 6 months ago

    Great air craft

  • Felipe França
    Felipe França 6 months ago

    Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷 Proud of Embraer

  • Luiz Coelho
    Luiz Coelho 6 months ago


  • John Cass
    John Cass 6 months ago


  • aim the gaming
    aim the gaming 6 months ago

    0:01 is Scandinavian airlines (SAS)

  • Mérivel
    Mérivel 6 months ago

    music sucks, it ruined the video.

    • FlightExperience
      FlightExperience  6 months ago

      Thank you for your feedback and for watching the video! Which music would you like to hear in our videos? Videos without music would be as boring as life without music.

  • Eirik Andreas Albretsen

    Bus gate? I have flown this route 4 times already, and I have always had a jetway.

  • Dan
    Dan 6 months ago

    Those main gear are cool looking. The shock struts are tilted back, I wonder if that makes jacking different.

  • Cta2006
    Cta2006 6 months ago

    Widerøe started operations in 1934. So not a new airline.

  • Flo James
    Flo James 6 months ago +3

    i didn't knew that brazil was capable to manufacture planes !
    i'm amazed !!!
    love brazil !!!

    • Yury Martins
      Yury Martins 3 months ago +1

      Oh, Embraer is already 50 years old :)

  • Flo James
    Flo James 6 months ago +2

    brazil is a great country !!!

  • adafunk
    adafunk 6 months ago

    Shows plug with "inop" sticker then complains about it not working 😂

    • FlightExperience
      FlightExperience  6 months ago

      No, it's not complaining. We just said it wasn't working the whole flight.

  • Luke
    Luke 6 months ago

    2:39 Why is there a TCX van there? They're a British airlines and don't have any bases in Europe?

    • FlightExperience
      FlightExperience  6 months ago

      Thomas Cook has subsidiaries all over Europe including Thomas Cook Scandinavia or Thomas Cook Belgium. Thanks for watching!

  • Arthur Marques
    Arthur Marques 6 months ago

    É uma aeronave linda e boa, nos brasileiros nos orgulhamos dessa

  • Deivão81
    Deivão81 6 months ago

    Made in Brazil

  • Matheus Nunes
    Matheus Nunes 6 months ago

    Selo br de qualidade , coisa rara

  • Jasonl897 Random Content


  • Patches Cessna
    Patches Cessna 6 months ago +1

    The combination of Embraers eJet family with the 787 series offers game changing if not exciting opportunities for airlines and consumers alike.
    What’s not to like with Embraer 2x2 seating?

  • RetroW
    RetroW 6 months ago

    Did Thomas cook truck just say spies? Omg, they watched your flight!!😲😲😦😦😦