Highlights of Union Pacific's Transcontinental Railroad Completion Anniversary Celebration

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • Union Pacific hosted a celebration May 9, 2019 marking the 150th anniversary of the transcontinental railroad’s completion with the ceremony being held at the Ogden Union Station, a day ahead of Utah’s celebration at Promontory Summit where the Golden Spike was originally tapped into place. Union Pacific no longer has tracks near Promontory Summit. They were removed to support the scrap metal projects during World War II.
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  • Javier Bohkt
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  • Pacific coast piper
    Pacific coast piper Month ago +1

    Welcome home old girl, welcome home!!!!!!

  • Greenden M
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  • ironfox7
    ironfox7 4 months ago

    I was there and I listened to to the speech it made me want to cry thank you Union Pacific for doing the impossible restoring somthing I thought I would have never lived to see thank you for making the railroad 150 years ago and thank you for bringing back to life somthing I loved ever since I could talk it is now officially DONE

  • KCS Tex - Mex Railfan
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    union pacific

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  • Joseph Felitto
    Joseph Felitto 8 months ago +2

    we're a great big rolling railroad. one that everybody knows. we were born of gold and silver spikes, a hundred and fifty years ago.

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    Very great :)

  • Donna Scavone
    Donna Scavone 8 months ago

    Wow! It's finally up and running

  • Joe Murphy
    Joe Murphy 8 months ago +1

    I got chills watching this! Thank you, Union Pacific.

  • Bunta Fugiwara
    Bunta Fugiwara 8 months ago +1

    This gives me goose bumps with the big boy
    Great job union Pacific!!!!!!

  • jesterd14
    jesterd14 8 months ago +1

    The tracks that went to Promontory Point UT were abandoned in the 1930s. During WW2 they were torn up and used to provide steel for the Navy. The marker is still there

    • Jovetj
      Jovetj 8 months ago

      *Promontory Summit

  • Railway Usa
    Railway Usa 8 months ago +3

    It is a great time to be a Railfan

    • Jovetj
      Jovetj 8 months ago

      Pinch me. Seriously.

  • Ted Phillips
    Ted Phillips 8 months ago

    At 0:23 the boiler cowling looks damaged. What's up ?

  • Erik J.
    Erik J. 8 months ago +2

    This is nice an all, but...
    Will there ever be a follow up video from the steam shop showing final assembly, testing, tuning, and maybe their experience of running their years of labor down the tracks for the first time?

  • Imnotalone Heswithme
    Imnotalone Heswithme 8 months ago

    So, who was funding the RR expansion prior and during the war of northern aggression?
    The RR barons were Bonesman, connected to European BANKSTERS.
    Lincoln forced the war, when the southern states rejected Lincoln's offer of SLAVERY FOREVER. If you don't know why I've said this, your uninformed. PERIOD

  • StevePotts
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    Wow! Celebrate!!!

  • steven rowe
    steven rowe 8 months ago

    Will there be a UP documentary on the big boy restoration.
    I think there really should be .

    • Jovetj
      Jovetj 8 months ago

      I can't imagine there won't be.

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  • B. C. Schmerker
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    +UnionPacificRailroad *This would've been sweeter for the history buff yet,* had Oregon Rail Heritage Center #4449, 4-8-4 Lima Super-Power Class SP GS-4-20 SerNo 7817 (ex-Southern Pacific), been invited to the Ogden, UT, USA, ceremony to take the west track opposite Union Pacific Excursion #844, 4-8-4 American Class FEF-3-10 SerNo 72791, on the east track. (The 10 May 1869 Last Spike ceremony had CentPac 60, first Schenectady eight-wheeler of a class of five, and UP 119, a 4-4-0 Rogers Class E-18.) Union Pacific Excursion #4014, 4-8+8-4 American Single Expansion Articulated Class BSA-1-15 SerNo 69585, was in position for witness; would that were also the case with Union Pacific Excursion #3985, 4-6+6-4 American Single Expansion Articulated Class CSA-4-21 SerNo 70174 (down for a scheduled rebuild at Cheyenne, WY).

  • Formula Firebird
    Formula Firebird 8 months ago +3

    UP was only 7 years old when the Golden Spike was hammered into place

  • ScrubbsyBoy844
    ScrubbsyBoy844 8 months ago +2

    Imagine the pressure of bringing 4014 in while trying to not run him into 844, and keeping him close to the flag...
    Respect to the engineers man

    • Jovetj
      Jovetj 8 months ago

      They should have been closer! Cowcatchers almost touching!

  • Falkenroth
    Falkenroth 8 months ago +1

    Wish I could have been there. Looked awesome having the two legendary trains facing each other. Thumbs up

  • ATSF Venta Spur Nscaler

    Way to go, Union Pacific! Your people did it! It's DONE--150 years of inspiring challenges, triumphs and breakthroughs on America's rails! Let's see what railroad marvels the next 150 years will bring. Now I can't wait for Big Boy to start touring the country.
    -from Tom Pilling

  • Greg Paul
    Greg Paul 8 months ago +1

    Thank you Union Pacific for letting me be a part of this great historic event! I'm glad I made the journey to Utah from Memphis.

  • A.J. Smith
    A.J. Smith 8 months ago +1

    I wish I was there to see that.I'm in Pennsylvania,so we have a lot of steam locomotives too but this is just nagnificent.Good job UP,keep making our country proud.👍

    • C Smith
      C Smith 8 months ago

      I live about an hour from Strasburg RR museum, I was hoping there might be a chance 4014 would visit Strasburg, but the furthest east UP track comes is Chicago or Memphis, I don't know how that works, as far one company using another companies track.
      I guess you know N&W 611 will be in Strasburg this fall?

  • Union Central System
    Union Central System 8 months ago +3

    I am glad you proved the critics wrong, when they said a Big Boy would never be brought back to life.

  • Charles Ferebee
    Charles Ferebee 8 months ago

    WELL DONE. ! ! ! 🏆🏁👍

  • Meeper5
    Meeper5 8 months ago +1

    at the end of 7th grade we finished with the civil war so i thought at the beginning of 8th grade we'd do the transcontinental railroad but we skipped that >:(

  • Richard Wirt
    Richard Wirt 8 months ago

    We saw the N&W Class J 611 do it- pull a solo load

  • Richard Wirt
    Richard Wirt 8 months ago

    Now we want to see 4014 pull train solo, are we going to see this?

  • Oregon Building Railfan


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  • Jared Klock
    Jared Klock 8 months ago

    Great job UP! I see a lot of UP employees complaining on social media, because you guys actually care about your heritage.

  • bcbloc02
    bcbloc02 8 months ago +2

    Thanks for making it happen UP!

  • Tank The Hedgehog 105
    Tank The Hedgehog 105 8 months ago +1

    I Was There

  • Donovan Ellis
    Donovan Ellis 8 months ago +1

    Heritage truly does matter. Union pacific's motto is Building America for a reason-back in the day, that's exactly what the 844 and 4014 and all the other iron horses donning the union pacific name on their tenders were doing. They truly did build america. And the UP still proudly does. They play an important part in our nation's history. Who knows what we'd be like without them. Which is why if I ever get the chance to see these magnificent steel beasts for myself, first thing I'll do is salute the flag on the auxiliary water tender behind 4014.

  • Joan Kamp
    Joan Kamp 8 months ago

    Wonderful. Thanks for the video.

  • Sargentjetsky
    Sargentjetsky 8 months ago +1

    Man that's awesome i wish i could have been there

  • Paul Dendinger
    Paul Dendinger 8 months ago +6

    This video makes me proud to be American!!! Well done for everyone involved in this project!!

  • TrainCentralStation
    TrainCentralStation 8 months ago

    150 years

  • Berkshire765
    Berkshire765 8 months ago +2

    This was one of the best days ever #done

  • 844Steam Fan
    844Steam Fan 8 months ago +4

    I’m from Omaha
    On that day, I was at The Durham Western Heritage Museum.

  • Test Test
    Test Test 8 months ago +6

    Just watched 4014 and 844 leave yesterday from Ogden and followed up to Evanston. A big thank you to UPRR, Ed and his team of guys and girls. I came all the way from Phoenix AZ to watch and it was worth it!

  • The Comet 833
    The Comet 833 8 months ago +6

    The only railroad that cares about their past.

  • William Hastings
    William Hastings 8 months ago +12

    Heritage matters. Other corporations could learn from UP's stellar example. Well done, ladies and gents.

    • Ohlourdes Padua
      Ohlourdes Padua 8 months ago +2

      Depends. Will Sears do a centennial of their existence with a replica catalog book sent to you by mail?

  • Longshadows Model Tree's
    Longshadows Model Tree's 8 months ago +3

    The Lady's are looking good, Great Job UP!!!!

  • CMW18
    CMW18 8 months ago +2

    Wish i couldve been there. Too bad i live in washington.

  • hakan abrahamson
    hakan abrahamson 8 months ago +3

    Congratulations to the anniversary, and the great job to bring Big Boy 4014 under steam again. Thumbs up!

  • Julian Koehler
    Julian Koehler 8 months ago +2

    Job well done guys! 🚂

  • Bobby Baldeagle
    Bobby Baldeagle 8 months ago +2

    Praise Jesus for all the men and women that labored to make it possible. And for all those who carry on even to day. Back in the 1040's and 50's my grandfather was an engineer for the Union Pacific RR and a pastor. He told us many stories and in stilled the love for trains into me..... Y'all be blessed in Jesus name....

  • Godzilla Stop motion
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    Nice 👍🏽

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  • Railroad Velocipede Productions

    That was great! #Done

  • chicagojoe
    chicagojoe 8 months ago +4

    So awesome! Can't wait to see Big Boy this summer!

  • David Graham
    David Graham 8 months ago