Top 10 Fast Food Items You Should NEVER ORDER According to Reddit!


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  • BabbleTop
    BabbleTop  8 months ago +70

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    • Jeremy Lui
      Jeremy Lui 9 days ago

      This is a slanderous smear piece based on gossip. The Wendy's chili thing isn't problematic except for your snide comments.
      I don't eat this stuff but you're an absolute punk.

    • Jose Rodriguez
      Jose Rodriguez 10 days ago

      +EliteGeeks get your fucking shit right too ... What the fuck taco bell isnt FUCKING MEXICAN FOOD .. 2:18 quote it "American-Bulllshit corporate disgusting food " you fucking dick ... That shit is no where near mexican food fucking ass hole ... Dont even compare it

    • Jose Rodriguez
      Jose Rodriguez 10 days ago

      What the the fuck is up 2:17 .... " Next time we eat mexican food ." what the fuck, that shit is no where near mexican food ... Ground beef ? Burritos ? That shit dont even exist in mexico . I was born raised and lived in Puerto vallarta, Jalisco ... Its a fucking shame taco bell and del taco give mexican food a bad name ... That shit they serve you aint FUCKING MEXICAN FOOD*

    • MaggixJinxieMiseryJinxenTwelveColour12 MJMJTC12
      MaggixJinxieMiseryJinxenTwelveColour12 MJMJTC12 Month ago +1

      BabbleTop MaggixJinxie: My All Forever Favourites: Crayola, Faber Castell, Prisma Color, Staedtler, Maped, Pentel,. ColourLiquids ( Water Colour Pencils ), ColourPastels ( Oil Pastels ), ColourCrayons ( Wax Crayons ), ColourPencils ( Pigment Graphites ), & TwelveColours; Black, Gray, White, Pink, Red, Brown, Orange, Apricot ( Peach ), Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet ( Purple ),.

  • Loretta Mowell
    Loretta Mowell Hour ago +1

    The Wendy's girl in this video looks like a porn parody.

  • keva kinsler
    keva kinsler 5 hours ago

    EVERYTHING about this video was disgusting. 🤢 I'd find the uploader and kill them had I been prego while watching.

  • HulluH Huittisista
    HulluH Huittisista 8 hours ago

    hey hey hey what is that keanu reeves clip at the beginning!!!

  • Agent Black97
    Agent Black97 10 hours ago

    That's a lie I work at taco Bell everything is fresh we never serve anything unfresh we never spit in our food we have timers set on everything we change our oils two to three times day even more and quesaritoes aren't hard to make and a skilled line worker can have one made less then ten seconds we wash our hands before we use gloves and after everything is always fresh and made the only thing u have to worry about is our burritos and crunch wraps not being falling apart in a rush hr

  • Nerb Ball#1
    Nerb Ball#1 11 hours ago

    What kind of person calls Taco Bell Mexican food

  • kizpaws
    kizpaws 13 hours ago +1

    The only fast food I have, and rarely, would be a McD's Egg McMuffin. I always liked those, Gordon Ramsay approved or nay, lol. The rest of what was seen on this video was wild... ugh … and scary!

  • Kareem Sanders_249
    Kareem Sanders_249 14 hours ago

    0:01 she's hot 💗🍑

  • ian
    ian 16 hours ago

    As a kid my popz always diversified my eating habits, he wasnt that asshole who would say no fast food ever, but everything was done in moderation . Fast food more than once a week is a problem..

  • Malik Niang
    Malik Niang 22 hours ago +1

    the Wendy's girl at the beginning looks like Annabelle lol

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  22 hours ago


  • Pedro Vazquez
    Pedro Vazquez Day ago +1

    The wendys chili is true i worked at wendys when i was younger and when i found that out i quit..

  • 59blong
    59blong Day ago

    This is a stupid ass video more like a comedy.

  • Andrea Moon
    Andrea Moon Day ago

    Is that Joel from Parenthood ? 5:33

  • Steve Hunt
    Steve Hunt Day ago

    Taco bell & McDonald's shouldn't even me considered as food

  • Amir Singh
    Amir Singh 2 days ago +1

    name of the movie clip shown on, 4:13 and 4:21

    • Amir Singh
      Amir Singh Day ago

      +BabbleTop hehe😝 Can you please 😍

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  2 days ago +1

      need to ask our video editor

  • Jesus Sancen
    Jesus Sancen 2 days ago

    Ok let me fucking say this one fucking fact people get wrong in this freaking world and especially you younge idoits and people that think they know shit of taco Bell eating there does not make it Mexican food or tacos those crap of what you call tacos are not real Mexican tacos I should know because I am one and those are not are tacos that we have and eat and it does not even make it Mexican tacos ,there just you're version of tacos in America I am sorry but seriously idoit people ,I hate really and really I just like to say the real Mexican tacos are better

  • bubanner
    bubanner 2 days ago +1

    Wazzup wit dat wendy girl..???

  • Remainder
    Remainder 2 days ago

    So just learn to cook

  • Snowshower's Show
    Snowshower's Show 2 days ago

    What are you?!
    And idiot sandwich

  • AngryRed Banjo
    AngryRed Banjo 2 days ago

    I don’t know what’s in it but SubWay’s tuna sandwich is delicious! I can also say it’s never made me ill. I have ordered McNuggets and thrown them out after one bite. It’s easy to tell when they are good. Wendy’s chili is similar in that most of the time it’s good but sometimes, not so much and if I’m suspicious, I won’t eat it. People could spit in your food anywhere, if you start freaking about that, you’ll only eat at home. I have been camping and dropped my food on the ground and still ate it after brushing the dirt off so I’m not too freaky about that part, I really just don’t want anything spoiled or poison which is kinda common if you eat the fast food stuff. My mantra is “all things in moderation” reducing the frequency of fast food dining reduces the chances of getting something “bad”, but every once in a while it’s a nice guilty pleasure.

    DADDYGVILLE'S WORLD 2 days ago

    Not a big fan of mcds.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  2 days ago

      Thanks for the feedback DADDYGVILLE'S WORLD 😄😄

  • dat boi
    dat boi 3 days ago

    7:20- work at mcdonalds. Not true. Its shouldn't be dirty anyway. The machine is set to go under cleaning for a ~half an hour period every day. Shits mad annoying to set up for cleaning but it doesnt function until u complete the process.

  • David MacD
    David MacD 3 days ago

    3:04 Lazy town guy, RIP.

  • Flaming_Gauntlet
    Flaming_Gauntlet 3 days ago

    Hey just so you know it’s not pink slime it’s a mix of mainly chicken and the rest is a little bit of other stuff

    NOLOVE NOPAIN 3 days ago

    All taco Bell food is fake please believe me Chipotle full get cold so fast I don't think it's real

  • ramrod 60th
    ramrod 60th 3 days ago

    I don't eat restaurant food at all I can make everything they can and it tastes better at home and it doesn't cost as much either and you don't have to wait in line

  • sunshxne xo
    sunshxne xo 3 days ago

    i eat those dunkin sandwiches :(

  • mango potatoe
    mango potatoe 3 days ago

    They are still finger licking good

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  3 days ago

      Food videos will do that to you! LOL 🍕🍩

  • Skypost4ever
    Skypost4ever 3 days ago

    I like getting the bacon egg and cheese wake up wrap at Dunkin donuts

    • Skypost4ever
      Skypost4ever 3 days ago

      +BabbleTop lol no problem. I used to go every morning and get 2 bacon wake up wraps and a large iced coffee. Some days I had my order ready before I even paid.
      Looked at my checking account in December and decided to not do the Dunkin as much as I did last year, it adds up pretty quick.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  3 days ago

      Thanks for the feedback Skypost4ever 😄😄

  • fungoorstitch
    fungoorstitch 4 days ago

    This narrator is a whiny little bitch.

  • wicklow abby
    wicklow abby 4 days ago

    Stupid rumor based waste of time video

  • Cherie Smith
    Cherie Smith 4 days ago

    The beans are made fresh I know I used to work there

  • Freestylez 4 Dayz
    Freestylez 4 Dayz 4 days ago

    I worked at Wendys at and thats not true the meat was always made specifically for the Chili. I also never saw anyone use meat scraps to make the chili. Completely untrue.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  4 days ago +1

      Thanks for the feed back! 😋

  • Vivi Iastr
    Vivi Iastr 4 days ago

    2:15 trish 💟💟💟

  • Verioth Darkclaw
    Verioth Darkclaw 5 days ago +1

    What is the movie at 2:17? Reminds me of Dumb & Dumber toilet scene.

    • Brian Zeller
      Brian Zeller 3 days ago

      National Lampoon's Van Wilder. Ryan Reynolds starred in it. It's worth a watch.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  4 days ago

      LOL 😜😜

  • Sherry NoSmile
    Sherry NoSmile 5 days ago

    Wtf and vomit

  • Dairius Daniels
    Dairius Daniels 5 days ago

    My uncle used to work at Olive Garden and he told me when the garlic bread has like black or green spots it’s mold cause when it’s shipped it melts and gets soggy, and then it gets cooked and served to you. How do you feel now??

  • Chris R.
    Chris R. 5 days ago

    This narrator's voice is extremely grating.

  • Gilbert Roman
    Gilbert Roman 5 days ago

    Dam baby

  • L. Wolf
    L. Wolf 5 days ago

    Pretty sure that pink slime thing was proven to be a myth. Snopes fact checked it, McDonald's Chicken Nuggets are made with all white meat and have been since 2003. Though before that I think they did use MSP but so did a lot of places. Even grocery stores.
    That pink slime stuff you showed wasn't even chicken it was BLBT "boneless lean beef trimmings" or "lean finely textured beef", ya know... beef, moo cow, and used a whole different process.

  • Elijah Ford
    Elijah Ford 5 days ago

    I was frozen today!

  • Elijah Ford
    Elijah Ford 5 days ago

    Pretty much every itallian hates olive gardens

  • Sisterhair
    Sisterhair 5 days ago

    I don't eat choke & puke(mc donalds) or greasy wendy's. I cook my own

  • Paula Kelly
    Paula Kelly 5 days ago

    I don't know how people repeatedly eat at Subway... it's all roll and no meat! Better off eating at WaWa

  • Paula Kelly
    Paula Kelly 5 days ago

    Wendy's chili looks like the diarrhea you get after eating it.

  • walldoo99
    walldoo99 6 days ago

    Mc Donalds had awesome coffee when they started Mc Cafe, it's gone way down since then. I avoid their coffee now because even after adding creamer and sugar I can taste the filter and the water. It's the same if I make it at home. weak as dishwater

  • Daniel Lewis
    Daniel Lewis 6 days ago

    First of all, all items at Taco Bell look strange coming out of the bag. Why- it's called dehydration. It has nothing to do with the safety of the food.
    Second, Chipotle is an overpriced fad.
    Third, Olive Garden IS fast food. I would NEVER eat there.
    Fourth, Jack In The Box is not responsible for the fact that it seems everyone has an allergy now.
    Fifth, Subway is just nasty. The bread is "pre made"... The food is basically deli meat that you can buy off the shelf at Wal Mart...

  • JACK Master
    JACK Master 6 days ago

    Wendy's camel toe Skank Ho-en the patrons.

  • Brandon Skinner
    Brandon Skinner 6 days ago

    A lot of McDonald's employees are guilty of resetting the timer on the UHC for ALL of the food in it, not just the nuggets.

  • caseymac MacL
    caseymac MacL 6 days ago

    And I stopped going to Subway years ago after seeing fruit flies infesting their veggie section. Disgusting.

  • caseymac MacL
    caseymac MacL 6 days ago

    If I have to send something back at a restaurant I NEVER get it replaced. Just take it off my bill and I'll make a grilled cheese sandwich when I get home. Not taking the risk.

  • karld001
    karld001 6 days ago

    Last summer I went to Wendy's and there was a beautiful girl dressed as the Wendy's girl. She went on break and came out to the dining area and started making out with her girlfriend, Boom! True story.

  • George Capra
    George Capra 6 days ago

    wendys chili used to be good but not any more ,it is horrible just like their burgers.

  • Echo Delmiguez
    Echo Delmiguez 6 days ago


  • Echo Delmiguez
    Echo Delmiguez 6 days ago


  • JP jay
    JP jay 6 days ago

    prepare for a HUGE LAWSUIT

    • JP jay
      JP jay 6 days ago

      +BabbleTop awesome video, but aren´t you afraid, all those companies will sue you?

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  6 days ago


  • jOSE Cant SEE
    jOSE Cant SEE 7 days ago +3

    If you think the Wendy’s girl is hot, you really need to get out more often

  • F Mills
    F Mills 7 days ago +1

    Olive Garden gave me the worst food poisoning I've ever had. Woke up in the middle of the night with extreme vertigo and nonstop puking. I had to call 911 and puked in a garbage can between every sentence. Ended up in the emergency room. Fucking hell I thought it was a stroke.

  • Taj Bates
    Taj Bates 7 days ago

    Subway seafood is just crab aha

  • Bluebonnet Jasmine
    Bluebonnet Jasmine 7 days ago

    Cut out the throwing up BS. Can't even hear what your saying because of that stupid rediculous noise making sound.

  • Stacy boulderdash
    Stacy boulderdash 7 days ago

    Fast food has turned into totally gross shit food.

  • Steven Boniface
    Steven Boniface 7 days ago

    based on what information....................for real...................

  • Nacho Mamma
    Nacho Mamma 7 days ago

    I've never ordered Wendy's chili. It just smells bad!
    Taco Bell? Oh hell no! Went there once in the 1980s. Never been back!
    Olive Garden, have never been!

  • Renderous Creations
    Renderous Creations 7 days ago

    Taco Bell is NOT Mexican food.

  • Angel Feliciano
    Angel Feliciano 7 days ago

    The hot dogs in the ballpark is a complete lie.

  • Jeff Liss
    Jeff Liss 8 days ago

    Subway serves dolphin and turtle? That's the most disturbing.

  • Ann Lake
    Ann Lake 8 days ago

    when I lived san Francisco fast food was RARELY an optin... I always when to the mom and pop cafes because the food was better and reasonably priced. no need for fast food! (sigh... still wish I still live there) much better food... I still jones for places like Tommy's Joint and King of Thai Noodle... and don't get started on what counts for "mexican" food the midwest (Chicago is the ONLY exception to that rule)

  • sabyn bradley
    sabyn bradley 8 days ago

    Can I get fresh nuggets? *Dips old nuggets in oil and gives back*

  • Vanessa Bodmer
    Vanessa Bodmer 8 days ago

    My first job was at Popeyes when I was 15 and it was very sanitary. It was clean and they threw away old oil daily. They never refused food and gave away the leftovers to the last customers. This was of course in the late 90’s.
    I also worked at Einstein Bagels. They use fresh eggs for their egg sandwiches. The soup is a big frozen bag thawed but it’s good. Every other ingredient used for sandwiches has expiration labels, so food never went passed the exp date. At the end of the day all leftovers were donated by someone who would pick them up to deliver to shelters. That was at the location I worked at. Employees were allowed to take leftovers too. Einstein Bagels was very clean.
    My brother worked at subway in the early 90’s when there was only white and wheat bread and only Turkey and Hams. He told me how clean and fresh it was back then. More of aJimmy Johns freshness.

  • No Name
    No Name 8 days ago

    Taco Bell has always had fries in Canada wtf

  • Matthew Califana
    Matthew Califana 8 days ago

    Laughed like crazy only time i wished to be a dolphin !

  • Ferjam 74
    Ferjam 74 8 days ago

    My friend and I got THE WORST food poisoning from an order of chili-chips-and cheese from a Wendy's just outside High Point, N.C. It lasted nearly 5 days! Everything out, every opening, all exits, no waiting!!😭😱😨💨💩💨💩🔥💨💩😫😥😰😣😣

  • Stephanie Hanson
    Stephanie Hanson 8 days ago

    I work at wendy's and that's not true wherever you are getting this info is wrong!

  • Lincoln Rockwell
    Lincoln Rockwell 8 days ago

    Sounds like bullshit from animal activists on the Subway one but worst case it just means mass netting where dolphins (and turtles which people already eat) may end up caught. Who even cares about the meat itself the only issue would be a moral one because theyre cute and smart.

    • Lincoln Rockwell
      Lincoln Rockwell 8 days ago

      BabbleTop Youre a mean one, Mr Grinch.

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  8 days ago

      I don't like to cute things, does that make me a bad person? lol

  • Suzanne Dubovoy
    Suzanne Dubovoy 8 days ago

    Poor chicklettes are just born and already placed onto conveyors for slaughter. Horrific.

  • Shawn Brown
    Shawn Brown 9 days ago +1

    😫i eat like 8 out of the 10 things on here😂

  • MadakiNomaroishi
    MadakiNomaroishi 9 days ago

    I apologise for making and serving Wendys chilli to people. I was young and needed money 👌

  • Libby Myers
    Libby Myers 9 days ago

    What is the movie with the chef guy wiping the food on his ass and the boy goes “it’s good” 😂

  • Ryan Forget
    Ryan Forget 9 days ago

    At mcdonalds the machine your espresso drinks come through is cleaned TWICE a day, we also use delimer twice a week, so don't worry about that.

  • Robert Hands
    Robert Hands 9 days ago

    Seafood from subway, here in uk subway is pretty new ! But who eats sea food from a fast food outlet which subway basically is

  • Keeper
    Keeper 9 days ago

    Your FX/Sounds are WAAAY too loud, I'm trying to watch this late at night for god's sake.

  • janpieter van rieter
    janpieter van rieter 9 days ago +2

    who is that red chick?

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  9 days ago

      She's Amouranth on youtube check her out!

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  9 days ago

      She's Amouranth on youtube, check her out!

  • Sonja Teal
    Sonja Teal 9 days ago +1

    I already don't eat fast food....thank you for confirming my decision!! Disgusting!! *And Olive Garden is the cess pool level of Italian food*

    • Sonja Teal
      Sonja Teal 8 days ago

      +BabbleTop 👍

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  8 days ago +1

      Sonja Teal It was copy/pasted non-sense, and we deleted it... lol

    • Sonja Teal
      Sonja Teal 9 days ago +1

      +Jammin Clemmons *Really????
      You took the time to type all that?? Based off the simple ass shit I said? Okay then. Have a great life, Dear!*

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  9 days ago

      LOL 😜😜

  • chris kary
    chris kary 10 days ago

    So I use to work at Starbucks and All of the food such as sandwiches, cookies, brownies and every other food product there is pre-cooked. Basically the food sits in a big semi truck for days then he drops off the food.They bring it in the back door then they make us just put the food in the freezer until the other food is sold out. Then they let the food sit out and defrost for 2-3 hours sometimes they sit there all day. It’s crazy they’ll charge you 5 bucks per a sandwich that isn’t even fresh. Then we’d just open the plastic around the sandwich put it in a microwave oven then serve to the costumers. Truly disgusting so I’m surprised that wasn’t on the list

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  9 days ago

      I guess we didn't consider it fast food but yes, most all fast food places operate exactly as you just described!

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 10 days ago +1

    That burger shit they claim to scrape off the gril is fondd deglaze with wine or with water ... Of course wendys chilis is gonna be overcooked wtf you want a medium to medium rare chili .

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  9 days ago

      You're making me hungry for real chili now... lol

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 10 days ago

    I hate when they use fake colored eyes anyone in general unlesss its a naruto sharingan leave your brown black purple yellow green blue silver eyes alone ... You loook stupid af af

  • Michael DiRoma
    Michael DiRoma 10 days ago

    PS the Dolphin is a fish not the cute mammals you’re thinking of....

  • Nerdypants 05
    Nerdypants 05 10 days ago

    I don't know how a Chipotle employee could spit in your food without drawing attention to themselves. Also if Chipotle isn't clean than Subway is an actual dump all the Chipotles I have gone to have been more clear than an average Subway. I don't get why this is on the list this Reddit user was just talking about being polite and considerate to the staff and people around you not really about safety concerns.

  • stephen Gibson
    stephen Gibson 10 days ago

    The only place open at 5 am after 12 hours travelling by plane and coach was a MacDonald's at a train station, I just wanted fries but not usually being a user i didn't realise that the only thing on offer was their breakfasts, I reluctantly had an egg Mac Muffin. One bite was enough before I binned it. I swear if I had missed the bin it would be still bouncing now!

  • Meh Meh
    Meh Meh 10 days ago

    Dolphin is extremely expensive to eat, same goes for sea turtle. So I'm highly doubtful of the subway claim...

  • Lewliet
    Lewliet 10 days ago

    The only good thing to eat the lady dress as Wendy

    • Lewliet
      Lewliet 10 days ago

      +BabbleTop I got it 😉

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  10 days ago +1

      But we all know what you meant... lol

    • Lewliet
      Lewliet 10 days ago

      +BabbleTop 😂

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  10 days ago +1

      LOL you cannibal you

  • Milan Lukic Lundzi
    Milan Lukic Lundzi 10 days ago +1

    10:09 Is that Christine Teigen? She is beautiful.

  • qwertylello
    qwertylello 10 days ago +1

    Ha jokes on you. I live in Italy and we barely have any of your fast food chains. Thank god for that

  • J Ochs
    J Ochs 11 days ago

    In and Out burgers....because that's what they do to you.

  • J Ochs
    J Ochs 11 days ago

    5:37 It's Grant, formerly of the Mythbusters.

  • Darwin06QL
    Darwin06QL 11 days ago

    what's the name of the song @3:26 ?

  • Dnightshade100
    Dnightshade100 11 days ago

    should have added Mcdonalds icecream to the list the McDonalds in my area rip you off, giving you less icecream for what you paid for. they will either mushroom cap the cone or give you a baby icecream cone. it makes me want to tell them "wth is this? this isn't a icecream cone, this is a baby. take it back to its mother and give me an ADULT cone!"

  • Marko Mladenovski
    Marko Mladenovski 11 days ago

    thanks god we dont have any of these fast food places here LOL

    Btw anyone here ever tried GOODIES?

  • alice animations
    alice animations 12 days ago

    Im not buying MCnuggets after watching this cause i love chicks literally