Apocalyptic Bunker Project Q&A


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  • ivan ashley
    ivan ashley 2 hours ago

    You should have your own TV show, talented and funny. LUV IT!

  • Tony 289
    Tony 289 2 days ago

    How do you prevent the metal from rusting, how do you seal the vents from outside bugs, how did you run the lighting and plumbing

  • JackSpeed 439
    JackSpeed 439 2 days ago

    Hey Colin that bunker is epic and I agree about the curved roof, it just makes it like a underground lair, which it is.

  • ericbazinga
    ericbazinga 18 days ago

    "Just build it." -Colin Furze

  • Psychocarney
    Psychocarney Month ago

    Little late to be commenting but i had a thought. A thought you may have thought already. I noticed the supply air is near the floor and the outlet is near the top. Considering Carbon monoxide is heavier than air and tends to stay near the floor wouldnt it be better to have the inlet air at the top and the outlet at the bottom. Seems the Co would have to fill the room inorder to exit the bunker with the current ish settup. Might take awhile to fill to dangerous levels but love your vids and wouldnt want you to take the long nap in the bunker.
    ¡Safety third!

  • theguyttissy bob
    theguyttissy bob 2 months ago

    will what if there a apocalypse Fallout and the air is toxic will then your dead

    RAHMAT DANI 2 months ago

    the base

  • Bartek Dwornik
    Bartek Dwornik 4 months ago +1

    Can you make a robot recycling bin? ^_^

  • Jukka Hausalo
    Jukka Hausalo 5 months ago

    I was wondering the whole time what about if you get water inside the bunker, where does it go? What if it started leaking from the top and you had to stay down there?

  • Robert Szasz
    Robert Szasz 6 months ago

    "Just build it" underground is a great way to end up dead, killing a friend, or killing some kid. Oh, and if it's not well sealed you better have good sump pumps, if it is well sealed, hope you planned for the structure to want to pop out of the ground like a cork once things get wet.

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 4 months ago

      Water is an issue, I recall him having a solution. Not every place on Earth is in an area that gets waterlogged such that underground structures become buoyant.
      Frankly, go fuck yourself, Bitchert.

  • Zombie
    Zombie 7 months ago

    Slowwwwly becoming one of my favorite youtubers!

  • the stranger
    the stranger 7 months ago

    You are fucking awesome

  • Rubén Saturio
    Rubén Saturio 8 months ago

    eres jilipollas

  • Jairo David Erazo
    Jairo David Erazo 8 months ago

    A Lot of money to construct a bunkee

  • Jairo David Erazo
    Jairo David Erazo 8 months ago

    I dont understand, but this man is ver creative and have a Lot of money

  • German Sanchez
    German Sanchez 8 months ago

    sos el mejor ! te mando saludos desde Argentina

  • NoThank Yu
    NoThank Yu 8 months ago

    What happened to all the water, especially before he built the shed and the entrance was exposed. If water gets in how does it drain and how permeable is the rock at that depth, I'm surprised you didn't get surface runoff in there.

  • Crazed
    Crazed 8 months ago

    Imma check every fucking shed i see during the apocalypse now lol

  • BxTekNurd
    BxTekNurd 8 months ago

    how sound proof is it. I mean would your neighbours hear anyone screaming from down there???? asking for a friend.

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 4 months ago

      Probably not, but it's not really designed to be sound proof. For that, put another door on the main room, or implement better soundproofing in the hatch/shed.

  • miss misanthropist
    miss misanthropist 8 months ago

    why are they called man caves when they're actually just really cool underground rooms you can have to yourself

  • exd y wALX
    exd y wALX 8 months ago

    like si hablas español tio chabal ostras pedrin ala tio !!,

  • F.Gaymer- 09
    F.Gaymer- 09 8 months ago


  • Mochi Girl
    Mochi Girl 8 months ago


  • Ethan Hill
    Ethan Hill 8 months ago

    He’s mentally insane

  • ronalgampleys y mas
    ronalgampleys y mas 8 months ago

    I not speak inglish, but like the vidio FOR GOD :'v

  • Thcxlind KO!!
    Thcxlind KO!! 8 months ago

    Added so much equity to that property.

  • deadly gaming
    deadly gaming 8 months ago

    Tbh drawing are stupid if you know what your doing it's fine e my tech teacher gave me and f because I forgot one of the 3 drawings

  • PeakLegacy
    PeakLegacy 8 months ago

    Honestly, Colin seems like the annoying kid in class, but I can't stop watching his videos.

  • Taffy Apple Gaming
    Taffy Apple Gaming 8 months ago

    How does he deal with human waste? Has that been answered?

    • Taffy Apple Gaming
      Taffy Apple Gaming 8 months ago

      DUSTY MUSKETS I so wish that was true X'D

      DUSTY MUSKETS 8 months ago +1

      It shoots up to the surface into a sprinkler for his tomato garden

  • Unity Develops
    Unity Develops 8 months ago

    Colin furze you said at the end that us watchers wouldn't watch it because it's so long, well s little note the fact your being hilarious that's what we watch, the fact you be yourself around the net. Congratulations on your bunker, you had to much fun on them diggers. It's not a lift lol, I think you should have ago at building an actual responsive robot because you've got your handy man that can assist with the technology part of things. And you've a mastermind in the framework and making it look post and fancy. Many people have attempted this and kinda blown up in there faces so maybe you could see how durabile you are when it comes to the actual intake of things.

  • Nabeel Shiraz
    Nabeel Shiraz 9 months ago

    It would work for a flood and a lava eruption

  • Branden Everitt
    Branden Everitt 9 months ago

    "Can't talk about the price"
    Bitch, ballpark it. If you said somewhere between 80k and 120k then we could get an idea of what that shit costs. it looks like a 20' x 20' x 12' with some very heavy metal, so my god, that must have been excruciating as far as costs.

  • Tom Meng
    Tom Meng 9 months ago +1

    You should get a solar generator, such as a GOAL ZERO Yeti 1400 and solar panels to charge it. Just a suggestion.

  • Sean Hill
    Sean Hill Year ago +1

    congradulations put that bunker of yours to good use.

  • yasiru jayasuriya

    the best part was the end

  • TreyWK
    TreyWK Year ago

    If it was only connected to the house also.. but by far best bunker video I've ever seen 🖒🖒

  • 9fr3ddy2
    9fr3ddy2 Year ago

    If you have a short your whole bunker is made of metal lol how would that play out

  • Darth Crusty Derp

    does he use this for his life?

    X BRAINE YT Year ago

    Cool bunker

  • Juan Jesus
    Juan Jesus Year ago

    colin gets nef gf:
    -hey, what are those pipes
    -dont wory, just my apocalyptic bunker

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine Year ago

      Imagine dating a girl and finding out she has a bunker like this.

  • Andy Adams
    Andy Adams Year ago

    That was freaking funny because every time you said something I was doing it, oh yeah, just bought myself a rascal scooter will be ordering the 125cc engine for later on I'll be tearing ass around my town with it, can you bail me out of jail?

  • Mitchell Plays
    Mitchell Plays Year ago

    Is that bunker fallout Proof?

  • ProExlite
    ProExlite Year ago

    Can you do a hidden panic room inside of a wall

  • -tan s
    -tan s Year ago

    Can i have blueprints? Its a box in a hole oh colin

  • Dean Glass
    Dean Glass Year ago

    Was looking into doing something along these lines myself. My question is do you have take precautions in relation to radon gas seeping in from the earth? Cheers colin love your vids

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine Year ago

      Depends on where you live if that's even a problem, but watch the Q&A. He has air drawn in through the input via fan at floor level. That would passively exchange and disturb the air enough I doubt radon would accumulate too much.

  • Crazy Mini
    Crazy Mini Year ago

    it í very good for word

  • EagleEyes34 Gamers

    the radration will still breach you in that bunker because of the ventilation

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine Year ago

      So stick a standard air filter over it. Boom, fucking done.

  • John Tan
    John Tan Year ago

    he is fucking annoying

  • Joe Gray
    Joe Gray Year ago

    "Go deep and as big as you possibly can" THATS WHAT SHE SAID!

  • Tyler
    Tyler Year ago

    Today, I found out why my parents call the cable box "Sky" (We're from UK, But moved to Canada in 2006)

  • Jmyster4
    Jmyster4 Year ago

    you had to get PERMISSION from your government to build this???
    dafuq? do you also need permission to build a damn treehouse?

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine Year ago

      .... are you retarded? You'd have to get permission to build this basically anywhere in the developed world.

  • GameDude Redd
    GameDude Redd Year ago

    I built this in minecraft

  • Denny
    Denny Year ago

    your amazing buddy keep up the great work your a blast to watch

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff Year ago +30

    Probably cost about $100,000

    • Nicolas Boswell
      Nicolas Boswell 8 months ago +8

      Likely around $10,000. Permits are kinda expensive but steel and concrete are cheap.

    • Lucas Biermann
      Lucas Biermann Year ago +5

      more like 45,000 tbh

  • Mr. Parabola
    Mr. Parabola Year ago

    In the event of an actual apocalypse, would you use this?

  • Kevin Parrick
    Kevin Parrick Year ago

    so cool!!!!!!!!!

  • Christopher Rose
    Christopher Rose Year ago

    Two questions; (1) Pity you only have 1 entrance/exit. 2 would be better for fire safety, any reason for just one? (2) Why the metal case, wouldn't concrete have been easier and cheaper?

  • Gaming with Mikey!

    I'm guessing the most expensive part of the project was the concrete pour. 60 meters would've required 10 concrete pours from the 6 wheel mixer units as their max capacity is 6m of concrete. I would guess it was £6000+ on concrete alone. Then hiring the machines for the dig could've been anywhere from £250 a day upwards. Guesstimating £10,000 total budget.

  • Owondr
    Owondr Year ago

    Hahaha, thx

  • nicola gillespie
    nicola gillespie Year ago

    Could you have sex

  • Martín Orozco
    Martín Orozco Year ago

    Im watching this at 3 am

  • kin jung un
    kin jung un Year ago

    will it actually keep radiation out? the metal seems kind of thin if it's led it might be okay but otherwise ur fucked

  • Landon Brackez
    Landon Brackez Year ago

    Did no one ask if it has protection from the radiation?

  • Jubilee Watermelon

    but can it take a direct nuclear strike?

  • FaZeApEx 007
    FaZeApEx 007 Year ago


  • The One
    The One Year ago


  • Mihajlo Kostic
    Mihajlo Kostic Year ago

    Where does the cat do its buisnes? :P

  • Mr. McDennys
    Mr. McDennys Year ago

    I wish I had a free bunker

  • Bronze Chimare
    Bronze Chimare Year ago

    make a attack on titan

  • Dr. Graffiti The Doctor

    i wanna make one of these, but I will have three floors, first, the hangout room, second, sleeping area and bathroom, third, storage

  • irontale travelbat

    You are the better grant Thompson because you are cool and do things that everyone wants to but can't because they have a mom that wont let them or a wife who wont let them
    Thank you for making these videos

  • Çılgın Mühendis

    Are there any ammuniton for the guns

  • TheBlazingPikachu09

    does it ever get too hot or too cold in there?

  • Alexander Wingeskog

    I'm not a "survivalist", zombie/nuclear phobia type of guy :-)... but this is a dream! It's the pure definition of man cave! Loud as you want, design as you want (practical not beautiful)... The women got her "upper" house, which she designs not practical but good looking... and I would have my big room to do all the fun/practical/gadget/inventive stuff... if I could give you 1000 thumbs up... I would... in a heartbeat!

  • Jacob Bainbridge
    Jacob Bainbridge Year ago

    "Some people do that to commit suicide" xD

  • whitelandwarriors08

    Is there a possibility of this collapsing on top of you?

  • Edman209
    Edman209 Year ago

    I want to build this but I would just a thicker steel but I like this video and this shelter

  • Kyle Paxton
    Kyle Paxton Year ago

    super SUPER bummed not to know what this cost to build..

  • Wind Walker
    Wind Walker Year ago

    I want it

  • Nate Zimmerman
    Nate Zimmerman Year ago

    What if he hot boxed the whole bunker

  • Breezetix
    Breezetix Year ago

    omg i thought in the end the sound was from rick, I heard
    I just closed chrome it kept going

  • Joy Time
    Joy Time Year ago

    Question: Do you have internet and Wifi.
    Answer: Yes
    Well then that's all you really need.

  • Zatlan54
    Zatlan54 Year ago

    Is it still up and running?

  • Ben Settle
    Ben Settle Year ago

    sorry for asking but Since the time you have built it what has it been used as of recently?

  • Rowan Dickerson
    Rowan Dickerson Year ago

    How do you go to the bathroom in the apocalypse

  • Sam
    Sam Year ago

    2 months, thought it was suppose to take 34 days..

  • Neoninfuzed
    Neoninfuzed Year ago

    you should decorate the walls

  • TonyMacaroni
    TonyMacaroni Year ago

    Were you canned?

  • Ethan Keirn
    Ethan Keirn Year ago

    His mannerisms and face remind me of a friendly johnny rotten lol

  • Badger0fDeath
    Badger0fDeath Year ago

    I live in London. If i tried digging down that far i'd probably drop through into either a sewer or an underground tunnel. Good escape routes though!

  • roughy762004
    roughy762004 Year ago

    where is the emergency exit?

  • Iver Nikolai
    Iver Nikolai Year ago

    can you make one to me

  • barad
    barad Year ago

    put an electricity generating bike in here

  • Mr_Ize
    Mr_Ize Year ago

    I want to know if it would actually protect you from radiation

  • Chona Delacruz
    Chona Delacruz Year ago

    im piliphine

  • Chona Delacruz
    Chona Delacruz Year ago

    sorry colin

  • Chona Delacruz
    Chona Delacruz Year ago

    my god

  • jaffry manoel
    jaffry manoel Year ago

    Colin, how about the rust...? did you applied any kind of "anti-rust" in the walls?

  • jon edwards
    jon edwards Year ago

    You forgot the colin furze fire ending.