5 UNIQUE GIFTS People Will ACTUALLY Like! || Christmas Holiday Gift Guide 2016

  • Published on Dec 13, 2016
  • Here are some fun, unique gifts that are great for giving (or putting on your wish list!!) Subscribe: bit.ly/SubToRachhLoves
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    VicTsing - Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser
    Edens Garden - 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Gift Set
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Comments • 454

  • Kiki Terhune
    Kiki Terhune 11 months ago

    I LIKE the coffee idea! I might have to research that for my sister!

  • Miro Kolev
    Miro Kolev Year ago

    jesus crist so much useless information

  • SeedCare Chair Socks

    A unique gift (Chair socks) on www.seedcaresocks.com. Thanks

  • Alie The Artist
    Alie The Artist Year ago

    Homemade bubble bath is super easy and cute. I made mine with gel shampoo, warm water, and salt (there are plenty of recipes with ingredients you probably have). I also put them in pretty jewel cut mason jars, which makes them extra pretty. The bubbles last a long time and smell amazing. Great for a low budget/last minute gift.

  • H G
    H G Year ago

    ahhhhh you look like someone. ivanka trump

  • Shauna Rohr
    Shauna Rohr Year ago

    Just came across this video and fell in love with the cuff link idea! I tried to visit the persons shop and it said page down :( love the idea though; will def be on the hunt to get those! Great video!!!

  • Mile Ale
    Mile Ale Year ago


  • Joonies oul
    Joonies oul 2 years ago

    my mom has that necklace

  • Lisa Hypes
    Lisa Hypes 2 years ago +1

    omg her nails 😍

  • Naima Bowen
    Naima Bowen 2 years ago

    your nail polish is goalsss. I love them x

  • Sasha Boldisa
    Sasha Boldisa 2 years ago

    its Christmas , no snow for me. no presents for me. no family time for me. 😕

  • BabyGurlFoxy1988
    BabyGurlFoxy1988 2 years ago

    Dimples Charms most products are over $100.00 a piece

  • Tracy Vieth
    Tracy Vieth 2 years ago

    thankyou! awrsome ideas!

  • Sunfish OutOfWater
    Sunfish OutOfWater 2 years ago

    You spoke to soon re: the snow!☃ a few days ago it was below zero (-8) but it's now going to be like 50 for Christmas?!? Wth?!?!? I'm in NW Ohio but I know a lot of places are having similarly crazy swings🙈

  • Alexa Elliott
    Alexa Elliott 2 years ago +1

    Your makeup is like AMAZING!!! Please do a tutorial on it!!

  • CherLu Designs
    CherLu Designs 2 years ago +1

    Where are the beautiful silver stars in the background wall from? ⭐️

  • SpiveyFamilyLove Vlogs

    Love that humidifier. I have that one and just gifted it to one of my friends for Christmas.

  • Cassidy pereira
    Cassidy pereira 2 years ago

    Where in Canada does she live in?

  • Denise Matthijssen
    Denise Matthijssen 2 years ago

    The link to the oil defuser and the oils does not work!

  • doot doot
    doot doot 2 years ago

    this video was actually helpful thank youuu!

  • Aamina Unia
    Aamina Unia 2 years ago

    Groupon is also a great idea for gift certificates for a variety of different experiences :) also has some great products for great prices!

  • Megan Pearson
    Megan Pearson 2 years ago

    your eyeshadow 😍 do a tutorial please!

  • DebXbeauty
    DebXbeauty 2 years ago +2

    I just put my slippers on the heater lol

  • Lynette Meaker
    Lynette Meaker 2 years ago

    OK my first thought is that I'm gonna be wearing those slippers while I sit in front of my computer and then forget that they are plugged in and walk away with my computer flying off the desk behind me!!

  • pitounesky
    pitounesky 2 years ago

    I love your eye makeup look in this video!! :)

  • Bekah Plemons
    Bekah Plemons 2 years ago

    I have Eden garden

  • Steph K
    Steph K 2 years ago

    This video was awesome! Btw I LOVE your makeup!

  • Christina Weidenbach
    Christina Weidenbach 2 years ago

    The way she looks and talks reminds me of Jaclyn Hill, not sure why

  • Angie Wright
    Angie Wright 2 years ago

    Great video. As per usual 😉. If you enjoy the Eden's Garden oils, I'd recommend getting them on the E.G. website because they have free shipping.

  • Ollie's craftyDay
    Ollie's craftyDay 2 years ago

    omigosh! i need that unicorn slipper for my daughter. she loves unicorns. where did you get them?

  • Remington Kiehl
    Remington Kiehl 2 years ago +1

    Will you do a make-up collecos please

  • 1stepcl0ser
    1stepcl0ser 2 years ago

    Great gift guide and very helpful and unique! Thank you!

  • kkat
    kkat 2 years ago +1

    Can you do a buy or bye on bh cosmetics please? I'd to see some of the brushes too. Thanks! Love you and your videos! 😊

  • Teacher Style
    Teacher Style 2 years ago

    Para los que hablan español hice un video sobre regalos que si le gusta a la gente recibir en navidad!!

  • Lidia Hernández
    Lidia Hernández 2 years ago

    ahhh thank you so much rachel! I didn't know what to get my mum for christmas but thanks to you I just bought the oil diffuser with the essential oils for her! you saved me haha

  • wanderer
    wanderer 2 years ago +1

    Girl, no to snow! 🙅 I live in Michigan, and we've already had 1 snow storm (due for another now). People forget how to drive, we get tons of accidents, and it becomes a pain to get to school and work. Plus, I cant do this 5° weather, with a real feel of -17° nu uh lol

  • Victoria Ryann
    Victoria Ryann 2 years ago

    YOU CRACK ME UP! lol thanks for sharing Rachh

  • margaret smith
    margaret smith 2 years ago

    So lucky we need snow here in Ireland.x

  • PalemoonTwilight
    PalemoonTwilight 2 years ago

    Akk...I don't like snow if I gotta be out in it. Period.

  • msdeefunk
    msdeefunk 2 years ago

    I love that essential oil kit... The breathe easy one is amazing when you're sick!

  • Arizona Dugès
    Arizona Dugès 2 years ago

    Are you wearing lipstick?

  • Lea Krstanović
    Lea Krstanović 2 years ago

    please try silicone sponge (it substitutes beauty Blender)

  • Eshita Chandna
    Eshita Chandna 2 years ago

    i love ur make up look!! plzz make a vid

  • Sandy Bee
    Sandy Bee 2 years ago +1

    Your makeup is life! Please do a tutorial!! Love you! 🇨🇦

  • Mackensie Nelson
    Mackensie Nelson 2 years ago +2

    What eye shadow are you wearing?!?

  • Akilah Challa
    Akilah Challa 2 years ago +1

    It doesn't snow where I live:(...

  • Denny Goalmez
    Denny Goalmez 2 years ago +3

    tutorial on this look!!!!! GORGEOUSSSSS

  • Annalise XO
    Annalise XO 2 years ago

    if u use young living essental oils like this comment

  • Peatycakes
    Peatycakes 2 years ago

    haha casually says "like blue bottle coffee". girl you dont know how great that coffee is!

  • Ryan Johnston
    Ryan Johnston 2 years ago +6

    What eye shadow are you wearing in this video?

  • Amanda Maw
    Amanda Maw 2 years ago

    Almost disliked this video when I saw the unicorn slippers were sold out. Rachel that's just cruel haha

  • Victoria Robinson
    Victoria Robinson 2 years ago +1

    What are you wearing on your lips? I really like that color!

  • Emily Erickson
    Emily Erickson 2 years ago +2


  • Forte
    Forte 2 years ago +1

    Her eyes are super glazed

  • Katherine Q
    Katherine Q 2 years ago +1

    Your eye makeup is on point today, absolutely lovely! Also, I just love your personality, I always leave smiling after your videos

  • Eliza Austin
    Eliza Austin 2 years ago +2


  • Kita-nicole
    Kita-nicole 2 years ago

    Hi Rachel! (I hope that's how you spell it). I am a new mum who is interested in making TVclip videos & I was just wondering if you could make a video on how you manage to do both or even just respond to this comment briefly, if you can. xo

  • Jessica Starr
    Jessica Starr 2 years ago +2

    That eye makeup is gorgeous!!

  • Jamie Brown
    Jamie Brown 2 years ago

    Woot!! Eden's Garden is amazing! My favorite essential oil company. Just as good as the big names but with out the big price tag! :)

  • Jordyn Marie
    Jordyn Marie 2 years ago +1

    I'm supposed to be studying for finals, but Rachel's better