Because He Likes Me | A Black Nurses Rock Film

  • Published on Jun 2, 2018
  • "Because He Likes Me"
    A short film about domestic abuse and how you can be part of the solution.
    Executive Producer, Dr. Romeatrius Moss
    Black Nurses Rock
    For more information, please visit our website at:

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  • Christine Marlow
    Christine Marlow 9 hours ago

    How the hell is his behavior ok.
    Why are they tolerating this.
    Why do people tolerate this?
    One hit time to leave.
    There's a big difference in a guy liking you hitting on you
    Then being abused kind of hitting on you. Learn the difference.
    An angry male blaming you for everything. Is negative abusive bad news. Get out & stay out of this kind of relationship.
    Learn the signs before dating.

  • Mya Anderson
    Mya Anderson 2 days ago

    My name is Mya

  • Megan Thomas
    Megan Thomas 3 days ago

    She do sound like beyonc'e

  • Imani Robinson
    Imani Robinson 4 days ago +1

    The dad is so mean馃槩馃槬馃槹

  • Xaloties
    Xaloties 6 days ago

    He let鈥檚 his daughter get beat and don鈥檛 let a boy 馃懄 kids on her make that make sense

  • Mame Sene
    Mame Sene 7 days ago

    more you violent more they like u ; more you being nice more they say you boring

  • Camren Thompson
    Camren Thompson 8 days ago

    Do y'all know that her mother has a black eye and her to

  • Camren Thompson
    Camren Thompson 8 days ago

    No she need to kill that bitch

  • Unknown Nell
    Unknown Nell 8 days ago

    Someone going to drink this damn milk

  • Caly Offhaus
    Caly Offhaus 9 days ago

    You know the acting is good when you hate their character .... Phenomenal film 馃憣馃檶 thank you for the awareness

  • DJBubblicious
    DJBubblicious 10 days ago

    Mama needs to use that pan upside his head!! Is he Mister From The color purples brother?

  • Aniefre Eagles-Haynes
    Aniefre Eagles-Haynes 14 days ago

    Dont you wish when shitt like this happens see things like this you would see credits roll and the actors show up and it would all be acting. Its a shame that this world still has this problem

  • Lea McClain
    Lea McClain 14 days ago

    "Is that why Daddy hits you,Mommy?" This broke my heart to see that poor girl thinking that abuse is a way of showing love.

  • Dezanay Grier
    Dezanay Grier 16 days ago


  • Capricorn gem
    Capricorn gem 18 days ago

    O hell no he would have got cut

  • Danyelle Allen
    Danyelle Allen 19 days ago

    You should look at yellopian

  • NoSkull 13
    NoSkull 13 20 days ago

    How does this channel not have 90.4K right now?!

  • Nkosinathi Manana
    Nkosinathi Manana 21 day ago

    Fuck the dad

  • ll TheAlpha ll
    ll TheAlpha ll 21 day ago

    Ain鈥檛 gonna lie that milk shit was funny (sorry 馃槶 )

  • Marvell Campbell
    Marvell Campbell 22 days ago

    Why does Beyonc茅 have a black eye

  • keketclay27
    keketclay27 24 days ago

    She and daughter she already learn to mommy husband keep fight jail 10 year late he became old husband always keep cuss wife daughter again vd husband more worse abuse and vd daughter learn already Know abuse and vd

  • Jozette Walker
    Jozette Walker 26 days ago

    Boy from grandmas and house and how old is it if you three unusual Grandma hate saying 鈽猴笍

  • Baby Girl
    Baby Girl 27 days ago

    And he is cute

  • Baby Girl
    Baby Girl 27 days ago

    He is amazing

  • period pooh period pooh

    Imma cry

  • Edileuza Moura
    Edileuza Moura 29 days ago +1

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk v铆deo

  • Business lady
    Business lady Month ago

    Why you tell your little girl its ok for a boy to hit you. It just means he likes you. I would have been up to the school.

  • Gurizai_Gaming
    Gurizai_Gaming Month ago

    My nigga,the dads attitude how he sound mean but nice at da same time

  • Oshlyanna Francis
    Oshlyanna Francis Month ago

    As a young girl I witnessed my father abusing my mother and now that I have children of my own I鈥檓 getting abused

    xSTAND ROOMx Month ago

    If it was a real life story the dad wouldve went to hell

  • Aubree Hall
    Aubree Hall Month ago

    This make me cry because my dad hit my my mom.

  • Devin Lynn J
    Devin Lynn J Month ago

    She saying with a broken heart 馃挃 and tears 馃槶 running down her face daddy loves us.....
    Can't forget the three black eyes

  • T Mariee
    T Mariee Month ago

    This nigga crazy 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀.. he play crazy too well

  • Kallen Smallwood
    Kallen Smallwood Month ago

    If I was there her dad would get these hands me and my friends 馃憡馃憡馃憡馃憡馃憡馃憡馃憡馃憡馃憡馃憡馃憡馃憡馃憡馃枑锔忦煈婐煈婐煈婐煈婐煈婐煠滒煠滒煠滒煠滒煠滒煠滒煠滒煠涴煠涴煠涴煠涴煠涴煠涴煠涴煠涴煈婐煈婐煈婐煈婐煆金煈婐煆金煈婐煆金煈婐煆金煈婐煆金煈婐煆金煈婐煆金煈婐煆金煈婐煆金煈婐煆

  • Mylesx7
    Mylesx7 Month ago

    my dad kinda like a white version of him

  • lil' gap islands
    lil' gap islands Month ago

    He said 鈥渟hut up and give me a cup of coffee鈥 馃ぃ

  • Lennise Fuller
    Lennise Fuller Month ago

    The father sounds like Danny Glover in the Color Purple 馃榾

    LUFYTIME Month ago

    Someone gon drink this damn milk

  • Curtasia Duncan
    Curtasia Duncan Month ago

    That man sounds like 2pac no cap

  • Alanya Dillard
    Alanya Dillard Month ago

    that little girl sound like bhad bhabie

  • Alanya Dillard
    Alanya Dillard Month ago

    this is gay

  • xXmoon playzxX
    xXmoon playzxX Month ago +1

    "Everything is gonna be okay"
    When her Friend said that
    She never knows whats gonna happen -_-
    I hate when say everything is gonna be ok even though they don't even know that....-_-
    (I don't mean to be doubtful
    But People also have to learn Bad Things happen too! Not
    Everything is not gonna be Sunshine And rainbows!)
    And she said he's you're father

  • Ariana Carty
    Ariana Carty Month ago


  • Sariyah OWENS
    Sariyah OWENS Month ago

    She sounds like Beyonc茅 no cap

  • Ty
    Ty Month ago

    Anybody know of any ( good ) black horror shorts?

  • Toni Cox
    Toni Cox Month ago

    So sad.

  • NoSkull 13
    NoSkull 13 Month ago

    How do you not have 100K yet?! This is actually really good!

  • Heaven Tv
    Heaven Tv Month ago +1

    3:52 he don鈥檛 fucking love y鈥檃ll idk why niggas like that Fuck him with his ugly ass cause if he love y鈥檃ll he want do that in front of his child !! For one let my nigga do taht it鈥檚 gonna be bold everywhere 馃う馃従鈥嶁檧锔忦煠︷煆锯嶁檧锔 that鈥檚 a damn sham

  • Jovonne Vincent
    Jovonne Vincent Month ago

    But that girl sounds like becoy

  • Jovonne Vincent
    Jovonne Vincent Month ago

    Hit that DAM guh

  • Jovonne Vincent
    Jovonne Vincent Month ago

    I BET that men killed 1000 girls

  • PR脧帽莽毛艣艣_脩脛脣 Pope

    The dad slow lol

  • Kevin Hanna
    Kevin Hanna 2 months ago

    Remember to drink your milk kids.

  • Mary Sutton
    Mary Sutton 2 months ago

    The dad is such a creep. He needs a good punch 馃憡 in the face.

  • kayla morris
    kayla morris 2 months ago

    The dad is creepy hell creepy

  • poeticbeaut茅
    poeticbeaut茅 2 months ago

    Tf wrong with the dad...he hella creepy

  • Ashley Barnes
    Ashley Barnes 2 months ago

    Fat bich you kiss wow with him I mean the girl

  • Nyjah Broyles
    Nyjah Broyles 2 months ago

    Anybody notice that she sounds exact like Beyonce

    • Yxng. Bevvy
      Yxng. Bevvy 2 months ago

      Nyjah Broyles is all over the comments

  • Oluyomi Makanjuola
    Oluyomi Makanjuola 2 months ago

    If that was me I would thow the milk at him and give him a black eye

    • Yxng. Bevvy
      Yxng. Bevvy 2 months ago

      Oluyomi Makanjuola I would tag team with you and throw the bowl and give him 2 black eyes

  • baby Lay
    baby Lay 2 months ago

    Is dhet younger Beyonce 馃槀馃槶