Letting The Person in FRONT of me DECIDE What I Eat for 24 HOURS!!

  • Published on May 11, 2019
    Today I decided to play fast food roulette, and let the person in front of me in the drive thru decide what I eat for 24 hours... The ending was crazy!
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    If you read this far down the description I love you
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  Month ago +6587


  • sheyonne wickramasinghe

    When Papa Rug was staring at the wheel 😂💖

  • Heather Shane
    Heather Shane Hour ago

    There needs to be more people like Rug!

  • The burnt chip
    The burnt chip 2 hours ago

    Different things

  • Roman Millan
    Roman Millan 8 hours ago

    Im so hungry now!!!!😭😭

  • Rey Martinez
    Rey Martinez 12 hours ago +1

    I love how he said food is good we don't complane but when she spinner and got, subway he complained lol

  • Tdtdt Gjfgfjgf
    Tdtdt Gjfgfjgf 13 hours ago

    When ever I go to Taco Bell i get the Doritos locos tacos all the time

  • Arham khan
    Arham khan 15 hours ago

    Press this if you love Krispy Creme donates🍩🍩☕

  • Arham khan
    Arham khan 15 hours ago

    I love Krispy Creme donates🍩🍩🍩

  • glitter girlz
    glitter girlz 15 hours ago +1

    Just subscribed 🔔 your videos are amazing 😉

  • Daniela Rodriguez
    Daniela Rodriguez 15 hours ago

    You forgot raisin caines in the spinning wheel

  • Cactus Queens
    Cactus Queens 15 hours ago

    I get the same thing every time

  • devtan01
    devtan01 16 hours ago

    Cough* cough* DEREK GERARD cough*

  • h lopez
    h lopez 18 hours ago +1

    I love glazed doughnuts

  • Proxy 3pic
    Proxy 3pic 20 hours ago +1

    Can you at least sponsor Derek Gerard before copying him?

  • SnowyyCat
    SnowyyCat 20 hours ago

    Dude is litteraly like morgz he copys people like derek gerard without recognition

  • Sarai Rodriguez
    Sarai Rodriguez 20 hours ago

    At 17:24 why did you stop the video?

  • Bitten Muffin
    Bitten Muffin 21 hour ago

    FaZe rug you can’t like the video after 5 seconds
    Me: Dislike

  • r0aR
    r0aR 22 hours ago

    u eat a lot no cap

  • Taryn Roach
    Taryn Roach Day ago

    Same thing everywhere😂😂

  • letsplayroblox
    letsplayroblox Day ago +2

    I just love your heart I was just watching another TVclipr which I will not say and they were not doing the right thing with money so your just an amazing influence

  • hayden tipton
    hayden tipton Day ago

    i always get chicken tenders and ranch with curly fries at the same fast food restaurant

  • Audlena Odige
    Audlena Odige Day ago

    You said gatorade i dranking it omg

  • Aj King
    Aj King Day ago

    Same thing all the time

  • Pinto Perfect
    Pinto Perfect Day ago +2

    At 16:05 when he was holding out his chicken, I legit felt like putting my mouth to my screen and biting it.

  • Kriza Liad
    Kriza Liad Day ago

    You're so kind

    FNL GOD Day ago +3

    He literally said this is fire for every food he ordered

  • Ahnato XC
    Ahnato XC Day ago +2

    Imagine if the man in front of him is Matt Stonie this is funny if you know Matt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Frosty YT
    Frosty YT Day ago

    I wanna eat now

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez Day ago

    We are the same we don’t like root beer 🍺

  • Coolguy4679 Jack
    Coolguy4679 Jack Day ago +2

    It glitched as he spun the wheel because he set it to what he wanted 😂😂

  • Valiant
    Valiant Day ago +3

    bro your not a lunatic or whatever else she was tryna call you for doing and or making this awesome challenge .... shes just mad that she has to do the challenge too lol

  • Nathan Morales
    Nathan Morales Day ago

    I love faze rug a lot and I’m a big fan but why does he say always be happy and food is food and we don’t complain but he wouldnt he saying that if he was famous and rich

  • briana lopez
    briana lopez Day ago +1

    The food is making me hungry I want to do that

  • Keane Nelson
    Keane Nelson Day ago +3

    Press this if you love your dad

  • Destroyer YT
    Destroyer YT Day ago

    It is to late for me to eat now I am hungry I want to eat

  • Alexa Torres
    Alexa Torres Day ago +3

    Tbh faze rug looks hella cute and he’s so nice 💕

  • Helen Fish
    Helen Fish Day ago

    Try new things

  • Erick Tor
    Erick Tor Day ago

    Same food

  • zan cix
    zan cix Day ago

    17:15 he forgot to block the bad word since he always blocks it

  • Justine Luong
    Justine Luong Day ago

    Just so u know, Brian only has friends that are girls

  • Randa Qadan
    Randa Qadan Day ago

    I try everything I don’t eat the same every time

  • Fortnite Gameplay

    Mmm I’m huuuuuuuungrrrrrrrry

  • Gael De Alba
    Gael De Alba 2 days ago

    Rug I know u make good money but you don't shit money 😀

  • Emily Cottrell
    Emily Cottrell 2 days ago

    What happened with between faze rug and Molly Escam

  • Eli Rivera
    Eli Rivera 2 days ago

    I love you faze rug pls answer

  • Reece baines
    Reece baines 2 days ago

    Rug you should go to a babers and say the first person in front of get the same haircut as them

  • Justin Castro
    Justin Castro 2 days ago

    He said bell pepper and then a ad of chipotle poped up and the guy was cutting a bell pepper

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 days ago

    Every time I go to Macdonald’s I always order the Big Mac

  • Chip curry30
    Chip curry30 2 days ago +1

    2:48 there's nothing there

  • K.A.I Champniss
    K.A.I Champniss 2 days ago

    I thought rug and Kaitlyn where a thing

  • Dark YT
    Dark YT 2 days ago +6

    14:11 buddy you were complaining about not getting subway cuz you had it earlier

  • zan cix
    zan cix 2 days ago

    Ahmed Tv Created it first I think

  • Nick Rakos
    Nick Rakos 2 days ago


  • Neithan De Gracia
    Neithan De Gracia 2 days ago

    i am in minute 7 and i am alredy hungry

  • Abel Muniz
    Abel Muniz 2 days ago

    Bad idea watching this at 1 am I’m hungry af

  • maddie slayers
    maddie slayers 2 days ago

    Usally the same thing.

  • Papi Junior
    Papi Junior 2 days ago

    Do you want in in out 😂💀

  • JLD Jose
    JLD Jose 2 days ago

    I don’t even get a chance to be decisive and choose where I want to eat. 😓😂

    BLACKxSPACE12 2 days ago

    you should try the famous bowl

  • Oresti Kaziu
    Oresti Kaziu 2 days ago

    The same

    BLACKxSPACE12 2 days ago

    discoveering something that doesn’t exist ORIGINAL CONTENT

  • RLpG Clan
    RLpG Clan 2 days ago

    bruh i was hungry at 12 am now its 5pm and im still hungry

  • Pamela Santos
    Pamela Santos 2 days ago

    Were you the first vlogger did this challenge?

  • Will Christenbury
    Will Christenbury 2 days ago +1

    what a good dude

  • Iconic
    Iconic 2 days ago

    Me too

  • Leilani Vargas
    Leilani Vargas 2 days ago

    I so am going to go do this challenge now but one problem I need a wheel ... but still going to do the challenge 😉😁

  • Cullen Parks
    Cullen Parks 2 days ago

    How many times does he eat on a normal day

  • Sharmake Issa
    Sharmake Issa 2 days ago

    Faze Rug doesn’t like KFC because he is not black 😂😂😂😂

  • EliteGhost plays
    EliteGhost plays 2 days ago

    You should do hide and seek in LA with faze members

  • Sebastian Hellawell
    Sebastian Hellawell 2 days ago

    Why did I get an ad for Trumps birthday

  • eZaF doge
    eZaF doge 2 days ago +3

    Faze rug watches Derek Gerard video
    Rug....Everyone was requesting this

  • DESROYR05 -yt
    DESROYR05 -yt 2 days ago

    3:47 he makes it land on Carl’s jr

  • Roblox ismy tingling ROBLOX

    Same thing all the time only when my parents don’t let me

  • Andres 06
    Andres 06 2 days ago

    I get the same thing

  • Wolfcrazynes _123
    Wolfcrazynes _123 2 days ago +1

    Watches while eating food

  • Pierce Stukel
    Pierce Stukel 2 days ago

    Rug you should do the flore is lava challenge

  • Tiana Sailele
    Tiana Sailele 3 days ago

    That's lit like WTF

  • Arnulfo Hernandez
    Arnulfo Hernandez 3 days ago

    The ace family did this challenge with Elle

  • bailey power
    bailey power 3 days ago

    LoL I'm eating french toast

    RM VLOGS 3 days ago

    Plz do part two

  • Gabriella Lovely
    Gabriella Lovely 3 days ago +9

    There was glitches, like if Brian needs a new camera👍🏼

  • Siddharth Achanta
    Siddharth Achanta 3 days ago

    Foot beer sux

  • OG
    OG 3 days ago

    He hesitated to curse.

  • Pixelated Frenzy
    Pixelated Frenzy 3 days ago

    Yo this video is so laggy at certain points

  • Dead pool Man vlogs
    Dead pool Man vlogs 3 days ago

    I get the fill up meal at KFC

  • freshdominican92
    freshdominican92 3 days ago

    So were just to suppose to watch u eat....💩

  • XxCocoGioxX _YT
    XxCocoGioxX _YT 3 days ago

    When i was really little when I went to McDonald’s i Keep Choosing happy meal but now I choose a normal cheeseburger & Fries

  • mustafa haroon
    mustafa haroon 3 days ago

    KFC was my favorite because i usually go there to eat

  • mustafa haroon
    mustafa haroon 3 days ago +1

    i like to try different food but spicy

  • Joe40972
    Joe40972 3 days ago

    I always get the same thing....

  • Wanoka
    Wanoka 3 days ago

    Make this blue pleaseeeeee


  • parth
    parth 3 days ago

    Aye she kinda look like Lena the plug

  • WhiteStars
    WhiteStars 3 days ago

    Can you do a collab with nikocado avocado

  • Nisha N
    Nisha N 3 days ago

    Gamers and rug at KFC: no cars spawning

  • LuckyDevil_13
    LuckyDevil_13 3 days ago

    20:22 only got one meal but got 2 in and out drinks on the table.

  • Teamowhiu
    Teamowhiu 3 days ago +6

    My favourite fast food place is Mac Donald’s & kfc & Burger King.

  • [RAGE] Coolman
    [RAGE] Coolman 3 days ago

    ok really his special guests are females is he flirting?

  • Makoto Playz
    Makoto Playz 3 days ago

    What sweater is he wearing

  • Liah only has Three friends