Best of Carmelo Anthony | Part 1 | 2019-20 NBA Season

  • Published on Nov 30, 2019
  • Best of Carmelo Anthony | Part 1 | 2019-20 NBA Season
    Relive some of Carmelo’s best plays from his first 6 games with the Portland Trail Blazers.
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Comments • 541

  • Master Buten Kun
    Master Buten Kun 18 days ago


  • Terry White
    Terry White 23 days ago

    I will always support blazers for giving melo a chance ✊🏾

  • SuperRip7
    SuperRip7 26 days ago

    Carmelo is a good basketball player.

  • Rodrigo 23
    Rodrigo 23 29 days ago

    Bro, I might sound crazy but he is a top 6 power forward, he is an all star

  • Kel Phillips
    Kel Phillips Month ago

    That jumper too damn nice

  • Jah Bless
    Jah Bless Month ago +1

    other people here tryna act like they've been a fan of Melo after his comeback in NBA

    JOE DIGGS Month ago

    I love seeing my man melo ball out and his been a beast he has a good team around him

  • P'd off Veteran
    P'd off Veteran Month ago

    My man Melo turned a non guaranteed contract into a fully guaranteed contract all in a week after a year out the league. Amazing. I’m entertained.

  • Despot6184
    Despot6184 Month ago

    This that classic ball I lost when Kobe left. Plus he shooting a good %. Go head melo fellow

  • Luis Dandrade
    Luis Dandrade Month ago

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to see Carmelo back on the court. Keep doing your thing 'Melo.

  • Eric W.
    Eric W. Month ago

    Culture! He's wanted here in PDX and Stotts lets him play his game. So fun to watch.

  • Fat Man Dex
    Fat Man Dex Month ago

    Why wouldn’t you want him? I don’t understand why some teams didn’t even want to pick him up

  • J Knight
    J Knight Month ago

    this guy has 5 more years left in his game

  • J Knight
    J Knight Month ago

    the season last year was weird w/o Melo.....happy 4 the hall of famer


    can't explain how happy i am for him

  • xia tian
    xia tian Month ago


  • Reginald Whitley
    Reginald Whitley Month ago

    Melo is the reason i wore 7 in rec league def one of my personal 🐐🐐🐐

  • khanphanith khounsy

    I'm feel like i'm watching Denver Melo!

  • Jay Parauka
    Jay Parauka Month ago

    Can't wait for January first, back at MSG and then on January 17th when he is in Dallas with KP.



  • G H
    G H Month ago

    lmao and y'all thought he cldn't play.. nigga has the best footwork in the league since kobe retired.

    DANtheMANofSIPA Month ago

    All this talk about Melo but can we talk about how pretty the Blazer jeresys look this year?

  • Fans Perspective
    Fans Perspective Month ago

    I named 1 of my son's after this man... LEGEND!!

  • Yui Tanaka
    Yui Tanaka Month ago

    How come nobody signed him last season? LOL Portland is a perfect fit, look at the space Melo has and CJ/Dame and Melo Pick and roll is deadly

  • Emmanuel Santiago
    Emmanuel Santiago Month ago

    Happy for him

  • Mar richie
    Mar richie Month ago

    I’ve always give melo credit he just had some no good players around him sorry

    TONY DRAQO Month ago

    The best thing about it is he’s having fun it’s literally beautiful to see this shit.

  • Jonah Marquis
    Jonah Marquis Month ago +1

    Shit!! I just noticed Melo rockin the double zero?!?!

  • Jose Velazquez
    Jose Velazquez Month ago

    Lol Melo said me ass? You stupid man is playing to win he signed this offseason if Portland doesn't give him a one year deal

  • F F
    F F Month ago

    carmelo just made scoring looks so easy

  • CaahMoneyPlayboy
    CaahMoneyPlayboy Month ago

    He is literally the perfect fit for this team

  • Sean Stanchina
    Sean Stanchina Month ago

    A walking bucket. That jumper is beautiful

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Damn that's the Mellow I know! Aggressive, few dribbles-crossover-go, sheesh! Highlights was interesting!

  • Mackolm X
    Mackolm X Month ago

    Melo should cut a deal with And 1

  • Mackolm X
    Mackolm X Month ago

    He was 5-8 and the score was 23-17 🤦🏾‍♂️ good to see this man getting buckets again

  • Mackolm X
    Mackolm X Month ago

    First of all the VEEEERY 1st clip is so DISRESPECTFUL.. why tf they double team and leave Melo WIDE AZZ OPEN

  • Joel Flake
    Joel Flake Month ago

    Lool yall should not have gave MELOO time off. Now he back rested and with a vengeance. Are you dumb!!!

  • KnOcKs101 Prime
    KnOcKs101 Prime Month ago

    I've been a melo fan since the Syracuse years and this man deserves this chance and I'm so tired of these NBA analyst who never even played the game counting people out it's not over till it's over and melo said ain't no fat ladies singing just yet.

    BIGROO Month ago

    Hes always had a beautiful stroke

    BIGROO Month ago

    Melo is a tough guy to guard just needs a team that still believes in him

  • Uncle_Lou2U
    Uncle_Lou2U Month ago

    Scoring and overall skill was never the issue with Melo. It was always about whether he could function on a team where he wasn’t the primary option. The answer is obviously yes but it took him some time to accept it.

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan Month ago

    Go MELO! =)

  • Gin Rummy
    Gin Rummy Month ago +1

    Is this a Carmelo Cameo in the NBA?

  • Simon Mic Theft Moniedafe

    Melo Ballin the Fuck so proud inwant to cry

  • Jerome Turner
    Jerome Turner Month ago

    Happy for Melo and the Blazers. Finally a team willing to let him go. He's built for this type of league.

  • ryan thatcher
    ryan thatcher Month ago +1

    bonzi or pippen kersy mello carr clif robenson whos the best sf blazer we should of grabed Durant with roy would have got us 2 champinships

  • ryan thatcher
    ryan thatcher Month ago

    p town has been missing a good sf sence battun

  • antonio montana
    antonio montana Month ago

    Very talented player, tremendous basketball, why kicking him out from the NBA??? WHY??

  • clint warner
    clint warner Month ago

    One of the best at posting up on the block n playin wit his back to the basket. He can fade left n right wit dat jumper. Happy for dude 👊

  • Mike Ward
    Mike Ward Month ago

    Wat ever melo did to get this better he keep this practice up he going be m.v p he way better then ever

  • Sunny Darko'
    Sunny Darko' Month ago


  • Liekk DaGoat
    Liekk DaGoat Month ago

    His play is just the basketball gods doin him right they know what really was goin on and blessing a hardworking player

  • Sabih Nayyer
    Sabih Nayyer Month ago +2

    melo out here balling with a invisible hoody on.

  • Gerald Deus
    Gerald Deus Month ago

    Love u melo miss u on the Knicks. Always a fan.

  • Joel Soto
    Joel Soto Month ago

    Melo schooling Markanen.

  • Noel Johnson
    Noel Johnson Month ago

    Carmelo Anthony proved all the doubters wrong including the media that’s why they’ve been real quiet lately 🤫 #PlayerOfTheWeek

  • #1 Nets fan
    #1 Nets fan Month ago

    Is he coming off the bench?

  • Drewb187
    Drewb187 Month ago

    Stay Melo my friends...

  • Ellis Abram
    Ellis Abram Month ago

    Happy to see Melo back and doing well.

  • DJ
    DJ Month ago

    F*off Melo haters. StayMel00