Gang Stalking 4 Non-Human Evidence Caught on Video! (Log April 2016)

  • Published on Apr 25, 2016
  • Latest log of the psychological warfare harassment known as gang stalking which started against me in early 2013 for uploading reptilian shapeshifter movies, which also alerted me I was on to something real. The genius of this pressure is that it is difficult to prove and makes the victim sound crazy when they tell about it. I have experienced this for a long time and have familiarity with their tactics, but still it is difficult to prove they are not just random aircraft flying over which I filmed in paranoia, but I can assure anyone that this is real, and this tactic works to turn people away from doing this, who do not have the blood of Christ protecting them, and righteousness in the faith. I have also determined that gang stalking is a non-human behavior, which they employ humans to carry out, and until we are able to believe this there will be no change in the miserable state of our earth. We are not winning, and the enemy is not on the run, and there is no galactic alliance helping us, neither will there be. It is up to us to free our world.
    Here is a PDF four page Q and A about the gang stalking I got for uploading reptilian shapeshifter movies:

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  • angel blessing
    angel blessing 20 days ago

    Me and my boyfriend was ganged stalk, all the time they try to rest us for no reason, not right😠

  • r adventure
    r adventure 2 months ago

    I have a similar situation with cesnas and other small planes. Sometimes a heli. Zero responses are probably best. A conversation with the wife of pilot. Hi honey im home. What did you do today? Oh I flew over a guys a few times and i dont know why? Pilot,"guess im just an ass kisser sheep-bastard. It pays good. So I wont ask ever ask why i target these people.

  • Seph Callaway
    Seph Callaway 3 months ago

    They’re cowards then. Total cowards. Fly overs are cowardly acts because they’re too frightened to face you face to face. It disappears when you leave the U.S. The ultimate solution is to leave the U.S. Good thing you got a passport.

    • Seph Callaway
      Seph Callaway 3 months ago

      It must be satellite 🛰 controlled then because the airspace of other countries is off limits. The massive amount of waste going into these operations. I’m waiting to see a catastrophic crash of some kind at some point unless crashes are not covered in mainstream news

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  3 months ago

      Seph, thank you but just a comment I have talked with TIs all over the world and they all report the targeting follows you everywhere, so fleeing a particular area or your home does not appear to be a solution. In my opinion, do not let them drive you away, unless you do in fact find things are better elsewhere (which I or others might experience) but rather put on the whole armor of God as is written, and fight the good fight from your place.

  • KM 79
    KM 79 3 months ago

    They used to do this to me with jets. Now it’s just chemtrails. I’ve seen three white dots appear out of nowhere right above me and then disappear. This occurred in the same area where another strange thing happened to me involving a gangstalker driving a small SUV with a license plate that read “Captain”. This SUV drove past me as I was walking and ensured that I would see graffiti on the back door to a store that read “The idea of God must be destroyed. - Atom Bomb”.

  • Cola T
    Cola T 5 months ago

    same thing happened to me in Georgia. Please contact me. I don't think they're Holograms but not sure. I know for a fact that these planes can hover and be stationary in the sky so I think that's how they are able to be right above you as soon as you come outside for example. They're already hovering above you wherever you are anyway so all they have to do is just go. Please contact me through TVclip channel or post here if you're unable to reach me.

  • Ancient Latin Assassin
    Ancient Latin Assassin 7 months ago

    I see the same things small planes and helicopters it’s slowed down lately but I’ve experienced the same thing it’s the new world order surveillance squad.

  • The Cad
    The Cad 7 months ago

    What is that silver ball behind the middle of the police helicopter at 0.44 sec ?

  • bob bagshawe
    bob bagshawe 10 months ago

    Chemtrail powder every where..Get loads of phones then they won't know which GPS to track if you hand them to friends and homeless and upload stuff on all at the same time.

  • you can handle the truth
    you can handle the truth 10 months ago

    Don't you feel like they are also listening to you? Sometimes I feel like they can read my mind

  • you can handle the truth
    you can handle the truth 10 months ago

    I know exactly what your talking about!! Thx for the video!

  • Ms Bryant
    Ms Bryant Year ago

    I'm going through the same thing every day. They know every where you going even when you wake up.

  • Monica Browne
    Monica Browne Year ago

    I am so sorry you are being invaded in this way. Its not fair, you are a decent human being. Why are they doing this to you? These gang stalkers sre jerks, cowards and total losers, who seriously need to get a life. Did you say they are not human?
    I have neighbours and unknown enemies who have been stalking me in various ways. Hacking into my Internet, taking my post, listening outside my front door. I was even followed. I thought it was just me they are doing this to. But watching your videos and others I have seen on TVclip, apparently it's happening everywhere to innocent people. This is so disgusting. Today I saw two men interfering with my Internet connection outside my window. I have reported this to Fraud Square who are currently investigating the situation and suspects. These Gang stalkers need to go to jail and serve LIFE imprisonment, that innocent people like you and me can live safe, normal lives. I define tell feel their time is up. What comes around goes around. 😐😐😐

  • argent2020
    argent2020 Year ago +1

    Contact David from NewsNow Houston. Trust me, he knows how to keep Cops in check (And annoy them too). LOL. Have an ID with you?. No!, hahaaaaahahahaha Watch the movie Enemy of the State, perhaps you may learn something new. One thing interesting abut that movie is that at the end, those asking questions aren't the FBI. the CIA, the NSA.... nobody knows.

  • Michelle
    Michelle Year ago +1

    I’m from the uk and to be honest haven’t really heard of anything like this, after going through alien proof videos I stumbled upon your channel (new subscriber now) and I’m honestly shocked! How can they explain this much use of a helicopter, here, helicopters are used when maybe looking for criminals or missing persons, so it’s rare, but this is looking more and more like you’re actually being stalked! I hadn’t heard of gangstalking by now but this is ridiculous! How can you put up with this! Kinda acting like you’re hiding an alien from them and they are keeping a watchful eye. Anyway I’m enjoying your videos. I feel sad your are being treated this way.

  • 1Americanatlarge
    1Americanatlarge Year ago +1

    ya homey you are on their radar all rite

  • Ter beja777
    Ter beja777 Year ago +1

    Unbelievable! What in the world is going on with this world?

  • bart ass
    bart ass Year ago +1

    God is our guard and is protecting us. They will regret one day that they are doing that. I had experience in london with helicopters aroud me, and at the same time all clouds are drew a devil on the sky. You can see on the picture next my nicname. That told me to not be afraid about them.

  • Daniel Joe
    Daniel Joe Year ago +1

    Hello! Can I have your E-mail?

  • Michael byrd
    Michael byrd Year ago

    No audio

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  Year ago

      That is done to many truth movies as a way to tun people away from listening to the truth. Reload your browser or use another.

  • Margaret Lee-Reed
    Margaret Lee-Reed Year ago +1

    Do targeted individuals ever feel like they have a common denominator that they haven't put two and two together yet? Months and Months before did any of these "targeted" individuals experience a suspicious family member death .... did they become a victim of repeated crimes that police couldn't or wouldn't (try to) solve?
    What if people with "technology" military, ex military or any corrupt government figure with contacts to these people with "technology" did this to cover up their crimes?
    Dr. Richard Duncan mentioned not done or run by the government ... as in THE president as a whole ... but, more likely people who AREN'T voted into office? Like who? CIA, FBI secret ops, lawyers, teachers, secret intelligence agencies ... the "technology" that he allegedly created should be in closely guarded hands ... thus, did it fall into the wrong hands?

  • Carmina Martinez
    Carmina Martinez Year ago +1

    I think some are holograms there are video of planes stuck in mid air like the projector has a glitch and just got stuck!

  • Incredible bulk
    Incredible bulk Year ago +1

    You know what they say, when you're up to your neck in the shit you better smell it. And you are smelling it bruv keep on them.

  • Crystal Suggs
    Crystal Suggs Year ago +1

    where you uploading shapeshiftet vids before the stalking..seems like the satanic panic I got in Al and Fl. I have witnessed things out of this world and summoned light ships..that is when my air stalking started..if it is not choppers it is antigravity planes, black hawks, cargo, warthogs..etc..follow me everywhere even in the mountains

  • Paul G
    Paul G Year ago +1

    Do you get gang stalking as well? I mean coughing, sneezing, rude peoplein stores, people in vehicles driving very rudely, etc.

  • Mario Fernandez
    Mario Fernandez Year ago +1

    My soul is protecting you

  • B G
    B G Year ago +1

    this shit is real, seems demonic when its happening to you...crazy how many programmed meat puppets " patriots" get a sick kick out of it...homeland security runs it and the airforce base where i live

  • Emporer Pegasus
    Emporer Pegasus Year ago +1

    I'm currently experiencing a similar set of circumstances. I suppose the one distinction in my case is that I know not the reason nor the motive behind this massive economically waste of tax payers' dollars and quite frankly pointless surveillance. Police and members employed by the city and the fire department are involved in a concerted effort to harass me through stimulus conditioning, cell phone surveillance, and infrared sensors used by surveillance aircraft flown over my abode. Furthermore, whatsoever organization behind this has forcibly made themselves and their posse virtually apart of my daily life, I cannot breathe alone, I cannot grab a bite to eat without their rude and obstructive behavior. Their privacy violating tactics. To and from establishments they track me, when I sleep they watch me, when I defecate they are there. These events have been plaguing my life and for two horrific years it still continues unabated. I need help. This can't be legal nor doubtless, could this be remotely constitutional. Please reply with any valuable information.

  • Georgia Russo
    Georgia Russo Year ago +1

    I wonder what that white thing is in the sky near the helicopter at 12:43. It looks different from a regular cloud.

  • Nibiru aint real Its only seen on you tube

    Are you still being followed ? These days sir ?

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  Year ago +1

      Four and a half years now, day and night, but I am also still exposing them, so the Lord has a plan and we'll see what happens.

  • Yama Ha
    Yama Ha Year ago +1

    Funny how when I've tried several times to save this video it tells me an error has occurred or my internet connection dies.

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  Year ago +1

      Yep, you get that a lot. Download while you can. Use Firefox then download the download add-ons.

    SAVAGE MOON Year ago +1

    there r so many people out here today knows that they r here and living in this world

  • truthparanormal
    truthparanormal Year ago +2

    at 12-42 what is that above the copter is it a cloud but looks out of place strange

  • Jason Shoraka
    Jason Shoraka Year ago +1

    they feed off high adrenaline feelings, worry anxiety, fear, sexual any high anxiety, High adrenaline feelings! they feed off of them they receive some kind of energy from it, some of them will provoke it to instill in you anxiety feelings weather its anger, sexual, fear or worry

  • Jason Shoraka
    Jason Shoraka Year ago +1

    it's the lizard aliens that try to look human some of them are good and some of them are bad

  • Jason Shoraka
    Jason Shoraka Year ago +2

    they can read your thoughts so when you decide to go somewhere go halfway there and then at a whim decide to go somewhere else as you walk down the sidewalk play around with them manipulate your own thoughts the Bible says guard your thoughts, and I'm pretty sure they can read them especially when it's at the lower adrenaline level

  • Jason Shoraka
    Jason Shoraka Year ago +1

    they predict your movements of where you going and when you're going to be there, one way to play around with that is to when you decide to go somewhere go halfway there and change your mind and go somewhere else things like that f*** around with them have fun God has your back

  • Samuel
    Samuel Year ago +1

    1:27 They repainted a news helicopter for surveillance.
    13:01 That's pretty damning.
    14:16 There are some mechanics that can check your vehicle for an illegal tracking device and even remove it. If you do make sure you bring a lawyer and have some alternative new crews wired live to youtube waiting inside and parked at various places away from the shop no ad shirts just plain cloths. If you organize it they will come. AMERICA!

  • Real Conspiracy Wow!

    Trust me it's real ,I started talking about this years ago ,and all of a sudden boom !!!!!9 subscribers with no videos on my you tube page ...Then my manager on my job started acting funny ,next thing I know I was fired!!! Then it's been hard for me to get a job,plus if you try to get another job,they talk to you nasty......wake up people they are here......and there is know need to tell anybody because they will think your crazy.

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C Year ago +1

    Wow, this is scary. Is this still going on? How can I donate?

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  Year ago

      Donate to Richard Bruce Truth Ministries:
      Richard Bruce
      P.O. Box 8671
      Calabasas, CA 91372

  • kgtmustang
    kgtmustang Year ago

    From my research and vast experience being from 3 of the oldest illuminati family lines on earth but rejecting that even as a young child and becoming a pentecostal christain.
    1) there are pver lapping dimensions. One is the realm we know as "physical" and the other has been coined as "spiritual"
    2) there are doorways all over the world between the two dimensions
    3) these craft that seem to suddenly appear could be hologramed, they could be hypnotic images placed into your consciouness via dna frequency access and nano technology
    OR they could simply be coming through a doorway.
    The famous passage in the Bible with Elisha and the sevant went for water one morning and realized multi thousand enemies were encamped them on all sides and he panicked and pleaded to the prophet who calmly responded: "There be more that be with us than that be with them".
    The servant went back out and out of nowhere a huge multitude of angels were surrounding the area to vast to be numbered.
    The occult is big into this type of thing and are the cause of "shadow people" which they create by going into a deep trance for hours and having their spirits morph into a shadow of themselves to spy on us. They can also translate insects and animals into shadow versions for spying puposes.
    Next is a little known fact regarding fully pentecostal /supernatural people who have bona fide miracles regularly. It is known that the average person uses approx 10% of their brain capacity and Einstien used approx 14% of his.
    Yet for these miracle people, tests have proved they are using 40% of theirs. Going farther, people who tend to have supernatural gifts in manifestation are also 1000 times more likely to see bigfoot, UFOs, angels, and demons.
    All of this is based on NUTRITION AND ELECTRO MAGNETIC FREQUENCIES OF THE BRAIN which determine our VISUAL SPECTRUM and parameters. Thus is why the US govmt banned most of the amino acids for health supplement and also highly restricy access to the element POTASSIUM.
    Potassium and magnesium have huge impact on human PERCEPTION CAPABILITY.

  • Paranoid
    Paranoid Year ago

    It's like they can see you from so far away.

    • Paranoid
      Paranoid Year ago

      And someone's sitting in the back of helicopter also

    QPID INDIGO Year ago

    "WE" BELIEVE YOU! They hate me talking too! The helecoptors fly so low over my house all the time, making my dishes rattle on the shelves-->in Canada! I've noticed they follow me around too! Love Q-PID : )
    ps. dude, buy a 'high tech frequency meter". They fly overhead with a scanner to pinpoint you by youre DNA, and then use ''tech'' to target you!

  • Eternal DreamWeaver

    Holographic technology is real. I witnessed a helicopter hovering over me. But when i looked up i noticed it had know propellers on it. It looked like a holographic projection hovering in the sky. I reside in Auckland New Zealand.

  • Laine Redmon
    Laine Redmon Year ago

    this is so true, I am Barbara Cooper my daughter and I are stalked daily.

  • symphony no. 9
    symphony no. 9 Year ago

    Hologram hell Copter

  • symphony no. 9
    symphony no. 9 Year ago

    Many Blessings!
    please STAY SAFE.
    I wish I WAS a lawyer my fucking SELF!

  • Taurus Felis
    Taurus Felis Year ago

    Fellow Targeted individuals TVclip content providers on Pineconeutopia's channel had a round table discussion where they were talking about their airplane and helicopter harassment. They considered it a badge of honor that someone thought that they were so important that they spend absurd amounts of money to pay homage to them. They actually keep a helicopter score between them. Lol. Like a notch in the Win column. They only bother you when you are hitting the target and scaring them. Good luck to you Sir and good luck with your brave reporting and activism.

  • Fred Smith
    Fred Smith Year ago

    God, I miss California...

  • Fred Smith
    Fred Smith Year ago day, back in 2012 when I was living in San Diego, these two Marine corp Jet fighters decided to make a big joke on they dive bombed my house at hundreds of miles per hour. I heard them coming down and I grabbed my kid and screamed for my wife to take cover, because it was obvious a giant aircraft was coming down on top of us...but no, they turned away at the last second, rattling every fucking window to the point I'm still surprised shit didn't break.

  • Fred Smith
    Fred Smith Year ago

    It's all about aliens

  • James Mcpherson
    James Mcpherson Year ago

    Hey mate yes I think my partner is a reptilian and her friends and they been trying to get me to kill myself or something becuase I know of them

  • stimul8
    stimul8 Year ago

    I've been noticing helicopters flying low and almost directly above my house at least every other day for a while now. They are always unmarked, and sometimes completely black.

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  Year ago

      Thanks for sharing. I recommend video them and upload it.

  • erick_300 3CR
    erick_300 3CR 2 years ago

    damn so creepy at 13:00 the pilots are without a doubt looking right at you like they can see you clear as day that seems unhuman to me

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  2 years ago

      Yeah and it's not helping their cause that all these people are seeing them looking at me like that. Maybe they don't think about the fact I can zoom in on their heads close enough to see where they are looking.

    • erick_300 3CR
      erick_300 3CR 2 years ago

      it happens again at 16:00 wow

  • Sheer Khan
    Sheer Khan 2 years ago

    instead of putting funds in agriculture or building homeless shelters this is what our tax dollars go to.

  • Nathalius Johansson
    Nathalius Johansson 2 years ago

    You need to get away from the west coast, especially California. The amount of people that participate in activities like this down to a street level there, is astounding. Never experienced it worse anywhere else. The Bay Area is the worst. To the point of the more unbelievable degrees you hear on some websites on the topic and beyond. It's literally like something right out of an oppressive, soviet era communist state. They probably make up the majority of these anonymous, piece of shit, coward naysayers and trolls in the comment sections of related videos. Many employees of the state of California and local municipalities participate in a very juvenile manner. Usually not the police, uniformed anyways, but the public works and road crew sectors in regards to the most direct and verbal antagonistic behavior. Southern Nevada is very bad as well but it's practically an extension of California. Southern Nevada is the only place I've had uniformed police officers and city workers openly shouting threats at me in the middle of the night, along with the insults and profanities but they also made up the vast majority of participants unlike California.

  • ill bill
    ill bill 2 years ago

    Hey Richard I've had the same thing happen as far as police, helicopters, drones, and people following me.

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  2 years ago

      Don't be victimized... without using it. Video, cut good movies, upload it.

  • Leemah Booh
    Leemah Booh 2 years ago

    This happens to me ALL DAY & NIGHT pretty much everyday!¡!!!! I can tell the fake planes & helicopters from the real ones, they come back to back and when I'm looking from weird angles!!!!!! Also it always starts happening right when I decide to look out of a window hmmmmmmmm,........ Its so weird to me that my roommates & other people I know "seem" not to notice!!!!!!!

  • Paveli Makaveli
    Paveli Makaveli 2 years ago

    They are after the UFOs in the area not u. Look at your videos, u got at least two good ufos in the sky looking like an oval cloud. U a good guy though. Take it easy!!!:)))

  • L Laman
    L Laman 2 years ago

    thanks Richard you gave me something I needed COURAGE

  • Dwight James
    Dwight James 2 years ago

    Thanks for the message. Stay saved and holy.

  • Roxanne Thomas
    Roxanne Thomas 2 years ago

    what is the silver ball just below the helicopter at 43 secs?I pause the video to answer the door.I look to the screen and see that just when I paused it.I have people follow me,in vehicles with tinted windows .I see people recording me also satellites outside my home and when I leave they follow.why do they follow you I dont get it .

  • LOL No
    LOL No 2 years ago +1

    Just so you know this isn't anything new by government tactics or anything because this same thing happened to me 2 yrs ago only difference was my grandma, cousins, mother, father, sisters, brothers, teachers, basically the whole public got jealous or envious of me and made me drop out of school, job, and put me in isolation because I had no help. The police tried killing me, my family tried killing me, and pretty much I felt like Jesus Christ when he was being crucified because I felt like the whole world was on my shoulders and I'm carrying the whole worlds sin just for their satisfaction

  • William Orellana
    William Orellana 2 years ago +1

    Dude I have your back if anyone gives you trouble!

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  2 years ago +1

      Wish I had you last night. Got attacked again with a 2x4 against the side of my RV, ran off before I could see who it was. Didn't want my homeless ass in their hood I guess. Pray a soul who could stand me might take me, because Satan coming hard against me now.

  • ameskin
    ameskin 2 years ago +3

    I'm near you in Oxnard and I'm heavily stalked as well from the moment I wake up. Mostly flooded with superficial traffic to increase the noise around me via motorcycle and vehicles with modified mufflers. They camp out nearby in case I wake up during the night and yes monitor everything inside my home. While in public, yes I'm revved at and followed. I get the siren play from time to time, yes. Question is how do they continue with you recording? When I record, most activity stops. My situation I believe is caused by a spiritual awakening. My pineal was kinda rushed open and led down an intense internet search. ever since then.. all of this. I wish you well. Love and safety to you!

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  2 years ago +3

      Thanks for sharing. Well I don't know how they continue when I am filming them but apparently it's worth the exposure to keep it up. The over all strategy is to destabilize you emotionally to the point you do something desperate or break the law, then they arrest or institutionalize and stop you that way. Also to make you crazy sounding, the more angry you get, the more you sound like a nut, then you discredit yourself by your own words. God's word says Satan will wear out the saints, and overcome them, but they shall be revived and glorified to the shame of the world that hated them. Chose Jesus.

  • Puppy Bonz
    Puppy Bonz 2 years ago

    September 4 th the dope Pope will rename God or tell the world aliens are in charge.

  • Puppy Bonz
    Puppy Bonz 2 years ago

    You should tape a testimony on how you would never commit suicide

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James 2 years ago

    Hey Richard, the same shit is happening to me... Wtf should I do?

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  2 years ago

      Record and upload it. If enough people can do this with GOOD movies it will help toward the end of these criminals.

  • Mark Aff
    Mark Aff 2 years ago

    keep these videos up, this is gods work.

  • Shawn Parry
    Shawn Parry 2 years ago

    Have you every considered the fact that's what's stalking you may in fact be extraterrestrial ??? I am a UFO researcher in Pittsburgh, I have seen a lot of what I call fake planes in the air, UFO's morphing from alien craft to mimic our planes even with sound. They have flown at me, just over my roof, very, very low in residential areas. I have filmed this phenom on my channel and there are researchers seeing this activity including fake helicopters around the world. ( Germany especially) . I kept thinking ( at first ) that I was seeing things, or this can't be real. I'm the only one seeing this, it's never when others are around, until I began filming. I know it wasn't just me, now that I have so many bizarre things on film. Let me know if you want me to send you any fake plane videos !!!! Let me know if you thought of this possibility.

  • Diggz11
    Diggz11 2 years ago

    Great video man, keep your head up and keep up the good work.

  • 80's Sweetthang
    80's Sweetthang 2 years ago

    I thought maybe you were paranoid. Clearly your not. Bless you.

  • Shawn Hunt
    Shawn Hunt 2 years ago

    Yes , the helicopter is registered to LAPD , and classification is experimental and category is research and development.
    You should be prepared and go confront these guys :
    Registered Owner
    Street 555 RAMIREZ ST SPC 475

    County LOS ANGELES Zip Code 90012-2592

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  2 years ago

      Thanks. I know who they are, and where they are from.

  • Chad Reno
    Chad Reno 2 years ago

    Hey Richard I've Ben watching your videos I believe you 100 percent them piolits look rite at you they look evil you ever get scared ?

  • Just Me
    Just Me 2 years ago

    Well, you sound very rational and sane......more so than the rest I have heard....good luck!

  • TacoLoco1000
    TacoLoco1000 2 years ago

    i got chills when i saw the pilots looking directly at you, that's insane

  • Jean-Pierre Delorraine

    Do you think these orbs are connected to the helicopters and their crews? Could there be a link between them; are the orbs a technology used to keep these holograms in place perhaps if some of these helicopters are indeed holograms?

  • Jean-Pierre Delorraine

    Hi, this is all completely real to me as I've had similar experiences. When you say 12:00 a.m., you probably mean midnight, correct. Cheers to you and keep up the great research in exposing these foreign entities living among us.

  • Kimmy D.
    Kimmy D. 2 years ago

    God bless you my brother in Christ..use Jesus's name to protect you from every evil..God bless you always..and ask the Holy spirit to guide and to lead you daily..Satan is already defeated!!!

  • Richard Bruce
    Richard Bruce  2 years ago

    Here is a PDF four page Q and A about the gang stalking I got for uploading reptilian shapeshifter movies:

  • James Bond
    James Bond 2 years ago

    The Masons (Maggots) like to destroy individuals or comercialize them.

  • Vic_ Is_sick
    Vic_ Is_sick 2 years ago

    Dude some of the same helicopters are following you. Yeah I'm pretty sure you can sue them. When you paused at the helicopter and they were staring at you that gave me chills

  • Wayne Burton
    Wayne Burton 2 years ago

    now you know how it feels to be black lol jk
    but seriously there's hard evidence that the reptilian race exist. I believe you caught on to their trail and now they're keeping a close eye on someone who knows their secret. crazy shit man i bet you trump is one of them lol

  • Budd Ha
    Budd Ha 2 years ago

    the fact that you expect them to fly over head made me a believer.
    i wonder why they wouldnt just put a few ground men on you or rough you up.

  • Archer Crash
    Archer Crash 2 years ago

    My only question is what the hell do they want with you? Clearly they know where you are, however they are just watching. Sooo? Idk to believe u or not but the pilot definitely looked at u which is weird. And the orbs at first i said bugs. But there is way to many. So im kinda starting to believe you.

  • Samantha Rogers
    Samantha Rogers 2 years ago

    I thought I was going crazy, but now I've been doing some research and it seems that there are many people that are experiencing the same things I am. I live out in the country too, and it's mostly helicopters. But sometimes it's unmarked vehicles that are obviously watching my house. Is this even legal?

  • Alden Andrews
    Alden Andrews 2 years ago +1

    holy fuck, are you serious dude?

  • J. Vasq Vasq
    J. Vasq Vasq 2 years ago

    Does anyone notice the silver orb appear on 46s? Its right under the helicopter! That's weird!

    GTA V REALISM 2 years ago +2

    Wow those pilots were definitely looking right at you, a sure case of stalking, I'd be looking out for vans as well, they will often use windowless plumbing business type vans, some fake business name plastered on them sometimes, these are what they usually use to check out your house with thermal imaging equipment.
    Stay Safe.

  • 007raad
    007raad 2 years ago +2

    Thing that gets me about all this is the logistics. I have a similar experience with ambulances and fire engines. How do they organise it and how do they time it so perfectly?
    I wont talk about it as I will be put into a mental hospital, but I know its going on. It must be the Jinn. Im getting harrassed but really have no idea why? Maybe Im some sort of experiment for them.
    I think its a test from God, its a means of coming closer to him thats for sure. Anyway, it is what it is, I will live my life to the best of my ability and do my uppermost to come close to God.

  • Quix ProSound
    Quix ProSound 2 years ago

    damn... thats creapy, they even look down at you - time 16:19 - i feel with you buddy. hope you'll be okay.

  • PhilipDaniel Garza
    PhilipDaniel Garza 2 years ago

    You're not alone. Everytime I leave my apartment at the apartment complex overlooking the ones I live at there is this car that it's alarm goes off. Like when someone pushes the button on their keys to lock their vehicle twice. When I return on the property the same thing happens. I've also noticed that a lot of the people that randomly talk to me or want to be my "Friend" have military connections. To many things to be considered coincidences. Things end up missing from my apartment when I leave that I was afraid to leave. I had to move in with family. It was odd that that AT&T came to fix the internet when we had no appointment and to top it off he was in the attic when we got home. my niece let him in thinking we called him.

  • Soldier For God
    Soldier For God 2 years ago

    you gotta remember the government is at least 40 to 50 years more advanced than we are they definitely have cloaking material you could put your hand right in front of it and it will see right through your hand to the projected wall behind it there is a lot of Technology the government has they are not telling us they are 40 to 50 years more advanced

  • Soldier For God
    Soldier For God 2 years ago +2

    the elites are mad because you're exposing their evil demonic shape shifting so be careful you are definitely on their radar have a camera and a witness everywhere you go. I'll be praying for you brother keep up the good work exposing these sick sicktanick reptilians

  • Richard Bruce
    Richard Bruce 2 years ago

    yes im a real person! no im not a goverment agent sent out to stock you with the same name. there really is group sticking and is used by several 3 letter agencies to intimidate witnesses to the currupt ways. Aliens are demons. the fallen. i dont know for sure if they are biosuits controled from saturn.

  • Miss Stephanie
    Miss Stephanie 2 years ago +2

    Hi thank you for this, I grew up and live now in your area and I've been harassed, mind control, experimented on and my dreams as well a few years ago off & on for years. I now have PTSD and more now and felt so helpless. I couldn't learn the internet cause of the program would have extreme fear until recently learned how & learned about everything and realized I'm not the only one. So I thank you for this. But am still traumatized.

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  2 years ago

      Sorry about that, why do you think you were targeted?

  • Emi
    Emi 2 years ago

    16:00 what the f they looking straight at you. freaky.... weird vibe.

  • Reginald Sutton
    Reginald Sutton 2 years ago

    thank you for the work you do I really thought you was paranoid but you can clearly see the helicopter pilots watching you and god bless mate you will have a great spot in the kingdom of god

  • Killuminati Warriors of truth

    clearly a spherical object flying around the helicopter at 44 seconds in

  • J BAT
    J BAT 2 years ago

    stalk them back man..come on, figure it out. why would they waste their time on 1 person that has info that thousands of others are privy to? maybe you are friends with a reptillian and you just dont know it. the best of luck to you man!

  • Life's Adventures
    Life's Adventures 2 years ago

    really strange that they seem to be looking directly at you from the helicopters .