How I Get Through A Bad Day

  • Published on Feb 1, 2018
  • A piece of advice on how I deal with life's daily issues.
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  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  9 months ago +705

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    • Bill Killernic
      Bill Killernic 5 months ago

      I would kill to become a reptilian shapeshifter like you are :P

    • Trippa Advisor
      Trippa Advisor 6 months ago

      Love & Gratitude my friend.

    • The Reckoning
      The Reckoning 8 months ago

      No offense, but your perspective is faulty. Sure, people are in 'dire straits' in "other parts" of the world, but strife is relative and based on context, because by the same token there are also billionaires out there that are breezing through life; a problem effecting you could have a different impact or severity in one country or "part of the world", than another. Essentially it'd be like someone telling you not to freak out over your foot being amputated, because some guy across the room is a quadriplegic... well, yeah that sucks for him, but that doesn't make my situation suck less or improve it in any way.
      Just my two cents...

    • nigelft
      nigelft 8 months ago

      Given your thoughts in this video, I highly recommend watching those by Prof. Jordan B. Peterson. A professor of psychology up in Canada, he is a truly unique lecturer, in that he teaches from a place of empathy, and the kind of mindfulness you touched on. I highly recommend him.

    • Atrix646
      Atrix646 8 months ago +3

      This dude is only 20 YEARS OLD. He doesn’t seem to sound and/or carry himself of someone of that age. To me, he’s clearly an old soul-someone beyond their years, way older for their age. Amazing

  • Mr. Slintagz
    Mr. Slintagz Day ago

    Your the Bob Ross of Food Reviews... Genuinely A kind person!

  • Merkava TV
    Merkava TV 8 days ago

    Greatfulness is something that truly does make a change, I recently started to thank my loved ones and God more than before, I thank for almost everything that I encounter, truly makes my life happier and simpler. Great video, thanks!

  • missy leatherwood
    missy leatherwood 14 days ago

    I have anxiety & panic attacks & I basically do the same thing. Stop. Look around. Ask myself "how will this affect me sleeping that night" or "how will this affect me tomorrow" or, if it's something someone else is doing, "how does their actions affect me & my life". Then if it's an easy fix, I fix it, if not, I work towards it or move on completely to something else. For people that say it doesn't work for doesn't happen right away, the very 1st time. The key is "PRACTICE,PRACTICE,PRACTICE"
    Just like any bad habit, "reacting" becomes habitual. Practice & it gets better & easier & then THAT becomes your new normal or habit. Works especially well for ANGER management. Also, for more intense, bigger issues with anger.....doing something very physical helps a lot. I once scrubbed the grout between the tiles of my shower with a small brush, toothbrush or nail brush. I was calm, tired, & pleased with my work when I was done. Also, more examples, are working out, running/jogging, punching bag, or..... raking leaves, digging post holes for swing set, tearing down a rotting deck with claw hammer to build a new one with hot tub.....yes anger has helped me accomplish things I normally couldn't do. Adrenaline is a wonderful thing when used properly.
    Some more ideas for winter....if you have a fireplace, split wood with an axe. If not, maybe build an outdoor one to sit by in your backyard. Playing darts in the garage, practice golf strokes in the living room or garage, heavy duty cleaning (garage/attic/storage) ready for spring yardwork & planting. Hand till a small garden with a hoe, a shovel, & wheel barrel or little red wagon, clean grass & weeds out, mix with whatever you want to use in your garden & dump it back into the garden. Voila!!! Beautiful garden, no $$$ spent on tiller or soil, ready for planting. Use your emotions to your benefit & keep it moving. Be creative. Have fun with it.

  • Cesar Gavito Rios
    Cesar Gavito Rios 18 days ago

    Make a series braw , running on empty... Life review. It can go with what you said a few days ago, about making more videos apart from food reviews

  • Hugh Mann
    Hugh Mann 20 days ago

    *bird noises*

  • Armoured Rat
    Armoured Rat 22 days ago

    you're a good chap and hearing things put like this really helped me out at this specific moment. Cheers mate

  • luktar gorilla
    luktar gorilla 22 days ago

    You are the sweetest!!

  • Anonymous Beast
    Anonymous Beast Month ago

    We don't deserve you

  • Janeth Arguello
    Janeth Arguello Month ago

    I just notice how pretty your green eyes are.

  • Space Bitch
    Space Bitch Month ago

    Thank you for this video. 💜

  • OJay Rumilus
    OJay Rumilus Month ago

    Too pure for this world.

  • Grizz
    Grizz Month ago

    is that you Dr Phil?

  • Gilbert Gross
    Gilbert Gross Month ago

    You are blessed with compassion and a wise perspective.

  • The Great Hawk
    The Great Hawk Month ago

    A very nice video, Reviewbrah. I greatly appreciate your having made this.
    The Great Hawk

  • Son Shine
    Son Shine Month ago

    How I wish you were my son or that my son were like you. You're an AMAZING young man who makes the world a better place. Thank you so much🌞💕

  • Vicente Mortales
    Vicente Mortales Month ago

    Man this video is so important to me
    I watched it when i was going through a hard time and it really helped me
    I often come back and watch it again

  • K.
    K. Month ago

    You truly are an angel 🙏

  • Anup L k
    Anup L k 2 months ago

    This guy is definitely not American because he is white and not red indian

  • Rachel Vretas
    Rachel Vretas 2 months ago

    Omg I love you so much. You are the sweetest person on the planet.

  • Avalon Justin
    Avalon Justin 2 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on stress and frustration and how to deal with them. I have had panic attacks since my teenage years and they've made me appreciate all the good things in my life; all the time I'm NOT sick or suffering. Love to all you people out there!

  • Little Jess
    Little Jess 2 months ago

    I have really enjoyed listening to you kind sir. I thank GOD for you and keeping you in my prayers. thank you for sharing and giving of yourself. love me some you honeychild 😇🐻hug

  • Alice Kelly
    Alice Kelly 2 months ago

    I love how simple and genuine you are. It’s so refreshing to see when the world is so caught up in trying to impress everyone. Also at the moment I was typing “caught up” you said caught up.

  • Darien Koontz
    Darien Koontz 2 months ago

    I’ve only been watching your videos for a week and let me say... god bless you

  • Rudán DeLucio.
    Rudán DeLucio. 3 months ago

    Rudán, 20.

  • Anthonyjr Fierro
    Anthonyjr Fierro 3 months ago

    You are so awesome and have a great perspective view...stay awesome

  • wetarded1
    wetarded1 3 months ago +3

    Can you be my therapist?

  • Konata
    Konata 3 months ago

    Reviewbrah is like a young Mr Rogers

  • Pulzar 888
    Pulzar 888 3 months ago

    Your videos always cheer me up.

  • Leigh Mcqueen
    Leigh Mcqueen 3 months ago

    Wise beyond your years my friend !

  • Anna Leso
    Anna Leso 3 months ago +1

    Thank you

  • Lynne Baxter
    Lynne Baxter 3 months ago

    Well I just came across your channel by chance, enjoying your videos very much so far x

  • Lord5638
    Lord5638 3 months ago +1

    Thank you

  • William Cui
    William Cui 3 months ago +1

    this is the best video yet thumbs up for u sir you helped me get through my day really great advice

  • Claire Hansen
    Claire Hansen 4 months ago

    Can we take a minute to appreciate the fact that he has not only English subtitles, but also two different versions of Spanish subtitles? Even huge youtubers with millions upon millions of subscribers don't put in the effort. I just wanted to point this out to add to his already overflowing kindness :)

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole 4 months ago

    You are such a sweetheart (hugs)

  • meh
    meh 4 months ago

    Meanwhile my therapist: stare at shit you like in magazine cutouts.

  • Howard Hogenbirk
    Howard Hogenbirk 4 months ago

    You are the next Mr. Rogers holy crap we will be your neighbor

  • Nick Dresel
    Nick Dresel 4 months ago

    Get this man a PHD NOW

  • Miglė Ruzgytė
    Miglė Ruzgytė 4 months ago

    You are amazing

  • AOB
    AOB 4 months ago

    Pureness and light in an often ugly and dark world.

  • Nickk Watussi
    Nickk Watussi 4 months ago +1

    I love you so much 😂

  • Darla Kajca
    Darla Kajca 4 months ago +1

    I just want you to know that I'm glad I found you. You have helped my heart today and I'm sure future days.

  • Darla Kajca
    Darla Kajca 4 months ago

    So very true on so many levels. Thank you for reminding us all to be GRATEFUL. We often forget

  • Christian Cardenas
    Christian Cardenas 4 months ago

    Bless this man

    SMALL TALKS ABOUT LIFE 5 months ago

    Really enjoy these type of phylosophycal topics!!

  • Alice Kim
    Alice Kim 5 months ago

    This is therapeutic

  • Ashwin R S
    Ashwin R S 5 months ago +4

    I subscribed to you not because of your food reviews. But because you are a good human being.

  • Alex Noel
    Alex Noel 5 months ago +1

    You are the shine of hope for humantiy

  • Catey Zuko
    Catey Zuko 5 months ago

    Trust me man you don't want a sports car as your primary mode of transportation. Very fun to drive, but not at all practical for daily use.

  • s
    s 5 months ago

    Ahhh this helped me sooo much. Ik we forget how good we have it sometimes..

  • Purp1eBubb1es
    Purp1eBubb1es 5 months ago

    Thank you, ily :)

  • a big peepee
    a big peepee 5 months ago

    anyone know how old he is?

  • monoquisto
    monoquisto 6 months ago

    you're a great dude and this was a great video, thanks

  • DarkFinks330284
    DarkFinks330284 6 months ago


  • Zachy Rich
    Zachy Rich 6 months ago +1

    I love you Reviewbrah!
    From Philippines 😊❤🔥🔥🔥

  • xxillusivejanexx
    xxillusivejanexx 6 months ago

    Preach it bro

  • Roni xx
    Roni xx 6 months ago +1

    I just found this guy and he has really helped me get through getting anxious. his talks help me go to sleep and relax. I will definitely keep watching his videos! ✨

  • Phoenixspin
    Phoenixspin 6 months ago


  • Celeste Gutierrez
    Celeste Gutierrez 6 months ago

    Great video keep it up!

  • fredrick
    fredrick 6 months ago

    thank you

  • barbara collins
    barbara collins 6 months ago +1

    I'm a brand new subscriber. I'm so enthralled by you my dear that I decided to get the most out of this video that I could. So, first I watch it in the regular form, then I just listen to it and don't look at it, and then I turn the volume off and just watch it. That way I get three times the fun! :-)

  • gareth mccabe
    gareth mccabe 6 months ago

    I loved this. Someone out there has got it worse

  • versacee
    versacee 6 months ago

    i had a mental breakdown this morning, missed my 7 am uni class, today was just shitee

  • Hollywood Sunset
    Hollywood Sunset 6 months ago

    I’m glad you have everything you need.

  • Controllerbreaker
    Controllerbreaker 6 months ago

    Thx reviewbrah

  • light overcomes_
    light overcomes_ 6 months ago

    Love this. Beyond the facades of society and the internet, this is real. Humans dealing with everyday issues. Great insights. Thank you for posting this.

  • Gayle Clark
    Gayle Clark 6 months ago


  • KISSbestfan
    KISSbestfan 6 months ago

    I dont know why Im here, since lately Ive been recieving a lot of the YT reccomendations. Anyways this vid was quite good, and Im trying to follow the path you do when feeling upset. This way its easier to go through everyday problems in our free market society. But what about the problems you mentioned ? Well those are my thoughts so far.
    Seldom I realised what the biggest deal about the frustration was. Since I finished the primary school, I had a feeling, that I do not actually own anything. But through the years I simply thought about it as if "Im young now, and dont need anything from my life, except having fun". Turns out I missed so many opportunities in my life, even tough most of them I couldnt predict easily. When I turned 18 I had the same feeling returning - what, now Im an adult, and I still dont own anything. So I still went on thinking "Im still young, and still doesnt have to do much with my life". So I was still stuck at the same point.
    Dont get me wrong, its not like I really didnt had anything. I had clothes, some spare money (actually never a ton of them), some other stuff like books, video games, PC, and later my own car. Beside the material things I have also my girl, and a great family. Years going on actually doesnt help much with the family bonds, but thats another story. I had big plans with my girl, we wanted to get married - and I still want to marry her, and live together. But it all came to the money we didnt had to get married, and place to live. And many other factors. Actually soon it would be 8 years we are together.
    Even tough I was glorious for the stuff I do have, and I still thank God for everything, and not only material things, but also the bonds, my good health, and my current situation, this was still haunting me. The anxiety of the tomorrow.
    And this also had a big influence to my whole life. I experienced many bad things in my life, but fortunately never too bad. But the impact actually shaped my early adulthood. I was working various part-time jobs, living with my parents in their apt, going to the parties, drinking alcohol, and still feeling like a kid. I knew that I can change that, but this would include looking for a full-time job, most likely taking a loan to buy a flat, which is not easy to repay, and then working by everyday. I was a bit scared of this, but not scared of the hard moments, rather scared of the failure. When you are actually an adult, its very hard to return home and tell everyone that "I failed". We want to act maturely, but knowing that losing means big loss is actually the factor that stops us from progress.
    It all changed when my grandparents thought I would be the right person to own their old house in a small village. This is really no big deal, but it has changed a lot. Finally I felt that there is a place in the world, where I can go whenever I want, do whatever I want, like shape it my own way, but still having to take care of it, since now Im responsible for the place. And yeah, this way I felt that I finally do own something in my life. This was also the moment I felt that taking a full-time job is a good thing, because there are so many things I can do good. I managed to finish my studies, and now my plans for the wedding are getting really serious. It was also the point where one of my fears was gone. And I think the effects of it are life long.
    I stopped to think that much about the bad things in my life. Of course there are still days when Im having a bad time, when Im angry, but its easier now to think about them with clear head. Im still experiencing situations when I lack money, or have other problems (and thats quite common), but those are now really trivial, when I have the small thought in the back of my head "Hey, remember that after all this is gone, your village house awaits".
    And to me this is what most people with the problems lack nowadays - something to be sure of. It cant be a work place, since it can always change. It cant be items, cause those are just material things. But it can, and I think in most cases it should be, the place you can go and feel like home. Of course most people do have their homes, and its always nice to return to your home, and visit your parents, but I mean the place where you actually can feel like the landlord, and if you are a teenager having only the room in your parents house, its not exactly it. Without this you will always be secretly anxious about the life, and the difficulties you encounter, and its much harder to change, if you really lack something like your own place I mentioned. Having that you can really think clearly about your smaller difficulties, because those wont be supported with the really big difficulty in your head.
    In my case the village house was the breakthrough. For some people it may simply be the place like a local pub/bar where thay can meet with their best friends, and drink a shot, and always be welcomed warm and never thrown out without reason. For some people it may be even travelling, and their will to choose destination/place to stay. Maybe for some people it may be their job, and the way they organise their work, without being interrupted by the boss. And even for some people TVclip may be this place - place where can record their thoughts, ideas, or simply watch videos. Whatever this place would be, make sure its truly yours. I think this is the best solution to overcome the everyday difficulties - by removing the major difficulty first, and having the space you are the boss.

  • Shadow Cyborg
    Shadow Cyborg 6 months ago

    What an absolutely brilliant video. Thanks!

  • Flame
    Flame 6 months ago +3

    Thanks for this video

  • Azara Moon
    Azara Moon 6 months ago

    Age, health, race, gender,living conditions effect everything, also finances., country, location, upbringing.

  • TheEpicMudkipz
    TheEpicMudkipz 7 months ago

    this man puts a smile on my cold and bitter face

  • TheEpicMudkipz
    TheEpicMudkipz 7 months ago

    God bless this man, we did nothing to deserve anybody so pure

  • phospholipid Bi layer
    phospholipid Bi layer 7 months ago

    This is beautiful thank you!!!!

    KITTY KAT 7 months ago


  • Guillaume Elmerich
    Guillaume Elmerich 7 months ago

    Reviewbrah, I saw this video on the day of it's release and seriously it has changed how I view the world and things that happen to me or others. I wasn't dealing with some crazy anxiety or whatever at the time but I used to have a very negative outlook on things in general and honestly, this video alone has totally changed the way I handle my problems and moreover I actually lost my skin problems related to stress which is ... pretty darn crazy. Thanks for everything Reviewbrah, I hope that when you read all the heartfelt comments your heart warms up and it brightens your day. I don't doubt it does! May you succeed in what you undertake, hope that radio show of yours works out, your wisdom could could help many others.

  • Ari V
    Ari V 7 months ago

    I love you!

  • Joshua Edward
    Joshua Edward 7 months ago

    Honestly, I come here for the comedy side to ROTW but here im genuinly surprised at how humbled i have been throughout this talk, thanks man.

  • Stormy Alexis
    Stormy Alexis 7 months ago +1

    I needed this today. Thank you.

  • Bella Rodriguez
    Bella Rodriguez 7 months ago

    Reviewbrah i need this today thank you

  • Kathryn K
    Kathryn K 7 months ago

    A sweet video made by a sweet person. Great job

  • Parker Chase
    Parker Chase 7 months ago

    thank you.

  • Nicholas Logan
    Nicholas Logan 7 months ago

    the world would be just a little bit better place if more people were like you. Nothing but respect

  • teenaged godspeed
    teenaged godspeed 7 months ago

    thank you💛

  • John Caputo
    John Caputo 7 months ago

    This reminds me of one of my biggest pet peeves. It is when people say they are starving. You cannot own a house, a car, and make 50k plus a year and be starving. You are just hungry.

  • Delfina Hanna
    Delfina Hanna 7 months ago

    I really needed this. Thank you!

  • Sandra Bermúdez
    Sandra Bermúdez 7 months ago

    Thank you.

  • Shaun Cooper
    Shaun Cooper 7 months ago

    He's only saying what I've heard in the past but there isn't enough people saying it now. We forget ourselves and we get ignorant over the most tiniest of things. Bless

  • Ruben
    Ruben 7 months ago

    i was very stressed and feeling low but after watching this it lifted my spirits a bit. thanks review broski

  • th3FT pUnK
    th3FT pUnK 7 months ago

    The location selected for this video is so on point

  • Max Zhu
    Max Zhu 7 months ago +1

    How I get through a bad day: watch ReviewBrah videos

  • Blueberry Marf
    Blueberry Marf 7 months ago

    Thank you. I really needed this. ❤

  • Pete Wade
    Pete Wade 7 months ago

    I am currently in a bit of a depression. As most my days are just incoherent nonsense with zero contribution to society overall. I work in a factory that produces the same coupon packages everyone says, "Hey look-garbage" Amongst many other social issues that cause a lot of self destructive attempts to solve a hypothetical- that I KNOW isn't how I think the situation really is- No sir I decide to just go all in on that and inevitably create an issue.
    Thanks for this video pal. It made me feel better that I can deal with them in an intelligent positive fashion. I know I can do that just as easily I just sure don't see it.

  • Buttery Bolts
    Buttery Bolts 7 months ago

    Sounds like mindfullness

  • Unidentified Unidentified

    This guy is a true inspiration my dad taught me this same exact concept of comparing your problems to that of the problems of people in third world countries, and it does help. It just takes time to change your frame of mind. Just remember guys the way to solve your problems is to tackle them with aggression and movement. No matter how bad it gets you have to live day by day and try your best to improve. Newton's laws of Physics apply to every aspect of life, and shows that the effort you put into this world is what you get out of It, you're all capable of achieving all of your ambitions in life, it's just how bad you want to work for it. Just wanted to add my piece of mind to this

  • Anthony Malzone
    Anthony Malzone 7 months ago

    This brought back memories of how Mr. Rodgers used to talk to me/us as a child. Well done sir.

  • Snail
    Snail 7 months ago

    This channel needs 5 times more subs

  • PhilosophyforDaze
    PhilosophyforDaze 7 months ago

    The new Mr. Rogers.

  • Jemima G
    Jemima G 7 months ago

    Who agrees that he has sheldon off the big bang theorys voice?