EVERYONE - I NEED YOUR HELP! - Clash Of Clans #1

  • Published on Jul 4, 2017
  • Clash of Clans - I AM A BIG NOOB! Help me out! :D
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Comments • 17 537

  • MoreAliA
    MoreAliA  2 years ago +2555

    HEY EVERYONE - Only 2 days okay I decided to download Clash of Clans (+ Clash Royale) and I've been playing it LOADS! 🎮
    However I'm still a HUGE #BigNoob and I need YOU to help me. Let me know your tips below + feel free to tweet me if you have an AWESOME base. I hope you ENJOY! 😊💙

    • DJ Mak Kak Gqom music
      DJ Mak Kak Gqom music 3 days ago

      Hello I am town hall 11 join my clan I can help u I have 3 bases my clan name is amapiano clan level 1 it is a new clan to help all noobs I have 2 clans that are level 16 and above join my clan and I will explain all my name is Bazzill and Rinaldo we are 4

    • Serrated Soul
      Serrated Soul 7 days ago

      Upgrade everything before the town hall and the walls

    • ??
      ?? 18 days ago

      Dont rush max everything lastly uprgade town hall

    • larr y
      larr y 23 days ago

      Soz but it kinda rushed BTW I'm almost titan league

    • Mark Tansip
      Mark Tansip 29 days ago

      Mine is a level 5 town hall as well

  • Ava Alderson
    Ava Alderson 5 hours ago

    You should play dragon city

  • King Rai
    King Rai 7 hours ago

    Play again

  • Jett Nettekoven
    Jett Nettekoven 9 hours ago

    Join clan war heros

  • TheOddOne1sOut Noo
    TheOddOne1sOut Noo 11 hours ago

    Wisdom Tower

  • ii_drippinghonxy
    ii_drippinghonxy 18 hours ago

    First tip it's called a wizard tower not a wizzering tower

  • Doombug382
    Doombug382 19 hours ago

    Do you still play and if you do then what is your townhall and plz tell me you didn’t rush

  • akaFxDE
    akaFxDE Day ago +1

    Why is this in my recommendations, Ali a, why

  • Nub Jacob
    Nub Jacob Day ago

    Upgrade ur walls

  • Zapps48
    Zapps48 Day ago

    Maxed 12 gang

  • Wolfsleeper 3
    Wolfsleeper 3 2 days ago


  • Victor Hernandez
    Victor Hernandez 2 days ago

    Rushed base, oof

  • I am not Tfue
    I am not Tfue 2 days ago

    2019 boiii

    • I am not Tfue
      I am not Tfue 2 days ago

      This is my comment yeet. Like if you watch lazarbeam

    BLUE SD 2 days ago

    An cannon a Archer is hard for you?

    BLUE SD 2 days ago

    I am still at 2 in goblin I don't attack at there at all😀😂

    BLUE SD 2 days ago

    On this time I had more than 700 trophies I am a attacker only

  • Six Aser
    Six Aser 3 days ago +1

    Says wizard tower.
    Ali a says wizarding tower

  • Doggy Catty
    Doggy Catty 3 days ago

    Join Ali a PRO NOOBS we’re Uk 🇬🇧

  • Doggy Catty
    Doggy Catty 3 days ago

    Builder base

  • Doggy Catty
    Doggy Catty 3 days ago

    Ali a I mean

  • Doggy Catty
    Doggy Catty 3 days ago

    Join me ale A

  • Minefixe3000 Gaming and Reviews

    Good at least u quit fortnite

  • George And games
    George And games 4 days ago

    Who’s whatching in 2019

  • xXE plus Xx
    xXE plus Xx 4 days ago

    I meant look at

  • xXE plus Xx
    xXE plus Xx 4 days ago

    Ali tost this person there pro (tuna.)

    RAUL TRILLANES 5 days ago

    I upgrade all things before it needed to be a next certain town hall, you should do that as well and you need to upgrade your walls almost of is level 4 and make it in level and trying to upgarde all
    U should do that as well!

  • Mr_LolzXD
    Mr_LolzXD 5 days ago

    Help us, Ali plays clash of clans

  • green devils YT
    green devils YT 5 days ago

    Upgrade your walls pls

  • landon the gamer
    landon the gamer 5 days ago


  • Daniel Keech
    Daniel Keech 5 days ago

    your sooo trash

  • Arty Boy123
    Arty Boy123 5 days ago

    I play clash of clans

  • Brody Lebel
    Brody Lebel 6 days ago

    I’m sorry Ali but this triggers me

  • Plisken Chevez
    Plisken Chevez 7 days ago +1

    The only way how you beating people is cuz how much trophies you have they have the same there people with town hall 13 and level 13 walls like=Ali seeing this

  • TastyBoi
    TastyBoi 8 days ago

    Never use goblins they did in one bit

  • Niekas
    Niekas 8 days ago

    Omg what A russher

  • Mod: Nico_Minkler
    Mod: Nico_Minkler 9 days ago +1

    You are the guy from bcc trolling

  • Josh Ohara
    Josh Ohara 9 days ago

    I thought that Twitter notification was mine 😂

  • Julian Diluca
    Julian Diluca 9 days ago

    A tip always get your daily star bonus

  • Doug Savarino Jr
    Doug Savarino Jr 10 days ago

    You can come to my clan it is dougie

  • Gema Ortiz
    Gema Ortiz 10 days ago

    Your walls need to be level 5 by now

  • Gema Ortiz
    Gema Ortiz 10 days ago

    Your walls

  • Call of duty Master
    Call of duty Master 11 days ago

    Watch galadon gaming for informations and max out before upgrading town hall buy gems and max if u are rushed

  • Nathan MacIntyre
    Nathan MacIntyre 11 days ago


  • Yah Haha jd
    Yah Haha jd 12 days ago

    You suck


  • mvp 243
    mvp 243 12 days ago

    Save your gems to get more people to get cannons and more stuff

  • medin starcevic
    medin starcevic 12 days ago

    And wallss fast

  • medin starcevic
    medin starcevic 12 days ago

    Upgrade your baracks

  • Xaeq
    Xaeq 12 days ago +1

    You suck at this game hahaha😂😂😂😂

    FAZE GAMER O 13 days ago

    Walls and get builders

  • Pro
    Pro 13 days ago

    Your base is very good Ali a

    JOSHUA DAVIDS 13 days ago

    He called ranged minions dragons

  • xXGaming FunXx
    xXGaming FunXx 13 days ago

    Lucky.So many gemssss

  • Projett HD
    Projett HD 13 days ago

    You are rushed

  • SkullyPlayZ Burns
    SkullyPlayZ Burns 13 days ago

    Upgrade your walls

  • M3me_EAter YT
    M3me_EAter YT 14 days ago

    Happy second anniversary video.

  • Will Taylor
    Will Taylor 14 days ago +1

    Train Troops

  • Harris q
    Harris q 14 days ago

    Wow u got loads gems and u only got 3 builders

  • Saad Xd
    Saad Xd 14 days ago

    Wizading tower😂

  • Abear Isondaloose
    Abear Isondaloose 15 days ago

    First it does suck and you need to upgrade your defenses first

  • The Walker Kills Buck
    The Walker Kills Buck 15 days ago

    Plz so they don’t get your loot easy

  • The Walker Kills Buck
    The Walker Kills Buck 15 days ago

    Upgrade your walls

  • Jacob O
    Jacob O 15 days ago

    Upgrade ur walls

  • Slade Panther
    Slade Panther 15 days ago

    its 2019 but... its cringe that the barracks are in the middle instead of collectors or defense

  • mad elfie09
    mad elfie09 16 days ago

    Ali has 100 trophies and he’s TH5
    Me TH4 with 800+ trophies

  • SaltyThrower 77
    SaltyThrower 77 16 days ago

    Ali: easy wins
    Archers: am I a joke to you?

  • Cringe Man
    Cringe Man 16 days ago

    What is happening why does my name also belong to a English guy who’s just...

  • Ross Cayeux
    Ross Cayeux 16 days ago

    Do a nother clash of clans video

  • Taryn Duggan
    Taryn Duggan 16 days ago

    How has the guy not have a cannon at the start you have to get one
    Edit:oh wait

  • Enrgxy
    Enrgxy 17 days ago

    I’m a gamer now

  • Anthony jasser
    Anthony jasser 17 days ago

    Hi ali-a you my best youtuber

  • Sukhdev Singh
    Sukhdev Singh 17 days ago

    buy more builders and when all defences and walls are max than upgrade your town hall

  • Hello it is Me mairo
    Hello it is Me mairo 18 days ago

    Dah da da da da da da Dudu da da da da da dada duuuh

  • Seamus C
    Seamus C 18 days ago

    Friend seamus 2 he is CRAZY

  • Seamus C
    Seamus C 18 days ago

    Be more active and upgrade

  • Preston Naidoo
    Preston Naidoo 18 days ago +1

    Max out everything before upgrading your town hall

  • Chase Strickland
    Chase Strickland 19 days ago

    If you cick on the blue icon by the builder icon, it will give you suggestions on what to upgrade

  • Armaan Arora
    Armaan Arora 19 days ago

    I am town hall 11

  • Strange colorz
    Strange colorz 20 days ago

    Wow what i rush

  • Tendonn
    Tendonn 20 days ago +1

    7:21 When my dog is missing

  • lilmonkeyfrog Xd
    lilmonkeyfrog Xd 20 days ago

    Max out everything then upgrade th and max barbs and archers and get wizards and balloons and max those also get air defense to take out balloons. Dont use goblins and on builder hall get the firecrackers get goblins upgrade barbs and archers also minions the giant are the best so dont get those and that's it.

  • ujsums.pf2odia Wisby

    you can upgrade your walls in both places

  • Amy Kusin
    Amy Kusin 21 day ago

    Ok a I got coc u should join

  • Amy Kusin
    Amy Kusin 21 day ago

    He's kinda rushed in defenses

  • Rony Chandler
    Rony Chandler 21 day ago

    Townhall 5 and 100 trofes🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • Danute Norgailiene
    Danute Norgailiene 21 day ago +1


  • rhea watin
    rhea watin 21 day ago

    you play coc cool i play too

  • Marvin Rruga
    Marvin Rruga 22 days ago

    you noob

  • Ibrahim Gulam Muhammad
    Ibrahim Gulam Muhammad 22 days ago +1

    Ali a he is attacking with dragons
    Me triggered!!!!!

  • Kayla Ma
    Kayla Ma 22 days ago +1

    Ali-a:look he put downs some DRAGONS

  • Ferry Beek
    Ferry Beek 22 days ago


  • Ferry Beek
    Ferry Beek 22 days ago

    Woel brackers

  • bigbotliam 07
    bigbotliam 07 22 days ago


  • Yazan Alnablsi
    Yazan Alnablsi 22 days ago

    Never make a clan always join one and upgrade your bombs

  • Yigit Aksoy
    Yigit Aksoy 22 days ago

    Wizard tower he looks at it and calls it wisdom tower bruh

  • Irman Joffry sabri
    Irman Joffry sabri 22 days ago

    1 year

  • The gamer Pro
    The gamer Pro 23 days ago +1

    Upgrade all before upgading the town hall

  • Christopher Vanwesterop

    upgrade your wall asap

  • Sad Tsp
    Sad Tsp 23 days ago +1

    Don’t rush town hall plz

  • John Plunkett
    John Plunkett 24 days ago

    Ali-A the biggest tip I can give you if you're new to the game of Clash of Clans as upgrading your walls more and upgrading Town Hall and upgrading your gold mines and elixirs have a more base layout

  • Seth Wynyard
    Seth Wynyard 24 days ago

    I will help you but I'm a lv 15