Lightning's Vasilevskiy has potential save-of-the-year candidate against Kings

  • Published on Feb 11, 2018
  • Tampa Bay Lightning's Andrei Vasilevskiy reaches behind his back to absolutely rob Los Angeles Kings' Anze Kopitar, with what might be the save of the year.
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  • SERIAL World
    SERIAL World 2 months ago

    *Семен бакин 6 сезон 44 серия

  • Алина Миронова

    в молодёжке Бакин так же поймал, кто понял о чем я те лайкают

  • Макс Елисеев


  • Планы на день

    Брильянт этим все сказано)

  • ghytgb
    ghytgb 7 months ago

    It was going wide. No save. Marty’s Better!

  • Михаил Павлюченко

    This is the best save in the world

  • Keeko Cheecho
    Keeko Cheecho 11 months ago

    Man these stupid commentators. "Haha that was cool!" As if that is some sort of whatever thing

  • Павел Кабаков

    Удачи на финале конференций!!!

  • Павел Кабаков

    Столько раз пересматривал этот момент!!! Это лучший из вариантов, что он мог сделать, и как он это выполнил!!! Нет слов, Василевский - реально круто исполнил, вытащил!!! Андрей ты просто волшебник, привет из Дальнего Востока!!!

  • heather proctor
    heather proctor Year ago

    Love how Stralman goes up and looks at Vasileskiy's glove to see if he legit just saved that!

  • Может быть

    Оо хре неть

  • Colton C.
    Colton C. Year ago

    how did the puck not drop out of his glove

  • Артем К
    Артем К Year ago

    Dominator style

  • Dave Shaffer
    Dave Shaffer Year ago

    Best Goalie in the NHL.

  • brandon hutton
    brandon hutton Year ago


  • Mike Werley
    Mike Werley Year ago

    Nice lucky grab. Although kopitar wasn't going to score at that angle. He would have fired it right through the crease.

  • Peter Venkman
    Peter Venkman Year ago +1

    V for Vezina

  • Flavius Fake
    Flavius Fake Year ago

    Lol lol sometimes these highlights/save of the year make me laugh. Dude is everywhere and out of position. Its not even a shot on goal or a highlight if it were a real pro. Goalies who make it look easy are the best.

  • Изя Изерсон

    Андрей, Это что-то! Герои Уэллса по-сравнению с Вами, просто вздор!!!

  • V S
    V S Year ago

    Реально нереально блядь ...

  • Anisi Ley
    Anisi Ley Year ago

    опыт, опыт и ещё раз опыт!

  • josh hannah
    josh hannah Year ago

    I call hacks on his
    Has scripts plz ban

  • 1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !!

    The lightning are #1 for a reason.

  • daytripper8808
    daytripper8808 Year ago

    The force is strong with this one



  • Макс 777
    Макс 777 Year ago


  • grayswandir47
    grayswandir47 Year ago

    That's ninja level situational awareness. He had his glove behind his back before the shot was taken.

  • yellofury
    yellofury Year ago


  • back2
    back2 Year ago

    Shot directly Into a hlove that was not moving. ...
    Very meh.
    I won't remember this happened in 2 weeks.
    Certainly not the save of the year

  • Hagd gihsf
    Hagd gihsf Year ago +1

    Sorry if this is a stupid question I don’t watch hockey at all so I’m curious if hockey fans can tell where the puck is. Watching this I had no idea where it was. Can you see the puck or do you just look at how the players are reacting to it?

    • 32a34a
      32a34a 5 months ago

      Even the refs get lost some time and heck some times they get hit with the puck,players run them over etc etc etc.

    • Bob Dole
      Bob Dole Year ago +3

      You're not alone. It's one of the hardest sports to follow on TV because even the cameramen can lose that little black disc zipping around the rink at freeway speeds or higher.
      Mostly what happens is that you watch the game long enough and you start subconsciously reading where the puck is with little cues every now and again to correct by if you're off. It's things like how players move when they've got the puck, following trajectories for when it gets lost along the near boards or behind players, watching where all the players are watching, tracking the refs.
      It sounds complicated, but you're doing all of that subconsciously, so it's not about learning so much as it is about exposure.
      Watch enough and it gets easy.

  • Vogue Of Today
    Vogue Of Today Year ago +1

    So sweet

  • Death is Certain Life Is Not

    It almost looked like he didn't even know he had it in his glove nice save though

  • Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex

    0:58 When someone tries to hit up on your girlfriend

  • Химик Торпедон

    Здесь был Вася!

  • Jag Ram
    Jag Ram Year ago +1

    Dislikes are la fans

  • Cloud 9
    Cloud 9 Year ago

    "hold my beer" - vasilevskly

  • Ryan Ellis
    Ryan Ellis Year ago

    True Americans still play a sport… it is this one.

  • Hi My Name is Biggie Cheese boom

    NHL on trending?

  • Jim J
    Jim J Year ago

    As a long time hockey fan the lighting will win the cup. They deserve it. Gritty team

  • mattmann06
    mattmann06 Year ago


  • Димитрий Кириллович Бобров

    Thats my move
    I do that all the time while work outs only once made the save

  • PatCS
    PatCS Year ago

    still lost

  • Chwalik FC
    Chwalik FC Year ago

    We may play our games on a field of grass, but that's a heck of a save. RESPECT. You can join us any day good sir. 💪

  • Алексей Островский

    Невероятное чувство момента.Вассилевский это вратарь который может превзойти всех вратарей НХЛ. Конечно будет сложно выиграть много кубков Стенли. Но то что он творит в воротах Тампы это не вероятно. Если он будет совершенствоваться и работать на тренировках. + стабильность.То я считаю что на ближайшие 10 лет в НХЛ это будет вратарь который будет на прямую решать исход поединков. Он уже доводил это, и вытягивал Тампу в таких играх. Это будущие Тампы!!! И если они хотят выиграть Кубок Стенли. То Василевский это тот игрок, на которого им стоит молится. Удачи Васси!!!

  • MerkDalat
    MerkDalat Year ago

    Why am I watching hockey lmao, cool catch tho

  • Erin
    Erin Year ago

    Wasn’t going to go in if he didn’t catch it

  • Zakhar Off
    Zakhar Off Year ago

    Твою налево! Что я сейчас увидел?!! 😲😲😲

  • Home Away
    Home Away Year ago

    Trending now

  • Franco Zelada
    Franco Zelada Year ago

    All the futbol fans r u just saying what about Cillisen’s save against Valencia😂

  • Donavan Ens
    Donavan Ens Year ago

    10 times better than Varlamov

  • super555555555555

    Gillies save in preseason still better

  • Mason M.
    Mason M. Year ago

    I’m a King’s fan, but that save was pretty incredible.

  • Doug Marshburn
    Doug Marshburn Year ago

    That was just fantastic !!!!

  • Pavel R
    Pavel R Year ago +1

    Это пиздец дайте ему сразу тарелку или что там за трофи приз какой нибудь!!!!!!!!!

  • Draven Bence
    Draven Bence Year ago

    not a tampa bay fan but dang thats a good save

  • GS StopClock
    GS StopClock Year ago

    Damn sportsnet you're on trending

  • Najeeb Al Haddad
    Najeeb Al Haddad Year ago

    I was pushed to see this video, it’s mentioned here
    I want to subscribe this channel too !

  • Александр Ко

    Отличный момент игры.

  • Austin Kelly
    Austin Kelly Year ago


  • vladislav filatov

    Во дает

  • Толян мореман

    КРАСАВА ёпта.

  • world of tanks
    world of tanks Year ago

    Вася красава!!!! Умница наш золотой!!!

  • Cos
    Cos Year ago

    I’ve lived in Tampa for 13 years and I still haven’t been to a lightning game

  • BD TV
    BD TV Year ago


  • FlippingDigits
    FlippingDigits Year ago +13

    As a baseball player.. I'm impressed.

  • Дмитрий Абужорой

    Russian = it's - The BEST!

  • Gabriel Guerrero
    Gabriel Guerrero Year ago

    That's a save tim Thomas would make

  • Eli Test
    Eli Test Year ago +2

    I was there

  • crosby black mamba

    6 dislike by Kopitar

  • Mister_Kuba
    Mister_Kuba Year ago +7

    who feels proud of living on tampa bay?

  • Brendan Williams
    Brendan Williams Year ago

    That’s the best save I’ve ever seen in my life.

  • Поисковая группа Память

    Красавец !

  • Стреляный воробей

    Копитар заплакал и уехал в радевалку до конца игры.

  • Александр Кафа

    Не нас русских в врасплох не возьмешь . )))

  • George
    George Year ago

    This morning I had the potential SHAVE of the year thanks to my new blades from dollar shave club. Check it out online. It will SAVE you time and money.

  • God Of Nae Nae
    God Of Nae Nae Year ago

    This is the type of bullshit save that would happen in nhl 14

  • gotaminutereviews

    Oh my god...

  • Аскар Абдрахимов

    Волшебник просто!!!!!!!

  • dennuc
    dennuc Year ago +1

    Вася просто бог

  • Бородатый Дед

    That says it all. We even back I'm afraid!

  • Sleeping Hedgehog
    Sleeping Hedgehog Year ago +13

    Красавчик. Опыт и 7е чувство не пропьёшь !

  • Павел Захаров


  • Хочу правды

    viva RUSSIA

  • Говорящая Голова TV

    заебись четко умеет могет

  • Artem Artemov
    Artem Artemov Year ago +22

    Мурашки по коже! Красава, это Тюмень детка!!! Нет слов, до мурашек по коже!!!

    • m7ray
      m7ray Year ago +1

      one Aleksis Нормальный человек, стремясь выше, никогда не забывает откуда он. Руни, кажется, говорил такое. Василевский из нормальных, к тому же отец его все ещё работает в структуре СЮ. У меня и в мыслях не было примазаться к чужой славе. Оттого, что он из Уфы, я не становлюсь лучше. К тому же я из Екб и хотел поправить другого юзера. Ошибся.

    • one Aleksis
      one Aleksis Year ago +1

      m7ray да хоть с Верхних Липягов. Уверен, сам Василевский не париться-откуда и куда, живет и старается свою жизнь сделать лучше и только диванные войны бьют себя в грудь и примазываются к его имени - Тюмень, детка....тьфу, быдло

    • m7ray
      m7ray Year ago +1

      Artem Artemov Это Уфа, детка. Отец его из Уфы и сам Андрей с братом есть воспитанники уфимского хоккея.

    • one Aleksis
      one Aleksis Year ago +1

      Artem Artemov артемов, не мучай клаву, утрись и иди учи уроки

    • Artem Artemov
      Artem Artemov Year ago +4

      "рукав трава котлета стыд потоп этаж намордник" о чем ты? У тебя вообще пальцы на руках сами по себе что-ли текст на клавиатуре набирают?? Пробуй в следующий раз задействовать в этом процессе свои куриные мозги! Ты сам то понял что написал? Ааааа ладно тебе всё равно уже ничего не поможет.

  • Андрей Сергеевич

    Очленеть можно!!!!

  • Azikj
    Azikj Year ago +2


  • Lems films
    Lems films Year ago +3

    I don’t think it would’ve went in anyway

    • Lems films
      Lems films Year ago

      Shi sho

    • Bob Dole
      Bob Dole Year ago +1

      And Vasy made sure we'll never know - that's why it's so good. Forward makes a really smart play, goalie completely nullifies it with an even better play.
      That's the good stuff.

    • Mc Balcony
      Mc Balcony Year ago

      But from that point it doesn't look like

    • Mc Balcony
      Mc Balcony Year ago +1

      Lems films it was going to net

  • 10ZOZ10
    10ZOZ10 Year ago

    Class act by the Kings fans

    • 10ZOZ10
      10ZOZ10 Year ago

      Ah, my bad.

    • GillzDa
      GillzDa Year ago

      it was in tampa idk why tampa was wearing white

  • Яри Кури
    Яри Кури Year ago +272

    From Russia with glove

  • Alexey Klimentoff
    Alexey Klimentoff Year ago +8

    Сейв года)

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith Year ago +52


  • John Klingberg
    John Klingberg Year ago

    Ridiculous..good god

  • TB_MikeB
    TB_MikeB Year ago +13


  • Tampatec
    Tampatec Year ago +159

    i was there 10 rows back from that goalie save, i was shocked! (no pun intended)

    • joneslaakso
      joneslaakso Year ago +1

      Tampatec i was holding my penis, while watcing laines 119mph, and lucy lawless is a godess. She truly is.. i would. Ooh.

    • Josh Gimple
      Josh Gimple Year ago

      Tampatec haha

  • LacosteSams
    LacosteSams Year ago +17

    wow the comments over here..... he clearly put his glove there by instinct, not the flashiest save but that was a sick move. Save of the year in my book

    • LacosteSams
      LacosteSams Year ago +2

      And look how fast he locate the puck between the legs of the king's player. People think its easy to do this? Realy?

    • Wedercheaderpops
      Wedercheaderpops Year ago +2

      LacosteSams I for sure agree

  • Steven Cramer
    Steven Cramer Year ago

    Murray's was better

  • Jaggs9
    Jaggs9 Year ago +4

    Nice save but definitely more luck than skill. Just threw his glove over there and kopitar put the puck right in it. Also puck was going wide to begin with. 6/10

    • Thy Eksiled
      Thy Eksiled Year ago

      Creamy Biscuits your stupid it's .75/1.25. Your not simplifying hard enough...

    • Gamechangerkid 20
      Gamechangerkid 20 Year ago

      Loponstorm thank you, someone who knows how the game works

    • Loponstorm
      Loponstorm Year ago +3

      Aim could be wide on purpose, possibly aiming to bank it off Vasy to make it in, but he saw it coming (because he was on the ground looking through the screens legs lmao), and got his hand behind him to protect the opening he knew was there but he wouldn't be able to get in-front of in time, if he tried moving back he possibly deflects it into goal instead of blocking it.

    • EmperorSmug Andsome
      EmperorSmug Andsome Year ago +4

      *S I M P L I F Y*

      3/5 you mean

    • Jacob s
      Jacob s Year ago +7

      Youre the type of person that cant ever appreciate anything.