Street Food in Islamabad - EXTREME Camel MILK Station + Pakistani Food in Islamabad and Rawalpindi!

  • Published on May 25, 2019
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    Today, I'm (The Food Ranger, Trevor James) and my buddy Ali are taking you in FULL ON for huge STREET FOOD ADVENTURE of ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN!!
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    Islamabad is Pakistan's capital city and famous for its diverse range of cuisine to try and of course Pakistani street food as well! Today, Ali and I are visiting Rawalpindi and Islamabad for a FULL Street Foode Tour of some of the best BREAKFAST and Pakistani street food in the city! This is the ULTIMATE street food tour of Islamabad and Rawalpindi!
    In this street food video, we're going for tons of Famous Pakistani Street food, mostly delicious meat and breakfast along with kababs and of course, drinking raw CAMEL MILK Street!! This street food vlog includes amazing Pakistani nihari beef stew, some incredibly potent and rich chenna chickpea curry, Pakistani raw camel milk on the street, and then a very luxurious Pakistani meal overlooking Islamabad!
    Islamabad Street food is VERY DELICIOUS and famous for it's variety of Pakistani cuisine to try from all over the country! Today, we're starting out in the sister city of Rawalpindi for some famous Nihari and UPGRADED Pakistani street food chenna.This is the ULTIMATE Islamabad travel vlog!
    After this, we're going Foodrangin' into Islamabad and finding even more delicious street food in Pakistan! As we were driving into Islamabad on our street food adventure, we saw a camel on the side of the road and Ali said we must pull over for a drink! So we pulled over and enjoyed the natural 100% raw camel milk straight from the source!
    After this, we're driving into Islamabad to go up to Monal restaurant for some luxury Pakistani cuisine! We ordered delicious butter chicken, ginger chicken, and a huge MEAT PLATTER!
    And To finish off the day, we're going for a famous AFGHANI Restaurant (Kabul Restaurant) serving Kabuli kababs and pulao and central asian dumplings! This meal was fantastic!
    I hope you're enjoying this big Pakistani street food video series! Thanks so much for watching, I would love to hear from you down below!
    There is much more street food in our Pakistani food videos series, get ready for the playlist of a lifetime!!
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