Arrival - Movie Review

  • Published on Nov 11, 2016
  • Aliens come to Earth....A premise done a thousand times before in cinema, but the path in discovering why are they here is what makes this one different. Here's my review of "Arrival"
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  • Thomas O'Callaghan
    Thomas O'Callaghan 2 months ago

    I'm a huge sci-fi guy, but this movie just did nothing for me, Contact was pretty similar, Amy Adams is good not great Renner is just there, it's way too slow and the payoff was not worth the wait

  • Jay Sony
    Jay Sony 3 months ago wtf was the complete message from all 12 pods... really didn’t feel this movie AT ALL. Kinda pretentious tbh

  • Nick
    Nick 3 months ago

    Funny how he mentions he associates with Jeremy Renner's character and then talks about how the last act takes some "leaps."
    Love it. Language vs. Science the true dichotomy of our time.

  • Alright Willshere
    Alright Willshere 3 months ago

    So I didn’t get it...maybe I wasn’t in the mood for watching movies that day. Already forgotten....

  • Ryder21
    Ryder21 4 months ago

    I just finished this movie for the fifth time and every time, I love the intricacies of it more and more.

  • brian smith-Jones
    brian smith-Jones 4 months ago

    If you didn't like it, you simply didn't understand it

    • Aun The Geek
      Aun The Geek 4 months ago

      I understood it, I didn't feel it.

  • Gorem
    Gorem 6 months ago

    awesome movie.

  • Lisa Plambeck
    Lisa Plambeck 7 months ago

    It's kinda refreshing to see a first contact film with aliens that *don't* want to kill us. That's something you hardly ever see.

  • Anonymously Unknown
    Anonymously Unknown 7 months ago

    Just recently watched it, i really liked it,

  • Gigzy Art
    Gigzy Art 8 months ago +2

    Just saw this movie!! 2019!! Really good true sci-fi movie! If you like real sci fi that isn't bogged down with action for cheap thrills and fills, you want a good "thinking " movie with excellent acting and plot, this is for you!!

  • hunter gatherer
    hunter gatherer 10 months ago

    This movie made me realize that humanity is for the most part doomed

  • talia che
    talia che 10 months ago

    It was So fucking amazing ❤

  • Star Blanket
    Star Blanket 10 months ago

    I found Arrival boring!

  • TheFondleBot 9000
    TheFondleBot 9000 10 months ago +1

    THIS MOVIE IS BORING AS FuuuuuuucK.!!!!! There I Said it.!!!

  • suadela87
    suadela87 11 months ago

    Being a linguist, I was extremely excited for this movie. I was not disappointed. 😊

  • Mikeyvike
    Mikeyvike 11 months ago +1

    went with 0 expectations and it was good

  • Wendy Brooks
    Wendy Brooks Year ago

    If we taped his hands down, could he speak at all?

  • VeryEvilPettingZoo

    The movie has one flaw only, but it's a big one. The central sci-fi element that everything rests on is ridiculous.
    Ignore that, since otherwise, this borders on being a _perfect_ movie. It's one of the best sci-fi movies ever made. Ever.

  • Frederick X.
    Frederick X. Year ago

    Great cinematography, a simple concept (in theory) that allows the average viewer to understand the implications and follow along but enough complexity for tons of theorycraft, and overall well-paced. Excellent piece in my opinion, definitely worth a watch.

  • Alexandros Mograine

    its well done, i mean when/if aliens ever come to earth, communicating with them would probably be very very hard, which is something many people dont think about

  • youhan younen
    youhan younen Year ago

    I'm late to the party but ill throw my opinion out cus why not?
    I study a STEM major. I say this because, in my opinion, majors like English, psychology, sociology are pointless. there is no real need for them. I study mechanical engineering with a strong background in math and physics.
    this movie completely ignores THAT side of the story. there is a scene in this movie where Amy Adams erases a board full of mathematical equation to explain a sentence. That was a cringy, eye-rolling scene. The purpose of this movie is to say that STEM majors aren't the only important ones.

  • MAnuscript421
    MAnuscript421 Year ago

    Alright. Alright phone.

  • Vivek Acharya
    Vivek Acharya Year ago

    I love you, Jeremy for giving this movie Awesometacular rating.

  • james johnstone
    james johnstone Year ago

    That final act blew my mind, was getting ready to be disappointed but oh my days complete mind blow

  • Ziq Az
    Ziq Az Year ago

    Speaking of Shyamalan, this movie reminded me of Signs.

  • steve perez
    steve perez Year ago

    It was a GREAT movie !! Wow can’t believe it took me 2 years to watch it. You know what kind of people hate this movie ? The ones that love to watch shit movies 😂

  • music cliche
    music cliche Year ago

    The suspence drama reminds me of Dan Brown's Diception Point.

  • Hays Collins
    Hays Collins Year ago

    I freaking love that movie infact Arrival is my favorite movie movie. Meaning not counting comic book movies or animates movies

  • OnyCirja
    OnyCirja Year ago

    How could you not give Interstellar an awesometacular since you gave this movie one? These two are basically the same movies.

    • The space
      The space Year ago

      INTERSTELLAR It's a nasty film

    • mitch paul
      mitch paul Year ago

      He holds Nolan to a different standard.

  • Bowser115
    Bowser115 Year ago

    Incredible movie

  • Mario the Plumber
    Mario the Plumber Year ago +1

    This movie is fucking beautiful... I am finally about to watch the new Bladerunner so I am very excited

  • Filip Bachta
    Filip Bachta Year ago

    Actually I'm disappointed that 500k viewed it just like most other videos where you literally sit one spot and just ramble on about nonesense. It's pretty obvious most fan base here on something I mean everyone just discussing how you look in video wtf.

  • Filip Bachta
    Filip Bachta Year ago

    It sounds like you just did coke and keep being vague... This not even a review

  • StoneHouse Tales
    StoneHouse Tales Year ago

    Damn, Jeremy. You need to keep that stubble and haircut...

  • DrabeLord
    DrabeLord Year ago

    Just watched it, Great movie! Would watch again.

  • Shy Bry
    Shy Bry Year ago

    For some reason, i like this camera angle. It reminds me of Theneedledrop.

  • Kymberli Shea
    Kymberli Shea Year ago +1

    Just watched it. AMAZING. Beautiful I gotta go watch it again...

  • Awful Walful
    Awful Walful Year ago

    This movie is dildos...

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business Year ago

    You were so right. Damn.

  • Spange
    Spange Year ago

    unreal that this gets a higher grade than suicide squad lol

  • Des Morga
    Des Morga Year ago


    Just watched it. Seems really inspired by Slaughterhouse-Five's aliens and even the books structure. Could be wrong.
    Edit: Holy sh*t Kermode agrees.

  • JabberCT
    JabberCT Year ago

    If you have Amazon Prime, its available. Saw it last night. Great movie.

  • Antoine Obeid
    Antoine Obeid 2 years ago

    but i didn't like how they explained the twist at the end, in the climax of the movie we understand everything, thus showing us in the end what we understand in the climax made me feel the director think we are dumb and could not understand the movie just from the climax

  • Seven Ellen
    Seven Ellen 2 years ago

    It would have made sense if the aliens had opposable thumbs, as you need them to hold anything.

  • Lucipherous de Illuminati

    Are you all on meth? This movie sucked ...why ? The ending!

  • justun chan
    justun chan 2 years ago

    I think Jeremy Jahn's personality has reached its entertaining potential.

  • yugobepu
    yugobepu 2 years ago

    If you find this movie retarded then you are not smart enough to watch something like this :(

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald 2 years ago

    I loved it, my second favorite movie of the year behind Hacksaw Ridge, i can't stand all the people giving it shit because they were expecting Independence Day 3 or something, cause for fucks sake people, not every alien movie needs to be a big budget sci-fi war movie

  • Gravuuna
    Gravuuna 2 years ago

    I watched it literally just now, and I was bored out of my mind. Also the movie isn't as smart as it thinks it is.

  • moderndudeman
    moderndudeman 2 years ago

    mind blowing captivating movie.

  • asdfgh123
    asdfgh123 2 years ago

    First you r blown away by this movie but the more you think about it, the more dumb it gets exactly like interstellar. sending scientists to raise entire humanity on their own my ass.

  • Cody
    Cody 2 years ago

    Arrival was a great movie! I can see this becoming a cult classic.

  • LightningRay Ray
    LightningRay Ray 2 years ago

    It was kinda boring tbh

  • Bust A peen
    Bust A peen 2 years ago +1

    The lighting in this video is so weird

  • Special Bear
    Special Bear 2 years ago

    You can't review your way out of a paper bag. This film is a pile of shit.. Christopher Nolan rip off

  • Special Bear
    Special Bear 2 years ago

    This is a fucking shit film. Absolutely bollocks

  • Darksider95
    Darksider95 2 years ago

    This film is overrated af. It was boring, slow and Amy Adams character revelation was just cringe inducing plus the two leads talk like they were whispering the whole time. Throw in some cliches and it really isn't this masterpiece everyone's making out to be. I'd give it 3 out of stars max...

  • yagnesh ravi teja yrt
    yagnesh ravi teja yrt 2 years ago

    Short simple and no spoilers 🤸

  • Movie Man Reviews
    Movie Man Reviews 2 years ago

    Really? You thought Arrival portrayed humans and human nature accurately. Yeah maybe in the first 2 acts when they showed humans being scared, crazy, violent, distrusting, and stupid but then when she just calls some Chinese military leader says some crap about his dead wife and viola problem solved, some time later humanity is united and working in harmony bra blah blah... yeah no that's not a realistic portrayal of humans. Its actually quite unrealistic and illogical which is exactly what this movie was.

  • Cameron Bailey
    Cameron Bailey 2 years ago

    Abbott is death process...
    The real MVP.