3 Chilling True Blizzard Horror Stories

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • In honor of (what feels like) the start of winter, here are 3 allegedly true stories that take place during blizzards.
    Story 1: Julián Amescua
    Story 2: Alex R.
    Story 3: Anonymous

    If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: mrnightmareinbox@gmail.com
    Anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar will not be read, so please just make them neat and understandable. Please also state how you would like your name to be credited in a video.

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  • Darylvard Jarain
    Darylvard Jarain 3 hours ago

    Think about the people who didn't make it to tell these stories😬💀

  • diggity donk here comes kronk

    3 *chilling* *blizzard* stories
    I see what you did there.

  • mr heck
    mr heck 13 hours ago

    I get the joke he says chilling true blizzard stories oh Mr nightmare we didn't know you where a comedian

  • Kimberly Ortman
    Kimberly Ortman 20 hours ago

    Loved it

  • Dremmz
    Dremmz Day ago

    and people call kanye crazy 😂

  • Abdulsamad Malik

    The story 2 is absolutely fabricated.

  • Azlynn Keller
    Azlynn Keller Day ago

    anyone just say, "nope" or "omg" when watching these? I get so scared snskakakakrkekeoeke
    my sister: "azlynn, why do you keep saying 'no'?"

  • Elite Lifter Psystrike Mewtwo

    "counting" 40$ that's suspect as hell right there

  • Kayleigh Clarke does everything

    This video was hella good

  • Aetherchase
    Aetherchase 2 days ago

    For the 2nd story if that was my Dad he would have just shot the dude 😂

  • Gingybread
    Gingybread 2 days ago

    Ngl, I would’ve put the snow back on his drive way in the first story

  • Keiren Dougherty
    Keiren Dougherty 2 days ago

    He he chilling stories

  • Zuncork Studios
    Zuncork Studios 2 days ago +1

    Who just watches random Mr nightmare videos until you piss yourself

  • Katelyn the White Werewolf

    Once upon a time in Creepypasta Land a terrible blizzard hit Creepypasta Land and a little boy named Jeff and his husky puppy Smile Dog his girlfriend Jane and their friends Laughing Jack Ben and Sally were snowed in their mother Rainbow Kitty and their father Slenderman were out trying to get some heaters and food for the harsh winter
    Jeff: I hope Mom and Dad get home
    Smile: I hope Mom and Dad get home too Jeff it's really snowing out there
    Jane: I guess we're snowed in guys
    Laughing Jack: I hope we'll be ok
    Ben: Me too
    Sally: Me too
    Jeff: At least we have each other
    Their baby sister Sen comes crawling to them
    Jeff and his friends: Sen
    They brought her close to them and they snuggle together in a warm
    Jeff: At least we have our blanket with us
    Jane: Yeah
    Jeff and his friends stayed together for warmth in their blanket
    The Creepypasta kids felt very safe with each other
    As they stayed together in the living room of the Slender Manor a strange sound is heard startling them
    Jeff and his friends: Aaaahhh what was that?
    The kids were very frightened by it
    Jeff: *timidly* What was that guys?
    Jane: *timidly* I don't know but it sounded like it's outside our home
    LJ: *timidity* It sounds very close
    Jeff and his friends heard the sound scaring them
    Jeff and his friends were breathing heavily and whimpering in fear
    Jeff looks out the window and his friends dog and girlfriend do too
    They see a shadowy figure outside the window
    The kids screamed as they hid under their blanket shaking in fear
    Jeff: What was that?
    Smile: It wasn't Mom and Dad
    Jane: It was someone or something else
    Jeff and his friends hoped they would survive and be safe
    Will Jeff and his friends be able to stop the shadowy figure outside the Slender Manor will their parents get home to their children?
    To Be Continued

  • Destiny Wilson
    Destiny Wilson 3 days ago

    the sound effects 🤩

  • Alpha Spectre
    Alpha Spectre 3 days ago +1

    "If someone is seeking shelter, you let them in".

  • Mistah Cookiez
    Mistah Cookiez 4 days ago

    Who the fuck goes out to shovel snow at 8pm

  • Sabrina M
    Sabrina M 4 days ago

    Watching n listening to the second story so intently, backed turned to door, and as he said the floor creaked, someone touched me and I flew out my skin. It was a co-worker telling me bye. The genuine fear.

    LIL COARSE DIRT 4 days ago


  • colbybae solby for life

    Why do I sleep with this one 😁😁

  • Max Murphy
    Max Murphy 4 days ago

    Wish xqc would react to these. He’d really like them

  • M A
    M A 5 days ago

    The first two stories both sound fake lmao
    1. Poor neighborhood but the kids are going around charging 30 dollars for shovelling snow?!!?
    And the second story the kid presumably had chloroform put up to his face, but chloroform doesn't act that quick at all
    Probably just some kid who didn't know any better

  • Technically Difficulties

    Chilling blizzard stories... I see what you did there.

  • Torjan Brunner
    Torjan Brunner 5 days ago

    Do obsessed girlfriend stories.

  • Chicken Leg Bis Xd
    Chicken Leg Bis Xd 5 days ago

    Creepy Guy : "Come inside"
    Me : Bye bitch *yeet*🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️

  • Darav Phadke
    Darav Phadke 5 days ago

    Last one gave me chills

  • Kat Knecht
    Kat Knecht 5 days ago

    Your storys would be alot better if they was animated

  • Cody M
    Cody M 6 days ago +2

    The real horror story is the price those kids are charging for snow removal.

  • Evan Stanley
    Evan Stanley 6 days ago

    3:53 christmas jumpscare

  • sea anemily
    sea anemily 7 days ago

    idk if I'm just in a weird mood, but the second the music started my heart sank, god it's really creeping me out...

  • Doiskeet Y
    Doiskeet Y 7 days ago


  • Doiskeet Y
    Doiskeet Y 7 days ago


  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy 8 days ago

    No way I'm the only one who thinks $40 dollars is way to much to pay for some shoveling

  • Zion Giusti
    Zion Giusti 9 days ago

    Back To School Horror Stories

  • John Kalevas
    John Kalevas 9 days ago

    some people in these stories are so stupid. in story one, if a weird creepy man didnt even so his face, why did the just think it was ok to go around back and go inside. i wouldve left after he said go around back

  • Mark Kirchner
    Mark Kirchner 10 days ago

    Who else thinks we should get real stories and not fake bullshit

  • Cxllide_
    Cxllide_ 10 days ago

    Tell me why back then I thought these stories were his real life horror stories LMAO

  • Char Cart
    Char Cart 10 days ago

    “yeah we live in like a really bad neighbourhood............you wanna go and shovel snow?”

  • James Arteaga
    James Arteaga 10 days ago

    Might go out my way it ain’t the same might go insane

  • Jill Cardza
    Jill Cardza 10 days ago

    This is why I sleep with my 357 magnum

  • Bbabyfacetae Supreme
    Bbabyfacetae Supreme 11 days ago

    War horror stories??🤔idk how our vets would feel like that tho😬🤦🏽‍♂️

  • kurisu fujioka
    kurisu fujioka 11 days ago

    He should do true scary graduation stories or true scary prom stories

  • REEE kid
    REEE kid 11 days ago

    The first story was a good story but the kids were dumb like you don't walk in a guys house and if he is watching you shouldn't ever continue doing the job

  • Ryan Staiger
    Ryan Staiger 11 days ago

    Is screaming not people’s first instinct???? And why do kids not go to their parents when freaky shit is happening!?

  • DJ Apoctico
    DJ Apoctico 11 days ago

    The ending of the third one though💀

  • Zion Giusti
    Zion Giusti 11 days ago +1

    Mr Nightmare Can Make Lays Chips Scary

  • Blonja Boss
    Blonja Boss 11 days ago

    Why was the man in story 3 so scary?

  • Static Daniel
    Static Daniel 12 days ago

    That last one hit the chills haha

  • RICARDO Medina
    RICARDO Medina 12 days ago

    $40 that's way too expensive

  • 64ExcellentPs4
    64ExcellentPs4 12 days ago

    He should post more
    Like if you agree

  • Paradise Productions
    Paradise Productions 12 days ago

    I got my driver's license in the middle of a blizzard.

  • Propack
    Propack 12 days ago

    The second story has me confused, if his bedroom is on the second floor, than how did he try to open the window, and then broke threw the downstairs window and got inside his bedroom, how big is the dad?🤣

  • Hayden Smith
    Hayden Smith 12 days ago +3

    The sound effects and images are dope.

  • Semurai _
    Semurai _ 12 days ago

    Do you have a podcast? 😊

  • Boris Be loud us
    Boris Be loud us 13 days ago

    Man that big brother with the snowball window man should have lost his pants after that blackout. That would have been best for them both.

  • Faded island
    Faded island 13 days ago +1

    It would have been funny if the the guy threw a snow ball at her after opening the window 😂😂

  • Frankie Daw
    Frankie Daw 13 days ago

    That last story gave me shivers from head to foot

  • Deven Alexander
    Deven Alexander 13 days ago +1

    I'm eating cornflakes while i'm listing to this on my jbl speaker

  • Matthew Kehler
    Matthew Kehler 13 days ago

    “Chilling” blizzard stories, ok really