Spider-Man HOMECOMING - Trailer 2 Reaction / Review

  • Published on Mar 28, 2017
  • It's Spidey vs Batman...err... Vulture in the latest trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming.
    Join Robert and Vanessa as they give their reaction and review of the 2nd trailer from the MCU.
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Comments • 71

  • Michael Mathers
    Michael Mathers 10 months ago

    Girl on the left has some boobs.

  • Charles Maynard
    Charles Maynard Year ago

    saw the movie. pay attention to the post credits.

  • 준영
    준영 2 years ago +2

    I'm so hyped for this spidey !! But they are giving away too much information !! And you guys are awesome . U just got new subscriber

    • Late to the Party
      Late to the Party  2 years ago

      Can't wait for the movie. We stopped watching trailers so it wont ruin any more. Welcome.

  • The Amazing Lucas
    The Amazing Lucas 2 years ago

    Who decided to include that he loses the suit in the trailer???!!!

  • Captainsting
    Captainsting 2 years ago

    that cleaning group is damage control from the comics!

  • Adrian Z
    Adrian Z 2 years ago

    now the IT trailer!!!!!!!

    • Late to the Party
      Late to the Party  2 years ago +2

      Thanks so much.😄

    • Adrian Z
      Adrian Z 2 years ago +1

      Late to the Party omg thank you!!!!!! and I love your guys videos keep up the great work😁😁😁😁

    • Late to the Party
      Late to the Party  2 years ago

      Coming later tonight.

  • Johnny Utah
    Johnny Utah 2 years ago

    Robert can go fuck himself! We only want Vanessa for these reactions;)

  • Mr K.M.A
    Mr K.M.A 2 years ago +3

    Guys react to "IT" trailer..

    • Mr K.M.A
      Mr K.M.A 2 years ago +2

      Ok, no problem.....

    • Late to the Party
      Late to the Party  2 years ago +3

      We will. Unfortunately our schedules don't line up until another few hours.

  • Irish Red Devil
    Irish Red Devil 2 years ago

    Can you React to The Avengers React to Justice League Trailer Reaction

  • MatrixMonster _
    MatrixMonster _ 2 years ago +1

    a trailer never shows too much unless it spoils the reveal of the hidden villain like come on its 2 min of 2 hours so np

  • Natty Champs
    Natty Champs 2 years ago +1

    You guys need to react to the It trailer that just came out. It's so good.

  • DPooleThe1
    DPooleThe1 2 years ago +1

    I'm hype for this!!!

  • Daniel Ruiz
    Daniel Ruiz 2 years ago +1

    Please do a Reaction for tvclip.biz/video/JRXWkBQ80hs/video.html but don't do a reaction o.O

  • jeanscott20
    jeanscott20 2 years ago +1

    Great review guys!

  • Shane Allen
    Shane Allen 2 years ago +1

    vulture's wings look absolutely insane

  • Georgeous76
    Georgeous76 2 years ago +5

    Vanessa is HAWT

  • 0okamino
    0okamino 2 years ago

    It seems like you're arriving at the party a bit more on time these days. I guess with the deluge of things right now, you really can't afford to be late and fall behind. Don't worry. You're still the cool "late" folks. :D

  • Charlie Chaman
    Charlie Chaman 2 years ago

    "It's Spidey vs Batman...err... Vulture"
    Right, because a bat and vulture are clearly the same thing....

  • T Perry
    T Perry 2 years ago +1

    Yeagh Looking Good. Looks good in his homemade suite. Always looking forward to anything Keaton.

  • Epic Trailer Production
    Epic Trailer Production 2 years ago +3

    cannot say I watched all the reactions till I get one from you guys. Thanks ;-) !!

  • Your friendly neighborhood CARNAGE!

    Finally, some reactors that know what they're talking about!!! Tom's Spiderman looks great, Keaton as Vulture looks great, trailer was bad@ss!! The route their going with Damage Control seems like a great idea!!! I'm all in with this movie, the only bad is I have to wait 3 months!!!!

  • Reggie Daniels
    Reggie Daniels 2 years ago

    Great video, but when I heard you had to get to work the whole time I was nervous thinking don't be late to the work party...lol, love you both!

  • Veo T.
    Veo T. 2 years ago +1

    Thanks, guys!!!! Right on time!!!

  • misfit2069
    misfit2069 2 years ago +4

    Oh my gosh! Wow... I'm with both of you... this looks fantastic! Can't wait....thanks for the review guys.

  • fat yeet
    fat yeet 2 years ago +1

    Awesome vid, dropped a like & sub :D

  • Scott Louis
    Scott Louis 2 years ago

    Nice reaction! I have a theory: since Spidey is "on loan" from Sony, I think they do "Death of Spider-Man" like in the Ultimate U. Not in this movie but that event brings the team back together. Just my theory.

    • Late to the Party
      Late to the Party  2 years ago +2

      Thanks. It's Very possible. Especially with the loan allegedly ending in a few years.

  • Dennis Stanfield
    Dennis Stanfield 2 years ago +2

    Cannot wait! I don't need to see any more trailers. I got enough story here.

    • Late to the Party
      Late to the Party  2 years ago +3

      No more trailers. Even though we know Disney won't listen.

  • Bryce Jacobsen
    Bryce Jacobsen 2 years ago +10

    DId they show too much? Perhaps. I'm still confident that MCU knows what they're doing vs. whatever random schmucks have to say..

    • Jonman7502
      Jonman7502 2 years ago

      Bryce Jacobsen nobody is saying it's bad but the plot points were really easy to connect and now we basically know the entire structure of the movie.

  • Elisa Taylor
    Elisa Taylor 2 years ago

    Guys what did u think of Spidey's? Seemed a bit to cartoony at times, especially in the head department. I know DP had the same eye mask movement but I never felt his entire head looked off like this. I'd go as far to say that I liked his mask more in civil war. They still have sometime to clean things up. Vulture looks absolutely stunning tho.

    • Elisa Taylor
      Elisa Taylor 2 years ago

      Late to the Party maybe it's the tiny eyes throwing me off lol

    • Late to the Party
      Late to the Party  2 years ago +4

      ::vanessa:: To be honest I didnt really pay attention to much to that. I was more so trying to see what was happening around him. Lol

  • RhinoVanDam
    RhinoVanDam 2 years ago +35

    I think people forget that not only was the MCU one of the biggest undertakings in cinema history, but how rare it is for 2 companies in movies to work together and share revenue over characters. Obviously for them its all about money but the fans its allowed dreams to come true.

  • John Lawless
    John Lawless 2 years ago +1

    They showed so much, though. It was way too long for a trailer, in my opinion.

    • David Blyth
      David Blyth 2 years ago

      Not really.

    • Sir Caco
      Sir Caco 2 years ago

      Think about it this way: if they showed us THIS much... that's gotta mean the movie has a lot more to offer!

    • Late to the Party
      Late to the Party  2 years ago +1

      Could have used a bit of a trim.

  • Christopher Binder
    Christopher Binder 2 years ago +54

    You either die a Birdman, or you live long enough to see yourself become the Vulture.

  • no more lies
    no more lies 2 years ago +1

    did they show to much his got a suit he looses the suit he gets it back for the end fight TMI PS still loved the trailer so I'm still going to see it

    • no more lies
      no more lies 2 years ago +1

      fingers crossed

    • Connor Jaegar
      Connor Jaegar 2 years ago +2

      I have a gut feeling that boat scene happens within the first half hour.

    • Alberto Mendoza
      Alberto Mendoza 2 years ago +2

      yeah, now we will never get that tense feeling of him just trying to pull together though it like back in that train scene with Tobey. We will just know Iron Man comes in :(

    • Late to the Party
      Late to the Party  2 years ago +5

      We did think the whole boat scene was a little too long. Could have done witout showing Iron man coming to help. But its possible that is at the very beginning of the movie, but we shall see.

  • Christopher Binder
    Christopher Binder 2 years ago

    I wish they could try and come up with something other than a plane potentially crashing into NYC.

    • Bryce Jacobsen
      Bryce Jacobsen 2 years ago

      Sure, why not Chicago or Detroit??? It's not like Spidey patrols NYC or anything...

  • Ringking 1978
    Ringking 1978 2 years ago +4

    Good Too See You Guys its not the same without A Robert and Vanessa reaction. Love ya guys.

  • NashvilleEnterprises
    NashvilleEnterprises 2 years ago

    Can you do a reaction to the new trailer "A Quiet Passion?" tvclip.biz/video/Ffc8tLkviOo/video.html

  • Queso master
    Queso master 2 years ago +1