Inside Lucid Air: The Future of Luxury?


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  • Alexandra Sinclair

    If that's the future of Luxury, I don't want to be in that future.
    What kind of bland future is that? How many square tablets do you need in front of you? Sensory overload while driving?
    Improve Augmented Reality, Over Head Display tech, and Head Up Display tech. Remove these tablet type displays which will be obsolete in the next 3 years.
    Stop the "Bigger display than yours wars...", who cares about 13 inch screen, when the whole windscreen could be your AR real estate. With improved sign recognition, hazard detection, zoom, facial recognition, immersive night vision. Sci-fi? Stop playing now, our phones are smaller than a car, and can already do most of these things. Stop ripping people off, 3 years at a time!

  • jeremy jervis
    jeremy jervis 2 days ago

    What happened to practicality over over blown and over rated design.

  • so b
    so b 2 days ago

    Nop from me. My e90 2006 is still ok. And i paid 2k for it. Btw this one does the e same my old e36 (1992 3 series bmw did)

  • thaChillingPanda Alex

    Well, I've guess that you just can, "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!"
    Wheeen... I get that kind of payments 👌🏻🙃

  • Rajat T
    Rajat T 3 days ago

    Love the interior styling. Those bucket seats in the back are something!

  • Awwal Musa Bashir
    Awwal Musa Bashir 4 days ago

    Lucid indeed!

  • 『scoutlw
    『scoutlw 4 days ago

    Lucid :
    Pay up! we need your money.

  • Ivar W
    Ivar W 5 days ago

    I heard the car plays Lucid Dreams when youre feeling down

  • Royceandbeau fun and events

    Looked at the Gear Changer! Same one from Tesla!!!

  • miree79
    miree79 7 days ago +1

    I actually like this better then the Tesla.. A friend of mines has that Tesla Model X and that thing is very nice so I can imagine this vehicle being way more sleek and classy with luxury hope it goes into production.

  • Duplessis Si
    Duplessis Si 7 days ago

    This is an ugly car

  • NeutralDown
    NeutralDown 7 days ago

    Why don’t these new “smart cars” have a selfie camera?

  • Sigge Larsson
    Sigge Larsson 9 days ago

    I wouldn't want to hit a moose in that car

  • Ivan Ayitey
    Ivan Ayitey 9 days ago

    Auto Focus, ahead of it's time lol

  • Pola Emad
    Pola Emad 9 days ago

    Test drive

  • Bouie342
    Bouie342 10 days ago

    I hope so. Electric cars were destroyed ever since gas cars came along.

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez 10 days ago


  • Joshua Jebode
    Joshua Jebode 11 days ago

    joshuajebode 13 hellos

  • TRUX !
    TRUX ! 11 days ago

    Looks way better than faraday

  • Kevin Rico
    Kevin Rico 12 days ago

    Looks too much like a lincoln from the outside and all that glass on a car is like having a glass house next to a baseball field looks good till you get a rock chip or crack and now you gotta spend a shit ton for a replacement let alone the wait time to get one ordered cause no one locally is gonna carry them in stock. Ill rather wait till Tesla makes a luxury model

  • Elli Shah
    Elli Shah 14 days ago

    In which country

  • ¿
    ¿ 16 days ago

    Probably would need sun-screen and burn cream in that car...

  • BigCreativeBear
    BigCreativeBear 18 days ago

    F Tesla. Get a Lucid!

  • Mike Dannevik
    Mike Dannevik 22 days ago

    How much are they expecting to sell for?

  • lisa s
    lisa s 24 days ago


  • Bob Le
    Bob Le 27 days ago

    Too expensive not many people can buy

  • Ground Crew
    Ground Crew 28 days ago

    The rear end of this car needs some work, a little to plain

  • Vic Luke
    Vic Luke 29 days ago

    Awesome !!! The Lucid did it's homework with the dashboard arrangements and of course these great back seats. I also love Tesla but in the future I will have to think
    twice before I think about purchasing one of these great auto machines. I believe the future looks bright in regards to electric cars vs gas. Obvious when prices finally
    come down to earth with the average car consumers, gas will hopefully become a thing of the pass. It will certainly become a cleaner world.

  • jackie robinson
    jackie robinson Month ago

    I hope they succeed!!

  • Strong Lyon
    Strong Lyon Month ago

    Just perfect for me..... Leonel from Buenos Aires Argentina 👍🔊🎼

  • Pedro Ramirez
    Pedro Ramirez Month ago

    I love air.

  • Red Wolf _Gamer Pro

    Lol those rims looks futuristic 😂😂

  • John K Lindgren
    John K Lindgren Month ago


  • Hani Solaqa
    Hani Solaqa Month ago +1

    Tesla will always beat them for one simple reason.
    They have tons of charging stations

  • Mamuwalde Voudou Practitioner

    I really like this!!

  • Shahin Mahdiani
    Shahin Mahdiani Month ago

    What happen if you get cracked in your windshield? How much you gotta pay to repair?

  • Camino
    Camino Month ago

    *2020 Honda Accord*

  • Bob Baldesari
    Bob Baldesari Month ago

    Your reviews are SUPER.

  • Phd 100
    Phd 100 Month ago

    this car would be so bad in a car accident and also itll be easy to steal

  • Brian Perkins
    Brian Perkins Month ago

    i'm in love with a car now

  • No Skill Intended
    No Skill Intended Month ago

    Electric batteries+ car's body+ tablet=electric car

  • the broke mountain biker

    That's a weird Toyota Camry.

  • Yash Parameshwaran
    Yash Parameshwaran Month ago

    My intuitions telling me there will be better days😀

  • 张文天
    张文天 Month ago

    Really cool !
    but I love FF91 more.

    • Demir İnce
      Demir İnce Month ago

      张文天 but where the hell is the car ?? What happened to the factory?

    • 张文天
      张文天 Month ago

      China's richest man, Xu Jiayin, invested in Faraday Future's parent company, Evergrande Health, in the recent period. In the recent time, the stock soared 25 times. Jia Yueting helped Xu Jiayin become the richest man in Forbes China. I believe Xu Jiayin.

    • Demir İnce
      Demir İnce Month ago

      Faraday Future lost their only economical supporter. They car didn’t work in their final public event and we haven’t gotten an update on the car for over a year

  • koloasurf2012
    koloasurf2012 Month ago

    They need some new wheels. those wheels looks cheap

  • Arnuv DJANGO
    Arnuv DJANGO Month ago

    Tesla will be apple in terms of electric car and all other electric cars will be like Android phone.
    At last everybody will say "Tesla is Tesla".

  • Khifaya Toyin
    Khifaya Toyin Month ago

    The most important part of a car is space. But this car no enough space

  • francisco j hernandez

    So what do you think about lucid? In ur opinion is worth to buying it ? Or a should buy a Ford fusion full load it

    RHYMES V Month ago

    Lucid air looks gorgeous

  • Mindi Shergill
    Mindi Shergill Month ago

    Any safety ?? With glass roof ? I don't think so !

    • Demir İnce
      Demir İnce Month ago +1

      Mindi Shergill our Tesla’s full glass roof contains zero noticeable scratches and it’s been going strong for over a year and also the same can be said for any sun roof or windshield. If a rock is going to break the roof then it’s going to break any other glass on the car

  • Ced master
    Ced master Month ago

    Would be nice to se Lucid as the premium daughter of Tesla like Bentley and Porsche is from VW.

  • Ibrahim Alar
    Ibrahim Alar Month ago

    Love it , its makes tesla looks old

  • Seb Nic
    Seb Nic Month ago

    1,000 HORSE POWER?!

    • Demir İnce
      Demir İnce Month ago

      Seb Nic welcome to the world of electronic cars

  • Donovan Reimer
    Donovan Reimer Month ago

    Home run to Lucid. K.O.... Tesla no thanks.

  • flo
    flo Month ago

    Suicide doors. Please, let it have suicide doors.

  • Reezy El OG
    Reezy El OG Month ago

    Lucid Motors Air = Rolls Royce Ghost + Phantom + Wraith

  • Reezy El OG
    Reezy El OG Month ago

    Lucid motors is DEFINITELY the most COMFORTABLE electric ⚡️ car for sure

  • Rohit Rane
    Rohit Rane Month ago

    i can picture the future of my planet with no sound and air pollution
    Really hats off to Elon Musk for bringing the change

  • Philip Seitz
    Philip Seitz Month ago

    Amazing!!! Does it come in gas engine? Lol
    I want one regardless

  • BecauseICanTBH
    BecauseICanTBH Month ago

    lol i love how the 1,000 hp was just thrown in as a casual end statement

    • BecauseICanTBH
      BecauseICanTBH Month ago

      lol not really. the tesla model 3 is only 271hp

    • Demir İnce
      Demir İnce Month ago

      BecauseICanTBH well when you are talking about EV’s that kind of house power is expected

  • C Yoc7
    C Yoc7 Month ago

    I want this car for my future car!

  • Nadav Myron
    Nadav Myron Month ago

    the j cole in background i love it

  • MR Brown
    MR Brown Month ago

    What is the price ?

  • High Five Reacts
    High Five Reacts Month ago +2

    Damn this is one hell of a sexy car 😍😍

    • kj k
      kj k 21 day ago

      High Five Reacts super sexy

  • ian74747
    ian74747 Month ago

    Where is this car again? I haven't heard of this car since this was uploaded.
    Oh, and Faraday Future also, where are they?

  • JD
    JD Month ago

    that car looks horrifically bad.

  • Jace Joseph
    Jace Joseph Month ago

    * Tesla buys Lucid and Google buys Tesla *

  • 9928726716

    Beautiful 👌 😎 Zion khljee

  • Amit Oswal
    Amit Oswal Month ago


  • dalawma chhakchhuak

    I'm buying it

  • Joseph wm
    Joseph wm Month ago

    What cars will look like in 2100, I wish I could see them.

  • Kapado
    Kapado Month ago

    My car's like an elephant. Trunk in the front.

  • barbarbarbar2
    barbarbarbar2 Month ago

    Lucid air is a hype

  • Red Paris
    Red Paris Month ago

    I think the only problem with these electric cars is that they are way too over priced

  • Nelson Covane
    Nelson Covane Month ago

    Imagine being drunk on a Lucid car

  • Rollin' High
    Rollin' High Month ago

    Those wheels don't really match. They look like stock or option package wheels for a chevy or ford

  • Alex Ricketson
    Alex Ricketson Month ago

    Tesla model S and model X are due for a refresh. Maybe Tesla will step up the luxury features?

  • Ryu Tsuchiya
    Ryu Tsuchiya Month ago

    I'm a car-enthusiast but this doesn't touch me at all, first I want to see a crashtest of it before buying one and everything else is somehow already in production. The trunk space...biggest joke I've seen.

  • jiyeooooo
    jiyeooooo Month ago

    Looks really good but this is probably gonna be priced for the millionaires out there..really like the windshield so cool

  • Kipa Tutu
    Kipa Tutu Month ago

    Oooohhhhh... Ohhhhhhh.... Ohhhhh.... Lord

  • Chuck Feeney Emelianenko


  • amun apaca
    amun apaca Month ago

    No let's not hope the head lights are mechanical, just imagine how much it would cost to replace one. They might just make you but a new one.

  • Joel William
    Joel William Month ago

    *I have these Luucid*

  • Buck Buck
    Buck Buck Month ago

    Imagine is all you can do with this car.

  • MHK -1
    MHK -1 Month ago

    Looks ugly

  • Dennis Polz
    Dennis Polz Month ago

    Cool car, but also costs upwards of $200,000

  • BlackWolf6420
    BlackWolf6420 Month ago


  • BooBooYup
    BooBooYup Month ago

    i want to ride this uber lol

  • Facts Land
    Facts Land Month ago

    The screen you referred to as "Head Up Display", is not HUD. HUD is a sort of augmented reality that displays the information literally on the road in front of you. It is something that Tesla definitely should deliver as standard for the price they are charging for Model S and X. And if they don't step up their game in terms of interior cabin, they will have some serious trouble competing because companies who have more than 60 years experience of building cars, will not disappoint with their cabins. Especially Germans manufacturers, which are planning to launch their first generation EV in the next two years. Funny thing is that Tesla has succeeded with the most difficult part (high tech) of manufacturing and it's these little low tech stuff they are lacking behind with. Which on the other hand shouldn't be a problem because it is low tech challenge.

  • Mickey Verma
    Mickey Verma Month ago

    What's the name of the shoes you are wearing in this video :) ??

  • Максим Цыба

    Just need to order an Uber on this car.

  • Danmar 777
    Danmar 777 Month ago

    I’m thinking of how much repair costs are gonna be

  • imapieface
    imapieface Month ago

    The rear looks like a car from the 80s. I hate it. Otherwise, incredible.

  • Ultralagger R.E.V
    Ultralagger R.E.V Month ago

    Tesla: is that a Chinese knock off version of myself behind me??? Nope, i am leaving. Bye bye (turns left)

  • Ultralagger R.E.V
    Ultralagger R.E.V Month ago

    They are copying Tesla, they ain't going to win if they copy Tesla's technology

  • Christian Gravemaker

    One year ago.. where's the update Marques?

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    Was I the only one who hates the music but still bopped along like a twat.

  • KMPZ
    KMPZ Month ago

    I like this much more than the Tesla... but this is still a dream and Tesla's are on the road right now. The Tesla is also much cheaper, its like the Mercedes of the Electric Car world. This is like the Rolls Royce of the Electric Car world.

  • Coffee Jack
    Coffee Jack Month ago

    Great futures, but imo the exterior design looks underwhelming.

  • aaron4820
    aaron4820 Month ago

    Looks like a cylon's face.