10 Weakest Armies in Asia in 2018 - Military / Army Comparison


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  • moonmithiu 2710 Rajarupan
    moonmithiu 2710 Rajarupan 20 minutes ago

    Come on sri lanka

  • Zed Chrz Realuyo II
    Zed Chrz Realuyo II 2 hours ago

    where is Philippines you should put Philippines in no. 1 spot hahahaha

  • Vinayak Hegde
    Vinayak Hegde 3 hours ago

    Full details about shrilankan military... please

  • miko pedero
    miko pedero 3 hours ago

    Mongolia should be here

  • Kirati Rai
    Kirati Rai 4 hours ago

    Hate india from america

  • jhordian indo 3
    jhordian indo 3 6 hours ago

    6 -mongolia ???

  • Muhammad Suzairi
    Muhammad Suzairi 7 hours ago

    How about singapore?

  • Ahmed Rasheed
    Ahmed Rasheed 7 hours ago

    Where is Maldives?

  • Aravind phoenix
    Aravind phoenix 10 hours ago

    India weakest one. All equipments bought from Italy ,fr , usa ,russia

  • tay sezginer
    tay sezginer 13 hours ago

    All these countries should join USA against China then they will become strong!

  • Jason Lapina
    Jason Lapina 13 hours ago


  • Nikolai Vatutin
    Nikolai Vatutin 19 hours ago

    Not a single army is weak. This video is just disrespectful

  • Jack Betz
    Jack Betz 20 hours ago

    Bunch of fools buying up fancy toys to play with.

  • papi
    papi 22 hours ago

    lmao @ all these filipinos with their superiority complex explaining why theyre not on the list, dont worry guys you are still at the bottom of the barrel

  • Kevin
    Kevin Day ago

    Cambodia has the whole Chinese armed forces to protect them

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman Day ago

    Please dont say malaysia......

  • Arshyan khan
    Arshyan khan Day ago

    6:44 you said truth but...

  • Arshyan khan
    Arshyan khan Day ago

    Can anybody tell me what Bhutan do for India or any kind of support Bhutan did to India in any field? If they didn't then we are offering them free protection eh?

  • Arshyan khan
    Arshyan khan Day ago

    Qatar 1200 personnel 🏳️🏳️🏳️🏳️🏳️🏳️🏳️🏳️🏳️🏳️

  • TQ_HMT the retarded cat face

    what aboet brunei

  • Tik tok Bangladesh 420


  • Sohan Sharma
    Sohan Sharma 2 days ago

    You forget pakistan

    DANISHQ D. 2 days ago +1

    India is strongest against Russia

  • karma wangdi
    karma wangdi 2 days ago

    Bhutan is peaceful nation.. less military more peaceful. Gross national Happiness country

  • Aamir Faizan Gil
    Aamir Faizan Gil 2 days ago

    Tamil tigers do not look like what you have shown in your video.

  • Kalana Priyantha
    Kalana Priyantha 2 days ago

    My friend,,,,,,, EXEP SRILANKA NO ONE WIPE OUT TERRORISAM IN THE OTHER ASIAN COUNTRY ,,,,, THIS IS ONLY SRILANKA,,,,,,, I don't know who is category this F,, ng list,,,,,,,,,, ### BULSHIT ###

  • MC_CoY 0_0
    MC_CoY 0_0 3 days ago

    It's my birth day

  • Shahriman shahnaz
    Shahriman shahnaz 3 days ago

    Brunei has only 10,000 armed forces personnel

  • XxKr12 GAMERXx
    XxKr12 GAMERXx 3 days ago

    i am from Nepal and we do not need strong army because we maintain peace>>>>>

  • Sanzeev Dahal
    Sanzeev Dahal 3 days ago

    you use the wrong flag of Nepal. our flag is not rectangular

  • Biplov Gaming
    Biplov Gaming 3 days ago

    *Congtz you got 1 dislike by me *

  • Rajesh Pradhan
    Rajesh Pradhan 3 days ago

    Bhutan don't need army, they have INDIA & even INDIA is not enough then INDIA have Russia :)

  • Purnima Chourey
    Purnima Chourey 3 days ago


  • Purnima Chourey
    Purnima Chourey 3 days ago

    Qatar is buying S- 400

  • Prashanth Raina
    Prashanth Raina 3 days ago

    Don't call Tamil Tigers Call LTTE

  • Maheshika Arangalla
    Maheshika Arangalla 3 days ago

    Sri Lanka defeated the
    British,Dutch and the

  • Maheshika Arangalla
    Maheshika Arangalla 3 days ago

    Sri lanka is safer than America

  • Arif Khan
    Arif Khan 3 days ago

    Indian NSG is weakest force i av ever seen specially they rpoif that on 26/11 noobs

  • Ruben Edigia
    Ruben Edigia 4 days ago

    we Indonesian might be weak but we have one of the most DEADLIEST militaries in the world (im an Indonesian)

  • Dhruv Chauhan
    Dhruv Chauhan 4 days ago


  • icewallowcman
    icewallowcman 4 days ago

    Let's invade asia

  • Four Pro Monkeys
    Four Pro Monkeys 4 days ago

    where's maldives??

    NITESH 4 days ago

    You have totally missed out on Brunei Darussalam so that makes me think about the credibility of your report. It was an entertaining video indeed.

  • FindSome GT
    FindSome GT 4 days ago

    Umm I'm from Indonesia the 4th strongest countery

  • john michael bergonio

    maybe 20 weakest armies in asia. PH

  • Alexandre Rohban
    Alexandre Rohban 5 days ago

    I would like to say that lebanon is the only asian and arab country in which there is no war or tensions wih other countries. Pray for that beautifull country

  • DYoWeL
    DYoWeL 6 days ago

    and this video should be titled ... 10 SMALLEST armies... not WEAKEST.. to avoid offending those guys living in the country's included on this list.... yes??

  • DYoWeL
    DYoWeL 6 days ago

    think this list points out the status of each country's military capabilities by them selves, no allies, no friends included... hope you guys catch what i mean...

  • Vivek Singh
    Vivek Singh 6 days ago

    Nepal AND Bhutan we are brother no one can harm our brother . jai maa KAALI

  • Malik Kamal
    Malik Kamal 6 days ago

    Were is palestine 😂😂😂😂

  • Galaxy Flame Dragon
    Galaxy Flame Dragon 6 days ago +1

    who else when they saw the title of this video they knew nepal would be in it we:lp i am from nepal

  • Rafa
    Rafa 6 days ago

    How is the Philippines not in the list??? We literally have no fighter Jets and all our equipment(Tanks if any, jeepneys, amphibious vehicles, even helicopters) are old and discarded from USA or China

  • Prashant Barthwal
    Prashant Barthwal 6 days ago

    i Hate wix now!

  • abdul haleem
    abdul haleem 6 days ago

    Weakest military country's neither have bad intention or colonised different nation as like as usa

  • Dude Perfecto
    Dude Perfecto 6 days ago

    Thanks for mentioning war crime by Srilankan military

  • Adrian Dzikri
    Adrian Dzikri 6 days ago

    Indonesia Is Strong Millatry Yes
    I'M Indonesia

  • Adrian Dzikri
    Adrian Dzikri 6 days ago

    Indonesia Is The best

  • CQH Gaming69
    CQH Gaming69 6 days ago

    Why did Cambodia take over South Vietnam?

  • joshua gacoscosim
    joshua gacoscosim 6 days ago

    How about the Philippines?

  • Kuntal Banerjee
    Kuntal Banerjee 6 days ago

    you attack bhutan or nepal, you face India....

  • Mukul Chhikara
    Mukul Chhikara 7 days ago +1

    Russians are father's of the US citizens who are saying old russian tanks that should be put in museums

  • MistaH Gre3n
    MistaH Gre3n 7 days ago

    why is the philippines not here?

  • Susan Gurung
    Susan Gurung 7 days ago

    Our country doesn’t have weak defense our country send young youth to Indian army and British army to help and our country hasn’t been ruled by other country

  • Haanes Inocencio
    Haanes Inocencio 7 days ago

    At least the Philippines is not in this list

  • enugrahabharata
    enugrahabharata 7 days ago


  • Curious Shaun C
    Curious Shaun C 7 days ago

    Good thing my country *PHILIPPINES* isnt there

  • Kisa Saki
    Kisa Saki 7 days ago

    I thought Phillipines is on the list

  • Antony Alumkal
    Antony Alumkal 7 days ago

    when u tell something to somebody, it should be clear/loud and slow , so as to make them understand.....try next time..........good luck..

  • Boy Sapuro
    Boy Sapuro 7 days ago

    Philippines have kuya Cardo dun plant gg Na 😁😁😁😁

  • Enjuru
    Enjuru 7 days ago

    *Abu Dhabi and Dubai without their power*

  • Darren Josef Kho
    Darren Josef Kho 7 days ago

    Huh. Really expected the Philippines military to be in this list. Guess we have it sorta good.

  • hydepierrot1
    hydepierrot1 7 days ago

    How bout gohet and gostan?

  • Bright Mind
    Bright Mind 7 days ago

    No name of Afghanistan?

  • Shruti Agrawal
    Shruti Agrawal 8 days ago

    थैंक यू भूटान

  • Shruti Agrawal
    Shruti Agrawal 8 days ago

    India is the best

  • Alaa Hershey
    Alaa Hershey 8 days ago

    Lebanon is number 7, and yet it didn't lose any war against israel(strongest army in middle east hahaha)

  • Binesh E
    Binesh E 8 days ago

    Bhutan has India.... No body can f*** with bhutan...

  • Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo

    Sl Army has ended alone a war which even Indian army could not stop

  • Amir Khalid
    Amir Khalid 8 days ago

    Why criticise a landlocked country for not having a navy? It has no place to put one.

  • Mori Mori
    Mori Mori 8 days ago

    Nepal is not weak
    we defeated the British people when they tried to invade us while India was taken over and needed baldy with glasses to save them.

  • Chiran Maduranga
    Chiran Maduranga 8 days ago

    This video is about weapons & technology ,but everyone should know sri lanka is the one & only country in asia who was swept terrorism permanently(LTTE), also they were the one of the most dangerous & powerfull terrorists in the world 🇱🇰🤘

  • O S Raikar
    O S Raikar 8 days ago

    World's strongest military must be of japan, As they have Power rangers, Mario, Doraemon, Goku, Pokemon, and Ninjas
    And hentai to keep enemies distracted 😂

  • tim ainsworth
    tim ainsworth 8 days ago

    Mongolia isn't on this list??!??! That's surprising

  • Drago
    Drago 8 days ago

    Literally every pakistani right here: *wHeRe Is InDIa?*

  • James Tristan Ruiz
    James Tristan Ruiz 8 days ago +25

    Andito sa Pinas si Cardo kaya hindi tayo nasa sa Weakest army list.. Si Cardo lang katapat ng libo libo nilang sundalo LoL
    Dagdag mo nadin pala si Alden lol

    • ekielr jayme
      ekielr jayme 3 days ago

      +James Tristan Ruiz malamang.. matotokhang na talaga si cardo.. haha sana maligtas si cardo ni dating pangulo (GMA) hahaha

    • The Great Mizael
      The Great Mizael 3 days ago

      Vendetta lng katapat 😂😂😂

    • James Tristan Ruiz
      James Tristan Ruiz 3 days ago

      +ekielr jayme balita nga ngayun un - mukang si duterte na ang tatapos kay cardo lol

    • ekielr jayme
      ekielr jayme 4 days ago +2

      kaso lang wala nang abs cbn hindi na ererenew ni duterte ahahaha

    • Azumi Ann
      Azumi Ann 5 days ago +1

      Haha. Bulletproof si Cardo. Hindi mapatay patay.

  • Scnitka Polska
    Scnitka Polska 8 days ago

    Mga pinoy lang pala nagpapahiya sa bansa natin

  • Zaira Saratan
    Zaira Saratan 8 days ago

    You should put Philippines @ No.1 Weakest

  • KAS NEPAL-Official
    KAS NEPAL-Official 8 days ago

    Nepal is not so weak man😈

  • Nitesh Thapa
    Nitesh Thapa 8 days ago

    NEPAL is not weak country u forget nepal was not colonize by any country and nepal supply it's army to UN and to India , England and Singapore.we are strong.we get help from China coz China is our good neighbour but all Indians think bad of nepal. They stole our land also.china help us. By our army England,India and Singapore military became strong.

  • Cruz Allende
    Cruz Allende 8 days ago

    Bhutan doe not need an army for peaceful human beings do not need an army you muppets! only big idiots need armies to fondle their egos

  • Odd 97
    Odd 97 8 days ago

    “It’s military is still in the dark ages.”
    *Proceeds to draw a black man*

  • Mohono Batbuyan
    Mohono Batbuyan 9 days ago

    How about Mongolia? Qatar has better army then ours.

  • Ali Shkeir
    Ali Shkeir 9 days ago

    Yeah lebanon has deafeted isreal 2 times and u just rank it weak okk🙂

  • Drek Gray
    Drek Gray 9 days ago

    I honestly thought Philippines would be number 1 xD

    • El Barto Runner
      El Barto Runner 8 days ago +1

      no. we are in the middle of weak and strong. But we have the best foot soldiers in the world

  • Sonu Jha
    Sonu Jha 9 days ago

    No one can touch bhutan because india and nepal will always with bhutan

  • The epic one Animation

    Hahaha Nepal you are right but
    We are gorkhali
    We don't need aircraft, watercraft or somthing too powerfull war machine .....we are that history
    That never gone lost .......
    We can die but we never gonna
    Head down to enemy.......
    Because we are gorkhali
    "which make use proud"
    Plz keep it up and thanks for talking about nepal

  • Trodden Warrior
    Trodden Warrior 9 days ago

    Bhutan = India...anyone touching bhutan is like touching India. So Bhutan is a super power too...

  • MC IA
    MC IA 9 days ago

    troopers *ahem*potato aim

  • Lian Andrei Ibutnandi

    They are strong cause they have allies

  • Random Sandwich
    Random Sandwich 9 days ago

    man when i thought asia.. as it means whole asia like including south east asia, or very east asia.