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10 Weakest Armies in Asia in 2018 - Military / Army Comparison


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  2 months ago +42

    Anyone comming from the countries stated on the list? Do you feel unsafe? Or do you think that it doesn't matter?

    • NO.1 Haryanvi
      NO.1 Haryanvi 9 days ago

      +anmol jung your have lack of knowledge. Actually more than 97%napelese love india. Those 3%who hate India are communist people. Also there current govt also support communist ideology. That's why they move towards China but soon China will show them their real face. If nepal choose china and leave india China will do same with them that it do with srilanka and Maldives. Now srilankan and Maldives both people wiping whole day and they came under burden of chinese debt. Now they understood importance of india for them. Soon nepal current communist govt also realise it.

    • anmol jung
      anmol jung 10 days ago

      yeah more than 97% nepalese hate india... you can survey it

    • NO.1 Haryanvi
      NO.1 Haryanvi 10 days ago

      Srilanka, Maldives, nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh has no need of wasting its money on weapons because they have big brother like India. There is treaty between India and these countries. If someone try to invade them they have to fight indian army first. Any attack on them is assume to be attack on india. That's why little Chinese soldiers don't dare to attack them.

    • Drink Bleach
      Drink Bleach 13 days ago

      I’m from the Philippines and i though my country would be here but now since US is our main ally the Philippines could ignore the military and now Duterte is upgrading our military equipment.

    • anmol jung
      anmol jung 13 days ago

      nepal has gurkha..

  • Joydeep Boruah
    Joydeep Boruah 4 hours ago

    If any country Attack Bhutan , India will Attack that Country.

  • angels in a cloud
    angels in a cloud 5 hours ago

    Oh shot im vitnam

  • harsh Pandey
    harsh Pandey 14 hours ago

    No. 1 weakest is BTS army.

  • tpose
    tpose 20 hours ago

    These damn liberals saying "yOu cAnT tAkE *name of country* bEcAuSe oF aLlIeS", Do you real think Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka will be defended? Note their allies want land and if the 3rd world war those happen, They'll be invaded by enemies or their allies is gonna invade them to have an advantage.

  • khan imran
    khan imran 21 hour ago

    Plz make video on Indian toilet issues

  • Leon Macanip
    Leon Macanip Day ago

    I'm afraid Philippines is one of the list. Fortunately not. But my country is now under modernization.

  • U M R
    U M R Day ago +1

    Pakistan can't beat India .....we have RAW more and more powerful than ISI

  • U M R
    U M R Day ago

    What ? Pakistan had strongest military....their solders always wear but was when confront with India...... Pakistan having Chinese from Baluchistan to my Indian brothers and sisters

  • Georg Roy Nuudi
    Georg Roy Nuudi Day ago

    Please make video abaut 10 weakest armys in europe

  • Waseem Sadat
    Waseem Sadat 2 days ago

    I'm from Afghanistan

  • Shuvo Khan
    Shuvo Khan 2 days ago

    I'm from Bangladesh in asia.

  • Kachim Rai
    Kachim Rai 2 days ago

    And Hitler tail if I lesson grokas my legs secks

  • Kachim Rai
    Kachim Rai 2 days ago

    Nepali have brave hert

  • Rahul Kavethiya
    Rahul Kavethiya 3 days ago

    Bhutan India zindabad

  • Zo Rii-Lax
    Zo Rii-Lax 4 days ago

    Cambodia has navy 30 and aircraft 40

  • Joy
    Joy 4 days ago

    They are living at peace. 🙄

  • Benjamin Reyes
    Benjamin Reyes 4 days ago

    Why is Philippines not included here?

  • Polaris Gaming
    Polaris Gaming 5 days ago

    Philippines is not the weakest Philippines can get help from USA

  • Greg Authorizer
    Greg Authorizer 5 days ago

    Don't mind Syria

  • vki tmg
    vki tmg 5 days ago

    As Nepalese we don't bother what we don't have. And besides air force and nukes, your infantry with fancy toys need to build a new brand road to get an excess up and down the hill, it will be a good hiking though lol. We can do that at any given time. Good we ll be playing hide and seek, lmao.

  • Gabriel Ian Naguit
    Gabriel Ian Naguit 5 days ago

    Laos what ASEAN is helping him noob and fake Facts

  • Gabriel Ian Naguit
    Gabriel Ian Naguit 5 days ago

    Nepal don’t have a military Because it has mountains it only needs 1 person so yep

  • Mahid Maruhom
    Mahid Maruhom 5 days ago

    Please Stop war we need peaceful lives in this world?

  • siddhartha bose
    siddhartha bose 5 days ago

    Nepal and Bhutan both relies on India for their military strength and India stands by them

  • Wahed Hasan
    Wahed Hasan 6 days ago +2

    Bangladesh beat pakistan in 1971

  • s k
    s k 6 days ago +1

    Take latest news how butan army and INDIA army Fucked china on doklam border

  • Kiara Libres
    Kiara Libres 6 days ago

    hindi kasama ang pinas kasi may CARDO DALISAY hahaha

  • Manosha Wijesekera
    Manosha Wijesekera 6 days ago

    This list is just crap ! The only country that defeated terrorism completely is in the list . Clearly Sri Lanka did more than the so called super powers could . This is a baseless dumb list

  • Gyaan Kosh
    Gyaan Kosh 7 days ago

    bhutan and shrilanka is protected by India.

  • Priyabrata Roy
    Priyabrata Roy 7 days ago

    Respect to Bhutan, for their love of simple and peaceful way of life. Historically they have been fierce in defending their country and as almost most of the country is mountainous terrain all the heavy equipment doesn't count.

  • Teshan Silva
    Teshan Silva 7 days ago

    Please reconsider your comments on the SL Military. If you check about the SL-LRRPs and the Special Forces are quite interesting. Quite nice if you could do a video on it. Thank you, highly appreciate the videos you do. Interesting and definitely useful! Cheers!

  • Rahul Marak
    Rahul Marak 7 days ago

    Nepal dosnt need military the ppl themselves are equal to military......Jai Mahakali ayo from India

  • sujal Thapa mager
    sujal Thapa mager 8 days ago

    Our military is small but our soldiers are bave and power then all from nepal

  • 〈!Web Programmer!〉
    〈!Web Programmer!〉 8 days ago +1

    Respect from Usbekistan!!!

  • Rabbin Karki
    Rabbin Karki 8 days ago

    Nepal army is World most powerful country you Know 1st 2nd world wor

  • Ricky Matocinos
    Ricky Matocinos 8 days ago

    The cost of the fence must not exceed the total value of the thing to be fenced.- old proverb.

  • Lalu 991997
    Lalu 991997 8 days ago +1


  • Anshuman Singh
    Anshuman Singh 8 days ago

    Wonder there are also countries like Big CANADA n little COSTA RICA who give more importance to peace rather than being part of Military Race! So Glad! If everyone understands importance of peace n stability, there is no such need to get into arms race!

  • NutLover360
    NutLover360 8 days ago

    A lot of these countries don’t even need a military.

  • Irakees 777
    Irakees 777 8 days ago

    Lebanon's army is backed up by Hezbollah, Iran, Syria. They shouldn't be on the list

  • Five-X List
    Five-X List 8 days ago

    sri lanka no 7

  • Erkhetgun Khayankhyarvaa

    Thanks for saddening the ones who dont have grandpas on bahrain

  • Bishal rahman
    Bishal rahman 9 days ago

    Bangladesh army is one of the strongest Arm force in asia..n

  • Pussy Destroyer
    Pussy Destroyer 9 days ago

    So the neighbor country can easily conquer those nation. What a hint.

  • Hyper Frozed
    Hyper Frozed 9 days ago

    Pakistan needed to be ON the TOP 20 most strongest in Asia because he just said 10 strongest

  • Theodan Ibarra
    Theodan Ibarra 9 days ago +1

    Bobo di totoo yan Tang ina mo

  • Supriya Das
    Supriya Das 10 days ago

    Nepal has world most bravest military personnel...

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    South Korea ranks higher than Japan.

  • Hmoob Cob Fab1975-1979

    laos military is so weak they couldn’t stop the hmong insurgency from 1975-2019 43 years of fighting

  • pjien hassan
    pjien hassan 10 days ago

    Wheres malaysia?

  • Dilendra Peiris
    Dilendra Peiris 10 days ago

    lol... Weakest army in Sri Lank?, who defeated worst terrorists in the world, killing their so called leader like a pig with a clean head-shot? Man revise the video... May be your fact of technology is lacking within Sri Lankan military but not courage and patriotism... Wanna test?

  • Muhd Shuhairi
    Muhd Shuhairi 10 days ago

    # 1 weakest military: No military at all

  • rahul sharma
    rahul sharma 11 days ago

    If nepal, bhutan and shri lanka haven't any strong army it doesn't mean they are weak... India is always with them not for helping them.. India is here to make them powerful... Jai Hind...🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Ej Rivera
    Ej Rivera 11 days ago

    maybe the phillipines was in top15 hehe

  • Farhan Hossain
    Farhan Hossain 11 days ago

    shutup indian buster

  • maleen dimantha
    maleen dimantha 11 days ago

    #10 - Sri Lanka is the only country who has defeated terrorism...

  • Ramzi Talih
    Ramzi Talih 11 days ago

    In from Lebanon 🇱🇧

  • Манастын Урпагы

    Quality is much more important. We (Kyrgyzstan) have got more experiences from Afganistan war. Also our army is taking part on civil wars

  • Aidil Arj
    Aidil Arj 11 days ago

    strongest army is....
    A.R.M.Y fan of BTS.

  • Yang Yang
    Yang Yang 11 days ago

    Qatar Asia? Lol

  • Zerakyuu Sama
    Zerakyuu Sama 12 days ago

    Alien : I sees 2 shells and a seabird is fighting each other . It is worked as I planned. My plan working perfectly. The seashell is creating new weapon to beat the seabird . They are no longer united. Once I these 2 fall into my trap. The world will belong to me. Hahaha.

    ASN BLOX 12 days ago +1

    Yay ! Malaysia isn’t here !!

  • Niaz Ahmad
    Niaz Ahmad 12 days ago

    Tamil Militants are actually Hindu for your kind information.

  • vinu silent
    vinu silent 12 days ago

    Crap ur cia

  • Skemberlu
    Skemberlu 12 days ago

    Why no Philippines?💔

  • Geo bl
    Geo bl 12 days ago

    Where's N. Korea 🇰🇵?

  • DJ Vishabh
    DJ Vishabh 12 days ago

    USA 2x

    NSK INTERNATIONAL 13 days ago +1

    Nepalese/ gurkhas doesnt require any machinery for defence. Only khukuri is enough to fight wih whole world. 😠

    • manaw k
      manaw k 11 days ago +1

      Bro they are just chhakke they don't have bravery like gurkhas. Respect from india

  • Vivek Mahindru
    Vivek Mahindru 13 days ago

    Lol.. It says Bhutan has 0 navy... Why would they need one as its a landlocked country.

  • Nicanor Tiongson
    Nicanor Tiongson 13 days ago

    Where is the Phlippines? Maybe it's on the 11th rank.:) I"m a Filipino and no offence to my own country.

  • Pradip Manandhar
    Pradip Manandhar 13 days ago

    Nepal is not ruled by any country howwww

    SARAH T YT 13 days ago

    Hey philiphines is number 1 happiest country

  • Stefan Micuda
    Stefan Micuda 13 days ago

    *Russia* *wants* *to* *know* *you're* *location*

  • anmol jung
    anmol jung 13 days ago +1

    nepal has gurkha

  • progamer
    progamer 13 days ago

    Bruh if u compare Asia vs any contenent will win so

    Jokes on u

  • Santino Queddeng
    Santino Queddeng 13 days ago

    You have no right to underestimate the power of the continent of asia. Only the best people can be found there. Philippine, China, India etc. Even military.

  • Richard Teh
    Richard Teh 13 days ago

    The biggest supplier of weapons of the United States

  • pumu
    pumu 14 days ago

    lessser the army lesser you worry, less enemies,

  • #Dark Player301
    #Dark Player301 14 days ago +1

    The Philippines has great military expertise and lots of High Weapons with a Armoured Vehicle's And Aircraft..and the Philippine Army just wiped out the Maute Terrorists on Marawi without the help of the other countries.. Maute ISIS Can't stand the fight against the Philippine Military forces..

    • Aries03
      Aries03 3 days ago

      Ha... Paano mo nasabi?

  • Zaki Sourav
    Zaki Sourav 14 days ago

    What about Bangladesh??

  • jj cuco
    jj cuco 14 days ago

    philippines is a strong too

  • Dammika
    Dammika 14 days ago

    Sri lanka dont need huge land force. Now sri lanka starting to increase the navel power and buying some advance war ships from other countries and will buy latest air defense system from Russia too. Sri lankan army designed+developed the short range missile+multi barrel rocket launchers and they are start using in advance navy ships here. Sri lanka is not with war with anyone our main aim to protect the economical zone at the sea. Sl have very strong special forces units and still every year only recruiting special soldiers because we learn the lessons from past.

  • Sunny 846
    Sunny 846 14 days ago

    What about Bangladeshi military ?

  • t r i s t a n - s a n
    t r i s t a n - s a n 14 days ago

    the philippines wasn’t here because the aswangs ate the attackers’ legs.
    just to clarify, an aswang is a filipino urban legend. it eats babies’ legs while they are asleep and eat the babies out of mothers’ stomachs. this was also a complete joke

  • Maharagama Sajith Premadasa United National Party

    Sri Lanka former dictator mahinda rajapaksa built strong army but it not useful for citizens or protection of Sri Lanka it only useful for dictator rajapaksa’s family. Military fully controlled by dictator rajapaksha’s brother Gotabaya rajapaksa. He have lot of allegations regard corruptions and murders. Rajapaksa Authoritarian administration did the militarization all over the island even school. Mahinda Rajapaksa administration have lot of allegations regarding various crimes including biggest corruptions and murders also that crimes directly linked with Sri Lanka army. Dictator mahinda rajapaksa displayed Sri Lanka army as power army because he needed become king but after his third term election defeat world known Sri Lanka army don’t have super power.

  • tusukeros06
    tusukeros06 15 days ago

    malakas ang pilipinas kaya ndi kasama jan, sa mga chismoso at chismosa lang sira na intelligence nla, iba radar nla sa chismis dmo alam cla alam nla, ung mga buwayang pulitiko pa at mga iligal na may private army.may mga laman lupa pa at mga aswang na naka stand by pg may nag trespass. chaka wala sa armas ang lakas ng pilipanas, nsa PUSO,laban PILIPINAS!! NGUSO!!!

  • Shyama Niroshani
    Shyama Niroshani 15 days ago

    What about Maldives?

  • rona abejo
    rona abejo 15 days ago

    lol why malaysia soldiers is 100K lol its not strongest

  • Joejie Malaque
    Joejie Malaque 16 days ago

    Qatar and bahrain belong to the weakest armies of asia but riches country.

  • CZmatt
    CZmatt 16 days ago

    Hell no Philippines is powerful too, and we dont believe this video. We support Philippines!

  • Ryan Themiya
    Ryan Themiya 16 days ago

    Sri Lanka is not weak. I think you're misunderstanding, You should remove Sri Lanka from it.

  • dewi aryani
    dewi aryani 16 days ago

    There's no weakest military there's just not strong military

  • Judeprasad Asanka
    Judeprasad Asanka 16 days ago +2

    Sri Lanka is the only country eliminated a terrorist group which had planes, ships, suiced bombers and powerfull enough to kill indian former prime minister.

  • Lang Ngindang
    Lang Ngindang 16 days ago

    What had been expressed/narrated/told were just a written report base on a novice reasearch dobe by a trainees reporter. It would had to be proven in the Battle Field and it is only then you can trust that shoodu report, else ut is a just plan rubbish at all.

  • Bong Chats
    Bong Chats 17 days ago

    Strong army in middle eastern countries may tropple the rulers... its kept small to control its citizen only

  • Bhante Gnanasumana
    Bhante Gnanasumana 17 days ago

    This totally worng

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  • jin yiu Gaming
    jin yiu Gaming 17 days ago

    Why Philippines is not in the list?
    1 manananggal
    2 kapre
    3 shokoy
    4 bandwagon keyboard warriors🤣🤣🤣

  • Pramuk Dinuka
    Pramuk Dinuka 17 days ago

    Sri Lanka may not have power weapons but never ever forget we still managed to defeat Terrorism completely within our country which no other country has ever managed to do with their super power weapons ❤